Best Car stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If you are searching for the best car stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, then here we have listed a few options for you to check out.

Cars are becoming smarter nowadays are they are one of the common thing that we use every day.

A smarter car will make our life easier as the features that it provide will get integrated with our daily routine and make or commute easy.

People prefer their car infotainment system to be smart.

Most people having a smartphone want to connect their phones to the car infotainment so that they can receive calls during their travel.

Apple car play and Android Auto has changed how people use their car stereos.

Best Car Stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


Best Car stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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  • 6.75 inch touch screen
  • RCA and AV support
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth calling

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JVC is one of the popular brands when it comes to car stereos. They have tied up with brands like Marathi and Tata for stock music system in the cars.

This model the KW-M560BT falls in the budget of 60000 Rupees and offers some great set of features.

It comes with a 6.75 inch capacitive touch screen which is smooth and responsive.

This car stereo supports double din setup, so you should check whether this is supported on your car before purchase.

Other features like Bluetooth calling and USB mirroring of your phone is available with this.

You will get a USB port with this system which you can either use to charge your phone during commute or connect the phone and use Apple CarPlay or Android auto based on the phone that you have.

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We get a 13 band equalizer here, which is great for perfect tuning of music that you play in the car.

A subwoofer setup would enhance your music learning experience.

It accepts inputs like USB, AV and RCA as output. With the RCA output, you should be able to add a headrest monitor to your car and watch movies.

Company claims as this system is compatible with most of the steering wheel controls, making it a perfect option for any car.

  • Easy installation
  • Smooth interface
  • Fast response
  • Good equaliser settings
  • Price is a bit high.

Sony XAV-AX7000 Stereo

Sony XAV-AX7000 Stereo

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  • 6.95 inch screen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Minimal bezel design
  • Bluetooth
  • FM
  • 2 USB ports

User Reviews

When it comes to car music systems, Sony has always been popular in this segment. They have a wide range of products and the Sony XAV-AX7000 is one of the best-selling one.

It is also a double din car stereo which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It has a high power amp in it which when connected to a good speaker and woofer system provide a great output.

The design of the system is minimal with very fewer bezels and the screen here is anti-glare so that you won’t have any trouble seeing it in bright day in any angle.

Screen size here is 6.95 inches, which is great for any car stereo.

It will automatically start Android auto or Apple CarPlay once you connect your phone through a cable. Sony car stereo is known for great sound output and long life.

With Apple CarPlay connected, you can control the device using voice by telling the commands to Siri. Similarly, you can get the directions in Android Auto using Google Assistant voice command.

  • Minimal looks
  • Good display
  • Smooth interface
  • Easy to use UI
  • Not supported by all vehicles

ATOTO S8 Premium 10 inch Wireless Android auto and Carplay

ATOTO S8 Premium 10 inch Wireless Android auto and Carplay

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  • 10.1 inch display
  • HD resolution
  • WiFI hotspot support
  • Bluetooth and USB tethering
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

User Review:

People like to go wireless nowadays. Atoto is a popular brand in western countries, and now it’s in India.

S8 premium is one of the car stereos available in India that has wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

It adds a lot of convenience if you are a frequent traveler in your car.

Once the system is ON, you can set it up to automatically connect to the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay without you needing to connect it through a wire.

In my personal experience this is a good option to consider if you are willing to shell out 70000 rupees for a car stereo.

It comes with the ARM cortex OCTA core processor, which makes the device run smooth even if multiple apps are running in the background.

For connectivity, we get 3 options here. Bluetooth can be used as the default connection to your phone, through which you can take calls and read messages. Also, there is built in Wi-Fi.

You can share the Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone to the stereo and stream music also USB tethering is supported by the device.

The screen here is 10 inches which is good enough to watch movies while you are not driving and the sound is great with 9 EQ settings.

Although I have noticed as some other car stereos at this price range have 13 setting EQ.

The resolution of display here is 1280 x 720 which should provide clear visual for any content played on the screen.

If you are OK with the price and the limited after sales service, you should consider this car stereo.

  • Simple setup
  • Responsive display
  • Good resolution
  • Octa core processor is good
  • After sales service is limited.

BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10

BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10

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  • 10.1 inch display
  • Android Auto and Apple carplay
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support
  • High res FLAC audio output.

This is another not so popular brand in India for car stereos. They have limited number of products in the country, but those are worth considering.

The BCPA10 is a single din car stereo system, which you should be aware of before your purchase because the fitting may vary.

Having a 10.1-inch screen makes it easy to use this system and also navigate through various controls.

I am also using a 10.1 inch car Android stereo which I feel is a perfect size as it enables multitasking to be easier and also while using navigation apps we can see the locations and the route clearly.

Like other music systems in this list, this model also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other features like Wi-Fi support is also available.

You can use the Bluetooth connection to pair it with your phone so that calls can be made directly from the system. The same applies to receiving calls as well.

