Best Height Adjustable Table Electric in India 2023

A good setup always improves your productivity and the way you work. Here we have listed out some of the best height adjustable table electric in India.

People usually have a computer setup in their home that has a computer table with all the PC hardware on it.

Height is usually a problem for many people with the tablet that they have, as most tables come with a fixed height.

If you can have a work PC setup on an electric height-adjustable desk, you can work more easily by adjusting the height of the table as you need.

Even though most people buy a table when they get the PC or planning to get a PC.

Later on, after setting up your PC and when they start working on it, they may come across issues with the height not being sufficient and feel uncomfortable when they work for long duration.

Since the introduction of height adjustable table electric, the problem with the height of the PC is resolved. These type of tables help in making your setup as you need and the comfort level that you are looking for.

Best Height Adjustable Table Electric

Best Height Adjustable Table Electric

Sunon Height Adjustable Electric Lift Standing Desk Computer Table

Sunon Height Adjustable Electric Lift Standing Desk Computer Table

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Top Features:

  • Particle board
  • Large top board
  • 220 LB load capacity
  • Dual Motor design
  • LCD display
  • 3 Preset design
  • 47 inch height

If you are looking for a height adjustable electric computer table under 25000 then the Sunon is one of the options to consider.

They are very popular brands in this segment, and the products from Sunon are considered to be durable.

The rectangular table has a dimension of 47.2 inches length and a 23.6 inch width, which is plenty enough for your computer and its components.

You will be able to place 2 monitors are the same time on the table. Height adjustment helps in using this table while sitting or standing.

It comes with a powerful dual motor which can lift the desk at a rate of 1 inch per second.

The lift process is really smooth without any jerks, making it safe to keep your computer on it. The height adjustment ranges from 28 inches to 47 inches.

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When it comes to load bearing capacity, this table can handle 220 LB without any issues.

The company has added some safety features as well with this table.

The tablet will automatically retract if it encounters any storage while it’s going up or down.

It comes with a digital display which you can use to set the presets. This table supports 3 presets in height, which you can adjust with a button press.

Other options like an included USB port makes it easy to be used for charging any devices just by connecting to it.

The top flat part of the table is made of particle board, which is really strong and durable. You get a scratch-resistant layer over the top of the table, which will ensure long life.

  • Durable build
  • Minimal design
  • Smooth operation
  • More preset height adjustment needed

JIN OFFICE Cast Iron Table

JIN OFFICE Cast Iron table

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Top Features:

  • Cast Iron
  • 25MM thick board used
  • 3 preset height settings
  • 80KG weight capacity
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 Years of warranty

Some people prefer to have a two layer desk, where they could keep the display monitor on the top and other accessories on the bottom.

With two layered desks, organizing things on the table is much easier. JIN is a company that has good quality two layer height adjustable desks in the market.

This model is definitely a conversation starter as it comes with a unique design and looks cool for any setup. It comes with a high powerful motor lift system which can range from 730 mm to 1200 mm.

The adjustment that you can get from this table is really smooth. The speed of height increase and decrease is around 25 mm, which is great for fast changes

Like the other desk that we have checked earlier, we have 3 presets here which makes it easy to adjust eh height of the table in a fixes position by just a button press. It reduces the time and effort to adjust the table height.

It comes with an easy to assemble and dissemble process, with full instruction provided in the package.

This makes it easy to be transported from one place to another. All the tools needed to assemble the table are included.

With a weight capacity of 80 KG, you can also sit on this table without issues. The heavy-duty steel used on this table makes it look and feel premium.

You can easily use this table for a multi monitor setup without any issues.

Unlike other height adjustable electric table in this segment, this model comes with 3 years of warranty which will cover with any issues in the product.

It comes with a unique feature like level feet which makes it easy to make the table stable on uneven floors which is a common situation.

You can also attach wheels to this table, which makes it easy to be moved from one place to another.

The top part of the table is made up of engineering wood which is really durable and also scratch resistant, Thickness of the material used here is 25 mm which will avoid any flex even if you place heavy things on it.

