Best 4K Monitor under 30000 in India (October 2023)

We have laptops with 4K displays now, and people are getting 4K monitors for their PC to do the editing work better. Here are some of the best 4K monitor under 30000 in India 2023 that you can buy today.

Content nowadays is mostly recorded in 4K, as most of the phones and cameras support this resolution. 4K recorded footage looks clearer and crisper and is a treat to the eyes.

When it comes to TV, 4K TVs have become common in the market.

For monitors, top brands like LG, HP and so on have some great 4K displays in the market. Here we are checking 4K monitor under 30000, so we have a price range in our minds to consider.

Best 4K Monitor under 30000

Other than the price, there are some other factors that should be put in to get a good deal. Let’s check that out here.

Best 4K monitor under 30000

LG 27UL550 4K UHD monitor

LG 27UL550 4K UHD monitor

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Top Features

  • 27 Inch Display
  • 4K Resolution
  • 2 HDMI port
  • 1 Display port
  • 1 Audio Out
  • Height and tilt adjustment
  • Vesa support
  • HDR 10

User Review

LG has some of the best display technology in the market and their panels are known quality.

They have a variety of options available in the market when it comes to monitors and if you need a 4K monitor with HDR 10 then this is the option to consider in a budget.

It’s a 27-inch monitor with 4K resolution and comes with an IPS panel which can provide excellent viewing angles.

We get Radeon freesync technology here which remove any tear while gaming, enhancing your gaming experience.

The company claims a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which is best in the segment.

In the ports department, here we get 2 HDMI ports which can be used to connect two different input devices like PC and a gaming consoles.

It also has a display port built in, which comes handy in many cases.

It also has a headphone out which you can connect a speaker to enhance the sound experience.

Height adjustment is an added feature here, making it perfect for any setup that you keep it.

According to your desk, you can set the height of the monitor.

This monitor also comes with tilt adjustment, you can set the monitor in any angle that you need, making it a perfect choice for gaming.

Having a VESA mount option is another advantage here. It comes with a 100 X 100 mm VESA support with which you can mount the monitor onto the wall.

For video editing needs, this monitor comes with a black stabilizer, which provides a deep black output. This is a great feature to have.

Other than this you till get a dynamic action sync which is a great feature to have in case you are planning to use this monitor for gaming.

  • Excellent display
  • Height adjustment
  • HDR is good
  • Limited availability

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch Monitor

BenQ EW3270U

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Top Features

  • 32 Inch Display
  • 4K resolution
  • DCI P3 Color gamut
  • USB C support
  • AMD free sync technology

User Review

If you like to see accurate pictures and videos then BenQ panels are known for it as it’s used by professionals worldwide for video and photo editing.

This model from BenQ EW3270U is one of the best 4k monitor 32 inches under, 30000 in India.

It comes with a 31.5 inch 4K panel which has some great viewing angles and also is bright enough to be seen in any lighting conditions.

Like other monitors in this segment, this BenQ monitor has HDR enabled, which will help in seeing bright lit scenes in a movie in a better way.

The monitor support 95% DCI P3 wide color gamut, making it a go-to option for people who like accuracy in the color reproduction from their displays.

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With the included USB-C support, you can use a single cable to power the monitor as well as charge your laptop. This makes your setup cleaner and also tangle free with wires running around.

When it comes to gaming, BenQ has included AMD free sync technology, which produces excellent results with minimum lag and tear while playing high-end games.

This monitor will be perfect for people who work a lot and sit in front of a computer for long as it comes with a eye care technology which reduces the strain on the eyes.

  • Slim bezels
  • Good display
  • Elegant design
  • Price can be lower

Lenovo L-Series 28 Inch 4K monitor

Lenovo L-Series 28 Inch 4K monitor

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Top Features

  • 28 Inch Monitor
  • UHD resolution
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 60 Hz Refresh rate
  • AMD freesync
  • HDMI 2.0 port
  • Audio out

User Review

When it comes to 28-inch monitors, Lenovo is a brand that comes into the picture.

They have various models in the price segment below, 30000 and the L series is one of the popular models available in the market.

This monitor comes with a 28-inch UHD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

The panel here is IPS, which can provide a good color reproduction and viewing angle. With the 90 % DCI P3 Color gamut, you can expect true to life colors.

The brightness of the panel is rated at 250 nits, which is good to be seen in any lighting conditions.

It also has an Antiglare coating on the display, which reduces the reflection from the ambient light.

Like other monitors in this segment, this model has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a viewing angle of 178 degree, making it a great option for Movie watching and gaming.

