Best Extended Warranty in India for TV and Smartphones

If you had brought a new electronic product then you may be using it carefully but later on in time when the product gets 2 or 3 months old you start paying less attention to it. So it would be better to get the best extended warranty in India for the product that you bought so that you can be sure about the product being safe for a longer time.

Best Extended Warranty in India

Onsitego Extended Warranty

This is one of the popular companies that you can take warranty from. They have warranty plans for different products available through offline and online.

I have also taken their warranty service once earlier and my experience was good. My TV had some issues with display which came by its own, and it was covered by them without any problem. So I am taking my experience here.

extended warranty

They are my go-to warranty service if you are getting a warranty online.

Things to get warranty for

  1. Smartphones
  2. TV’s
  3. Laptops
  4. Smart speakers like echo and google now
  5. Small appliances at home which I had mentioned the list before

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There are different plans available from Onsitego based on products that you want warranty for or for the term that you want to take extended warranty.

Terms and conditions with benefits

  1. After buying the warranty plan, they will send you a message in the buyer section so that you can follow the process.
  2. You can buy their warranty within 6 months of the product purchase.
  3. They don’t provide warranty for refurbished products.
  4. After buying the plan, you need to activate it within 30 days.
  5. They will provide the service in a specific amount of time from which you claim the warranty.
  6. The transactions if valid will be 100% cashless.

Different plans covered under their warranty

Small appliances

extended warranty

2 Years

5000 to 1000 price range


extended warranty

2 Years

18000 to 26000 price range

1 Year warranty for Laptops

extended warranty

1 Year

20000 to 35000 price range

They provide warranty for laptops in different range as well as other things online for those click on this link to know more.

GoWarranty Extended Warranty

This is another popular-extended warranty service available for products that you buy. Some of my friends have used their service as well, and they told it’s satisfactory.

extended warranty

Things to get warranty for

  1. Smartphones
  2. TV’s
  3. Laptops
  4. Smart speakers like echo and google now
  5. Small appliances at home

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They provide different warranty plans based on years from 1, 2 3 and 4 years in total. That is a bit more than the onsitego provides. So if you need to take warranty for long term then Go warranty service is for you.

They also have the same terms and conditions that Onsitego follows. The warranty is provided based on the price range of the product that you have purchased.

Terms and conditions with benefits

Genuine Spare Parts Guarantee: Your appliance or gadget will be repaired by trained personnel, using genuine spare parts every single time.

Repair or Replacement guarantee: We understand that you cannot stay without your gadget for a long time; 

Free Pick & Drop or At-Home repairs: Whether it means picking up your device or sending a technician at your home to repair your device, we will ensure that you never have to interact with a service center ever again.

Maximum Coverage: Go Extended Warranty replicates the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 4 additional years after expiring the standard manufacturer warranty.

This ensures that your gadget is covered for long and keep your laptop functioning for long.

No Depreciation: We will cover the full value of your device until the end of the plan period.

All Repair Costs Are Covered: Whether it is costs of repairs, labor, transportation, or taxes, we cover all the charges associated with repairing. You pay nothing except the plan price.

Buy from Amazon

OneAssist 2 Year Extended Warranty 

This is another popular-extended warranty plan available online. They are popular between online buyer, and they have some good reviews online.

They provide warranty for many devices as mentioned in the list at the beginning of this review.

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Terms and conditions with benefits.

  1. They will pick your product from door step and repair it if the conditions are met.
  2. 100% cashless claims can be done trough them.
  3. 24*7 support is available
  4. Warranty starts when manufacturer warranty expires.
  5. Activation code is sent through SMS or email.
  6. Replacement and financial settlement is provided in 10 days.
  7. Real time claim assist is available through mobile app.

Buy from Amazon

Other companies

Different other companies are available online that you can buy warranty from.

