Best UPS for Computer in India 2023

Are you searching for the best ups for computer in India? Here you will find some of the options that you can check out.

Still, there are places where we have constant power cuts or long power outages. This usually happens in places where we have bad weather or climatic conditions.

When we are doing any important work and in between if the power goes, our system gets turned off and all the work that we have not saved gets lost in case of a PC as it needs a backup power to remain on.

Best UPS for Computer in India

Best UPS for Computer in India

APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA

APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA

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Top Features:

  • 1100VA
  • 5 Points
  • Over load protection
  • 90 Minutes backup
  • 6 Amp sockets

APC is a brand which is very popular for their power supply and UPS solutions. This brand has the variety of products in the market and this model is one of the most popular UPS in India.

It comes with a compact design and build quality.

The BX1100C-IN is a UPS model with a load capacity of 660 Watts which has a battery storage of 1100 VA. This UPS can be used for powering gaming PC and also All in one desktop computers.

When it comes to power outlets provided in these UPS, we get five 6 amp sockets which you can use to connect various equipments like Monitor, CPU, Speakers.

APC has provided 4 sockets that are powered by battery during power outage and 1 with a surge protection.

Based on the requirement, you can connect devices to these UPS and keep your computer powered on while power cuts.

With the Automatic voltage regulator that we get in these UPS, electronics connected remain safe from overload and fluctuation. This UPS provides a wide voltage range of 145 to 290V, which is great to have.

Let’s talk about backup now. Having a 2, 7.2Ah battery, we can get a 30 to 90 minutes of backup based on the devices and the power consumption of the devices connected to the UPS.

If you use generator in home, this UPS will work with that as well, making it one of the best UPS for computer in India that you can buy today.

People nowadays are getting dedicated UPS for low power loads like Wi-Fi Router and Modems, You can use this UPS for that purpose as well.

Considering the price and after sales service provided by APC, this is a good option to choose.

  • Excellent build
  • Good battery backup
  • Number of ports
  • A buzzing noise during operation

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA

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Top Features:

  • 1000 VA
  • 45 minuts backup
  • 140 to 300V supply
  • Auto voltage regulation
  • Stablized output

Microtek is a brand which you cannot skip when it comes to power back up solutions. This model is very popular in between people who are looking for the best ups for home computer in India.

It comes with a sturdy build quality and hard plastics.

It’s a 1000VA ups which can handle a good amount of load when connected.

Consider that you need to connect a Monitor, CPU and Speaker, you will get a good backup for more than 30 to 45 minutes with these UPS.

The UPS is very power efficient as Microtek has implemented a circuit which makes charging and discharging smooth.

The input range of these UPS is 140 to 300V, which is good for the price range. As other UPS in this price segment, this model also basically works with Buck and Boost technology, providing safety for your devices.

The AVR technology used here provides stabilized output even when there is a lot of fluctuation in the input current.

Considering the price Microtek has provided a well-built UPS here, it comes with a minimalistic design and durable plastic is used.

With the dedicated Micro processor which regulates equal power through the circuit, we get the best safety for the devices that we connect to it.

With the auto restart function, you can be sure that the UPS will remain operational even when the power is restored.

  • Good Build
  • Good number of ports
  • Minimal design
  • Battery backup needs to be a bit more

Eaton Aurora 1000 VA

Eaton Aurora 1000 VA

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Top Features:

  • 1000VA
  • AVR Technology
  • 140 to 400V operating range
  • Durable Design
  • LED indication for battery charge
  • Dedicated processor

Eaton is a brand which is new in Indian market, but they have good set of products that are known for quality outside India.

This model is one of the popular models available from this brand in Indian market. It comes with a double boost and buck technology which handles various loads efficiently.

As the other UPS in the list AVR technology handles the fluctuations in the input and the output. The operating voltage of this UPS is 140 to 300V which is good for normal uses.

The cord provided in these UPS is very durable and long so that you can easily fit it in a position that you want. The outlets provided are made of durable material and very low chance of breaking with regular use.

Eaton has included overload protection to avoid damage to the circuit as well as any devices connected to the UPS.

This provides peace of mind while using your PC. A specially designed microprocessor is used here to manage the voltage inputs and outputs.

  • Durable design
  • Minimal looks
  • Good Backup
  • After sales service is limited



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Top Features:

  • 600VA UPS
  • AVR technology
  • Dedicated microprocessor
  • Auto Power ON
  • Auto Charging

Vertiv is a brand which is considered good for computer UPS. They have some models available in Indian market that are selling well due to the durability and performance that they provide.

