Best Dash Cam under 5000 (January 2024)

Here are some of the best dash cam under 5000 that you can buy in India

Getting a dash cam is always a good idea in present traffic situation in India as incidents could occur on road at any time.

If you are rear ended by another car then to claim insurance from an agency, you need solid proof, or else you may be in trouble. In such cases, a video recording will come in handy.

Nowadays, car manufactures are including safety features like dash cam in car which will record all the activity around your vehicle while you are travelling.

There are some points that you may need to consider before getting a dash cam for your car.

Having many brands in the market will create confusion in the minds of buyer as to which option to go with.

best dash cam under 5000

Many new brands are coming to Indian market with their products, but only some are good.

Following are some points that you may need to consider.

Best Dash Cam under 5000

70mai M300 Dash Cam

70mai M300 Dash Cam

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  • 3 MP camera
  • 140 degree field of view
  • Nigh vision
  • G shock sensor
  • Wifi
  • 70mai app

User Review:

Considering the best dash cam in budget, 70mai is a brand that we cannot miss.

They are one of the best dash cam brands in India as they have the good number of service centers and also products in different price range.

The M300 comes with 3-megapixel camera which can produce some good quality video in different lighting situation.

We get a video resolution of 2304 x 1296P, which will have detailed footage of any event happening on the road.

Viewing angle is one of the important factor when it comes to any dash cam. The M300 comes with a wide angle lens which can provide 140 degree of view.

This will help in including many events in the video at a time.

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A g-sensor is present in this dash cam, which will detect any collision when the car is parked. It will record any unwanted activities happening around your car.

Noise reduction is another feature which will make the videos recording with this camera better.

This camera provides balanced exposure and clear images at night, making it a good option to consider if you travel at night now.

The 70mai app is another advantage here, which makes transferring videos to your phone easier. You can also check the live footage of the camera when connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Light weight design
  • Good video quality
  • Good sound recording
  • Parking monitor could be better


DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam

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  • 1080P recording
  • Night vision
  • 2MP camera
  • F2.2 Aperture
  • App Control

User Review:

Another brand to consider in the dash cam under 5000 categories is the DDPAI. They also have some great products in this price range.

This model is one of the durable models of dash cam available in Indian market.

It can survive various temperature levels starting from -25 degree to 85 degrees, which is good if you are a frequent traveler.

It comes with a super capacitor which can hold charge and work while your car is in parking mode.

With the recording of 1080P at 30 fps, you will get some good quality footage from this dash cam.

This dash cam has a 2 MP camera with CMOS image sensor. The aperture of this sensor is F2.2 which will help in capturing low light as well.

Loop recording is another feature that makes this dash cam a good option to consider. You will never have a situation where the footage is not recorded due to low space.

Like other dash cam in this segment, DDPAI dash cam also has G sensor which will detect shocks and record the event during the time.

DDPAI has included super night vision feature here with which this camera can produce bright recorded videos even when you travel at night.

You can connect this dash cam to 12V socket of your car and make it work as you need.

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It also has a dedicated app which you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, using which you can set up the camera and also watch the live feed from the camera.

Using the app we can also transfer the recorded videos to the phone

  • Good build
  • Quality day time recording
  • Sound recording is good
  • Night vision can be improved

Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

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  • Parking Monitor
  • 120 degree viewing angle
  • G Sensor
  • Cycle recording

User Review:

Procus is a new brand when it comes to dash cam. They also have some of the good quality camera under a budget.

It comes with G sensor which can detect any collisions and record the video. The G sensor is accurate and responsive in this camera.

Like other camera in this segment, this model also comes with cycle recording. It helps to keep the memory card clear with old videos, and new videos are overwritten in their place.

With the included parking monitor feature, this camera keeps track of this happening around your car even when it’s parked.

There is a unique feature to this dash cam, which is motion detection. It can sense any motion around your vehicle and keep a track on the same.

It comes equipped with ultra-wide camera with a field of view of 120 degree so that maximum area is covered in the recorded video.

If you are looking for a good camera in a budget, then this is the option to consider.

  • Light weight design
  • Easy fitting
  • Night vision can be better
  • App should be better

Blueskysea B1W Mini

Blueskysea B1W Mini Dashcam

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  • G sensor
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Parking monitor
  • Super capacitor

User Review:

If you have less space in your vehicle dashboard to fit a dash cam, then you should consider the Blueskysea mini dash cam.

They are new to this segment, but they have some quality products. This model, the B1w, is one of the best-selling dashcam that you can buy.

It will match any vehicle as it comes with minimal design and durable build quality.

You can place this dash cam in any location as it supports 360-degree rotation, making it one of the easy fitting dash cam for any car.

Like other dash cam that we have checked here, this model also comes with a super capacitor which stores charge and give parking monitor feature when the car is parked in a location.