Some are specific to a manufacturer

One plus device protection plan

These plans are specific to one plus devices, and they work well for people who own a one plus phone. They offer one year of screen replacement if your phone screen is damaged by any cause.

extended warranty

Terms and conditions with benefits

  1. 1 time screen replacement will be made.
  2. Door step pickup and delivery
  3. 100% cashless transaction
  4. One plus care app for all transaction details.
  5. One plus will deliver message in email or message regarding the plans after you purchase the warranty

Different plans are available based on price of the product that you had to purchase.

Buy from Amazon

Servify protect

This is a warranty service provided for Xiaomi devices. They range from 1 to 2 years, and you can buy them online. Some of my friends have used their services and they are satisfactory.

They provide services from devices ranging 12000 to 17000.

Terms and conditions of this service is also similar as the previous one so not including that.

What are Items covered in extended warranty?

In Electronics

  1. TV
  2. Smartphones
  3. Laptops
  4. Smart devices

For small appliances, this is the list of warranty available items.

  1. Food Processors
  2. Juicers
  3. Mixer Grinders
  4. Blenders
  5. Choppers
  6. Rice Cookers
  7. Induction Cook tops
  8. Sandwich Makers
  9. Toasters, Irons
  10. Vacuum Cleaners
  11. Geysers, Kettles
  12. Air Fryers
  13. Room Heaters
  14. Table Fans
  15. Roti & Atta Makers
  16. Trimmers, Multi Electric Cookers
  17. Air Purifiers, Coolers
  18. Kettles
  19. OTGs.

Why do we need extended warranty?

Warranty generally is given by a manufacturer when they sell their products to you. It depends on the manufacturer how many years you get during the purchase

Some manufacturers give 1 year, some give 2 and some gives up to 10 years of warranty on various products.

Of course there will be some terms and conditions

So consider you are buying a smartphone, and you get a warranty of 1 year with it buy after the 1-year mark like on 367th day the phone gets damaged, and you are shocked.

Now what to do. At this point, you won’t be able to claim the warranty from the manufacturer.

Damage could be of any cause like the phone itself had some hardware issues, no sound from speaker, display went off. There could be many cases occurring when you have damage.

At this point, you may think of an extended warranty. If it was available, you could claim it from the manufacturer and the warranty company could pay for you.

Isn’t that great. So today we are going to check out some popular warranty sellers that you can buy online.

So what are covered?

Warranty in the sense if you have taken and think that I am safe now, and I can use my phone or anything that you have taken warranty for, that should lead you to problems.

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Companies who give warranty always lay some conditions where they will cover the damage for the item. I am listing some below that you can refer if you are planning to get an extended warranty for your product.


Let’s first see what is not covered so that you can get an idea on that first.

Not Covered

Warranty on mobile device

  1. It does not cover any physical damage
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Accessories
  4. Consumables like battery issues,
  5. Wires, plastic parts, etc
  6. Any servicing or not authorized by the manufacturer.
  7. Not all brands are covered

Warranty on smart TV’s

The conditions are similar for smart TV’s as well

  1. Physical or accidental damage,
  2. Accessories
  3. Consumables like remote
  4. Panel
  5. Any servicing, not authorized by the manufacturer.
These brands are not covered under warranty Arise, Dektron, Edler, Godrej, I Grasp, InFocus, Intec, LE-DYNORA, LuckyMojo, Maser, Melbon, Nacson, Noble, Primark, Ray, Weston, YUG

So if you have any of these brands you are out of luck.

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Warranty on Laptops

  1. Any physical or liquid damage
  2. Accessories 3
  3. Consumables like charger
  4. Batteries, wires, plastic parts
  5. Any servicing, not authorized by the manufacturer. 


To check this out, you just need to read out the warranty information that is provided in the box. The warranty company only covers that. In case if you don’t have it, you can get it in any companies website product section.

If your product is not under the above list for TV’s, I would suggest you get an extended warranty from any of the warranty providers below.


If you are planning to keep your valuable gadget safer for a longer time, then getting an extended warranty is a no-brainer. Because it provides a sense of confidence to us, and we can use our device more freely.

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After comparing these warranty services, I have we have picked one which is best in these.

9Expert Score

Onsitego they are a flexible warranty service

Value for money
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