Best MagSafe Charger for iPhone in India 2024

If you own an iPhone and are searching for the best MagSafe charger for iPhone, then you will find some great options here to check out.

Wireless chargers are gaining popularity now due to their convenience and the technology that they have.

When the first wireless charger was introduced, it was considered slow and had issues while charging phones, like overheating.

Wireless charging is still not perfect, but it has come a long way. Even though they are convenient to use, the charging speed of a wireless charger is still limited.

The maximum wattage that you can achieve is 20 to 30 W, which is comparatively less than the wired charging technology that we have now.

Apple recently introduced MagSafe chargers to the market, which piqued the interest of iPhone users. Here are some of the best MagSafe charger for iPhone 2023 in India that you can buy today.

Best MagSafe Charger for iPhone 2023

Apple MagSafe Charger

Best MagSafe Charger for iPhone

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Top Features:

  • 15W charging
  • Apple ecosystem integration
  • Magnetic dock
  • USB C cable

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple introduced the MagSafe Charger, which is an ideal combination for people who want to charge their iPhones wirelessly.

Apple’s MagSafe charger has a simple design and comes in white. It has some strong magnets internally that keep your iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 in place while charging.

It comes with Qi charging technology that is widely supported by most of the phones and devices that are in the market and support wireless charging.

You can charge any devices that support wireless charging using this Apple MagSafe charger.

You can also charge Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 using this MagSafe charger, as the cases of bot AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 come with MagSafe charging support. This makes the charging process simple enough.

With internal magnets in both the devices like the iPhone 13 and 14 and the charger pad, the phones will automatically align with the charger for efficient charging.

When it comes to charge rating, the MagSafe charger from Apple support 15W, which is the rating given for iPhones.

The MagSafe charger is rated to provide an output of 9V and 3A, which is great considering the size of the wireless charger.

It comes with a USB-C cable that must be connected to a power adaptor that can output 15 to 20 W of power.

  • Good Build
  • LightWeight design
  • Fast Charging
  • Charging Adapter is not included

RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 

RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 

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Top Features:

  • 15 W charging
  • 90 Degree Apple watch charger
  • 180 degree charging pad
  • Foldable design
  • Travel friendly

Features makes any device more attractive to the customers, Raegr is a brand that has many devices including wireless chargers in the market.

They also have products like cases for iPhone 13 series and also many other phones.

Raegr Magfix Duo Arc M1330 comes with some unique set of features that Apple Magsafe charger does not have. If you need to charge multiple devices at a time, like Apple Watch.

This wireless charger is made with durable plastic which is heat resistance material so that it does not cause any issues while you charge your phone on it.

Its designed in such a way as it can fold 180 degree making it to a compact factor so that you can carry it around really easily.

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It comes with a unique feature of watch charger where you can place the Apple Watch on the charger and charge it as well.

This comes really handy if you travel any a lot and need to charge both your phone and watch at the same time.

The watch charger could be placed at 90 degrees on the charger, which enables using the watch as a nightstand and allowing you to see the time on the watch.

  • Durable design
  • Easy to carry
  • Fast Charging
  • Device heating is present

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger

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Top Features:

  • 15W charging
  • Rubber pads at bottom
  • Portrait and landscape charging
  • Qi Charging compatible
  • ABS material used

Belkin is a brand which is known for the product quality and variety in the market.

They have some of the best and durable products in the market and when it comes to accessories for smartphones and computers, Belkin has some great options to consider.

If you need the fast MagSafe charger for iPhone or AirPods then this model of Belkin MagSafe charger is the way to go as it comes with a durable design and fast charging.

Belkin being known for innovation with their products, have come with a unique design here.

The charger is not flat, but a stand that you can place the phone onto while charging. This keeps the phone closer to you, and you will be able to see the notifications and calls coming to your phone easily.

Charger is made up of high quality plastic which is very durable.

Having a rubber foot pad makes it stable on the table so that it does not move around when you attach and detach the phone from the charger.

Magnets on this Magsafe charger from Belkin are very strong and keep the device on place without any issues of falling down.

The charger comes with an LED light which gives an idea about the status of charging on your device, which is a good feature to have, and you can know if the charging has been completed or not.

