Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 2024

Having a good welding helmet is important while doing welding works. Auto darkening welding helmets are popular now-a-days. Keeping this in mind, a welding helmet is a must. Here are some of the best auto darkening welding helmet 2023 in India that you can buy.

Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Eye Pro Special Nylon

Eye Pro

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Top Features:

  • DIN settings 4 to 13
  • 96×34 mm view range
  • Darkness adjustment setting
  • Adjustable strap
  • ABS plastic material

When it comes to safety equipments, Eye pro is a brand which has many options available in the market.

It comes with a durable quality plastic build and also lightweight design. You can put it on for a long time without any strain on your head and neck.

Even the helmet is lightweight, the materials used here are very durable and will last for long.

When it comes to DIN setting, we get a wide range of options available here. It has a DIN range of 9 to 13 which will help you to set up the exact value that you may need while doing your work.

The visible area here is 96 X 34 mm, which is larger compared to the previous welding helmet that we checked.

Being a digital welding helmet, the quality of the glass used here is good, and also you can see the welding area clearly without any issue.

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Bands are also of high quality, and also you can adjust the size of the strap based on your head size.

There are some good features in this helmet, like you will be able to adjust the delay time of the auto darkening according to your need.

Solar cells are very sensitive, and they instantly react to the light around.

You can also use this auto darkening welding helmet while doing any other work like cutting or drilling as a safety for your eyes and also face.

Eye pro has a good range of service centre across the country and if you need a auto darkening welding helmet in a budget then this is the one to go with.

  • Durable material
  • Fit to different head sizes
  • Fast darkening
  • Plastic quality can be improved.


Homdum Auto Darkening Welding helmet

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Top Features:

  • 92 x 42 mm visible area
  • DIN from 4 to 13
  • Variable shade setting 9,10,11,12,13
  • Sweat absorbing band

Homedum is a brand which has many tools available in Indian market. They are one of the bestsellers in toolboxes and also tool sets.

When it comes to welding helmets, this is the brand to go with as they have a wide range of collection.

This model of Homedum Auto Darkening Welding helmet comes with a dimension of 92 x 42 mm which is good for most people.

It has a variable shade control switch which you can turn ON/OFF based on the need. It comes with shared from 9,10,11,12,13 which is a wide range of settings.

The viewing area that you get here is 92 mm x 42 mm, which would be enough for any welding tasks.

When it comes to protection, you will be getting UV and IR protection here for your entire face and eyes.

The sensor used here is very sensitive and will be able to switch to welding mode as soon as it detects any light.

You get a wide range of DIN settings here starting from 4 to 13 which will be good for any welding methods that you use.

The solar cells detect every light changes on the outside and adjust the DIN value.

To talk about fit and finish, the helmet is made up of high quality material and the headband used here is soft and holds the helmet in place even if you move while doing your work.

It comes with a washable sweat band which will absorb all the sweat while you do welding.

  • Light weight design
  • Many DIN settings
  • Fast Response
  • Price can be lower

iBELL Large Viewing Solar and Battery Powered Helmet

iBELL Large Viewing Solar and Battery Powered Helmet

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Top Features:

  • 0.1 seconds response time
  • 9 to 13 DIN values
  • Battery and Solar power
  • ABS plastic material
  • Variable DIN adjustment settings

When it comes to tools and accessories, iBell is a brand that is popular in India.

It’s a made in India brand, and they have products from various segments. In power tools they are one of the trusted brand.

If you are planning to buy a welding helmet for professional welding use, then this model comes on top.

It comes with a durable make and also wide view section so that you can see the welding work more clearly.

Like other Arc welding helmets that we have checked in this section, this model also comes with instant darkening feature, which darkens the view once the arc is struck.

With a high speed response while welding, you will get complete protection for your eyes for long days welding work. Unlike other

Auto darkening welding helmets that we have checked, this model comes with battery and solar energy power, which makes it last really long.

The Solar cells are used as power supply and also a secondary power supply is present as a 3V coin battery. If you work in dark place then this helmet will be best for you.

Talking about DIN settings, we can have a wide range of values here from 9 to 13 which we can control using the dial provided.

Lens delay that we get here is 0.1 to 1 seconds which is quite impressive.

  • Good Build
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good battery life
  • Limited availability

GB KORE ARC Permanent Arc Welding Helmet


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Top Features:

  • Solar powered panel
  • MIG,TIG and Stick welding usage
  • ABS heat resistant plastic
  • Adjustable head band
  • Sweat resistant strap

This is another welding helmet that you can add to the list which comes below 2000 Rs in India. GB core is an established brand which has many accessories and power tools in Indian market.

With a Passive filter and permanent share for UV and IR, this welding helmet with auto darkening feature will provide a great safety to your face and eyes.

The helmet has a large face part which can cover up to your next, providing a good protection from harmful radiation.

The plastic used here is very durable, but GB core has made sure to keep the weight of the helmet to be light, which will help in wearing the helmet for long durations.

The company has used premium redundant arc sensors here which is highly responsive and reacts instantly as soon as the arc is struck.

With testing done for various types of welding needs like MIG, TIG, MAG and Stick welding, you can consider this helmet in any case.

The solar panels on the welding helmet get charged by the light and also last really long without any issues.

Full Face coverage is another advantage here, as it provide protection from the smoke that is released while welding.

Headband of this welding helmet could be adjusted according to the various head sizes, and also we get sweat resistant strap on the helmet which makes it really comfortable to wear.

  • Strong Plastic
  • Fast response
  • Solar charging
  • More DIN settings needed

ATF welding helmet

ATF welding helmet

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Top Features:

  • 4 ARC sensors
  • 100 x 50mm viewing area
  • UV and IR resistant glass
  • 11 DIN adjustment
  • ABS heat resistant plastic

ARC has many welding related accessories and is one of the popular brands when it comes to welding work.

