Best Mesh WiFi Router Under 10000 in 2023

There are many options available in the market if you start looking for the best Mesh WiFi router under 10000 that you can buy in India.

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List of best mesh WiFi router under 10000

TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi Wireless System

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Top Features:

  • Mesh network system
  • 1167 Mbps speed
  • Companion app
  • 2400 Sq feet coverage
  • Parental control

When it comes to networking TP- link is a brand which has some of the best range of Wi-Fi routers in the market.

They have Wi-Fi routers in various price segment.

As we are talking about Wi-Fi system under 10000 in India, we need to check the Deco series from Tp-Link.

Deco is known as the best budget mesh router that comes with great range and also speed.

This setup could cover an area of 2400 sq feet, which is great for a small home with two floors.

The setup process for the Deco mesh system is also easy. You can just plug the device to the power supply and the TP link app will take you through the process easily.

You can extend the network by simply adding a new node to the network.

We get seamless switching between nodes based on the position that the nodes are placed.

If you have placed a node in a room and if you move to another room then the switching of the nodes happen instantly without any lag.

The rated speed of this router is 1167Mbps download based on the speed that we get from the ISP.

With over 100 devices support at the same time and excellent network management, this is one of the option to consider in the mesh Wi-Fi system segment.

TP-Link has provided a parental control option here that can determine which sites can be accessed on specific devices.

  • Sleek looks
  • Good Speed
  • Easy setup
  • Range can be a better

Linksys Velop WHW0101

Linksys Velop WHW0101 Dualband AC1300 Mesh Router

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Top Features

  • 1500 Sq feet coverage
  • Linksys app
  • Dual band network
  • 400 to 867Mbps network
  • Intelligent network sensing

Linksys is another brand that is liked by people when it comes to Wi-Fi routers. They are considered to be in the premium segment, but the performance that they offer justifies that.

This model WHW0101 is one of the best when you look into a segment under 10000 for mesh Wi-Fi router.

This mesh network system is good for covering an area of 1500 Sq. Ft. You can use this router if you have a small home or office to avoid any dead spots in your home.

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When it comes to speeds, this is a dual-band router with a download speed ranging from 400Mbps to 867 Mbps, which is good for gaming and also watching content online.

It comes with some specific technology which determines a specific path to connect the device so that it could get the maximum network speeds.

The design of this mesh Wi-Fi router is good and sleek, so it can be placed in any location of your home and still look good.

With the help of the Linksys app, you can set up the mesh system very easily, and you can also add new nodes with just one click.

  • Sleek design
  • Good network speed
  • Easy setup
  • Coverage can be more

Tenda Nova MW3

Tenda Nova MW3

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Top Features:

  • 1500 Sq feet range
  • Tenda Nova app
  • 2 LAN port in each node
  • WiFi roaming
  • Parental control

If you are in a budget under, 10000 and need a Mesh Wi-Fi router with excellent coverage then you won’t go wrong with the Tenda Nova MW3 system.

It comes with a great app and easy to set up feature. The range that this mesh system provides is great for the price.

This Mesh Wi-Fi router comes with a range of 1000 to 1500 sq feet which is good for a home or office use. In case you need mode network range, you may need to just add a new node.

It comes with a companion app that you can install in both iOS and android. The app name is Tendawifi which helps in configuring the router in simple steps.

You get regular software upgrades from Tenda to keep the router working perfectly. The app helps to control various features like Parental controls and Wi-Fi roaming.

Wi-Fi roaming is a handy feature that comes with this router, which helps in easily switching between network nodes based on the location of the client device in your home or office.

Each node comes with 2 LAN/WAN ports, which can be used to connect devices like a PlayStation or PC in a wired way, improving network speeds.

  • Easy setup
  • Good range
  • Fast download
  • After Sales service can be better

Mercusys Halo H30G AC1300

Mercusys Halo H30G AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

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Top Features:

  • 3000 Square feet coverage
  • WiFi roaming
  • 1.3GBPS speed
  • Dual Band network
  • Compatible application

Mercusys is a brand that has a wide range of networking products in different price segments.

