10 Best Instant loan App in India 2023

Getting a loan for a need is the usual way that we follow if we are in an urgency of money. There may be many cases in our life that we will fall short of money or may need money urgently. This usually happens when there is a medical need like if your parents or relatives get hospitalised. Gathering the amount of money in such situation is very hard. We may try asking to people that we know but most of the time, responses could be negative. When we contact banks for the same, the process behind getting the loan approved is huge knowing which we take a step back always. Recently there are many new firms in the banking sector who lend money in a much easier way compared to the banks. Let’s check out ten of the best Instant loan App in India that you can depend in a situation when you need money.

Best Instant loan App in India

As we are talking about best instant loan app in India, let me list out some apps that you can use to get your loan.

Best Instant loan app in India

Kreditbee Instant Loan app

This is one of the app which provide instant loan for many people in India. It target people in younger age and you can get a loan amount from 1000 Rs to 2 Lakh Rs using this app. If you apply for a loan using the Kreditbee app, you may need to provide some usual documents like Salary slip, Bank Statement and a your KYC. You will be able to know your loan eligibility very soon and within 24 to 48 hours you will receive the amount in your bank account.

kreditbee instant loan app

Kreditbee app is based on NBFC partner Krazybee Services Private Limited. All the transaction in Kreditbee is authorised by RBI and it is one of the best instant loan app that you can try it out today.

Loans they provide:

  1. Flexi personal loan: In this loan you can avail an amount upto 50000 starting from 10000 Rs. You just need some documents like PAN card and AADHAR OTP.
  2. Loan for Salaried: This is the second category of loans which can be availed by people who have job or are salaried.You will get a greater amount of loan approved here starting from 10000 to 2 lakh Rupees. Here you may need to provide more documents like Salary slip, PAN card details and also Bank statement.
  3. Loan for online purchase: Kreditbee also provides loan if you need money to do online purchase from various shopping websites. You can directly avail the amount that you need for the purchase as a coupon and redeem it in the shopping app.
  4. With excellent customer service this app can be considered as one of the best loan app in India.

MoneyTap instant loan App

MoneyTap is one of the first instant loan app based on credit line. This app has some unique features that no other money lending app provides in this space. You can get a loan amount of around 5 Lakh from this app with minimum documentation and process. The main advantage of this app is that you need to pay interest to the amount that you have availed at that moment. Consider you take a loan of 5 Lakh and use only 2 lakh, you will need to pay interest only to the amount that you have used that is 2 Lakh. The process for loan application is fully paperless here and the amount of time that it will take the loan is very less. You can surely depend on money tap if you are in an urgency for a loan now.

money tap instant loan app

They have an interest rate of 13% for the amount that you have used. If you are a salaried person, getting loan from MoneyTap would be much easier. With a simple process and fast approval, this can be considered as one of the best instant loan app in India today.

Dhani instant loan app

If you have been watching TV recently then you might have heard or seen ads of this app. This is one of the most popular app when it comes to instant loan. They have a wide network in India and it comes under Indiabulls. Being a popular finance institution they provide good support to people. The process of availing loan using Indiabulls is easy. They just ask for minimum documentation and also you avail loan from 10000Rs to 15 Lakhs. If you need urgent money then you should head over to Dhani app and get the loan.

dhani instant loan app

Dhani also offer 0% interest scheme for their credit line and for online purchases. If you pay your dues on the right time then you can easily increase your credit limit with Dhani so that you can avail extra loans at any time needed.


If you are searching for best instant loan app in india without salary slip then the lazypay app is just for you. People who do frequent online payment like Lazypay a lot because they have a wide range of compatibility with online services like Zomato, Uber, Ola and so-on. If you have a credit in the app then you can make payments by just a click. This feature makes online payments really easy.

laxypay instant loan app

Lazypay also provide online loans which you can avail very easily by providing your KYC. With a low interest rate of 1.2 to 2.6 percent this is one of the best instant loan app that you can try out. You can avail loans from 10000 Rs to 1 Lakh in lazypay.

Best Online loan app: Bajaj finserve

Being one of the most popular vehicle brand in India, people can identify Bajaj finserve very easily. They have a wide variety of loans and availing loan from Bajaj is not a hectic process as from other banks. They need minimum documentation and also you can avail large amounts upto 25 Lakh from Bajaj.


With the interest rate starting from 12.99% we can avail various type of loans like, vehicle, home, home appliances, educational and so-on.

Cashe Instant loan app

Like Kreditbee and MoneyTap, Cashe is another app that provide instant loans in India.You can avail upto 400000 RS of loan with minimum documentation and process. All the verification happens online. Salaried people can easily avail a loan from Cashe by providing their salary slip or latest bank statements. You can avail a loan from Cashe once you are 21 years of age, Cashe also provide loan for self employed with minimum documentation this is one of the best loan apps for self employed that you can find in India.


