Best Jump starter for Bike and Car in India

A bike and car jump starter is a handy tool to have if you own a car or bike, as it will help you to start the car if the battery runs out. Let’s check out some of the best jump starter for bike and car that we can find in India.

What is a jump starter?

As the name suggest, it is a device that provides a temporary boost to the battery of the car if it is discharged, which will help to start the car in different situations.

Jump starters come with different config and for different type of cars.

Each jump starter would have a rating and based on that it can start a specific type of car.

Jump starter provides the necessary charge for the starter motor of a car or bike to work so that it can turn the engine and start it.

best jump starter for bike and car

How does Jump starter for car or bike work?

A jump starter is basically a battery that has extended cables connected to it. They contain circuits that determine how much charge is supplied to the car when we try to jump start it.

Some jump starters have other features, like USB ports, so that they can act like power banks when they are not in use. Also, some come with a light for emergency purposes.

A jump starter has two terminals in it, like a battery: a positive terminal marked in red and a negative terminal marked in black.

If your car battery is low on charge, connect the positive to the positive of the car and the negative to the negative.

This will provide your car with a temporary charge from the battery and allow it to start.

Now that we have got a basic idea on what a jump starter is, let’s check out some of the basic points that you may need to consider before getting a jump starter.

Best Jump Starter for bike and car


70mai Jump Starter for Car and Bike

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Battery Capacity11,000 mAh
Number of Jump Starts in Single Charge40 times
Supported Engine Capacity4L Petrol and 2L Diesel
Used inCars, SUV, Bikes and Trucks
USB portsYes

When it comes to car accessories, 70mai is the brand that comes on top in India.

They are a sister brand of Mi and there are many products in the market which people like and trust.

The 70mai Jump starter is one of the best-selling one in Indian market. It comes with a minimal design and basic functionality, but it is well-built and serves the purpose well.

It has a battery capacity of, 11000mAh which is sufficient to jumpstart a car or bike multiple times. The peak current it can provide is 600A.

In case you have dead battery in a car or bike, you can use this jump starter to start it easily.

The company claims that you can jump start a vehicle 40 times in a single charge, but usually it would be less compared to the engine of the vehicle.

It can be used in vehicles with engine capacity of 4.0L Gas and 2.0L Diesel. You can use this in Cars, SUV, Bikes and trucks.

Other features that are included in this jump starter are over charge protection which will help in maintaining the charge levels and reverse current protection.

It comes with a dedicated carry case which is handy to keep the jump starter clean and safe.

Considering the price and the features included, this is one of the best bike and car jump starter under, 10000 that will be suitable for your needs.

  • Light weight design
  • Solid Build
  • Sleek looks
  • Good Battery capacity
  • Cannot used in more than 2L diesel engine

FNNEMGE 23800mAh

FNNEMGE 2500A Peak 23800mAh

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Battery Capacity23,800 mAh
Number of Jump Starts in Single Charge50 times
Supported Engine Capacity8L Petrol and 4L Diesel
Used inCars, SUV, Bikes and Trucks
USB portsYes

FNNEMGE is a brand that is popular in western countries, and now it is available in India.

They have a variety of car related products on the market, and if you own a high capacity vehicle and need a jump starter for that, then this is an option to consider.

It has a battery capacity of 23800mAh which is huge compared to the previous jump starter that we had checked out.

It comes with a 2500 A peak current capacity which will be useful to jump start a huge vehicle.

You can use this jump starter to start an 8.0L Diesel Engine easily.

The company has equipped with intelligent protection for the circuit so that any issue with overloading can be avoided.

Additional features like LED flashlight which has 3 LED in it is available on the device making a good companion for road trips.

To add more value, we get QC3.0 ports in it, which can be used to charge various mobile devices through it.

The jump starter is 100% waterproof which makes it an easy option to take out in rain and any lighting condition and also charging the device is easy due to the included USB-C port.

  • Waterproof build
  • Good Design
  • Excellent build
  • A bit heavy

NOCO Boost HD GB70 Jump Starter for Car

NOCO Boost HD GB70 Car and Bike Jump Starter

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Battery Capacity20,000 mAh
Number of Jump Starts in Single Charge40 times
Supported Engine Capacity8L Petrol and 6L Diesel
Used inCars, SUV, Bikes and Trucks
USB portsYes

This is another brand which is not much popular in India. NOCO has some great set of products and this is one of the best-selling one. It has got some great reviews worldwide.

It comes with a capacity of 20000mAh which can jump start your vehicles 40 times in a single charge.

Also, the ampere level here is 2000Amp, and it has a 12V output suitable for most of the vehicles in the market.

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The main advantage of this car jump starter over others is the capacity of engine that it supports, you can jump start and 8 liter petrol and 6 liter diesel engine.

This makes it the best in the lot that we have checked till now.

Even though it’s in a pricey segment, it is a great option to consider when it comes to jump starter.

The build quality of the Jump Starter is excellent and will be able to withstand any kind of beating.

  • Sleek design
  • Good build quality
  • Powerfull battery
  • Limited service center available

UTRAI Portable Car Jump Starter

UTRAI Portable Car Jump Starter

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Battery Capacity13,000 mAh
Number of Jump Starts in Single Charge50 times
Supported Engine Capacity6L Petrol and 4.5L Diesel
Used inCars, SUV, Bikes and Trucks
USB portsYes

When it comes to Car and bike jump starters under 10000 UTRAI is a brand to consider as they are known for budget segment car accessories with good quality and service.