Slim bezels of this monitor make it an attractive option for people who want to keep their setup minimal.

You can also mount this monitor onto the wall with VESA mount.

When it comes to other features, this monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is a bit on the lower end.

The panel keeps up with it with an AMD freesync technology which reduces and tear while game play, making the gaming a smooth experience.

For ports, Lenovo has included HDMI 2.0 port and display port. We also get an audio out, which you can use to connect an external speaker for better sound.

The panel used in this monitor comes with an eye safe display certification, which makes it easy for professionals as they need to see the monitor for long.

  • Slim Bezels
  • Good picture
  • Bright display
  • Refresh rate can be better

ViewSonic VX3211-4K-MHD

ViewSonic VX3211-4K-MHD

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Top Features

  • 4K display
  • Slim Bezels
  • AMD freesync
  • HDR 10
  • PIP mode
  • 95 % DCI P3
  • Integrated speakers

User Review

Viewsonic is a brand which is considered one of the best brands for computer monitors worldwide. They have a great collection of Monitors in various price segment.

When it comes to budget range, then Viewsonic has some value for money products.

This model the ViewSonic VX3211-4K-MHD is one of the best 4k monitor in programming and video editing as it has a great display with good level of brightness.

The image representation on this display is crystal clear and for the price the quality of the panel that you get here is excellent.

As other monitors in this list, this model also comes with a 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

With the 95 % DCI P3 color gamut, you can get the best results if you are editing pictures.

For gaming as well, this monitor is a good option as it has the AMD freesync technology built in which enables smooth gaming experience.

You will be able to get tear free visuals and when combined with a good graphics card, you will enjoy gaming with this monitor.

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HDR 10 is another feature that makes this monitor best for gaming and streaming.

Even in bright areas of the scene, HDR will manage the way it looks and give you a clear picture.

PIP (Picture in picture) is another unique feature that you will get in this monitor.

Using picture, you can stream content from different inputs at the same time, making it easy to watch a TV show and also work at the same time.

Dual integrated speakers provide great sound output.

If you do not have any external speakers to connect to your PC, then the inbuilt speakers in this monitor will be good enough.

With high contrast ration and balanced color reproduction, this can be considered to be a good monitor to buy under 30000 in India.

  • Sleek looks
  • Bright display
  • Slim design
  • After sales service need to improve

Acer 28-inch KG281K 4K Monitor

Acer 28-inch KG281K

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Top Features

  • 4K display
  • TN panel
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Inbuilt speakers
  • AMD freesync

User Review

When it comes to gaming monitors, Acer is a brand that we cannot miss. They also have some great set of 4K monitors in the market and the KG281K is one of the best in this segment.

This is a 28 inch Monitor with a screen resolution of 3840 X 2160. It comes with a TN display which can get really bright and is good for gaming and also movie watching.

For gamers, this monitor could serve well as it has a 1ms of response time and a great viewing angle of 170 degree. Y

ou can also watch movies in groups on this monitor due to the good viewing angle.

For ports, Acer has included 1 display port here and 2 HDMI, which you can use to connect two devices at a time as input.

Refresh rate in this monitor is 60HZ, which is good enough in this price range. The main highlight of this monitor is the brightness levels.

The display can go very bright up to 330 nits, which makes it easy to be seen in any lighting conditions.

It has stereo speakers built in, which you can use in place of external speakers.

Being in a gaming monitor category, it has AMD freesync included, which reduces any lag in game play and smooth gaming experience can be achieved.

  • Minimal look
  • Good display
  • Speakers are great
  • Refresh rate should be more
  • Bezels needs to be slimmer

Buyer’s guide

Monitor is one of the main component or part in a PC that we see what is going on in a computer, and also we give our command to the computer by seeing the process in it.

For tasks like Video and Photo editing, higher resolution displays are a must, as they provide more details in the recorded videos so that the editor can edit them better.

Usually, there are a few points that people consider before getting a 4K monitor for work or gaming.

Things to consider

To make the buying process simpler I have added a few points that are commonly thought of before getting a 4K monitor.

  • Screen size
  • Refresh Rate
  • Panel Used
  • Ports Availability
  • Features
  • Price

The above points mostly determine how the monitor sells in the market. Let me explain things in details.

Screen Size

This is one of the first things that comes into our mind when we start looking for any kind of display. Either its a TV, Smartphone, Laptop or a Monitor.

Everyone likes a larger display in front of them to have a better viewing and also work experience.

Larger display help in seeing more content and for doing more productive work we may need to do multitasking.

If you have a larger screen, you will be able to open multiple windows at the same time.