The G-sensor in this camera is very active, and it can easily detect any shock on the car and record the event.

The camera records 30 seconds after it detects any shock or impact on the vehicle.

  • Light weight design
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Good Build
  • App needs to be more responsive
  • Night time recording needs to be better

Instaplay INSTACAM Full HD DashCam

Instaplay INSTACAM

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  • Full HD recording
  • 30 FPS
  • 2 Inch Screen
  • Full HD display
  • 130 degree angle

User Review:

Instaplay Instacam is the next best budget dash cam that you can buy as it comes with some unique features that others in this price segment does not offer.

It comes with a 2-inch full HD screen which shows the live view of the dash cam. This is a unique feature in this price range.

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The display has a decent size which you can see all the functionalities and also the settings of the camera.

This camera can record 1080P video at 30 fps, which is great for a camera in this price range.

It comes with 2 MP sensor which works really well even in nighttime.

The sensor used here is of high quality and also you can use this camera to take images.

With a wide angle of capture, this dash cam can cover a large area in the recording in case if any event occurs on the road.

  • Good Display
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy fitment
  • Night time recording can be better

Buyer’s guide for Dash Cam

When it comes to dash cam or any camera, picture quality is a primary factor that will be considered by most of the people.

Dash cam, being a device placed inside a car, it should be able to capture video in different lighting situations and also fast.

There should be some specific sensors to detect any impact that happens and record a footage on the same.

Things to consider in a Dash Cam

  • Camera quality
  • Storage capacity
  • Nigh time recording
  • Parking monitor
  • Features
  • Price

Let me explain the above mentioned points in detail.

Camera quality

As we had mentioned earlier, this is the major factor to consider any camera.

The camera quality is determined by the megapixel count and also the light the camera could capture while recording a scene.

When it comes to dash cam under 5000, we can expect a recording quality of the video to be 1080P, which is a decent resolution for any video.

The video in full HD will provide enough detail to show as a proof to claim an insurance.

Megapixels of the camera would determine how much detail the dash cam could capture in a scene.

Usually dash cam will monitor the front of the car, but some brands would provide options to connect a back camera as well which will record all the events happening in the back of the car as well.

This is really a great feature to have in case you are driving the car in bumper to bumper traffic.

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Storage capacity

When you look into the best budget dash cam in India, the amount of storage that we get would be limited.

All manufactures provide a SD card slot in their dash cam which you can put a memory card inside to store the recordings and see it later.

SD cards also have limited storage capacity, but dash cam nowadays are smart enough to continue recording even after the storage gets filled.

The old file in the storage will get overwritten with the new file. This will provide interruption free recording for the videos.

Night Time recording

Another major feature to have in any dash cam is to get a good recording at nigh time.

We like travelling at night or going for a ride at night. If the dash cam that you have fixed cannot record videos in low light, then it would be hard to track any issues that would happen during nighttime.

Getting a dash cam with nighttime recording feature is a must in today’s driving situations.

The camera should be able to take maximum amount of light in and give a clear footage even at night.

Parking Monitor

One thing that we need is to monitor our car while it’s parked in a remote location, and you can’t see it.

A that time if someone does any vandalism to the car or if any other vehicle comes and hits on your car, it will be good to have a parking recording so that you can track what happened and who is responsible.

There are limited options available in the dash cam under 5000 range which has this feature, but if you get one then it’s a no-brainer to consider.


Every one likes more features in less price. When it comes to dash cam, features like Wi-Fi and collision detection is an added advantage to have.

Wi-Fi will help to transfer the footage from dash cam to your phone very easily by setting a hot spot.

This feature comes handy if you want to present any video to others.

Collision detection is another features which record any event if there is any shock detected when your car is parked or in motion.

Every dash cam brand has a compatible app that you can use to set up the camera easily as well as transfer its data.

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With all set of features and a particular price range that we are looking into, we can consider price as the last thing here.

It’s good to get the maximum number of features in a budget segment. This post will help you find the best dash cam under 5000 in India that you can buy today.

FAQ on dash cam under 5000

Should I put a dash cam in my car?

Yes, you should consider getting a dash cam for your car as soon as possible. It will help you track and record if any issues happen with your car, and any insurance claims can be done in an easier way if you have a video proof.

Which is the best dash cam?

There are many options in the market for you to consider. If you need the best dash cam, then price should not be a factor here.

70mai dash cam pro plus is a great option to consider as it comes with some great ser of features under a price of 10000.


Road safety is really important for us, but if you want to keep your car also safe, then you should consider some precautions as well.

A dash cam gives a sense of safety when it comes to accidents and also to keep track of things happening with the car.

You will always have a proof to produce in case if something happens wrong. Keeping this in mind, here I have added some best dash cam under 5000 rs range that you can consider buying for your car.

Any option from the list mentioned will suit your need and will give you a good video recording.

Star this post if you felt it was useful.

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