Best Dual Band Router India 2023

We used to have single-band routers, but dual-band routers are becoming more popular. Here, let’s check out some of the best dual band router India that you can buy today.

Before getting a Dual band wifi router, you should consider some points before the purchase.

Best Dual Band Router India

Best Dual Band Router India

TP-Link Archer AC1200 Archer C6

TP-Link Archer AC1200 Archer C6

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Top Features:

  • Dual Band with 2.4 and 5 Ghz Wifi
  • 4 External and 1 Internal antennas
  • Qualcomm Chip for better signal
  • Gigabit ethernet port
  • MU-MIMO technology

This is one of the best budget dual band wifi router India that you can buy today. As we know TP-Link is a brand which has many options when it comes to WiFi routers. The AC1200 Archer is a popular and best selling Dual band router as it has a great set of features that you can consider.

It support two bands the 2.4 Ghz band which has a speed of 300Mbps and a 5Ghz band which has a speed of 867 to 1200Mbps. If you are planning to do gaming and streaming then this router will be perfect for your.

Tp-Link AC1200 Archer C6 comes with 4 set of external antennas and 1 internal antenna to provide a stable internet connection. Having this set of antennas provide a stable connection throughout a large area of coverage.

We get a Qualcomm Chipset included here which makes the connection better and stable. The chip handles the signal strength and also the speed of the data from the WiFi router. Being a dual band WiFi router with MU-MIMO, it can provide 2 times more efficiency while transferring signal wirelessly with multiple.

TP-Link includes a gigabit Ethernet port to which you can connect your PC or gaming console, making online gaming and streaming more enjoyable. With the included app for setup, you can easily setup this Wi-Fi router in minutes and start using it.

  • Good Signal Strength
  • Low Price
  • MU-MIMO included
  • Wall penetration can be better

Netgear R6850 AC2000

Netgear R6850 AC2000 Dual Band Router

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Top Features:

  • Dual Band Network
  • 880Mhz dedicated processor
  • Netgear app.
  • USB port
  • High Speed Lan Port
  • 2000Mbps speed

Netgear is a brand which is long known for WiFi routers and networking equipments. They have a wide range of products in this segment that are reliable and are of good quality. This model is one of the best dual band router under 5000 that you can buy today.

The rated speed for upload and download for this router is 2000Mbps which is great for home and office use. Data speeds of this router makes it a perfect option for Online gaming and High quality video streaming throughout your office or home.

Netgear has included a companion app with this router which will help you in doing the setup of the router very easy. The App gives us various option to track the internet usage as well as block unwanted connections easily.

We get a 880Mhz dedicated processor to provide a stable connection to the internet and WiFI signal. This helps in longer range for WiFi and also high speed data upload and download speeds.

Sharing of local storage is another features that this WiFi router has. It comes with a dedicated USB port which you can use to connect a Pendrive or HDD and access the data from any place. Its a convenient feature to have in case you have a shared network in home.

The router can support any devices connected that has Dual band support. 5Ghz band on this router provides excellent speed for devices connected. High speed LAN ports are available in this router which you can use for Gaming and Streaming. If you want to setup a good WiFi network in home this router will be a great option to consider.

  • Minimal design
  • Good data speeds
  • Easy Setup
  • Range can be improved

Asus RT-AX55 AX1800

Asus RT-AX55 AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router

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Top Features:

  • Dual band system
  • Mesh Network integration
  • 1800Mbps speed
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Dedicated App
  • AiProtection

When it comes to Gaming routers Asus is a brand that you should consider getting. This is one of the best dual band gaming router that you can get in India. It comes with WiFi-6 technology which is great to have for high speed streaming and gaming experience.

This router support 80Mhz band with and a 1024 QAM which helps in making the network stable and also keep the data transfer rate constant. The data transfer speed of this router ranges from 1800Mbps to 1201 Mbps based on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band that you use it for.

With the MU-MIMO technology, this router is capable of controlling the data speeds even if multiple high demanding devices connect to the router at once. The router also comes with OFDMA making it a great option for high speed internet needs and also connect large number of devices at the same time.

When it comes to protection Asus has implemented AiProtection in this router which provides safety your network and the device connected to the network. In case you are planning to setup a Mesh wifi system in your house later, you can add this router to the mesh system in an easy way. The Asus AiMesh system helps in integrating this router to any mesh network easily.

For setting up a smart home with multiple devices getting connected to the router at same time, this model RT-AX55 will be a great option to consider.

  • Sleek design
  • Good network coverage
  • Price is a bit high

Linksys Max-Stream MR7350 AX1800

Linksys Max-Stream MR7350 AX1800

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Top Features:

  • Dual band router
  • 1700 Sq feet coverage
  • Linksys app support
  • WiFi 6
  • Alexa integration
  • Parental control

Mesh networks are gaining their popularity now a days and if you are planning to setup a Mesh network in your home then the Linksys Max-stream MR 7350 is one of the best dual band router India that you can buy today. It comes with a lot of features that will provide the best experience in networking and also gaming.

If you have a large home then this router will be suitable for you as it can cover upto 1700 sq feet and provide an excellent network coverage. In this range it can support upto 25 devices which makes it a go to dual band wifi router if you are planning to setup a smart home.

This router comes with WiFi 6 technology which provides an enhanced range as well as helps to avoid dead zones in your home with good network coverage.

With the included app of Linksys, the setup of this router is easy also Linksys is known to provide regular software updates to protection from any security related issues. It comes with parental controls with which you can keep hold of children accessing network.

Guest mode is another feature using which you can give limited access to guests if they need to use the internet. The linksys app makes controlling the functionalities of the router easy and smooth. Another major advantage of this router is Alexa integration. You can control various features of this router using voice command to Alexa making it a great choice for any smart home.