This is really helpful if you want to drag and drop files from one window to another.

Most professionals consider monitor sizes ranging from 27 inch to 34 inches, which provide a better experience while watching content as well as editing videos.

If you need a 4K Monitor for work, then considering a screen size over 27 inch would be a great option.

Even in the gaming department, larger screen size will give a better experience.

If you connect a gaming console to the monitor or have a gaming PC, gaming is a thing that you will be doing for sure.

In that case, using a larger display always makes you a better gamer.

Refresh Rate in a Monitor

Refresh rate is a factor as most people do gaming and also cameras nowadays are able to record videos in higher refresh rates.

Smartphones come with higher refresh rate displays starting from 90 to 120 Hz, making the content to appear more smoothly on the display.

Keeping this in mind, you should consider a monitor with higher refresh rate, which will help in doing most of your intensive job like Video editing and gaming in a better way.

There are best 4k monitor 144hz in the market which are a bit pricey buy can provide an awesome experience while you game or work.

As we are looking for a 4K monitor under 30000, options may be limited.

Panel Used in a 4K monitor

Panel determine the way content is display on the screen.

There are various kinds of display panels available in the market and some are most commonly used in monitors.

IPS and VA are the most commonly used display panels in a Monitor, as they are cheaper and easily available. When you consider a monitor in a budget under 30000 mostly we will find these type of panels.

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IPS panels have excellent viewing angles and also the display is more durable to bumps.

They can get good reproduction and in case you do editing work then IPS panel should serve you well.

You can find some of the best 4k monitor under 15000 with IPS panel in India

When it comes to VA panels, they can get really bright and also the contrast levels of these panels are great.

Even with high amount of ambient light, you will be able to see content in these displays well.

They are more commonly used in large screen TV’s as well. The issue in lower end VA panels is on the Color reproduction and viewing angles.

You will be able to notice a Color shift while you watch the screen from off axis. But recent generations of panels from good brands have sorted out this problem.

OLED technology is catching up now. For a professional who do a lot of work on their PC and need a high-end monitor, an OLED display will be the way to go.

It can provide some excellent viewing angles and contrast levels.

Most of the high-end phone nowadays use OLED panels as they are energy efficient and also great to watch content on.

Ports availability

Why are ports important in any monitor?

Usually monitors will have the required ports like HDMI and VGA which are used to input signal to the monitor.

People nowadays need two HDMI ports that they can use to connect multiple input devices like a PC and a gaming console.

This helps in using the same display for multiple jobs.

More ports make the monitor more productive, and some monitors come with a 3.5 mm jack to connect a speaker.

USB-C ports are also becoming popular nowadays, as USB-C can provide a better signal transfer rate.

In case you are using this monitor with a Laptop, USB-C in a monitor can provide a pass through charging support.

This can charge the laptop and also power the monitor with a single cable.


Features are the thing that people consider while making purchase of any electronics.

More features will attract more people into the product, and companies are targeting the same.

There is a huge competition in the market and monitor with more features are considered to be better selling.

Some monitors come with speakers that you can use if you do not have a dedicated speaker setup.

Other features like Apps integration like the Samsung Smart monitor has been selling good in the market as people like extra features on offer.

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Price of the Monitor

Price is a deciding factor here and as we are looking for a 4K monitor under 30000, we have a definite range to look into.

If you need the top end panel and high refresh rate monitor, then you should consider a higher price range.

Below you can find some of the best 4k monitor India that you can buy under 30000 Rs.

FAQ on 4K monitor under 30000

Which is the best 4K monitor for Video editing under 30000?

If you need a 4K monitor for video editing, then you should check out the BenQ series that we have discussed below.

The BenQ EW3270U comes with a great panel and also with accurate color reproduction which will help you in editing videos and photos in a better and easier way.

What is the best budget monitor in India?

Budget monitors are from different brands and to get a budget monitor, you should first think on the need that you are getting the monitor for.

I would recommend getting a full HD monitor at least, which will provide good movie watching experience and clearer video when you watch content on it.

Also, if you need to work as well, it will be great to get a higher resolution monitor. ViewSonic VA2256-H 22 is a great option to consider under 10000 Rs price range.


Any Work or gaming setup needs a good monitor to be included to make it better.

When it comes to monitors, there are various brands in market and selecting one from them is a hard task.

Before starting to search for the monitor, you should first analyze your need for the type of monitor that you are looking for.

Here we had a specific price that we were considering and then selected the best 4K monitor under 30000.

Any option from the list above will suit your need and will be a value for money deal.

If you like this post, please share it so that others also can get an idea on which 4K monitor to get.

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