To enhance its looks, the company has added RGB lighting to the system, which adds a good look. You can control the lighting as per your needs.

High Resolution FLAC audio enhances the sound output when connected to a car amplifier and woofer.

  • Bright display
  • Good Viewing angles
  • Good sound output
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support
  • Installation is a bit hard

Sony XAV-AX8000

Sony XAV-AX8000

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  • 8.95 inch screen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth support
  • USB
  • Antiglare screen

This is another car stereo with android auto and Apple CarPlay. Sony Stereos are always reliable and people like them due to the sound and the display quality that they can provide.

It comes with a larger touch screen. It is actually an upgrade from the previous version of the AX8000 available in the market. There are a few enhancements in this model compared to the last version.

Last version of AX8000 supported limited number of prebuilt apps, but this has more support and also the EQ is better in this version of the stereo.

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Display size we are talking here is 8.95 inch, which is big enough for a car stereo. Also, the panel used here is anti-reflective so even if you are in a bright place, all the content on the display would be visible.

To access Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you may need to connect your iPhone or Android phone with a compatible wire to the USB port of the stereo.

Once connected, it will automatically detect the phone and start the UI. You will be able to make calls and receive calls using voice commands to google assistant or Siri.

This is one of the best car stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android auto under 30000 Rupees then this is the one to go with.

  • Large screen
  • Fast and responsive touch
  • Good sound output
  • WiFi support needed

Buyer’s Guide

What are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two popular infotainment systems that allow drivers to access smartphone apps and functions through the car’s dashboard display.

Both platforms provide hands-free features, allowing drivers to use voice commands to control their devices while keeping their eyes on the road.

The Android Auto is designed for Android phone users, while Apple CarPlay is exclusive to iPhone users.

Ultimately, both platforms offer similar features but operate with different interfaces and device compatibility.

App compatibility and ease of use

When it comes to app compatibility, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay offer access to certain popular apps such as navigation, music streaming, messaging, and more. However, some apps may be exclusive to one platform or the other.

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One of the pros of Android Auto is its wider range of compatible apps compared to Apple CarPlay.

On the other hand, Apple CarPlay has a simpler interface that can be more user-friendly for those who are already familiar with iOS devices.

Ultimately, ease of use will depend on your personal preferences and familiarity with either platform’s operating system.

Comparison between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Both the platforms are use for similar purposes, but there are some key differences to be considered here. When it comes to Android Auto, it is compatible with Android phone.

A user may need to connect an Android phone to a car stereo using cable or wirelessly to access Android Auto.

This being a platform from Google for vehicles, it supports most popular Android apps like YouTube music, Spotify and many more.

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Talking about Apple CarPlay, it’s a different platform which is from Apple for vehicles.

For these, users need to connect an iPhone to the cat stereo for it to work.

This can work in a wired or wireless way based on the system that you have.

The uses of both the platforms are similar, but Android provides more flexibility when it comes to app support and features, but Apple CarPlay is easier to use and more responsive in my personal opinion.

Compatibility with cars

If you are in the market for an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay supported stereo then you should first think of the phone that you are using presently.

If it is an iPhone then no worries you can go with a stereo that support Apple CarPlay but if you have an Android phone then it would be a better idea to get a stereo that support Android Auto.

There are also cars that come with systems that support these platforms.

Most of them have support for both and work when you connect an iPhone or Android, but some are specific to the platform supported. Before making a decision, you should keep these things in mind.

Here we have seen some key points that you may need to keep in mind before deciding to purchase an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay enabled stereo in India.

Now let’s check some good options available in the market.

FAQ on Car stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Can a car have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Yes these features are available together in specific vehicles in the market.

Having both together makes your system more volatile as you will be able to use both Android or iPhone as your daily driver and connect to the stereo.

How do I use Apple CarPlay with Android Auto?

You cannot use both of them together. When you connect an Android phone to a stereo that has the feature, it will detect and start the Android auto.

The UI will change accordingly. Similarly, for Apple CarPlay, as soon as you connect an iPhone the UI will appear.

What works better Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Both are equally good based on the phone that you have but in my personal opinion, Android Auto provide you will more options like a faster and easier navigation, more voice controls and a larger support to music apps.

Apple CarPlay is smoother than Android auto and easy to use.

What is wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay?

As the name suggest, Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay are the ways to use these features wirelessly. All stereos or infotainment systems does not support wireless Android auto or Apple CarPlay.

Some support them, like the ones that I had listed above.

It is a convenient feature to have as you may not need to connect wires after entering into your car for accessing those.


Here we have discussed how Android Auto and Apple CarPlay works and also seen a list of car stereos that support these systems. Any option listed will be value for money and will fulfil your needs.

One thing to consider here is the size of the stereo your car would support. Before purchasing a stereo please make sure of that and take a decision.

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