They have advanced technology when it comes to Wi-Fi devices, and the routers are known to provide a unified network.

It comes with advanced network switching between nodes.

Connection between devices to router happens fluently when you move from one location to another in your home.

This router is known to provide excellent coverage. One mesh network can provide 3500 sq feet of area which is suitable for large homes and offices. With good range, dead zones can be reduced in the home.

Being a dual-band WiFi router, it can provide a download speed of 1.3 Gbps speeds and connect up to 100 devices at the same time.

You can use this router in any ISP to get the maximum network speeds and also range.

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The app that comes along with the device is easy to configure, and you can control each and every function of the device from the application.

You can also use the Gigabit Ethernet ports that come with it to connect a PC or gaming console so that you can do gaming or streaming.

  • Easy setup
  • Fast application
  • Good network range
  • Limited service centre

ASUS RT-AC59U V2 – AC1500

ASUS RT-AC59U V2 - AC1500

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Top Features:

  • Minimal design
  • Good coverage
  • Easy to use app
  • USB port
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • Dual Band

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a mesh Wi-Fi router under 5000, consider the Asus RT-AC59U, which has some of the best features in this price range.

Asus has added AiMesh technology in this device, which makes it compatible with all the Asus routers in the market that support this technology. This makes it easy to set up a mesh network in a home.

This being a dual-band router comes with two download speeds like 600Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps in 5Ghz, The network from this router is really fast and stable.

It comes with 4 gigabit Ethernet port which can be used to connect devices like gaming PC and consoles. It also has 1 USB port, which we had discussed earlier.

You can connect any external storage device to this router and access its data from any location.

Like other routers in this segment, this model also has a dedicated app that can be used to set up the device and control various features on it.

Unlike other mesh routers, it comes with high performance antenna due to which the range of this router is excellent.

  • Low price
  • Fast interface
  • Easy setup
  • More nodes needed to be added

Buyer’s Guide on mesh Wi-Fi router under, 10000

Mesh Wi-Fi systems have many advantages and some disadvantages compared to the normal Wi-Fi routers that we have been using for long.

Mesh getting its popularity nowadays is preferred in large homes and office where there could be issues with range for a normal router.

Let’s check though some advantages and disadvantages of Mesh Wi-Fi network.

Advantages of Mesh WiFI Router over normal routers

  • Range
  • Speed
  • Features
  • Low interference
  • More ports

Let me explain the above-mentioned points in detail.


Range is a very important factor when it comes to Wi-Fi network. People try different methods to improve the network in their home and office so that they can work or game seamlessly.

Considering this, mesh networks and router help to solve most of the issue that are face due to range issue.

Mesh network work in nodal formal and in a mesh network, different nodes are placed in different location of your home or office so that the Wi-Fi signal is triangulated throughout.

This helps in providing equal range in different locations where the nodes are placed.

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If you have a multi floor building the nodes are places in such a way that they can share the signal uniformly.

You can control each and every node in a mesh network individually making it a very flexible kind of Wi-Fi system available in the market.


Speed comes as a package with range that we had discussed above.

If there is a good range and the ISP has good enough speed, then a mesh network will be able to deliver good speeds throughout your home or office without issues.

Mesh network come with specific features like prioritizing the device that needs the maximum network speed.

This comes handy if you are a gamer, and you do gaming and streaming in Wi-Fi network. Gaming PC and consoles need good network speeds so that gaming can happen without any lag or delay. This is best solved by using a Mesh Wi-Fi router.


Mesh Wi-Fi router come with some great set of features that normal routers cannot provide.

They have a dedicated app that you can download from Android Play store or App Store making them easy to be setup and also control.

Based on the priority of the device that you need internet on, you can configure each node in a mesh network. Also, you can block specific devices from the specific node.

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If you feel that you have range issues in a specific location then adding a new node is easy which will solve the issue with the dead zone that you are facing.

Low interference

Another thing that stands out in a Mesh Wi-Fi system is the low interference.

Any Wi-Fi router comes with certain bands starting from 1 to 13 which you can configure manually, or the router can decide which band is the best for your network based on the other Wi-Fi networks that you have around the home or office.