You can place the phone in vertical or horizontal orientation, which makes it easy to watch videos and attend video calls.

  • Strong build
  • Good Grip
  • Premium looks
  • Limited availability

RAEGR MagFix Arc M1230

RAEGR MagFix Arc M1230

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Top Features:

  • Car Mount
  • Magnetic pad
  • 18 to 20W charging output
  • 360 degree rotating pad
  • ABS plastic

When you are driving your car and need to place your phone for charging, it’s a hard task as grabbing the wire and connecting it will be difficult while driving.

Wireless charging solves this issue as you can start charging your phone by just placing it over the pad. When it comes to MagSafe chargers, there are limited number of options available in the market when it comes to car charging.

RAEGR MagFix Arc M1230 is one of the best MagSafe chargers for cars in India that you can buy today, as it comes with a durable design and strong magnets that can hold your phone in place even if you are driving on bumpy roads.

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This model comes with strong magnets that can help you align the phone in any orientation that you need to keep the phone.

This comes handy when you need to navigate and use maps on the phone. With the 18W to 20W output, the charging speed of this car charger is really great and if you commute to office using your car then you will be able to charge your iPhone on the go.

The charging pad comes with a 360-degree rotation, which will help you align the charger based on your comfort of viewing while you drive.

This makes it a good option for any kind of car or SUV that you may use it in.

Being compatible with the iPhone 13 and 14 series, including the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, this is a great option to consider.

If you have a MagSafe case on your phone, the phone will be more secure on the charger in any kind of driving situation.

With good quality build and also fast charging support, this is one of the best car MagSafe charger for iPhones and Android phones

  • Durable design
  • Premium looks
  • Fits any car model
  • Limited availability

SKYVIK Beam Tap Magsafe Compatible

SKYVIK Beam Tap Magsafe Compatible

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Top Features:

  • 15W fast charging
  • USB C
  • Magnetic charging
  • Slim Design
  • 7.5,10 and 15W support

If you are on a tight budget and require a MagSafe charger for less than 2,000, the SKYVIK Bean Tap is an option to consider because it has a similar design to the Apple MagSafe charger that we discussed above and is also durable.

Skyvik is a brand which has many products when it comes to smartphone chargers and accessories.

The MagSafe charger from Skyvik is really popular within iPhone users as it comes in a budget segment and also supports 15W fast charging.

It has internal magnets which are very powerful and holds the phone in place so that you can stay worry free about your phone falling down.

Also, the design is minimal and small, so you can place it on any table and also in small spaces.

Being a Qi compatible charger, it has support for fast charging at 7.5W, 10W and 15W. You can use this charger with any Qi enabled smartphone like Samsung and charge the device.

Like the Apple MagSafe charger, you can use this charger to charge AirPods as well, making it a good option to consider if you use AirPods Pro or AirPods 3 that was recently launched with MagSafe support.

Because of its light weight and slim form factor, you can also take it with you when traveling.

  • Slim Design
  • Good charging speed
  • Good Magnets
  • Heating is present

Buyer’s guide

Why we need MagSafe Wireless charger?

You may have seen wireless chargers or use them in your home to charge devices such as smartphones or wireless earbuds.

The principle behind wireless charging is that you do not need to connect any wires to the devices, and it charges wirelessly using mutual induction that happens within the wireless pad that you place the device on and the device itself.

The process here is quite simple. Both the pad and the device that is going to be charged have coils inside, The input supply comes to the pad, and the charge is transferred from the coil of the pad to the same set of coils placed inside the device, like phones.

Usually wireless charger is a flat surface that you may need to place the device. There is an issue here as the device is not held well over the pad making it easy to fall off even if there is a small shake on the table that you have placed them device on.

To avoid this issue, Apple has added magnets to the pad and the iPhone that support MagSafe. This helps in keeping the phone stick on to the charging pad making the phone safer over the pad.

Also there is another issue that is common with the wireless charging. Different phones have different positions of charging coils internally, some people find it really hard to find the exact spot to place for the charging to begin.

MagSafe makes this process easy as it automatically aligns the phone to a position so that the phone could charge in an efficient way.