With an excellent customer support and and also lower interest rate, you can definitely try out this app if you are in need.

Flex salary personal loan app

If you need fast processing of loan and get a loan amount starting from 1000 Rs to 2 Lakh, you can try out flex salary. The process of loan application is simple and you just need to complete KYC and submit a few documents like PAN, AADHAR to apply for the loan. The loan application is processed very fast and you will get a feedback in few hours. In case you are in an urgency and need a loan then you can try Flexsalary.


With good customer support and more repayment tenure options this is one of the best instant loan app in India.

Best instant loan app for Students: SmartCoin

If you are a student and need instant loan for educational purposes then you can try out smartcoin. They have loan schemes starting from 4000 Rs to 1 Lakh and the process of loan application is simple. Based on NBFC and also with low interest rates you can easily avail a loan from Smartcoin. Having an excellent customer support that responds really fast and easy loan approval makes this one of the best instant loan app that you can try today.

smartcoin instant loan app

Smartcoin app is available in Android play store and also the app is user friendly to apply for loans as well as to make repayments.

Paysense instant loan app

Paysense being a new lender in the loan field has come to the top list because of their excellent schemes in loan and also offers that they provide to their customers. Paysense is also NBFC approved loan app and works under RBI guidelines. You can get instant loan ranging from 5000 Rs to 500000 Rs with an interest rate ranging from 16 to 36%. You can apply loan in Paysense for various purposes like Marriage, Credit card bill payements, home renovation, Medical emergencies etc

paysense instant loan app

With a good customer support and instant loan access, this can be considered as one of the best instant loan app in India.

Best online loan app in India : mPokket

If you need a small amount of money ranging from 1000Rs to 250000 Rs then you should check out mPokket, they are one of the best instant loan app in India which provide fast approval with minimum documentation. You can get your loan amount in Bank or Paytm account instantly this also is the best instant loan app for students which you can consider.

mpokket instant loan app

With instant reply from the customer support and good mobile app for application and repayment, this is the best instant loan app in India that you can try out.

Guide on Instant Loan apps

Types of loans available from Instant loan App

  1. Personal loan
  2. Educational loan
  3. Home renovation loan
  4. Medical loan
  5. Shopping loan
  6. Business loan
  7. Housing Loan

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The above mentioned are some of the common loan types that are usually finance firms provide through the Instant loan app in India. Before moving onto the different loan apps that are available, let’s check out what are the exact needs and uses of the above mentioned loans.

Personal Loan

This is the most common type of loan that is usually availed by people all over the world. In this loan the Interest rate is comparatively higher than the other loans listed above. Usually banks charge from 10 to 16% interest over a personal loan in the loan tenure. This loan is availed not by mentioning a specific reason and the money can be used for any need that you need for. Being in a higher interest rate segment, people take less amount as Personal loan because of the high EMI. When it comes to Instant loan app, most of the app provide a personal loan.

Educational loan

As the name suggests, this loan is for educational purposes. Mostly this loan is taken by students to complete their education and students need to start paying it back once they have completed their education. Interest rates of this loan is less compared to Personal loan.

Home Renovation loan

This loan is on another category where people contact banks or financial institutions for loan if they need to renovate their home or make additions to it. Things like adding a new room to your home or building an additional floor to your home falls under this category of loan. Interest rate of this loan falls below 10%. Most of the banks provide this loan. This type of loans can be applied by providing necessary documents to the bank or financial institution.

Medical loan

Need of this loan comes in most challenging situation of out life which could happen due to our own illness or any of our relatives fall ill. This is one of the most common loan that is availed by people in India. Instant loan apps provide these type of loan with minimum documentation and process.

Shopping loan

For this type of loan you can depend on some of the best instant loan apps that you get on your Android or iOS phones. They are easily available through various financial institutions. Shopping loan is also provided by popular banks as well as the shopping sites as well. You just need to be eligible to avail this loan. If you have a good CIBIL score then you can easily apply and get this loan.

Business loan

This loan is specifically for people who are planning to start their business. You may have to undergo some formalities to get this loan by mentioning the type of business that you are planning to start and also your details regarding the profit and vision.

Housing loan

Another most popular loan category is housing loan. This comes under loans with low interest rate. The interest rates of this loan falls below 10% as per RBI guidelines. The amount taken in this loan is huge compared to other loans that I had mentioned above.


If you are in a situation where you need money for an urgency then you can try out an of the instant loan apps mentioned above so that you can get enough funds that you may need to full fill the purpose. Each loan app mentioned above will have different interest rates and offers in different time of the year. You can read the terms and conditions of the app before applying for the loan.

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