Best Smart Door Locks for home in India (January 2024)

Adding a smart door lock to the main door will give you peace of mind and more control on who is getting entry to the home. Here I have listed some of the best smart door locks for home in India 2023 that you can buy in India.

best smart door locks for home

Best Smart door locks for home in India 2023

Tinxy Device Smart Door Lock

Tinxy Device smart Door Lock with WiFi Controller and Door Sensor

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Tinxy is an Indian company that makes very affordable smart door locks. They are providing excellent service and after sales support for Indian customers.

This smart door lock comes with a locking section and a Wi-Fi controller, which makes the lock a smart door lock.

Tinxy smart door lock comes with features like manual key unlock, App support for locking and unlocking the door, and you can add keypad and RFID detectors to the lock which makes this one of the nest smart door lock for home in India.

This door lock provide easy family access which you can share the lock with multiple family members which will help them to unlock the door with the mobile app.

The owner of the home can share the lock with family members using phone number and mobile application.

Tinxy door lock provides door open/lock status and keep you updated in the mobile app.

You will receive the notification on your mobile when ever the door is opened and closed and also with the name of the person who is trying to enter the home.

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Security with alarm is another option that this lock provides. It triggers an alarm when someone tried to break into the home without your permission.

Fast notification system keeps you on track and updated so that you can get instantly notified on who is entering your home.

This lock is also compatible with Alexa and google home, which is an added bonus. You can connect it with Alexa and unlock the door using a voice passcode that you need to provide in the Alexa app.


  • Sturdy build
  • Low price
  • Works well
  • Mobile app is easy to use


  • Setup is a bit hard
  • Need a professional to fix it on the door

August Wi-Fi door Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart door Lock

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August is one of the popular brands in western countries when it comes to door locks. They produce some of the durable door locks, and they look minimal in design, which makes them more attractive and compelling.

This model is the 4th gen of August smart lock, and it comes in a round design. It is a deadbolt lock which can be attached to a door with a deadbolt hole in it.

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The installation process is quite simple, and you do not need to create any additional holes on your door if you already have a deadbolt door.

August smart door locks does not need any Wi-Fi bridge to get connected to the network. It can easily connect to a 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi network and can be accessed around the world.

As the august lock comes with a deadbolt attachment, it’s really simple in installation and can be easily installed into any door that is having a deadbolt lock.

The main feature that makes this lock better than other locks, as it can unlock itself when you come near to the lock with the smartphone that you have set up the lock with.

As other smart locks, you can share this lock with friends and family members so that they can enter and exit your home, and you can keep track of them.

Other feature that makes this lock as the best smart lock for home in India is that it can be used to lock and unlock the door using your phone’s fingerprint scanner or facial recognition, which is limited to certain lock manufacturers.

The 4th generation of this lock is in smaller size compared to the previous August locks, which makes it a good option to consider.

As other smart locks, this lock also can be controlled using Alexa and Google Home.


  • Sleek looks
  • Easy setup
  • Can be fixed on a dead bolt door
  • No need of professionals to install.


  • Limited after sales service
  • Price is quite high

Yale Smart door Lock Pro

Yale Smart Lock Pro

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If you had liked the design of the August smart door lock, then you will like the Yale smart lock pro as well, as they both share the design. This is also a circular lock model, and it’s minimal in design.

As other smart lock, you can unlock this lock from anywhere in the world with the app that it comes with.

Yale mentions as the installation of this lock is quite simple if your door is compatible with the deadbolt locks. Just we need some minimum set of tools to make the installation.

This lock can be controlled with your smartphone and also with Apple Watch, which give it an added advantage.

There is another feature that this lock provide which is auto unlock and lock. The lock can automatically lock the door once you leave the home, or you can set up to lock the door after 30 minutes.

Auto unlock will recognize then you approach the door and unlocks the door for you so that you do not need to wait for it to unlock.

Full control can be maintained from anywhere in this world with the use of the app.

You can keep track of the lock from anywhere, and also you will not miss any deliveries as you can control the lock feature from your office as well so that the deliveries can happen in time.

As in other smart door locks, Yale smart lock pro can also be controlled using Alexa and google home, which is an added advantage.

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Another feature that this lock provides is that you can give guest access to your home using the phone number of the guest coming to your home so that they can enter the home without you being with them.


  • Easy setup
  • Multiple unlocking methods
  • Fast and responsive app


  • After sales service is limited
  • Price is a bit high

AKASO Smart door lock

AKASO Smart Lock

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Akaso is another brand that produce some smart home devices. This model comes with some good set of features that will make the locking and unlocking of your door very easy.