This model, the Vertiv Lieber ITON CX is a 600VA UPS suitable for powering a PC with a Monitor and CPU.

It depends on the size of the display that you are connecting to the UPS on how much time you will get backup.

With a dedicated microprocessor to control the output of the UPS, you will get the best result when you connect a PC to these UPS.

The UPS is able to handle voltage fluctuations without creating problems for the connected devices.

Like other UPS in this list, we get AVR boost technology here to stabilize the output. This also helps in maintaining battery life for a longer period of time.

When it comes to power cuts, the Auto restart function comes handy. The UPS restarts automatically after the battery is completely drained during a power cut.

This is a good feature to have instead of turning ON the UPS each time the power goes off. With the simulated sine wave function, constant supply can be achieved from the output.

You can use this UPS for low loads as well, like a router or a modem, which helps in using the internet without any interruption. With the features on offer, this is one of the best ups for computer in India.

  • Good build
  • Elegant look
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Heating issues

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN
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Top Features:

  • 4 Battery setup
  • LCD display
  • 600Watts
  • 600 VA
  • 170 to 294V range
  • Durable Design

We have checked APC earlier in a UPS which was suitable for normal PC which will be low on load.

If you are looking for a UPS for Gaming PC, then we need a better version of the same which can handle the load of the hardware that is connected to the power supply.

When it comes to gaming PC, we will have a large monitor and a dedicated gaming PC build with lighting and graphics which will consume a lot of power.

During power cut, a normal UPS won’t be able to handle the load and will turn itself off soon. UPS with higher battery capacity will be a better option to consider.

This is a UPS with line interactive feature which is smart to handle the load connected to it. It’s a 600Watts ups with 1000VA.

For features, APC has included an LCD which give all the needed information from the UPS like the battery charge.

The UPS comes in a very attractive design, unlike the bulky UPS that we have seen before. With the slim design, we can place the UPS in any location, and it adds to the look of the setup.

If you have to connect many devices at a time, we get 6 ports here with 3 ports having 6 Amp output which can handle a good amount of load.

APC has integrated 4 batteries here to provide a long backup time in case you have a long power cut in your area.

The voltage range of this UPS is 170 to 294 volts, which is good for usage in India.

  • Good Battery backup
  • Durable design
  • Sleek looks
  • Pricey

Buyer’s guide

Why we need an UPS for Computer?

Unlike a laptop, a PC or computer does not have a battery built in. Computer components like monitor, CPU and Speakers need constant power to operate.

This applied for any type of PC or All in one desktops. For a laptop, as it has a battery in it, it will remain on for some time even if the power supply goes off suddenly.

When it comes to computer, if you are working on creating a document or editing something’s, if the power supply goes off, the data that you have entered or modified is not stored, and it will be lost.

This will create problems if there is a lot of data lost without being stored. This will spoil your time and effort as well. Getting a UPS for your PC will solve this problem as it will provide backup and time for you to save the work that you have done.

How an UPS work?

As the name suggests, it’s Uninterrupted power supply, which eliminates any interruption while there is a power cut or failure. UPS has a battery inside and charger for that batter.

As the charger is connected to a live input, the battery charges and stores the current.

How UPS works

An inverter controls the rest. When there is constant power input coming from the wall supply, the power is delivered to the PC components directly without using the battery power.

UPS nowadays have become smarter and also act as a stabilizer for your computer. This helps in maintaining the input power for your PC and avoids risk of failure if there is any fluctuation.

When there is a power cut, the battery starts its operation as the inverter switch is turned on and the DC current from the battery is converted to AC by the inverter and provided as the input to your PC or desktop.

At this time, if the battery goes low, you will get an indication on the UPS to turn of the PC and save your work. The battery again starts charging when the power supply is resumed.

Advantages of having a UPS for Computer

As we have discussed above, saving your work at every time is hard. In some cases, there will be network issue or the auto save won’t work in certain application.

If the power cut happens during that time, the data is not stored. Following are some advantages of having a UPS as input power source for your PC.