  • Minimal design
  • Good network coverage
  • More LAN ports needed

Tenda HG9 AC1200

Tenda HG9 AC1200 Dualband WiFi router

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Top Features:

  • Dual Band router
  • Beamforming technology
  • 867Mbps speed in 5Ghz
  • 4 Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Companion app

Tenda is a brand which is not that popular in India when it comes to networking devices but they have some great set of products in Indian market which are low in price and value for money. When it comes to dual band routers, this model the Tenda HG9 is one of the best selling router that you can buy.

It complies with all the networking standards including the ITU G.984.4 which is great. This being a dual band WiFi router has a network speed of 867Mbps in 5 Ghz network and 300 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz network which can be served together for best networking experience in your home or office.

With the included 4 Full gigabit ethernet port, you can connect 4 devices to this router to get a fast wired connection. The data speeds from this WiFi router are impressive and will be great for gaming and streaming related tasks. The downstream speed rated for this dual band router is 2.5Gbps and Upstream is rated to 1.25Gbps.

The presence of beamforming technology is advantageous in this case because it provides a stable connection over longer distances. If you need a good WiFi network for a multi floor building or need to cover a larger area, then this WiFi router will be a perfect option to consider.

  • Minimal design
  • Good range
  • Easy to use app
  • Limited availability

Buyer’s guide

There are some points which make the Wifi Connectivity in your home better. It basically depends on the WiFi router and the range that it provides. Following are some points that you should consider before buying a dual band wifi router for home or office.

Things to consider

  • WiFi Range
  • Band Support
  • Ports availability
  • Application support
  • Wall penetration features
  • Features
  • Price

Above mentioned are some points that you may need to consider before getting a dual band router. Let me explain the above mentioned points in detail.

WiFi range

This is the most important factor that people consider before getting a WiFi router. Without a good range the router is not worth the money that you spent on it. The range of a WiFi router depends on the antennas on the router and the strength of the signal that they can produce. Consider that you are getting a WiFi router for a multi floor building, in that case there will be many walls to pass through and also a huge area to cover. In that case if the signal from the antenna is weak then the range will fall down soon as you travel from one room to another or from one floor to another. We should check the signal strength and the antenna db rating before getting a dual band WiFi router.

Band Support

As we are talking about dual band routers, we need to check if they support two bands. Dual bands means two band of SSID signal that the router can broadcast when it’s on. Normal routers that we get in the market have single band that is 2.4 Ghz which is good for range as it has a lower frequency and lower band width but when it comes to dual band routers we will have two bands like 2.4 and 5 Ghz. The 5Ghz band is known for the bandwidth and the speed of data download. Even though the 5 Ghz band has limited range, most people like to use it due to the speed it provides. The advantage of having a dual band router is that, it can broadcast both the bands at same time which really helps in selecting the download speeds that you may need according to the work that you do.

Ports availability

You may be wondering what is the importance of ports in a wifi router but when it comes to wired connection we need WAN/LAN ports which makes the internet more stable. Even though wifi routers are known for wireless connection some people who do intensive work on internet like gaming and streaming will need a wired connection to make the download and upload speeds good. Some router may have 3 to 4 LAN ports making it more flexible to use with multiple devices like gaming consoles and PC. We can also get dual band routers with USB ports which you can use to connect a HDD or Pendrive and act as a central storage which can be accessed from any place.

Application Support

This is a feature that is limited some manufactures. Most of the top end WiFi routers have companion apps in Android or IOS platforms which you can use to easily setup and configure the router as per your needs. Having an app gives a better control on the router and also you can keep track of the devices and their internet usage that are connected to the WiFi router.

Wall Penetration features

In the search of best dual band wifi router India, Wall penetration is an aspect that you should consider. As we use a WiFi router to get wireless internet, we may place the router inside a room but when we come out of it due to the number of walls in between our device and the router, WiFi signal fades limiting the download speed. Some manufactures offer wall penetration feature to improve the speed even with many walls in between. If you get a router with Wall Penetration then it will be a good choice to consider.

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People look some specific features on any gadget that they buy. For a Dual band WiFi router, people look for features like Cloud control and access which is a feature which make controlling the various functionalities of the router remotely. This is a great feature to have incase you leave your home and move to a remote place and need to keep track of things happening related to connectivity in your home. Also you can know if any stranger is connecting and using your internet.


Last but not least, the price is a final deciding factor to make any purchase. Considering the best dual band router India, to get the deal that you are looking for with the router you should spend a premium amount so that most of the features are included on the router. As router is the thing that controls all the smart devices in your home getting a good dual band router will make things better for a longer time.

Now that we have checked some of the best dual band wifi router in India, let’s check some of the options that are available in the market that you can buy.

What is the purpose of dual band router?

Dual Band as the name suggest has two bands as we have discussed above. The bands are classified as 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz band. If you need both high speed internet and also long range then a dual band router will make things better for you.

Is dual band WiFi router better?

Yes they are, instead of getting a single band router now you should consider getting a dual band router as you will get better WiFi speeds in the area where you place the router. Consider you are keeping the router where you stream games or do your work then with a dual band router near by and the 5Ghz Wifi signal, you can get a high speed internet making your gaming or work experience better.

Which router is best in dual band?

As there are many options available in the market, if you need the best budget dual band router then the TP-Link Archer AC1200 Archer C6 is a great option to consider as it comes with all the needed features and also the price is less. If you are planning to setup a Mesh network in your home then the Linksys model that we have discussed below will be a good choice.


Getting a good dual band WiFi router makes a lot of difference in how you can use the internet in your home or office. Better the range and signal strength that it provides, smoother the experience it will be. Keeping this in mind, I have added some of the best dual band router India that you can buy today. Any option from the list above will suit you need and will provide the best networking experience in home.

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