The Akaso smart lock comes with a mobile app which can be used to control the lock. You can lock and unlock the door with the use of password and fingerprint, which is an added advantage.

Real time monitoring is available which will help to track things happening on your door lock. This will help to identify people entering the home and exiting the home.

It provides a feature where if anyone tries to enter the password wrongly for 5 times, then the lock gets locked for 5 minutes until a right passcode is entered.

Automatic locking is another feature built in the Akaso smart lock. It helps in making sure that the door is locked when you go out of the home.

It also provides a battery dead alarm which denotes the level of battery and when it needs replacement or charging.

Kwikset 98880-006

Kwikset 98880-006 SmartCode 888 Smart Door Lock

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Kwikset is one of the popular lock manufacturer in US, and now they have their products in India as well.

They have the variety of locks in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi locks segment.

This model’s the is one of the popular models available in India that you can buy.

This model comes in 3 color variants like brass, silver and black metal. The features like locking and unlocking the doors from anywhere in the world is available in this lock as well.

This lock like others connect to the network wirelessly and also applies Z-Wave technology which makes this lock a good option to consider if you are looking for best smart door locks for home in India.

Kwikset provides more than 30 programmable user access codes which can be used to unlock and lock the doors.

These can be shared with your family members so that all can get access to the home without any keys.

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User will get notified if someone gets in or out of the home. It features a smart key technology, which makes it an easy to use and setup lock.

This lock comes with lifetime warranty for mechanical and electronics, which is an added advantage.

Buyer’s guide

Why do we need a Smart Door Locks?

Before starting with the list of best smart door locks in India, let’s check out some of the features that a smart door lock can provide which make our living better.

  1. Connectivity
  2. Features
  3. Ease of use
  4. Security

Connectivity if a Smart door locks

In this connected world, keeping track of things is rally important. Normal traditional locks that we have in our homes does not provide any connected feature.

Once you have left your home, you may not be able to track the lock and in case if some intruder comes and tampers the lock, you will never know.

Smart door locks are always connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which helps the user to keep track on things happening with the door.

You can control the lock with an app that comes with the lock and do the functionalities of the lock remotely.

Features of a Smart Door lock

People usually go with the features of any item that they purchase. For a lock, what are the features expected.

Most popular features that a person who is planning to install a smart lock will look for is the following

RFID: This can be used to unlock the door with an RFID tag that you can carry and use as a key.

Fingerprint sensor: This is another common way which people use to unlock phones and gadgets. Nowadays, this feature comes with locks as well which can be used to unlock the main door by using your fingerprint.

Keypad: This makes the unlocking of the lock pretty easy. You can share the number code to your family members, which they can use to unlock the main door by entering the code.

App Unlock: Each smart lock comes with a mobile app which can be used to do operations with the lock.

With the mobile app, you can give access to people that you know to get into the home and also keep track of the lock from anywhere in the world

Ease of use in a Smart Door Lock

Smart lock make the entry and exit to a home or office easy as they can detect the people coming nearby and automatically unlock the door.

You do not need to carry your keys around and can unlock the door with a mobile app or number code, which makes is really convenient.

Security provided by smart door lock

As we know, the main purpose of a lock is to provide security. Smart lock takes it to another level as they help to keep track of things at your home and give access to people from anywhere.

This really helps to keep your things safe from robbers.

FAQ on best smart door locks for home

What is the best smart door lock?

All the locks that we have sorted out in the above section of this article are good for home use.

Each of them vary in price and features, so you need to consider buying a smart door lock for your home based on your need.

If you are looking for the best smart door lock in a budget, then Tinxy Smart door lock is a good option to consider.

Can you put a smart lock on any door?

It depends on the type of door. Some door locks are made specifically for glass doors, and some for wooden and iron doors.

For wooden doors we can just drill and attach them, but for Iron doors we need to weld it to the doors so that they stay attached.

Are smart door locks worth it?

Yes, of course they are. They reduce the process of carrying keys around and in case if the keys are lost then we will have a hard time entering the home.

In case of smart door locks, we can use our phone or passcode to enter the home which give a peace of mind for the user.

Also using a smart door lock you can keep track of people entering and exiting the home so and also in case if someone tries to enter your home without your knowledge, you will get notified.

Best Smart Door Locks for Home In India: Conclusion

So as we have discussed the need of smart door locks and also the best smart door locks that you can buy, it’s the right time to make your door lock as smart.

This gives a better control on who is accessing your home and your home remains safer than before. It gives a sense of security for your property as well.

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Thanks for reading this post.

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