Best Canon Camera Price in India 2024

A good camera will keep your memories alive as it takes some great photos and helps you store them safely. If you are planning to buy a DSLR camera from Canon and want to know the best Canon camera price in India for 2023, then here we have listed some options that you can consider checking out.

There are many manufacturers available in the market who have some great set of photography equipments available in the market but when it comes to DSLR cameras there are some names that will come in your mind at first. Canon and Nikon are brands that are known for their cameras for long as they make some of the best camera in the world.

Before checking through the canon camera price list lets see some of the points that you may need to consider before getting a DSLR camera

Best Canon Camera Price in India

Best Canon Camera Price in India 2023

Canon EOS 200D

Canon EOS 200D

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Top Features:

  • 24.1 MP CMOS sensor
  • Digic 8 Processor
  • Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • 4K recording

Price: 51,999.00 Rs

Now for beginning let’s check one of the best Canon DSLR camera in a budget. Being an entry point camera for professional this model is aggressively priced by Canon to win the competition. It comes witha light weight design and a premium build.

The processor used here is Digic 8 which is capable of some great photography and also fast processing of photos that you take. This is a very capable processor and can produce some clarity photos.

The Canon EOS 200D comes with a APS-C 24.1 CMOS sensor which has a 24.1 Mp resolution making it a good option to consider if you are planning to take photographs of landscape or mountains as you can capture more into the picture.

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With the included 9 Point Auto focus, this Canon model can easily focus of various subjects and also you can capture fast moving subjects easily. Canon has added a great viewfinder on this camera with a quality display making it focussing of objects easily.

Dual pixel autofocus makes focusing capabilities of this camera better. It can switch focus between various subjects really fast making it good for wild life photography or if you are covering an even with lot f people in it.

Eye detection is another feature that makes this camera a good all rounder in budget range. The DSLR camera can capture people’s eye moments, which helps to keep them in focus and capture the best picture. Other features include 4K recording, which is great for recording videos and also covering events.

  • Excellent build
  • Good Focus abilities
  • Limited availability

Canon Camera 700D Price

Canon Camera 700D Price

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Price: 38,000 Rs

Top Features:

  • 18MP lens
  • Rotatable Screen
  • 3 Inch touch screen display
  • 8 Point Autofocus
  • Multiple lens support

The Canon 700D is considered to be one of the best cameras from Canon. This model is preferred by all professional photographers around the world.

Being an 18MP camera could make you confused as it comes with a lower MP count compared to the previous model that we had checked but this model has a better sensor which can capture more amount of light. It’s a 18 MP CMOS sensor with 14 Bit Analog to digital conversion.

Its a dual lens camera with a lens focal length of 55 to 250 mm which is suitable for taking long range shots as well. With the ISO ranging from 100 to 12800 and expansion upto 25600 this can be considered as a great option for low light photography as well.

Like the previous camera that we have checked out this model also comes with 9 point cross type auto focus system making it a good camera for professional use as the focussing capabilities of this camera is good.

With the included touch screen you can easily navigate through various camera options in the interface. The display here is a 3 Inch panel which offers great clarity and brightness so that you can see the display in direct sunlight as well.

When it comes to lens support, this camera is known for having multiple lens additions to it. You can use this DSLR camera with 18-55 mm as well as 55 to 250mm lens which provides a great option for different photography conditions.

The battery used here is the LP-E8, which is known for its long life and can last a full day of intense photography session. If you are searching various Canon camera prices in India then this model will be falling in a premium segment.

  • Durable design
  • Mult lens support
  • Limited availability

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Price

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Price

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Price: 81,000 Rs

Top Features:

  • 32.5 MP sensor
  • Dual Pixel focus
  • Digic 8 Processor
  • Eye detection

In case you are a frequent traveller and need a DSLR camera that is handy then the Canon EOS M6 will be prefect for you. It comes with some great set of features in a compact package making it a go to camera for travellers and vloggers.

it comes with a 32 .5 MM CMOS sensor with the Digic 8 processor that we had discussed before. Canon has cramped in a lot of great features into a tiny package in this camera,

Like other cameras in this segment, this model is also having the dual pixel auto focus which helps in setting focus to different subject very fast. With this technology you will be able to get a clearer picture of a moving subject.

The Camera can shoot in 30FPS RAW which is great for vloggers when they edit photos in photoshop or Adobe lightroom and also editing videos in final cut. With the included 5481 selectable focus positions this camera can easily focus on a specific person in a large gathering making it a no brainer for covering a concert or a large event.

Another advantage of this camera is its eye detection technology, which allows for clear capture of people’s eyes. You can also perform some macro photography with this camera, as it comes with a macro mode as well.

  • Light weight design
  • Large sensor
  • Price is a bit high

Canon EOS 90D Digital SLR Camera Price

Canon EOS 90D Digital SLR

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Price: 1,24,990 Rs

Top Features:

  • 32.5 MP sensor
  • 45 Point focus
  • Face detection
  • 120 FPS in 1080P
  • 4K recording

In case you are searching for a canon camera DSLR price that is above 1 lakh Rs then then Canon EOS 90D is the option to go with as its the just right camera for most of your photography needs. It comes with all the top end features in a DSLR camera.

Like the previous model that we had checked here in this list, the Canon EOS 90D also comes with a 32.5MP CMOS APS-C sensor which is considered to be best for shooting photos in various lighting conditions.

This Camera is capable of shooting videos and photos in 10FPS which is great for taking photos in low light situations. With included 4K recording at 30p this is camera can record some good quality videos as well. When it comes to recording videos in full HD, you can achieve a 120 frames per second which makes this a good option for moving subject videos as well as recording videos of animals.

