Best HDMI splitter to buy in India, 2023

If you are searching for the best HDMI splitter in India, then here are a few options that you can check out.

HDMI is the most common way to connect a Set-top box or a gaming console to a monitor or a TV.

Even nowadays, computers CPUs are connected to monitors through the HDMI port included in the graphics card.

HDMI has become a norm nowadays and when ever people think of buying any electronic device that supports display, they inquire about HDMI ports and the number of ports available.

Having HDMI ports on a TV or monitor is fine but in case if we have only one HDMI port, and we need to give two inputs to a TV or Monitor then we need an HDMI splitter.

Best HDMI splitter

What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a connection made between two devices to transfer video and audio signal through a single cable.

Earlier, we used VGA or RCA in Computers and TV’s to transfer a signal from a CPU to a monitor or any set-top box.

In case of a VGA connection, we need to use a separate 3.5 mm cable for transferring audio, but in case of HDMI both video and audio are sent through a single cable.

What are the Advantages of HDMI?

As we said in the previous section, an HDMI cable can transfer both video and audio through a single cable, which will avoid usage or more cables less and give a cleaner setup in case of a TV or a computer.

Other advantages of an HDMI signal are like the signal transfer rate and the quality of the signal.

As we know, old VGA and RCA connections that we used to have limitations in audio bit rates to be transferred and also there will be loss of signal when the cable length increases.

In case of HDMI we can transfer 4K signal which has become most popular media streaming resolution nowadays.

4K streaming needs high amount of data to be transferred also with a high quality audio.

This is possible only through HDMI Cable. Recently USB-C thunderbolt is available, but those are in high-end systems only which we can discuss of a different post.

The recent HDMI version 2.1 supports high resolutions and refresh rates, which makes it a go-to option to use for gaming consoles and PC’s.

HDMI 2.1 has a support for 4K at 120 Hz, and it can also connect 8K at 120 Hz as well.

HDMI support audio as well, HDMI ARC (Audio return channel) is getting more and more popular with soundbars and speaker systems.

As we know, we will have separate remotes for a sound bar and speaker system that we connect to a TV.

In this case we need to use two different remote for both of them, but in case if you have an HDMI ARC enabled system then you can use a single remote to control both your TV and the music system.

Why do we need a HDMI splitter?

HDMI being a main connection option for many systems with HDMI port regardless of the versions is the best option nowadays.

But in case if there are only limited set of HDMI ports in a system then there will be problem in connecting multiple input devices.

Consider you want to connect a Set-Top Box to a TV and also Gaming consoles, Android TV boxes, but you have only 2 ports.

In that case you will be having problems as each time you need to switch device by removing the connection and reconnecting the new device.

An HDMI splitter will solve this issue by providing additional HDMI ports by splitting the existing port to 2 or 3. This comes really handy in many cases if you have many devices to connect.

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Now that we have checked the need of HDMI ports and how it’s better than other connectivity options, let’s check some of the best HDMI splitters available in the market that you can consider buying.

Best HDMI Splitter to Buy

Platter 1 in 4 Port HDMI splitter

Platter 1 in 4 Port HDMI splitter

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  • Multi HDMI output ports
  • 4K output available
  • Easy installation
  • Long range transmission
  • Lag free experience
  • Dedicate power input port

This is one of the best options when it comes to HDMI splitters as it has 1 output and 4 input or vice versa configuration.

In case if you have only one HDMI port in your TV or monitor then this can make it to 4 HDMI ports which will enable connecting 4 HDMI devices.

We may not be able to run all the devices together because HDMI allows only one input at a time, so you need to switch the devices accordingly.

It not only splits the video signal but also audio so output audio from all the devices can be played based on the device selected.

It comes handy when you need to quickly switch from watching TV to gaming console by just a button press.

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Company clams as it provides a lag free experience, and also it can easily switch between signals without any lag.

This HDMI splitter supports 4K output at 30HZ and 1080P at 30HZ also 3D input and output as well.

You can use this HDMI splitter to connect Play Stations, XBOX, computers, laptops, and any devices that have an HDMI output to a big screen and have a better experience.

It can transmit signals up-to 100ft with a AWG26 cable connected.


  • Fast HDMI ports
  • Easy switching


  • Build quality is not great

LAPSTER HDMI Switch Splitter


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  • Bidirectional switch
  • Two displays can be connected
  • Fast data transmission
  • Backward compatibility

Lapster is another brand which have some HDMI splitter’s in the market.

They come with 2 In 1 out config where you can provide input from two devices like gaming consoles or Set-top boxes to a TV input which you can switch according to the need as you like in the press of a button.

This is a bidirectional HDMI splitter which enabled both input and output from both sides, i.e. you can use the 1 output HDMI port as input and attach two HDMI displays at the other end having your video split in two screens.

This will help in case you want to play the same content in multiple rooms at a time. With lossless transmission of signal, it is the best HDMI Splitter under 500 Rs that you can buy in India.