Before making a purchase you should consider some points here so that you make the right choice. Let’s discuss them below.

Things to consider

  • Compatibility
  • Charging Speed
  • Size and Design
  • Features
  • Price

Since Apple introduced MagSafe wireless chargers to the market, there are many other brands in that have come up with some other models of MagSafe chargers that can be used with iPhones and other phones.

MagSafe Chargers are best suited for iPhones as they come with some specific features suiting iPhones. These chargers support Qi Charging, so they can work with other phones as well.


This is one of the most important things that you may need to consider before getting any wireless charger.

If you need to use the MagSafe charging feature, you should have an iPhone 12 or later version, as they come with magnets inside to use the magnetic charging technology.

Older versions of the iPhone support this feature of wireless charging, but they do not have internal magnets.

Similarly, other manufacturers also have wireless charging in their phones, but they may not have the MagSafe feature.

If you need a wireless charger, there are many other options on the market, but if you need the MagSafe charging feature, you should specifically search for a wireless charger with this feature.

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Charging speed

As we had discussed above, wireless charging is slow and can’t be compared with wired charging, but a wireless charger nowadays supports higher charging speeds.

When it comes to charging iPhones, they can support up to 15W of wireless charging which is pretty slow compared to the android counterparts that we have in the market, but Apple has designed their MagSafe chargers to support that range of input.

Basically most of the MagSafe chargers that are available in the market are rated to 15 W but in case you need higher speed charging for other phone you need to consider wireless charging pads that are rated higher.

Size and Design

Size matters a lot for any charger that you use and carry around. Usually wireless chargers are placed over a desk and when you keep it on the desk, it should not consume a lot of space and make the table cluttered.

Usually wireless chargers come in small dimensions but some manufactures make it bulky making it had to be placed over a table.

Keeping this in mind, Apple has made their MagSafe charger to be small so that it can be placed and used in any kind of table.

Before getting a MagSafe charger, you should check out its design and dimensions so that is would be perfect for the space that you are planning to place it.


Having more features makes any product attractive to the customer. Some manufacturers add many features to compete in the market and get mode sales for their products.

When it comes to MagSafe chargers, Apple MagSafe charger for iPhone 13 series and 12 series comes with a simple design and can be used to charge iPhone and AirPods Pro, but some manufacturers add options to charge other devices like charger for Apple Watch and Apple Pencil for iPad, this makes the MagSafe charger a good option to consider for a person who has many Apple devices with him or her.

Some Magsafe chargers come with USB ports as well which you can use to connect wires and charge other devices as well.

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Finally, coming into price, this is a deciding factor for any purchase. Usually, products from Apple are considered to be pricey, but we have many alternatives when it comes to MagSafe chargers.

Manufacturers like Raegr, Belkin have some good MagSafe chargers that you can get in a lower price range and give extra features that make it a value for money option over the Apple MagSafe charger.

Now hat we have checked some of the points to be kept in mind before getting a MagSafe charger for iPhone or any Phone, let’s check some options that are available in the market.

FAQ on Magsafe charger for iPhone

Is a MagSafe Charger worth it?

If you have a MagSafe compatible phone then it’s definitely worth it as it provides better charging with accurate alignment of the device over the wireless charger so that you do not need to search for the position that you may need to place the phone.

If you are an iPhone user, then getting Apple own MagSafe charger that we have discussed below will be a good thing.

There are also cheaper options to consider in the market, which also are listed below.

Is MagSafe charging bad for battery?

MagSafe charging is no different from any other wireless charger that you get in the market.

Just by adding magnets to a wireless charger that helps your phone to be aligned to the coil in the MagSafe will not cause any issue to your phone battery.

You can get a MagSafe charger for sure if you have a supporting device.

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Wireless charging is gaining popularity, and most phones, even those in the midrange, now support it.

With the release of recent iPhones such as the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe has grown in popularity among iPhone users because it provides greater comfort and ease of charging your phone.

Normal wireless charging is still great, but MagSafe adds a sense of certainty that you have placed your phone correctly on the charger and that it is charging fast, which has been a common issue with some wireless chargers.

Keeping this in mind, any option that is listed above will be good for an iPhone or any phone that supports wireless charging.

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