Best Projector under 20000 for home in India

Are you searching for the best projector under 20000 in India for home? Here we have sorted out some great options that you can check out.

If you want a 120-inch massive display in your home for movies and gaming, then it may be hard to find a TV of that size. Here comes the role of a projector, which gives a massive display for you to get entertained with movies and TV shows.

Watching a movie or playing a game on a big screen gives a more immersive experience than playing on phones or PC monitors. Large screen TV are becoming more popular nowadays due to this reason.

People like movies to be seen on big screen to have a theater like experience in home.

Even though the TV can get huge like 75 inches, there are still limitations based on sizes more than that.

Best Projector under 20000

Egate K9 Android 720P Projector

Best Projector under 20000

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  • Android Interface
  • 3000 Lumens
  • 2 HDMi ports
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 4D keystone

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Egate is one of the popular Projector manufacturer in India. They have a variety of models available both in budget and premium segment.

When it comes to the Egate K9 model, it’s an Android projector which can project up to 1080P resolution display.

You can get a huge screen here with 180 inches which can provide a theater like experience in home.

With a native resolution of 1280 X 720 P this projector can also project a 1080 P video to the screen with upscaling. Having a 2000 : 1 contrast ratio makes this one of the best 720P projectors in India that you can buy.

When it comes to lumens which is the measure of brightness from the projector, this model EGATE K9 can produce up to 3000 Lumens which is excellent to watch movies in a bright room as well.

The company is promising a long life of 30000 hours for the LED Lamp which is great.

It comes with 2 HDMI Ports which you can use to connect any HDMI enabled devices. Also, you have USB, VGA and AV ports to use.

For data input you can connect USB and add an SD card to the included slot which is really convenient.

If you have home theatre speakers in your home, you can connect them with the included Audio put port.

This projector comes with a 5 Watt speaker, which can produce enough sound if you do not connect an additional speaker.

The main attraction of this projector is that it comes with Android 6.0 Interface which is really easy to navigate and comes with specific buttons for the app which can be controlled using the included remote.

For smooth operation, EGATE has added with Quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM, which makes the UI really smooth.

Also, you can get an 8 GB of internal storage which can be used to store movies or music locally.

When it comes to connectivity, this projector has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in. Screen mirroring option helps to cast your mobile or laptop screen on to the projector display for a big screen experience.

This works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Another highlight of this projector is that it has a 4D keystone, which enables easy configuration of the display. You can get a perfect rectangular screen even if you place the projector in any corner of the room.

In our testing this projector was able to provide the max brightness and accurate reproduction of image on the screen making it one of the best projector under 20000 that we can find in India.


  • Bright display
  • Easy to setup
  • 4D keystone makes the setup easy


  • Heating noticed on long use

WZATCO S2 Projector


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  • 1080P native resolution
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 4D keystone
  • 2 HDMI ports

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If you need a projector with Full HD resolution with Native 1080P then WZATCO is one of the best projector under, 20000 in India with a Native Full HD.

This projector comes with a 5000:1 contrast ratio which makes images and video look punchy on the screen. You can get 100% accurate colors and sharp image reproduction in this projector display.

The blacks in this projector are deep and whites look bright, making each image and video look crisper to watch.

With a native 1080P resolution you can watch full HD movies in Prime Video or Netflix which will be a good experience. You will get a VIVID video output which will be a treat to the eyes with excellent contrast levels.

For a perfectly aligned video or image from the projector, the company has included a 4D keystone, which makes adjusting of images and video from the projector very easy.

You can get a perfect rectangular image or video on the screen even as you place this projector in any location of the room.

It comes with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB type A ports, which you can use to connect a Hard disk or Pen drive to watch movies. Also, it has a 3.5 mm Jack which you can connect speakers for better sound.

Even though the projector comes with an inbuilt speaker, if you want to boost the sound, then you may need an additional speaker setup.

The dedicated AV ports enable you to connect RCA points, which you can use to add a DVD or Blu-ray players to the setup.

The included remote control comes will all the needed adjustment that you need to make to get the perfect picture that you expect.


  • Good Contrast levels
  • 2 HDMI ports is an added advantage
  • Bright screen


  • Keystone is a bit hard to operate

Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p Projector

Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p projector

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  • 210 Inch Screen
  • Full HD playback
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Android 6.0

User Review

Visitek is a brand which is not much popular in India yet, but they have a wide variety of projectors under 20000. This model, the Visitek V6, is a smart projector that comes with Android.

This model of the V6 Smart projector can display a 1080P video on the screen. If you want extra large screen then at 720P this protector can show up to 210 inches which is really huge.