With HDMI 2.0 cables it can support 3D, 4K, 1080P signal without any issues and also HD audio. When it comes to transmission speeds, it can support a data transfer speed of 3.4 GBPS.

Having a backward compatibility of HDMI 1.0 to HDMI 1.4, you can connect all sorts of devices, which is a great.

In this HDMI splitter you get a LED at the top indicating which input is selected for the output to be shown and also the same for output as well.

You can use this HDMI splitter as single source and two screens or single screen with two sources.


  • Fast ports available
  • Easy to setup and configure


  • A bit of heating noticed

Kinivo Premium 4K HDMI Switch and Splitter

Kinivo Premium 4K HDMI Switch

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  • Easy input switch
  • LED indication
  • Good build quality
  • Small size
  • 18Gbps transfer rate

If you are looking for a well-built HDMI splitter, then the Kinivo 4k HDMI switch will be the best for you. It’s made of aluminum and has a premium build quality.

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It supports 4K at 60Hz which is great for connecting gaming consoles, and also it has 3D streaming which makes it a better option for graphic designing and rendering.

The LED lights added to the top of the HDMI splitter helps to identify which port is now active, and an easy button switch is available for switching between two inputs.

It provides high speed data transmission with 18Gbps of speeds, and it can support resolutions like 4k and 1080P with ease. It also supports HDCP pass-through, and audio transfer is excellent in this splitter.

You can use this HDMI splitter for gaming consoles, Blue ray players and computers to get an excellent output.


  • Durable design
  • Fast switching between inputs


  • Only 2 HDMI out available

AmazonBasics 4K HDMI splitter

AmazonBasics 4K HDMI splitter

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  • Included IR remote
  • Good Build Quality
  • 4K support
  • 3 output HDMI
  • Long range transmission

If you are looking for an HDMI switch that comes with a remote, then the AmazonBasics 4k HDMI splitter will solve your need.

It comes with 3 input and 1 HDMI out which can be used to connect 3 input devices like gaming consoles, Computers and Laptops.

Having a remote is an added advantage as switching between the inputs is simple by just a button press in the included remote.

The remote here is well-built, and also it comes with a power switch that you can use to turn off the splitter.

You have an IR receiver at the front which is used to work with the included remote, and the 3 LEDs in the front denote which input is selected.

Also, this HDMI splitter comes with a power cord included which you can connect to the power source using any USB adaptor to power the switching and the remote related functionalities of the splitter.

This splitter support high speed data transfer when it is used for 4K video and also high quality audio can be transferred.

The main advantage here is that you can transfer signal to longer distance with appropriate HDMI cable to a display.


  • Budget price
  • Easy to setup
  • Fast switching


  • Heating noticed after long term use

OREI HD-102 4K HDMI Switch

OREI HD-102 4K

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  • Fast switching
  • Metal enclosure for cooling
  • Dolby Atmos supported
  • 4K video supported

If you are looking for an excellent output signal from HDMI, then OREI HD-102 HDMI splitter is the best HDMI switch for you.

It comes with 1 in and 2 out config which can be used to connect one input like an Xbox or a set-top box and use the same signal to two displays.

It supports 3D and 4K. 4K and 2K resolutions are supported at 30Hz and 1080P also at 30 Hz.

You can also use this splitter for Dolby AC3 and DTS 7.1 surround sound system as well.

This splitter comes with Heavy Duty metal enclosure which helps in heat dissipation better so that there is no disturbance in signal.

Being in compact size, you can fit this HDMI splitter in any place in the back of the TV or under the TV for better cable management.


  • Good build quality
  • Fast output switch


  • Limited number of ports

FAQ on HDMI splitters

Do HDMI splitters really work?

HDMI splitters as we have discussed above are devices that are used to split a single HDMI port to multiple ports.

This enables a way to connect many devices to a single HDMI port of your TV or monitor.

Even though we have connected multiple devices to the port, you will be able to access only one device at a time.

HDMI ports really work in case if you are limited with HDMI ports, and you need more ports for connecting more HDMI supporting devices.

Does a HDMI splitter reduce quality?

HDMI Splitters does not reduce the picture quality. It depends on the length of the HDMI cable that you use which reduces the signal transmission rate, which is directly proportional to the distance.

Also, the quality of the HDMI cable that you use also determines the quality of the signal received.

Can you split an HDMI port?

Yes we can split an HDMI port by using an HDMI splitter or switch but only one input can be used at a time.

Do HDMI splitters require power?

Normally HDMI splitters do not need power but in case if they have features like IR remote and also some HDMI splitters with more than 2 HDMI splitters may need an external power source to be connected to manage the power requirements.


HDMI splitters come into play if you are using a single display to use multiple devices that support HDMI.

HDMI splitters are the only alternatives if you need an extra HDMI port in your TV or a computer monitor.

Nowadays most of the TV’s and computer monitors come with more number of HDMI ports to solve this issue but still in case you need more than 2 or 3 ports then HDMI splitter is the device that you will surely need to increase the port count.

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