Best Stapler Gun to buy in India 2024

Stapler gun are the way to go if you are looking to do some DIY or some light wood work at home. They are tools that come in handy on many occasions.

A gun or a powered stapler could help in making your work easy as they are quick and easy to use. 

stapler gun

This comes very handy if you are trying to fix a mosquito net on wood or attaching two light MDF boards together to make them larger. 

Best Stapler Gun In India 2023

KROST Kangaro Miles Tp-10

Kangaro is a well-known brand that produces heavy-duty staplers on the market. They are one of the old companies in India known for staplers.

This model, the TP-10 is one of the entry level models

stapler gun

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Main highlights

  • Fully metal construction
  • High quality build
  • Less moving parts for good life
  • Staple use 24/6, 23/6, 23/8, 23/10, t-8, t-10
  • Comes with 5000 staple pins bundled in the packet.
  • Easy availability in the market

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Inditrust Heavy Duty Stapler

Inditrust is one of the trusted brands in India. They have many tools available in the Indian market and are considered to be of good quality. This model from Inditrust is easy and simple to use and made of good quality metal.

stapler gun

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Main highlights:

  • Solid build quality
  • easy to use operation
  • Pins easily available
  • Very less price range
  • 3000 pins included in the box.

Rapid Pro R23E Stapler Gun with Recoilless Mechanism

This model’s the R23E is from Sweden, and it’s made of high grade material. Which when I used found it to be true. It has very fewer movements in parts and is built like a tank.

In my testing it was able to easily penetrate through wood and plastics and the link was very strong.

In first attempt it was able to get through hard materials which is a plus.

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Main highlights:

  • Sturdy build and good quality materials used.
  • Easy to use operation and light weight
  • Less moving parts for longer life
  • Ergonomic handle and handle lock function included.
  • For staple pin size . 13, 4-8 mm

Toriox Nail Stapler Multifunction 3 In1 Manual Stapler

Toriox is not that much popular in India, but they make some good quality tools. This stapler is their 3 in 1 model which is very handy and well-built.

Even though it’s lightweight, it is very sturdy and made of some good quality materials. It has a unique look with black and orange casing.

This stapler gun supports multiple functions list Staple, nails and brad nails and U shape stapled for wiring.

Having mutiple options in one is an added advantage.

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Main Highlights:

  • Made of alloy steel which make it a solid built stapler.
  • Easy to operate
  • Handle lock function available
  • Attractive design
  • 3 in 1 operations that can be used for nails as well.

Miles 3 In 1 Stapler Gun Tacker Ts 2313A

This model, the 2313A, is one of the best you can get in staplers. It has all the functions needed for a stapler gun, with depth adjustments as well.

It can easily penetrate through hard materials and also the 3 in 1 operation makes it to use with nails, U stapler for wiring and Brad nails.

I am using this for last 1 year, and I am fully satisfied with it. Till now, I have not faced any issues, and it has done all my stapling work in an excellent way.

This can be used for roofing and sofa work as well. It’s also good for wrap the roofing and also insulation related work as well.

We can use this for wiring with the U shaped pins, which is an added advantage.

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Main Highlights:

  • Good quality build.
  • Easily available in shops
  • Good for wood working and wrapping roof and to make sofa and DIY and art and craft work as well.
  • Unique look with the grey and yellow design.
  • Handle lock is an added advantage.
  • 3 in 1 features helps it to be used in multiple purposes.
  • Depth adjustment helps to preceicely staple things together.
  • Miles is a known brand and service is good.

Now lets check though some of the electric stapler gun.

Stanley TRE550Z

Stanley is one of the popular brands in making tools, and they are famous throughout the world for their tools. They are the parent company of Dewalt.

This model, the Stanley TRE550Z is one of the popular models to begin with electric stapler gun section.

This model is for multi use as they can be used for nails as well. Electric staple gun will give more power and precision in driving staples and nails.

So if you are looking for an electric staple gun, then your list should include this.

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Main Highlights:

  • Good quality build and looks
  • High power stapler for all your tasks
  • Good service from Stanley
  • Easy to operate.
  • Price is adequate.

DEWALT DCN660D2 18V XR Li-ion Cordless stapler gun

When it comes to the top level of nailers, and if you are a professional with a lot of nailing work, this is the way to go. The Dewalt DCN660D2 is one of the most popular and powerful models in the battery-powered nailer segment.