  • Durable design
  • Good materials used
  • Fast adjustment
  • Price can be low.

LUMI Brateck Motorised Table

LUMI Brateck Motorised Table

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Top Features:

  • Wide top board used
  • 28mm per second height
  • 80KG capacity
  • High power motors used
  • Predefined height settings
  • 3 Height adjustment
  • Floor level

The Desk is equipped with a high-quality tabletop made of engineered wood with a thickness of 25 mm, which is included in the purchase price.

Top measures 1200 by 750 mm, allowing the user to have adequate space for all of his or her equipment as well as for personal items.

The desk is adjusted at a rate of 28mm per second by the motor, which allows you to make very quick adjustments to the desk position.

It is powered by heavy-duty motors which are manufactured in-house by LUMI and have received all international certifications.

It comes with foot levelers, which allow it to be used in areas with uneven floors as well as flat surfaces. The desk can be used with castors or wheels if desired.

You will need to remove the foot leveler before attaching the wheels to the same hole that was previously used.

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With a heavy industrial quality steel structure, this desk is capable of supporting up to 80 kg while maintaining maximum stability and sturdiness in use.

It is capable of supporting a wide range of office configurations, from a few laptops to multi-monitor installations.

The desk’s frame is constructed of high-quality, heavy-duty industrial-grade steel and iron, which provides the desk with additional strength and stability at all heights of adjustment.

The heavy weight of the frame protects the desk from becoming unstable at higher heights or when making changes.

  • Durable design
  • Good looks
  • Good after sales support
  • Limited availability

ERGOMATE electric table with height adjustment

ERGOMATE electric table with height adjustment

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Top Features:

  • 80 KG load capacity
  • Preset Height adjustment
  • Heavy duty motors
  • Cast iron used
  • Large top panel

Ergomate is a brand which has some good furniture in Indian market. They are known for quality of the products and preferred by people in India.

This table comes with a durable build and also high quality material.

Like other tables in this segment, this model comes with a button panel which you can use to set the table to the exact preset heights that you and your family members can use.

The frame is height and width adjustable so that you can make the table and the setup your own by setting the dimensions.

This sort of control helps in making the setup best for people who use multi monitor and has many accessories on their setup.

Motors used here are made to handle heavy loads of a complete setup so that they can easily lift the table up and down even with all the computer components on it.

The lifting power of this table is good enough and the motor s operate with low noise, which is a good thing to have.

Another advantage is the floor levelling feature, which allows you to place the table on any uneven surface with minimal shake, even if the floors are not level. There is a specific adjustment on this table to keep the level intact.

  • Minimal looks
  • Durable build
  • Silent motor
  • Price can be low

Monarch Elevate Height Adjustable Table Desk

Monarch Elevate

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Top Features:

  • Preset Height Adjustment
  • 120KG load
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Cable management section
  • USB port
  • 10 Years of warranty

If you are looking for the absolute best height adjustable table electric in India then Monarch is a brand that you need to go with as they have some great set of products in this segment.

The Monarch Elevate is one of the feature rich height adjustable electric table that you can get.

Even though this table falls in premium segment when it comes to pricing, it has some unique features that people love.

The company has provided 10 years of product warranty with this product, which is rare in this segment. The warranty is applicable for the entire table and its components.

Here we get Bosch motor that powers the table and handle the rise and lowering of it.

The telescopic lift that we get here is precise and there is a 3 set adjustment here. It ranges from 650 to 1250 mm which is great for home and office use.

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Motor is specifically designed to manage heat and also long life. Auto balancing feature is unique to this table which protect the items placed on it like monitors and PC if there is a tilt more than 2 degrees.

Digital display makes the height adjustments easy as there are 3 preset modes that you can set with just a button press. With a load bearing capacity of 120 KG, this is one of the durable table with height adjustment that you can buy.

It also comes with features like built-in cable management, which makes your setup look cleaner. Also, we get USB ports, which you can use to charge devices that you have placed on the table.