This model come with a 1000Amp peak output and can be used for 6L Petrol and 4.5L diesel engine car and bikes. You can use this 50 times in a single charge.

It also comes with features like 400 lumen torchlight and also SOS feature. Having a lightweight design gives it an added advantage. It has a weight of 1 pound so that it is easy to carry around.

The company provides a case that makes it easy and safe to carry it around.

You also get a Type-C cable with the device, which comes in handy to charge the device and any other devices connected to it.

  • Good build
  • Light weight
  • Good Battery
  • Limited service

CTWJO 12V 800A

CTWJO 12V 800A

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Battery Capacity15,000 mAh
Number of Jump Starts in Single Charge50 times
Supported Engine Capacity7.2L Petrol and 5.5L Diesel
Used inCars, SUV, Bikes and Trucks
USB portsYes

CTWJO is another known brand when it comes to Jump starter, they have limited number of products in the market, but the quality of the products are excellent.

We get an 800AMP output here, which is suitable for 7.2litre Petrol and 5.5 Liter Diesel vehicle.

The battery capacity of this jump starter is 15000mAh and also we get a USB port here which can be used to charge any other device having USB port.

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Like the other jump starters on this list, it has an LED flashlight built in for nighttime use, and it also comes with a case to store and use it in the car.

  • Light weight
  • Durable design
  • Good Battery capacity
  • Limited availability

Buyer’s Guide

Jump starters are compact devices that you may need to carry with on any trip or if you are planning to go to a remote area.

They should be compact and also have a capacity to jump start your car based on the type.

Diesel car needs more battery power when it comes to starting the engine.

The CC or the cubic capacity of the engine also determines how much power is needed from the battery for it to start. Keeping these in mind, let’s check out through some points.

Points to consider

  1. Battery capacity of the jump starter
  2. Engine capacity supported
  3. Features included
  4. Price
  5. Durability

The above mentioned points are the main things to consider, but there are other points as well. Let us go over the points raised above in greater detail.

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Battery capacity

This says it all. As we are getting a car or bike jump starter to use it as an alternative battery for the car to start it, the battery capacity determines its use.

If you are on a trip, and you need to Jump start a car multiple times, then you need a Jump Starter which has a good amount of battery juice.

Usually as powerbanks, a car or bike Jump starter capacity is determined in mAH.

There are jump starters ranging from 10000 mAh to, 30000 mAh.

Based on the capacity, you can determine how much time you can use them to Jump start a car or bike with a single charge.

Having a larger battery also bring a challenge. More the battery capacity, more the time it would take to charge completely. Based on your need, you should consider getting a jump starter.

Engine Capacity and type supported

Here comes another important factor to be considered. Engine capacity is measured by CC or Cubic centimeters with which a battery is used in a car.

Higher CC engines need more power from the starter motor to rotate the shaft and start the engine.

Keeping this in mind, we should first know about the type and the CC of the engine our car has.

When it comes to bikes also, we need to know the CC as bikes.

Usually bikes will have lower CC engines compared to cars, so a lower power bike jump starter would be enough.

If you get a higher powered one, it could damage the circuit inside the vehicle by providing more charge.

Car with 4 liters to 8 liter engine would need a higher powered jump starter.

Similarly, a diesel engine would need a higher power to jump start it. Lower liter engined under 2 litres would need only less powered jump starter for car.

Features included

More features better interest from people to buy it. Jump starters are basically power banks that have an additional circuit and wires which can be used to start a car or bike.

Some jump starters have features included like USB ports so that you can use them to charge your gadgets on the go.

Some come with displays showing the exact charge left in the device, which is really convenient.


This is an important factor that determines the purchase.

If you’re looking for the best bike and car jump starter in India, price should be the least of your concerns.

As there are only a few options on the market with high-quality circuits and features, the choices are limited.

As we are going to use this device in emergencies, we should consider a good product instead of a cheaply made one so that it does not fail at the right moment.

Jump starters range from 10,000 to 30,000 in the Indian market. There are also premium jump starters with a 220V socket in them that you can check out.

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Durability is a factor that determines the longevity of the jump starter.

Usually, companies make jump starters with hard ABS plastic and good quality wires and materials.

If the parts used in Jump starter are not durable, they may fail on time and making your life difficult.

Whenever a car or bike refuses to start, we always think of battery issue and the thing that comes in our mind is “which is the jump start car service near me”.

As these services are not available in all locations, it is handy to keep a device like jump starter in hand so that we can use it in emergencies.

Question and Answers

Can Jump Start damage your car?

Jump-starting a car does not damage it until you use the rated jump starter that we had discussed above.

Each car has an engine capacity and similarly each jump starter is rated for a specific capacity engine range.

So if you use the correct range of jump starter for your car, it won’t damage the engine.

Can a jump starter damage a battery?

No it does not as we use jump starter only when our car battery goes below the rated charge level so that it wont be enough to charge a car.

To bring back the battery charge we need to jump start a car using a jump starter. It will not damage the car battery of we use the correct rated charger.

How do I choose a jump starter for my car?

As we discussed above, you need to get a jump starter which is rated for your car engine CC. If it falls in the range, then you won’t have any issues in using a jump starter to start your car.


Here we had checked about how a jump starter works and also have listed some options that are available in the market.

If you are looking for a jump starter for your bike or car in India, then the above-mentioned options will suit your needs.

Jump starter is an important tool to have in your vehicle so that you can stay tension free when you go for a trip.

If you like this post please share it with your friends. Please share your comments below. Thanks for reading.

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