This model is tested for various kinds of welding like Gas Shielded Welding, Argon-Arc Welding and also stick welding, so it will be perfect for professionals.

To talk about specifications, we get a viewing area of 100 x 50 mm, which is one of the largest from this list.

You will be able to weld a larger area with this welding helmet. It supports feature like automatic power On/Off feature which helps in conserving battery life.

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It comes with UV resistant optical glass at the top which give the best protection against UV and IR radiations from the weld. The helmet comes with 4 ARC sensors which provides fast response when an arc is struck.

With 11 DIN settings, you will get the best DIN adjustment levels in this helmet. This makes the Auto darkening feature great, as you can set the level that you want.

The expected delay for this helmet to respond when it is the arc is struck is 0.25-0.45s, which is faster than other options.

Having a lightweight design, this welding helmet is a good option to consider for professionals and welders who work on heights and also in factories.

  • Good Build
  • Protection is great
  • Fast Response
  • Price can be lower

Buyer’s Guide for best auto darkening welding helmet

What is an Auto Darkening Helmet?

As the name suggest, it automatically darkens your view when a bight light appears on it front.

When it comes to welding, when every welder hits an arc on the iron that he is going to weld, a bright spark appears, this depends on the amount of amps that is provided by the welding machine.

There are various kinds of welding like arc welding, MIG Welding, TIG welding. Basically the process is the same, but we use different elements in different kinds of welding.

The most common type of welding that can be seen around is ARC welding, as it can be done easily, and the machine used in ARC welding is cheaper.

Usually, welders use a dark glass in front of the arc to protect his eyes from the rays coming from the welding. Auto darkening helmets makes this process easier.

Advantages of using Auto Darkening Helmets

We usually wear some kind of protection while doing welding.

A helmet will always help in reducing the exposure to the UV light that is emitted while welding, and also it protects our face skin from the heat and the smoke that is generated while welding.

There is an area in a welding helmet through which we can see the arc of the welding and the place that we are welding in the Iron.

Old welding helmets use glass type material which are very dark and if we wear that helmet, you won’t be able to see what is happening in front of you or the exact place that you are welding.

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To solve this problem and make the welding process easy, Auto darkening welding helmet was introduced With auto darkening helmet, you will be able to see the exact location that you are welding.

When ever the Arc is hit, the panel which you see through the welding goes dark and when the welding is stopped it goes clear.

This makes the process quite easy. Your eyes are safe, and also you will get protection for your face as well.

Now that we have got an idea on the advantages of Auto darkening welding helmet, let’s check some basic points that you need to consider before getting one.

Things to consider

Even though this is a good thing to have if you are a welder or searching for a welding glass, you need to consider some points here before making the purchase.

  • Durability
  • Fit for you
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Auto darkening feature

Durability of welding helmet

When it comes to tools and accessories, durability is a thing that should be considered before purchase.

Tools will be used in different situations and if the tool is durable it will be able to stay intact in any case. When it comes to welding helmets, we need to check the material that it is made of.

Welding is a process where there will be a lot of heat while doing the process. If the plastic used on the auto darkening helmet is not good then, it will melt and deform, which will make it hard to use the helmet during welding.

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Another thing here is that the places where you weld will be dirty and also have many dust particles which could easily scratch the glass panel and also body of the helmet.

The plastic and the glass should have some scratch resistance so that you can use the helmet for long.

Fit for you

Size of head may vary from person to person and when wearing a helmet, it should be comfortable so that you can work with it for long.

Keeping this in mind, you should check the size of the auto darkening welding helmet so that it will match your head size. There are various sizes available in the market for different people.


When you are wearing something, weight really matters and if the thing that you have on is heavy, you will feel it if it’s heavy and cant put it on for long.

Usually Auto darkening helmets are made of plastic and do not weigh much, but there are some options that are made of high durability material and also has some advanced protection on them which will eventually increase the weight of the helmet.

Keeping a heavy helmet fit on your head will cause you neck pain and also reduce the amount of time that you can work with it.

Lightweight welding helmets are the way to go if you are a professional welder or do welding jobs for long every day.

Auto darkening feature

This is the main purpose of getting such helmet. Auto darkening in a helmet works based on the amount of light falling on the sensors.

When you hit the arc the light is in high intensity, at that time the sensor will detect the light and darken the glass in front of the helmet keeping your eyes safe.

The response of the auto darkening feature should be fast enough to keep it safe for your eyes even if you are working the whole day.

Good brands have high quality sensors on their helmets which respond really fast and giving you a better protection.


At the end, the deciding factor here is the price. If you are not a professional and need a welding helmet for random work in your home, then getting a welding helmet with lower price will be a good option.

If you need to work for long day and do welding works as a part of your living then you should consider a higher priced helmet which will be more durable and also last longer.

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Are Auto darkening welding helmets worth?

Yes they are as they reduce the effort that you may need to take while welding traditionally.

Usually welders use a glass in front of their eyes to cover the bright areas of the arc while welding, this is a cumbersome job as you may need to catch the glass in one hand and work single handily.

Also, while welding, you may not be able to see the exact location that you are welding. This could cause errors while welding.

Auto darkening helmets makes the process easy by darkening the welding spot only when the welding starts, and you can see things clearly and weld better.


Professionals need good tools to make their work better. Safety is one of the primary thing to consider in any work which has risk of accidents.

When it comes to welding, there is a huge chance of getting heat burns and also eye strain.

To protect yourself while doing these kinds of jobs, you should get a good protection. For welding needs, an Auto darkening welding helmet will make your job easy and will keep you safe.

Any option listed above will be good for any kind of welding and cutting needs. Share if you like this post.

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