Best Dash cam for Car in India – Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for the best dash cam for car in India? Here you will find some options that you can check out.

Having a 3rd eye on all then things happening around is good for us. People nowadays like recording all things happening around so that they can have a look at it in later time.

Similarly, while driving also, it is good to have a 3rd eye like a camera inside your car which records all the events happening around your car so that it will help to record any activity that could damage your car.

Best Dash cam for Car

Best Dash Cam for Car in India

70mai Pro Plus A500

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  • 24 Hour parking monitor
  • 140 Degree viewing angle
  • G sensor for collision detection
  • Advanced driver assistance system

User Review:

70mai is a popular company that have many products for your car. It’s a company from China which produces many gadgets that make your car better.

They have products like Jump starters, Tyre pressure monitors, Dash cam’s and tyre inflators which are great in this category.

70mai Smart Dash cam pro is a popular product in this category as it’s well-built and gives the lot of features that other dash cameras does not give in this price range.

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The 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 comes with some unique features that make it a perfect companion for your car.

It has 24 hours parking monitor which detects all the activities happening around your car even if your car is in parking mode.

The 140 degree viewing angle is a plus which give a wide coverage for video recording and capture more area of activities happening around your car.

This dash cam comes with a G sensor which helps in detecting collision. This records the activities around your car if the car gets hot by someone and if the camera detects a shock.

Driving assistance is another feature that makes this camera a great option, as it helps in maintaining the lanes in your car. This keeps the car steady on the road and helps to avoid accidents.

The 70mai dash cam comes with GPS attachments which helps to track your car from any place through mobile app which is a great feature to have in any car.

This dash cam comes with 2 inch 1944p resolution display which is great for watching the recorded footage.

The camera in this dash cam is great for nighttime recording as it helps in capturing video in a crisp and clear way.

  • Minimal design
  • Low price
  • Easy configuration
  • LCD display
  • Price is high

DDPAI Mini Dash Cam

DDPAI Mini Dash Camera

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  • Parking Monitor
  • G sensor for collision detection
  • Wifi Inbult for video transfer
  • Full HD resolution
  • WDR technology and super night vision

User Review:

DDPAI is one of known companies in India that have some good products in this segment.

This model of dash cam comes with parking monitor which helps to keep a track on all activities happening around your car.

It records all the activities around your car and in case someone hits your car when you are not present nearby, it will record it so that you can check it out.

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The video recording come out really great in this camera as it has a 1080 P recording and night vision which produces excellent output even if the recording is done at night.

The viewing angle of this camera is 140 degrees, which is great for covering a wide range and record most of the things happening in the front of the car.

Loop recording is another feature that makes this camera one great option to consider. The old video recordings are deleted and are recorded with the new footage.

This reduces the hassle to delete old footage manually.

Build quality of the camera is great and it is having a minimal look. You can easily place this camera with the available sticky side, and it never comes off.

  • Minimal Design
  • Easy setup
  • Good Quality recording
  • Night time recording can be better

70mai Smart 1S Dash Cam

70mai Smart 1S

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  • 130 degree recording
  • Emergency Recording
  • Loop Recording
  • Voice Control
  • Wifi and App control

User Review:

We have checked 70mai dash cam before but if you are looking for a good dash camera under 5000 then this is another option to consider.

This models the 70mai smart Dash cam 1S comes with a set of features which other dash cam’s in this range fails to offer.

It comes with a 1080P full HD recording and night vision, which is great in this camera. The footage recorded in the night looks as if it was recorded in a well lit situation.

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Emergency recording is another feature which makes this camera a good option to choose.

When even it senses a collision or a shock, it starts recording, which really helps in hard situations like an accident to know what actually happened and whose fault is it.

Another feature that makes this camera special is the voice control. You can control various activities of this dash cam using your voice like Record Video, Capture an Image, Turn ON Wi-Fi and Turn Off Wi-Fi etc.

The LED light placed in the camera gives an exact idea of what the camera is doing as it glows in various colors based on activities happening.

There is a plus for this camera as it has an additional feature of Wi-Fi built in it.

You have a 70mai app which you can use to transfer the recording from the dash cam to your phone using the app. Also, you can see the live footage in your phone screen as well.

