Best Alexa Smart Speaker in India 2023

If you are planning to do home automation and searching for the best Alexa smart speaker in India, then we have listed some options for you.

Smart Speakers like Echo with Alexa and Google Home with Google Assistant are the most common within household. Echo speakers with Alexa being a more popular and common one that we mostly see around.

Before getting an Alexa Smart Speaker, you should consider a few points based on the needs and place that you are going to keep it.

Best Alexa Smart Speaker in India

Best Alexa Smart Speaker in India

Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10 Alexa Smart Speaker

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Top Features

  • 10 inch screen
  • 10W speakers
  • Alexa app integration
  • 13 MP camera
  • Rotating display

User Review

Let’s begin with the latest Echo show 10 which comes with a great set of features that other speakers in this segment does not have.

This model comes with a 10.1-inch screen which moves with you when it senses the presence of a person in the room so that it can face you all the time.

The speaker here are 10W which is great for listening to music and also can provide a deep bass when you’re listening to bass music. With multi-language support, you can ask Alexa to play songs in any language that you like.

Support of Prime video and Netflix is an added advantage here, as you can stream content directly to this screen and play it.

It’s also integrated with Prime music and Spotify, which makes it a good option to consider if you are a music lover.

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The camera here is 13MP which you can use to monitor your home from anywhere and also while doing video calls you can share a clear video to your contact as this camera is good at capturing your face even in low light situation.

Dedicated zoom functionality is available here, which keeps focus on your face even if you are moving around.

Being an Alexa Smart Speaker, you can control various smart home devices using voice commands.

  • Good Sound
  • Excellent camera
  • Nice Display
  • Price is a bit high

Echo Show 8 Smart Speaker with Alexa

Echo Show 8 Smart Speaker with Alexa

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Top Features

  • 8 Inch Display
  • Microphone array
  • 13 Mp camera
  • Alexa Integration
  • Smart Home control
  • 3.5mm jack

User Review

This is the second generation of echo show 8 which has some improvements in the features and also internally.

It comes with a better display and a better camera compared to the previous generation that is echo show 8 Gen 1.

Like the echo show 10 this model also come with an 8-inch display that you can use to watch movies and videos from Netflix and Prime video.

The quality of the display is great and with Alexa integration you can use voice command to stream content on this device.

The 13 MP camera used here is great for video calls and also giving you the live feed of the video from your home so that you can keep tap of the children and also all the events happening in your home.

With the included array of microphones in this smart speaker, you can call Alexa from anywhere in the room, and it will listen to it.

When it comes to security, we get features like microphone mute button and camera shutter which will keep you safe from unauthorized access.

The Echo Show 8 includes a 3.5 mm jack as well as Bluetooth, which can be used to pair the device with a large speaker and listen to music at a higher volume.

Like all the smart speakers with Alexa, this model can also be used to control your smart home.

  • Good display quality
  • Good Camera
  • Microphone is good
  • Sound can be better

Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5

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Top Features

  • 5.5 inch screen
  • 2 MP camera
  • Microphones
  • Alexa Assistant
  • Privacy features for camera and mic
  • Prime video and Netflix integration

User Review

If you need a smart speaker with Alexa in a small form factor then the Echo show 5 is the perfect option to consider as it would fit most of the places in your home and provide similar set of features that the higher versions of Echo devices with display provide.

This, being a miniature version of the Echo Show 8 that we discussed above, comes with a same design in a smaller size. The screen here is 5.5 inch, which is good with respect to brightness.

Even though it cannot provide an experience of movie watching like the larger Echo Show devices, this model is good enough for kids as well as for kitchen.

As a bedroom clock, you can use this device on the side table and control the smart home from your bed.

Like other speakers with Alexa, this model also comes with music services like Prime music and Spotify integration.

With the built-in camera, you can use the device to make video calls to another Alexa speaker or to contacts that have Alexa app installed in their phones. The camera here is 2MP, but is good for video calls and also as a surveillance camera in your home.

Dedicated privacy features are also integrated with the Echo Show 5 like the camera lock switch and the microphone mute button, making it a great option to consider for your smart home.

  • Small form factor
  • Good mic
  • Descent sound
  • Camera needs to be better

Echo Studio

Echo Studio

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Top Features

  • 5 Speaker setup
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Multi array microphone
  • Prime music and Spotify
  • Smart home
  • Privacy protection

User Review

Thumping bass makes the music listening experience better. If you need a smart speaker with Alexa having a high quality sound and Bass, then the Echo studio is the one for you.