  • You will get time to save the work if there is power cut. Most of the UPS from low end to high end provide at-least 15 minutes of backup based on the devices that you have connected to it.
  • In that 15 minutes you can save your work on the PC and turn of the computer. This give peace of mind while you work in paces where there are frequent power cuts.
  • Protection is another important aspect. Recent UPS have stabilizers which protect from sudden voltage bumps in your circuit, protecting the PC from getting damaged.
  • Time is another major advantage here. As the PC won’t shut off in power cuts. A larger capacity battery UPS will keep it on for longer time so that you can complete the work that you are doing on time.

Things to consider before buying an UPS

In the search of the best ups for computer in India, there are few things that you need to consider before making the choice.

  • Backup
  • Plug Points in UPS
  • Rating of the UPS
  • Features
  • Price

Now that we have checked out some of the basic concepts behind a UPS. Let me explain the above-mentioned points in detail.

Backup: We are getting a UPS to have backup. For our PC or computer. In that case, if there is frequent and long power outages in the location that you stay, you should consider getting a UPS with high backup.

Backup capacity of a UPS is rated in VA (Volt ampere). The higher the VA, the more devices you can connect to the UPS to get backup during a power cut.

Ranging from 500VA, there are various options. If you are looking for the best ups for computer price in India, that Backup rating is one of the main criteria that you need to consider.

Plug Points: If you are planning to connect a PC to the UPS then as we know there are many components that need direct power to work.

Components like Monitor, CPU, Speakers, Routers etc. are the common things that people connect to UPS. While using a UPS for powering a PC, you cannot split the output using a splitter as the UPS won’t be rated to hold that load.

For a UPS for pc under 2000 we may not get much connecting points. The max you may get in a budget UPS is 2 points, which will run out if you connect a monitor and a CPU.

So in case you need to connect multiple devices then you should consider getting a higher capacity UPS so that many devices can be connected together.

Rating: This is a metric that tells you, what type of computer components you can connect with these UPS. Consider you have a monitor with screen size of 34 inches.

This will be a problem for a low VA UPS to handle, and it will shut down very soon. If you need to use large screen devices and also Gaming PC that consume lot of power, you should consider a greater rating UPS.

Rating as we had mentioned earlier is measured in VA. So a higher VA UPS will be good for demanding PC’s


People like having features in any products that they buy. So what can be special features when it comes to a UPS.

Modern day UPS come with sophisticated technology to notify you when there are fluctuations, and also some can be connected to a network and monitored wirelessly for the battery power and also the voltage rage.

Battery health monitoring is another important aspect when it comes to UPS.

In the search of best ups for desktop computer in India, if you need all the top end features, research is needed on the same to find the UPS that will provide the most.


Another major factor for considering buying any device is the price. Price should be in the range so that the deal can be fixed.

Considering if you are looking for the best ups for desktop pc in India, Price comes to play a major role. As we know, high-end technology will cost high.

If you want a high-end UPS with good backup, then price could be high. Below, I have sorted out some options that you can consider buying for the computer.

Now that we have checked some of the basic things that you need to consider before buying a UPS, lets check out some options that are available

Questions and Answers

Which is the best UPS for desktop computer in India?

Based on the number of device you connect, an UPS should be selected. Below, we have discussed some of the best options available in India. In my personal experience, APC has a great set of UPS available for various loads.

If you need to connect a high power PC with a lot of hardware, then the APC Power-Saving Back-UPS model that we had discussed below will be right.

How long will a UPS run my computer?

It depends on the number of devices you have connected and the type of devices and the VA rating.

If you connect a PC with a large monitor and high graphics processing power with dedicated graphics card and lighting, it will consume the battery backup very soon.

A normal PC can be powered for 15 to 30 minutes by a 600VA UPS, which gives the buffer time to save the work that you are doing. If you need to power a PC with high specs then get a 1100VA UPS which will perform the best.

Which brand UPS is best for home?

If you want to buy a UPS in India then APC, Luminous and Microtek are the brands to go with as they provide a good after sales service with the wide service network.

Also, the products from these brands are known for durability and performance.

Is UPS good for computer?

The short answer to this question is yes, of-course. Considering the fluctuations that we have in the power supply and frequent power cuts, if you need a time to save your work that you are presently doing, a UPS is the best thing to have your c


If you are working from home or in case your area has a lot of power cuts, getting a UPS for your PC is a no-brainer as it will keep your work safe and your efforts won’t be wasted.

There are many options when it comes to UPS available in India. Getting the right one is needed based on the PC or device you are going to connect.

Here I have tried to explain the basic needs of a UPS and how you should select one. If you like this post, please share it with friends so that they can also get an idea on the same.

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