With 3300 Lumens of brightness, you may be able to see the videos on the screen even in bright rooms. The contrast ratio of this projector is 2000:1 which is great for watching movies and also YouTube videos.

The 4 dimension keystone helps in adjusting the screen according to the position of the projector.

When it comes to specification, you will be getting a Quad core CPU with 1 GB of RAM, which makes the Android 6.0 in this projector to run smooth.

For connectivity, this projector comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. You can also use the including mirroring feature to cast the display of your smartphone or laptop.

If you are planning to connect other HDMI devices then this projector has 2 HDMI ports and also USB ports which you can use for connecting Hard Disks or Pen drives to watch movies on the big screen.

Other connection options like AV port and SD card slot are available.


  • Smart features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Remote is very easy to operate


  • Brightness can be better

YABER Y60 Portable Projector

YABER Y60 Portable Projector

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  • 6000 Lumens of brightness
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • Portrait LCD display technology
  • Surround sound speaker

User Review

Using a projector to watch movies in a bright room is hard, as the picture will look blur and washed out. Projectors are meant to be used in dark rooms.

In case if you have a projector with high lumens, then you will be able to see the content on the screen even if there is a lot of light inside the room.

This model from YABER Y60 is a projector with maximum brightness of 6000 lumens. This is the best bright display projector under, 20000 that you can buy today.

It comes with a native resolution of 720P, but it can show a 1080P video with great clarity and brightness. The screen size that you can get with this projector is 200 inches, which is huge.

With a contrast ratio of 6000:1 you can see high definition videos with good saturation levels. The blacks from this projector display are deep blacks, which are great to watch when you are seeing movies.

This projector is having a portrait LCD technology, which is far better than the conventional Landscape display technology used in other projectors in this range.

This enhances the pixel density of the display as well as the clarity. Image and color accuracy of this projector is excellent.

Y60 comes with 3W dual stereo speakers and SRS sound system which will give a great sound output even if you have not connected any external speaker to this projector.

The company has implemented smart eco technology to increase the lamp life to 100000 hours of usage. This also reduces power consumption from this projector.

As other projectors in this range, this model also comes with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, which you can use to connect External hard disks or Pen drives.

You can connect HDMI devices like gaming consoles or Chromecast in the included HDMI port.

With wide variety of features this is one of the best projector under 20000 that you can buy today.


  • Bright display with 6000 lumens
  • Long lamp life
  • Built in speakers sounds great


  • Remote can be more user friendly

ZEBRONICS ZEB-LP2800 Projector


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  • Good Build quality
  • Excellent Display
  • Minimalistic looks
  • 2800 lumens of brightness

User Review

Zebronics is brand which is very popular when it comes to electronics and computer components.

This is a projector made for a home theatre setup, as it falls in a budget segment. It’s good to watch movies and TV shows on this screen.

Gaming also is really enjoyable in this projector, as the colors are really punchy and excellent contrast levels are available.

For connectivity, Zebronics has included VGA port and HDMI port, which you can use to connect Chromecast or gaming consoles. You can also use the port to connect a Set-top box as well as enjoy live TV shows.

The built-in speaker is loud enough to enjoy movies. I would suggest you should use an external speaker system to enjoy the theatre effect in home.

The remote control is also well-built with all the needed controls to easily set up the projector as per your needs.

When it comes to screen size, you can have a size up to 305 cm, which is really huge for a home theatre setup. This projector can display 720P image with excellent contrast and deep blacks.

The display technology used in this projector is LCD with LED lamp which makes the display crystal clear to use.


  • Easy to setup
  • Good build quality


  • Resolution needs to be better

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Projector?

A projector is a device that project moving or still images to a screen or wall. It comes with an RGB light source that creates different type of images on the screen.

Projectors are liked by people for long. We have come across different types of projectors since they were introduced.

Recent projectors are Laser projectors, which can provide excellent image quality and contrast that we can see in a TV.

The issue with projectors is that they can show content well only as the room is dark, when there is an external source of light, the images projected on the screen gets washed out.

How does a Projector work?

As we have discussed above, projectors have an internal light source that passes through a lens, which creates an image on the projector screen that it is pointing.

Laser projectors can directly display the images and videos on the screen without using any lenses.

Due to the reduction in image quality while watching any content in rooms with external light coming in, projectors are always placed in rooms without many windows.

This issue is mostly solved by recently introduced laser projectors. This happens when the external light intensity is more compared to the light source coming from the projector, making the images on the screen to be dimmer.

Projector mainly have 3 components to project an image.

  1. Image Source
  2. Lights
  3. Lenses

The principle here is very simple. Image source is from where the image or a video is generated. It may be a file or another device that generates the signal and processes it as images.