It comes with dedicated drivers which are very powerful to produce deep bass even at high volumes.

There is a 5 speaker setup to produce dynamic sound with good midrange sound and quality high sounds.

We get Dolby Atmos technology here, which adds to the music listening experience. You can enhance the listening experience by pairing this to another echo studio to make it a stereo pair.

With the integration of Prime music and also Spotify, you can enjoy your favorite music any time by just asking Alexa about the same.

The microphones used in this smart speaker are great and are very sensitive to hear what ever you say even if loud music is being played.

The speaker is really smart to detect the position of its placement and tune the sound accordingly.

If you place the speaker near walls, then the sound is reflected from the walls and pointed towards you to provide a surround sound experience.

Like other Alexa device, this also can be easily integrated with smart home, and also you can control various devices in the network.

It also comes with privacy protection, which can help you to mute the microphones when needed.

  • Good Bass
  • Low Profile
  • Good microphones
  • Heavy and Pricey

Echo Dot 5th Generation

Echo Dot 4th Generation

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Top Features

  • Privacy switch
  • Auto brightness control
  • LED ring light
  • Cloth design

User Review

It comes with all the features of Alexa speakers that we have discussed above. It does not have an integrated display, but it does have an inbuilt clock that can display the time.

Like other smart speakers, it comes with high sensitive microphones which can detect your voice from a distance. The LED display is very bright, and you can see the time from a distance on this.

The brightness of the clock is adjusted based on the external brightness so that it does not bother you at night while you sleep.

Having Spotify and prime music integration is another added advantage here. You can always listen to your favorite music from the bed.

It has a 3.5 mm jack which you can use to connect to a large speaker in case you feel as the volume and the bass from this smart speaker is not adequate.

When it comes to smart home integration, you can easily pair this speaker with your network and control various devices in your home like lights, fans, AC etc.

Privacy features like microphone mute switch and Bluetooth connectivity to connect this device with a Speaker system wirelessly is an added advantage.

When you look for Alexa prices in India, this is the speaker that will provide the most value for money deal.

  • Minimal design
  • Lightweight
  • Clock
  • Sound is low

Buyer’s Guide

With a wide range of options available in the Echo speakers category, people sometimes get confused on which option to select.

When it comes to smart speakers, there should be a purpose and a place where you keep it so that you can interact with it easily and also the speaker could listen to you.

Smart Speakers come with an AI assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant. For the assistant to listen to your voice, the speaker should have an inbuilt microphone.

Just having a microphone won’t do any good in its listening capabilities. To start communicating with the device, we need to wake the device by saying a wake word.

The speaker should have good quality and sensitive microphones so that it could listen and grab your voice even in a loud environment.

Following are some points that you may need to consider before buying an Alexa smart speaker.

Things to consider

  • Speaker Quality
  • Microphones
  • Display quality and size
  • Connectivity Features
  • Inbuilt Camera quality
  • Price

Alexa Smart Speakers are expected to be placed in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen by most of the people that use it.

These are the places where it’s considered to be having the best interaction with people and can be used in a better way.

The above-mentioned points are some basic things that anyone would expect from a smart speaker. Let me explain the points in detail.

Speaker Quality

Being a speaker, it should sound good. Smart speakers with Alexa usually come in small form factor so that it could be placed in various locations without bothering other things kept near it.

There are various models available in the Echo series from Amazon like,

  • Echo dot
  • Echo
  • Echo Studio
  • Echo Show series with Displays
  • Echo Auto for your vehicles

Each model mentioned in the list above has its own set of features and also price range varies according to the added features. The most common Alexa Smart speaker that we can see is the Echo dot as it’s one of the cheapest model available in the market.

It comes with a small speaker setup and a array of microphones which can listen to your voice from any direction. If you are a bass lover and need a thumping sound from the speakers, then this is not for you.

This will best suit in bedrooms where you may just need to give commands and perform some tasks. Even though it’s a small speaker, it can play songs from Amazon Music service well.

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The next speaker in the list is the Echo model, which is a mid level speaker and can provide a good music listening experience.

Like the Echo dot, this model also comes with speakers and microphones, but with the small driver size, bass on this Alexa speaker is also limited.