  • 10 Years of warranty
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Sleed design
  • Price can be lower

Buyer’s Guide

Before jumping onto a conclusion on the table that you are planning to buy, you should consider some points that will make your investment more valuable.

Electric height adjustable table are from different brands and come with different designs.

Common design that we can see around is the two legged model, which most people prefer as they are simple and also come in a specific budget.

When it comes to people who need a good-looking setup with a simple looking table, we can consider a minimal looking design here. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss some key points that you may need to consider.

Things to consider in a height adjustable electric table

  • Size of the Table
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Height Adjustments and Memory features
  • Cable Management options
  • Price

In the search of height adjustable table desk electric in India, above-mentioned points are key factors for a good purchase. Let me explain them in detail.

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Size of the table

Size really matters when it comes to any kind of furniture that you buy. From the couch to the bed, size is a deciding factor because it is important based on your home and the size of the room where the furniture will be placed.

When it comes to height adjustable computer tables, you should check the size before you get one. You should first consider what size table will suit your setup and the room that you are going to put it in.

If you have a large room and can place any size then no worries, you can get the largest available option in the market but if you have space constraints, or you are sharing your room with another person, size of the table comes in play.

Based on the number of devices that you are going to place on the table and also the amount of work area that you will need, select the table.

table with height adjustment

Material Used

Another important factor that comes into play is the material that has been used for the table.

Usually, a height-adjustable electric desk comes with iron legs with moving parts and motorized interiors so that the leg can increase or decrease the height.

The top part, or flat part, where you will place your computer is an important factor.

Good-quality wood should be used on the upper part so that it can handle the wear and tear that will appear on it over the long term.

Another thing is that when you place a load on it, the table should not buckle or crack. Good quality wood will determine how long your table will last and how much load you can put on it when you work.


Like the material used that we had discussed earlier in this section, durability is a factor. Based on the material used, durability may vary.

Keeping this in mind, a good quality iron leg and motors that are good should be considered for a height adjustable table electric.

The motors need to raise and lower the table many times during the life of the table, and it should not fail.

Iron legs used on the table should not rot and should be well painted or powder coated so that they will remain same for long time.

Height Adjustments and Memory feature

When you start looking for height adjustable table India price, the first thing that comes in your mind would be the features that you may get with it.

When it comes to computer desk with height adjustment, you should check how many levels of adjustments you will get from it.

This really helps in setting the height of the table based on your height or in case your family or friends use the computer, the tablet can be adjusted to their height as well.

Memory feature is a great option to have here as your table will remember the height settings that you have set on it based on different people that use the table.

This makes the process really easy, and you can share the table with multiple people in your home.

Cable Management options

To make any setup clean, you need to make the cable management good.

When you use a PC you may know that there will be many wires running around from different accessories like monitor, PC speakers, and power.

Some tables come with cable managements options built in which makes it easy to manage the cables and make the setup clean.

This is a really handy option and people always like height adjustable electric table with cable management options.

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Finally, price comes to play if you are looking for the best table for computer with height adjustment.

To get a good quality product with durable build, you may need to pay a premium.

In case you need a table with height adjustment in a budget, then we have some options listed below that you can consider.

FAQ on height adjustable electric table

Which is the best computer table in India?

When it comes to computer table, there are many brands in the Indian market that you can check out.

Monarch is a good one from the lot as they have many options from height adjustable and non height adjustable tables in the market.

Are height adjustable table electric worth it?

Yes they are, traditional tables do not have any height adjusting feature, which makes it really difficult for people who are long.

With the included height adjustment and the additional features like cable management and USB ports that we get in the latest generation of computer table, they make life simpler and easier for you to work for long sessions.


A good computer table will make your work easier as it comes with the things that will make you feel comfortable while you work.

With height adjustable table a thing, people are more leaning towards it with the features that it comes with, and also you will be able to work in different postures.

This will be good for your health as well, as you can be more productive. With this in mind, here we have sorted out some of the best height adjustable table electric that you can buy for your home and office desk setup.

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