  • Solid build
  • Excellent camera
  • Nice features
  • LED light is hard to read

APEMAN Dash Cam 


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  • 170 degree viewing angle
  • Night vision
  • G Sensor
  • 1080P Recording
  • Parking Monitor

User Review:

APEMAN is a new brand in India for dash cam. It comes with a traditional design of a camera and it has good fit and finish. This dash cam provides an added look to your car interior.

The main features to be highlighted in this camera is its recording angle. It provides a recording of 170 degree, which is one of the best in this segment.

It can cover more into the frame, which gives more peace of mind when it comes to riding your car in a heavy traffic situation.

The recording it provides is of 1080P full HD, which is good and will give detailed video. Also, it has a good night vision capability. The recording at night is clear, and you can see all things in the video well.

Like other dash cam’s this also comes with a G sensor which detects collision and records the event.

This dash cam comes with F1.8 aperture lens which makes it one good option to consider if you ride your car frequently at night.

It also has a 24 hours parking monitoring features which records any unusual activities happening around your car.

3 inch 1080P LCD screen is an added advantage which can be used to watching the recording directly from the camera without transferring it to a PC or laptop.

  • Good build
  • Futuristic design
  • Good night time recording
  • After sales service needs to be better

Transcend DrivePro 32GB 110

Transcend DrivePro 32GB 110

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  • Premium looks
  • Li Polymer battery
  • Parking monitor
  • Wide dynamic range

User Review:

If you are looking for a dash cam in a premium segment, then the Transcend Drivepro is an option for you.

This model comes with a high sensitivity image sensor which can record good quality video even in ultra low light situations. The WDR( Wide dynamic range) features helps in recording all the videos in high backlight situations as well.

Unlike other dash cam’s this model comes with a built-in Li-polymer battery which give additional backup and 24 hours parking monitoring which is a good option to have.

Snapshot function is a feature which helps make a recording by just a press of the button at any instant. This comes really handy in urgent situations so that you can capture the moment without fail.

Toolbox software helps to track the videos and photos in the dash cam through your mobile app. This makes it really convenient in many situations.

Other features of this dash cam is that it can provides headlight reminder, driver fatigue alert as well.

  • Good design
  • Excellent video recording
  • Good recording range
  • Bit bulky design

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam Full HD

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

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  • Premium Build
  • Parking Monitor
  • Full HD recording
  • Loop Recording feature
  • Collision detection

User Review:

If you are having a premium car, then you may need a good dash cam for safety so that you can record all the events happening around the car.

Rexing V1 is a premium dash cam which has some great features, making it worth to buy.

This is a brand from the USA and very popular in western countries. It comes with loop recording feature so that you never run out of memory.

Once the SD card gets filled, the last file gets overwritten so that you have the latest recordings.

It comes with a Full HD recording of 1920*1080P with H.264 format making it a good camera in this segment.

When it comes to recording on a dash cam, you need a wide recording angle.

This dash cam has an angle or recording of 170 degree which will cover the entire front of the car. 6 layer lens makes the image recording crystal cleat at night.

With a unique design, this looks perfect in a car and provides a futuristic look. This dash cam also has the collision detection sensor which detect any shock on the car and starts recording the video.

Parking monitor is another major plus in this dash cam.

With 24 hours parking monitor support, you will stay updated on what is going around the car even if it’s parked.

The super capacitor inside stores enough charge to activate the camera in parking mode even in any climatic conditions.

This is a dash cam with Wi-Fi with you can transfer the recording of the camera to the phone easily just by creating hotspot.

You can also connect a GPS module to this dash cam which will help to track the exact position of the car from anywhere.

  • Excellent build
  • Nice video recording angle
  • Nice set of features
  • Pricey

Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam 4k

campark 3 channel

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  • 4K recording
  • Super Capacitor included
  • Rear camera recording
  • 170 degree recording angle

User Review:

Campark is a brand which is known for Action camera, they have wide range of cameras in Indian market, but now they are into Dash cam business. This model is the best-selling dash cam in India.

It comes with a 170 degree of recording angle from the front camera, and it also has a rear camera support which can record in 140-degree angle. With this camera, you can record all the events happening in front and back of the car.

The recording quality here is 2560*1440 which is crystal clear and also in night you get excellent video footage.

Included with the super capacitor, the dash cam can work as a parking monitor for your car even if you are not nearby. This is a great feature to have if you have parked your car outdoors.