When you consider Alexa speaker price that is on the higher end, and you need a good bass and sounding speaker, then the Echo studio will be a perfect option for you.

It has a dedicated subwoofer which could provide the thumping bass that you are expecting.

Even if it’s not a huge speaker like a dedicated music system, it really keeps the promise of one of the best sounding smart speaker in India. The bass is deep and with minimum rattling in high volumes.

Next comes the Echo Show series, a new feature gets added to the device that is a display.

These speakers are also good for music listening but considering you as a bass lover, the top model the Echo Show 10 could provide a decent experience.


In the search of the best Alexa Smart Speaker in India, if you need to fully use its capabilities, then the microphones of the speakers should be good.

All the Echo speaker series comes with an array of microphones that could listen to you from any directions.

Some models have four microphones and some have 6. If you just need a good Alexa smart speaker that listens to you then the Echo dot will be a good option as in my experience it captures the wake word very well even from a distance.

Display and the Size

Latest generation of Alexa Smart Speakers have a dedicated display on them which make them mode smarter and useful.

Display on Echo series called Echo show give a gist of information that you would need in a particular time of the day.

As these speakers work in AI, they know our routines, and also you can watch videos from YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix on these displays.

There are various models available in different price range starting from Echo Show 5 to latest Echo Show 10.

You should consider display size and the quality of display as well. When it comes to Echo Show 5 the display size is 5 inches which sometimes is small to watch content on it.

The resolution of the display on the Echo Show 5 is less compared to higher models.

In case you are looking for an Alexa Smart Speaker with good quality display to watch movies and TV shows, then getting an Echo Show 8 or the Echo show 10 is a good option.

Connectivity features

Every one needs good connectivity.

When it comes to smart speaker, it needs to be always connected to internet using the Wi-Fi. All the Alexa Smart Speakers that we have in the market are having Wi-Fi in it.

Other connectivity features like Bluetooth and also a 3.5 mm jack comes really handy in certain cases.

Consider that you have an Echo Dot speaker, as the sound output from the speaker is limited due to its small size, you can connect the Echo dot to a large speaker system using Bluetooth or 3.5 mm connector.

This makes the sound output better, and you can enjoy music in a higher volume and deeper bass. Having mode connectivity feature attracts more people to the device.

If you are searching for an Alexa speaker price in India then you can look for the top end models which will provide good connectivity features.

Inbuilt Camera Quality

This is another feature that is gaining its popularity when it comes to Smart speakers.

The Latest Alexa smart speakers have a display and a camera built in, which you can use to make video calls to your contacts and talk by seeing them directly.

It’s a convenient feature to have, but when you get a device camera, then you should check the quality of the camera as well. A bad camera will ruin the video call experience.


Price is a deciding factor for any purchase. Even though there are various option available in the market when you consider Alexa speaker price in India, the price for the high-end models is a bit steep.

People like to use these devices, and you should check that if paying the premium is worth it for the device.

The smart speaker that you get should have the features that will best suit your needs and solve the purpose that you are looking for.

FAQ on Alexa Smart speakers

Which is the best Smart Speaker with Alexa?

With various number of options available in the market, getting the right smart speaker is a hard task, In this post I have tried to explain some points on the same.

You should select a smart speaker based on the purpose that you have.

If you need a Smart speaker with display the Echo Show 10 is a perfect option for you or else if you need a smart speaker that fits your space and budget then echo dot gen 4 will be a great option to consider.

You can also consider speakers like Sonos which has better sound and bass and also has Alexa integration.

Are smart speakers worth it?

The short answer for this is YES. If you are planning to setup a smart home or need a speaker that can play any music that you can think of, then a Smart Speaker will be the best option to consider.

With the features and the smart device control that you get, there are a lot of possible ways that you can use a smart speaker for.


Smart speakers make our life easier with the voice recognition that they have and also the assistant that they are integrated with.

You can ask different questions to a smart speaker and get the answers that you may need. With Google and Amazon having the best smart speakers in the market, getting the right one for you will be a bit confusing.

In case you use a lot of Google services then a Google smart speaker like the Nest Hub will be a great option for you but if you are into Amazon ecosystem then there is nothing better than an Alexa Smart speaker which has much more smart home integration features.

Here I have listed out some of the best Alexa smart speaker in India that you can buy today which you can consider buying. Share this post if you like it.

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