Once the image is ready, it is processed and transferred as a signal to the light source of the projector

RGB lights that are present in a projector converts the signal into an image. The image may vary based on the colours. It is adjusted according to the input signal received.

Once the signal is converted to light format, the lens on the projector focus the image onto the screen that is placed in the front of the light, which we see as an image or a moving image.

Some projectors use prism mechanism to focus the images to the screen. Prism also helps in adjusting the distance from the light source and the lens, which makes the focus of the image on the screen to be better.

What are the types of projectors?

Projectors are mainly classified into 3 types based on the technology used in them. For projectors that need a lens to show the image are comparatively on the lower budget segment compared to the recent laser projectors.

Projectors basically can be classified into three types.

  1. Cathode Ray Tube Projectors (CRT)
  2. Liquid Crystal Display Projectors(LCD)
  3. Digital light Processing Projectors

Cathode Ray Tube Projectors

These are old model of projectors which are very less used nowadays. You might have used a CRT TV, which has tube which has 3 lights Red, Green and Blue.

Similarly, a CRT projector has 3 light sources which are directly focused on to the screen. Images on the display are adjusted based on the lighting from these light sources.

These light sources are known as picture tubes, as in a TV.

A high voltage from the power source excites the electrons in the CRT tube which when it hits the phosphorus layer creates a light beam which varied from Red, Green or Blue coming out from one of the 3 tubes which creates an image on the screen.

Same process happens in all the 3 tubes which combine making an image.

Liquid Crystal Display Projectors

This is a new generation of processor that are still used by people. They produce much better quality of images compared to the CRT projectors that we had discussed above.

When it comes to the functionality of an LCD projector, it works based on a light signal that is sent from the source which is a halide lamp to the filters or the prism.

The prism splits the light into various wavelengths like Red, Green and Blue which is projected to the screen making an image.

The clarity of images and brightness will be much better compared to a CRT projector that we had discussed above.

Digital Light Processing Projectors

These are the latest projector technology that is becoming popular in the market. Here the projectors are built in with micro mirrors which are added with semiconductors which create different colours for the projector to display on the screen.

The resolution of the projector is based on the number of micro mirrors and semiconductors on the setup.

These projectors will have better resolution of images, and also it will be better to watch content on these projectors compared to the previous one that we had discussed.

Projectors basically come in 3 Resolutions

  1. 720P projectors
  2. 1080P Projectors
  3. 4K projectors

The resolution of the projector will determine the image quality that is projected on the screen. The higher the resolution, the better the image. But when the resolution of the projectors increase, the price also increases drastically due to the changes.

Benefit of buying a projector under 20000

If you are not in a budget, and also you want the ultimate experience of film watching and gaming, then a Laser projector will fulfil your needs.

Laser projectors are short throw projectors and also can produce excellent brightness level and contrast.

The videos and images seen in a laser projector will be much better compared to an LCD or LED projectors that are common in the market.

Budget projectors are always good for homes as they provide more value for money. If you plan to upgrade the projector later on, you won’t have much of a loss.

If you get a projector with high price and wish to upgrade it later on, there would be more loss in terms of money.

Now that we have checked some of the basic concepts and type of projector that you can buy under 20000, let me answer some of the common questions that people may have in their minds about Projectors.

FAQ on projector under 20000

Which brand is best for projector under 20000?

When projectors are considered, and you need the absolute best viewing experience, then you should go for the high-end models of the projectors available in the market.

Epson is the best brand when it comes to projectors. They have high-end models that produce excellent quality images and videos on the screen, which is a treat to watch.

Which is best projector for home use under 20000?

If you are planning to set up a full-fledged home theatre, then there are many high-end projectors that you can buy to get the absolute best experience. Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector is the best projector for home use that you can buy today.

If you are in a budget then you can consider brands like BenQ, They have many models which provide excellent image and video quality. BenQ TH585 is the best projector under, 70000 for home use that you can buy.

What is the best inexpensive projector?

Projectors come in different price range. The low budget projectors may not be good at reproducing the image or video that we play.

There will be clarity issues and also the experience would be not that great. Still, there are some inexpensive projectors that you can buy.

Egate is a brand that make some good quality projectors with long lamp life. They have many models in India which fall under, 10000 RS.

EGate i9 Pro-Max Full HD is a projector that has most of the features you will need in this price range.


Here I have listed some of the basic concepts behind different types of projectors that are available in the market.

Any of the above options will suit your need if you are looking for the best projector under 20000 rupees in India. Projectors have an issue with high ambient lighting.

If you want the best experience from a projector, then you should use it in a dark room to enjoy any content that you are planning to watch on it.

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