With the included collision sensor, the dash cam can detect any shock that happens to the car and record a footage from both front and rear cameras.

You can be sure what happened with your car and claim insurance easily with the recorded footage.

The 2.4 Inch display on the dash cam helps to play all the recorded videos on the camera itself so that you do not need to transfer the videos to your phone to play it.

  • 4K video recording
  • Excellent night vision
  • Loop Recording
  • Price is high

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Dash cam?

Dash cam is a gadget that is fixed on the windshield of a car which records the events that happen in front of your car while you are driving.

It records all the activities and also in case if your car gets hit by someone, or you hit someone else car the camera records and lets you know what actually happened so that you can present the same to claim the insurance.

Also, Dash cam could help you record your trips which you can watch later as your memories.

As dashcam comes in a category of a camera, we need to check with some of the basic features that we need to consider.

Things to consider in a Dash Cam

  1. Resolution
  2. Features
  3. Storage
  4. Price.

Resolution of a Dash cam

When it comes to camera, resolution is very important. There are various dash cams available in the market starting from 720P to 4K.

Based on the resolution of the camera used, the price increases or decreases. People usually prefer dash cam which have good resolution recording so that they have better details in the video footage that is recorded.

Features of a Dash Cam

Features are things that come as an important factor for people to consider anything for their purchase. Some features to consider in a dash cam.

Parking monitor: This is a great feature to have if you park your car in a place which is congested.

When ever you park your car and leave this feature keeps a tap on your car and in case you see any issues with your car you can see that being recorded in your dash cam so that you can find what caused the issue.

GPS: Most of the car come with a feature of GPS tracking which makes it easy to find a car and it positions.

It also helps to find the position where you have parked the car and also in case if the car moves without your knowledge you will get notified.

Some dash cams come with GPS inbuilt so that they send regular updates on the position of the car. Some dash cameras have an optional attachment that you can connect to a dash cam and add a feature of tracking to your car.


This is one of the most important parts in any camera. Storage helps to determine how much a camera could store images and videos in it.

More the storage, more content you can store and recover it later. This is an important feature to have.


This being one of the primary considerations of any buyer in the market, we have variety of options available in different price range.

FAQ on Car Dash Cam

Is dash camera legal in India?

Yes, Dash cam is legal in India. Nowadays, due to the heavy bumper to bumper traffic that we have on roads, any time you can get rear ended or hit by another vehicle on the road.

Having a dash cam gives a video proof of the incident and helps you to claim insurance easily.

Do dash cameras work when the car is off?

Dash cam don’t run 24 hours as they run with the use of battery.

There are dash cam in the market that have dedicated batteries and GPS but still running a dash cam while the car is off is a difficult job, Dash cam have inbuilt capacitor that keeps the dash cam alive when there is any movement or shock on the car like someone hit on the car while its parked.

At that time the dash cam wakes up and records that movement also known as parking monitor. There is a limitation for this functionality to work.

It remains operational only till the charge inside the capacitor inside the dash cam lasts.

What is the best affordable dash cam?

If you are looking for an affordable dash cam them you can consider buying the 70Mai dash cam which falls in a budget under 5000.

How long do Dash Cameras record for?

Dash cam are meant to record the events happening around your car while you are driving. Every dash cam will need a memory card or may have inbuilt memory.

Dash cam usually records in 1080P or 720P, which will be a huge file size for long recordings. Dash cam are programmed to do roll over recording when the memory card gets filled with videos.

The last taken video is over written by the latest footage.

Will a dash cam drain a car battery?

Dash Cam does not drain car battery as they are usually connected to the 12 V power socket inside the car in which the supply is cut off once the car engine is turned off.

Dash cam are full operational only when the car engine is running, so they won’t drain the car battery.

If you have connected the dash cam directly to the car battery, then they will drain the car battery as they will remain ON all the time.

How much does a car dashcam cost?

Above you can find various types of best-selling dash cam in India ranging from 3000 to, 15000 Rs. Based on the price, the features of the Dash could vary.

You need to select the dash cam based on the features and your requirements.


As the number of vehicles are increasing in the roads and the roads in India are still not in great shape, it would be better to have a dash cam fitted in your car which gives a peace of mind any time when you are on road.

Here I have sorted out some of the best dash cam for car that you can buy in India.

I have personally tried using these cameras and based on my views I have created the list.

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