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The highlight feature of this camera is 45 Point AF which makes focussing to any point of the image easy. Even in low light conditions you can get some detailed pictures with this camera. Included with the EOS iTR AF face detection it can focus into faces of people in a group very easily. Considering the price and features on offer this Canon DSLR is a good camera to go with in a premium segment.

  • Light weight design
  • Multi focus points
  • Low light photography
  • Price can be a bit low



Last update on 2024-02-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Price: 5,59,990 Rs

Top Features:

  • 201. MP sensor
  • Digic X processor
  • 191 Focal Points
  • 16 to 20 FPS recording
  • Wifi and BLE included
  • 5.5 K Raw footage

This is the top end camera that you can buy in India. It comes with all the features in a DSLR that you would ever need. Being in a segment of canon DSLR camera price greater than 5 Lakh this model is good for people who shoot movies and also high end photography.

TheCanon EOS 1DX Mark III has a 20.1 MP sensor which is CMOS and has a Digic X processor known for handling photography like a pro. The processor is capable of handling various lighting situations without any problem.

Main feature on offer here is 191 focal points that this DSLR could achieve making photography with this camera to be a breeze. You can expect excellent output from this camera in any lighting situation .

With the 16 to 20 FPS recording capability you can do low light photo and video recording with perfection. It has a support of 10Bit HEIF with HDR PQ making it recording videos in tricky lighting situation easy.

This camera is capable of recording 5.5K video at 50P which is a great feature to have in case you like high quality videos in RAW. Recording in high quality RAW format makes editing of videos very easy. When it come to connectivity features, it has Wi-Fi connection built in with BLE which you can use to transfer videos and photos to phone or laptop with just a click. If you are in a search of a

  • Great build
  • High end features
  • Good photos and videos
  • Price is high

Buyer’s guide

Things to consider

Number of options available in the market may confuse you which one you should select but here are a few points to check before making the deal.

  • Megapixel of the DSLR Camera
  • Lens Support
  • Battery Size
  • Build and Design
  • Weight
  • Features
  • Price

The above mentioned points needs to be considered before selecting a Canon DSLR camera so that you can get a value for money deal.


This is one of the primary metric that any person considers before getting any camera not only DSLR. A higher mega pixel camera could produce a picture with higher resolution making you to zoom into the picture without loosing any detail. When it comes to Canon DSLR camera their is a wide range of mega pixel count to choose from. Starting from 12 to 24 megapixel the count varies. If you consider canon camera price in India then the range will vary based on the megapixel count and the features that it has to offer. For a professional photographer a higher MP camera would be a great addition to have as he will need to capture many pictures as a profession and a higher quality picture taken in a DSLR camera is more editable compared to a lower quality picture.

Lens Support

Another major thing that professional photographers consider before getting a camera is the type of lenses it will support. Focal length of a lens attachment really matters in case you need to take a wide range of photos in different places. Consider you are going for a trip in a hilly area then long focal lengths will be needed to capture things in far distances. Zoom is another thing that we can achieve with lens attachments. The camera lens price canon DSLR varies based on the focal length and also the wide range capabilities. If you need to bring more visuals in a single picture of need to capture a photo of a gathering where there will be lot of people, a wide angle lens from Canon will be suitable and make the photography easier.

Best Canon Camera Price in India

Battery in DSLR

Another thing to consider here is the battery size of the camera. If you are on a trip and taking photos or covering an event, battery of the camera should last longer so that you do not get stuck in between the event or loose a precious moment that you may not be able to capture when the battery becomes dead. Getting an additional battery in the package really helps as you can keep one battery in charging while you are using the camera. Higher mAh batteries in the camera are always welcomed by professionals.

Build and Design

Another thing that you need to consider before checking the canon camera price that you are planning to buy is that how is its build and design. Ergonomic design cameras will be good for handling and also taking pictures and capturing videos for long duration. Considering a camera is not well design or is not sturdy then it will get damaged soon when you keep in inside a bag and travel to different places. Canon cameras are known for their durability. So getting a camera which is made of high quality materials and plastic will make its life better and it will last longer.

Weight of the Camera

Heavy cameras are not comfortable to carry around as it will create pain on your hand and also while long photography session they feel uncomfortable. Professional photographers consider light camera which are easy to handle. Even though when you add attachments to the camera will increase the weight but still considering a lighter camera will be good for long term use.


Who don’t like more features. People when start enquiring about DSLR camera price from Canon then first ask about the features that it has to offer. Features like bluetooth, wifi flash attachments, live streaming are some of the common features that people look into. A feature rich camera is a welcome choice for people who like photography.


This is a factor that affect most of the price. As we are checking out the Canon Camera price in India, this is a point to consider the most. In case you are a photographer by profession you should consider a camera that has all the top end features which will make you taking photos in various conditions easy.

Now that we have checked some points that you need to consider before getting a Canon DSLR Camera, lets check some canon camera DSLR price that you can look into.

Question and Answer

How much price of canon camera?

There are various models of Canon Cameras available in the market. In the search of best Canon Camera Price in India that will be good for the budget you are looking for the options are limited. If you are looking for a high end camera that has all the latest features then the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III DSLR is the option to go with. Being in a premium segment this camera is the best a photographer can get for now.


Canon, being one of the largest DSLR camera manufacturers, has many models in the market that you can consider if you are looking for the best Canon camera price in India that will suit your budget. Here I have listed some options for you to consider that will be good value for money and provide the best features that you can get in various price ranges. If you like this post, share it with friends so that they can get an idea of it as well. Thanks for reading this.

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