They can penetrate through any hard surface with maximum effect. Good quality nailing and a very easy process. Dewalt is known for making quality drill machines and other power tools, and this is one of them.

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Main Highlights:

  • High quality build
  • Very powerful, only used for professional work
  • Comes with two batteries for easy operation
  • Cordless will make your work easy.
  • High speed nailing on hard surfaces like wood and metal
  • Precision nailing and power as needed.

So now we have seen some of the best nailers and staple guns that you can buy.

Buyer Guide for stapler gun

What’s a staple?

Staple is a hand held machine that can be used to put stapler pins and use it to join things together. They can also have a nailing option.

A stapler gun can do multiple operations like stapling, nailing and also wire clipping. There are some common tasks that are done using a staple gun like roofing wiring carpeting upholstery. 

Other things that are done commonly with a stapler gin are using staples into wood and plastic.

A heavy-duty staple gun can handle much of these tasks easily.

Stapler pins are basically made of iron, so they are strong and can easily hold things together.

In case of adding some clothes to wood or some elastic while making a sofa or a chair, a staple gun will make things easy.


  1.  Ease of use
  2.  Stapler pins are very easy to get and cheap.
  3.  Some stapler guns also have nails support which is an advantages
  4. Less maintenance needed so it will last long.
  5.  Easily available parts.

Many types of stapler and brad nail guns are available in the market. Some are manual and some are automatic. Automatic staple or brad nail guns use electricity or batteries to work with.

They fall in an expensive category, and they are hard to get in INDIA.

They say tools are used based on the purpose.

So if you are getting a stapler, then you should select its type based on the purpose you are getting it for.

Manual stapler: This as the name suggest is operated manually. They need a press by your hand to operate. Most of us might have seen a manual stapler or might have used it for some purpose. They are available in all stationery stores around us and also the pins come with them. It’s cheap in price as well.

Automatic stapler. These are staple that work on electricity or batteries, as we had mentioned before. They are a bit pricey and not that popular in India. They are made by famous tool manufactures like Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, and also you can get some from local brands as well.

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Professional stapler

If we consider staplers for a professional use then they are mostly used in insulation house wrap roofing and also for carpeting, upholstery and hobby purpose. 

They are classified based on the pins that we use in a stapler. Stapler pin comes in various sizes 

  1. 5mm
  2. 8mm
  3. 10mm
  4. 13mm
  5. 15mm
  6. 20mm and so on

The list is big. So what is a staple size?

The length of a stapler pin mentions the depth it can penetrate through the material that you are putting into. 

You need to consider the material and thickness of the material that you are using else the pin will penetrate through the material, and it will come to the other side which will damage the material that you are using it.

Basically, a staple gun or powered staple are used in woodworking as they make the work pretty fast and easy. 

Other main professional uses including insulation house wrap which is done on ceiling that will avoid water leakage and dripping issues during rain.

Electric stapler guns: These guns are used to drive heavy metal staples that are hard to be used with manual staplers.

They are very powerful, and can penetrate through any hard surface. There are metal staplers as well, which are very powerful and expensive and are used in professional work. 

Driving metal staples in wood can be done using a manual stapler as well, but there are limitations in the length of stapler pins used here.

As a manual stapler does not have much power the penetration power given on each staple is not much so if you use a thicker pin in this kind of stapler it won’t penetrate the material well and don’t look good.

Other common purposes that people use a stapler gun is to do hobby and craft materials work.

People interested in craft work will use a stapler to join light materials to wood or plastic, like cloth or plastic nets or paper. These are lightweight tasks and do not need much power.

So here a manual stapler would be enough.

Need of an electric stapler:

If you are looking to do the following work, then get an electric stapler.

  1. House wrap or roofing and wiring
  2. Using on materials, including insulation of a house
  3. Wrap roofing or wiring and carpeting your floors.

Here we have classified the stapler based on their uses and customer reviews.


We have gone through the nailers and staples that you were looking for. If you are a professional then I would suggest you get a high power nailer which will make your work really easy, the Dewalt that we had mentioned earlier is one of the best option.

In case if you are looking for a stapler gun for DIY and craft work then I would suggest getting a Miles 2313A which has all the options that you need including the depth adjustment.

That was it. If you liked this post, please share it and comment below if we have missed anything. Thanks for checking this post.

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