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are really smart nowadays as they can handle the interference issues really well. They can switch between bands, making the internet to be stable in any kind of situations.

More Ports

People still prefer wired connection to wireless if they have a PC that needs a high network speed with stable connection.

Placing different nodes in locations will give you access to more number of LAN ports. You can connect your PC or gaming console to the mesh Wi-Fi router directly using the LAN cable making it a great option to consider if you need a high speed internet connection.

Disadvantages of Mesh WiFi router

There are only limited number of disadvantages when it comes to Mesh Wi-Fi router.

  • Price
  • Power Consumption

Price for setup

This is a common issue with any kind of device that you buy. People need a good set of features and performance in a low price range.

As we are looking into considering Mesh Wi-Fi router under, 10000 here we have a specific segment to look into.

But if you need the absolute best Wi-Fi system, then you may need to shell out some more money.

Mesh networks are usually on the more expensive side compared to a normal Wi-Fi router, but as the price increases, you may get more features to work with, making the network better.

Power Consumption


Even though a Wi-Fi router does not draw much current, having multiple nodes setup in your home will always increase the power consumption.

You may need to consider this when you are planning to improve the network by adding more nodes.

Things to consider in a Mesh WiFi System Under 10000

  • Range of the network
  • Speed
  • Application support
  • Features

Let’s discuss the above mentioned points

Range of the network

Network range is one of the major factor that people consider before getting a mesh Wi-Fi router.

Normal routers nowadays can provide good network range, but if you need a good range then considering a mesh would be great.

As we are looking for a budget mesh Wi-Fi router, we need to check the maximum network speeds that it can provide.

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The download and upload speeds matter in any network, making it suitable for high-end tasks like gaming and streaming.

If you have many devices at home which share the network, then network range is an important factor to consider. When the range increases the number of devices that can be connected also increase.


Having a good ISP is the main thing, but the router should do justification with the speeds. I

f the ISP is fast, but the router provides internet in slower speeds, then the experience that we get won’t be great.

Mesh network router should be able to provide speeds equal to the internet speed that is provided by the network. It should be able to maintain the speed throughout the mesh network.

Speed is determined by the download and upload speed that we can get from the Wi-Fi signal. Speed is an important factor to check how your device will perform without any lag.

Application support

Most of the manufacturers include companion app that we can download to do the setup of the mesh router and also customize the features of the mesh system with the help of application.

When it comes to mesh network routers, we get regular updates from the brand to keep up with the security of the network and to include more features.

best mesh wifi router under 10000


As an important thing for any new gadget that we purchase, features attract people and keeping this in mind, there are a few features that people look into.

Some mesh Wi-Fi routers offer USB connectivity so that you can set up a central data storage and can access it from any place.

We know that there are NAS devices available in the market but if you need a setup like that a mesh Wi-Fi router with USB port is a great option to consider.

Another feature that mesh Wi-Fi router offer is expansion. If you feel that in a particular location, if there is limited network, then you can expand your network any time by adding a new node.

This makes this easy and better.

Now that we have checked some points to consider in a Mesh Wi-Fi router under 10000, let’s see some options that are available in the market.

Which is the best mesh wifi router?

If you need a Mesh Wi-Fi router for gaming or streaming, then you should consider a mesh system in the premium price segment.

ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) is a model that you can consider getting the best performance and network range for your home or office.

Are Mesh Wifi System better than normal WiFi?

Mesh networks are the best solution if you have networking issues in your home like dead zones or low range in various locations.

This may be due to interference or the range at which the signal has to cover. Also, homes having many barriers like walls will face this issue easily with Wi-Fi networks.

Keeping this in mind, we should consider looking into Mesh Wi-Fi network, which will make your life easy and also solve all issues related to network.

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Conclusion on Mesh routers under 10000

A mesh network is the way to go if you have a large home or are facing issues with the network that has been set up in the home. Slower networks can make your work difficult and less productive.

There are several types of mesh Wi-Fi router available in India, but we’ve selected some of the best options under 10000.

All the above-mentioned Mesh Wi-Fi routers are tried and tested and will be suitable to make your networking better in your home or office.

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