Best video doorbell in India (January 2024)

If you are in India, there are an only limited number of options available when it comes to video doorbells. This post will help you find the best video doorbell in India that you are looking for, so that you can enhance your home’s safety and security.

Best video doorbell in India

Best video doorbell in India

Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell 

Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell 

Top Features:

  • 1080P camera
  • AI detection
  • 128GB Storage
  • Two way talk back
  • Alexa and google home integration

Let’s begin with one of the most popular and affordable video doorbells on the Indian market that you can buy.

Qubo is one of the best-selling options and comes with most of the needed features that you may need under 10000.

It comes with features like Instant visitor video call feature where the visitor can make a call to the owner with just a button. You can also do two-way talk using the doorbell speakers and mic.

Intruder alarm system is built in the doorbell which will notify you if anyone enters the visibility range of the camera in the doorbell. The camera here is 1080P resolution so that you can get a clear picture of any visitor or intruder.

With the inclusion of 36 chimes, you can set the sound of the doorbell based on your liking. This is a great feature to have so that you can customize the sound.

Ai Capabilities are also included, where the bell can smartly detect based on the movement of the person in front of the camera. If there is an intruder, you can initiate a siren so that your neighbors can be alerted.

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We get a video collage at the end of the day which will cover all the even that had happened during the day in front of your home.

It comes with smart features like Alexa and Google home integration, making it a great option to consider for home that are smart.

It can have a 128GB SD card so that you can store and watch the previous recordings of events in your home.

  • Sleek design
  • Good response
  • Camera is good
  • Night Vision can be better

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring doorbell

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Top Features:

  • 1080P camera
  • AI detection
  • Smart motion sensor
  • Companion app
  • Alexa and Google Home integration
  • Metal build.

Another doorbell with video that we need to consider is Ring. Ring being one of the top manufacture of video doorbell in the world is now in India with some great set of products.

The Ring Video doorbell is one of the best-selling smart doorbell in India.

It comes with some great set of features and also considered to be best for homes. Like other video doorbell, this model also comes with full HD camera built in which can record some excellent footage.

Motion detection on this doorbell is considered to be the best in the business, and it can notify you at the instant if it detects any movement in front of the camera.

The sensors here are very high quality, and you won’t go with this doorbell if you have installed in your home.

Like other doorbell in this segment, this model also comes with two-way talk feature so that you can talk with the person visiting your home.

Also, you can directly call the person or listen to him from your mobile phone using the companion app.

Another unique feature that you get here is preroll, this will help you in seeing what happened in front of the doorbell before the motion was detected. This will give you a clear picture.

When it comes to smart features, this model comes with smart home integration so that you can control the doorbell using Alexa and Google Home.

This is a handy feature to have if you have a smart home setup. As a premium doorbell, it provides excellent performance and is responsive.

  • Sleek design
  • Durable build
  • Good camera
  • Price is a bit high

Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential

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Top Features:

  • 1080P camera
  • HDR video
  • 6 months battery life
  • strong metal build
  • 180 degree viewing angle.

Arlo is one of the popular brands when it comes to video doorbell and this model is one of the best-selling model in this segment.

It comes with a sleek design and minimal looks which makes it attractive to people.

Like other models in this list, this also comes with a 1080P camera, which can record clear videos even at night.

The camera comes with HDR support so that you will be able to see the person in the frame clearly even if there is a lot of light coming in from the sun.

This video doorbell camera is excellent even in low light because it can capture a lot of light and provide detailed footage.

It is a doorbell that comes with battery support, and the battery here would last for more than 6 months, which is great.

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Some low-end video doorbells need a dedicated hub for them to get connected to the internet, but this model from Ario does not need a hub and can operate independently.

Installation of this doorbell is very easy and does not need a professional. As we get a wire free installation here, this is a plug and play doorbell.

It has a 180 degree viewing angle, which is great to cover an entire area in front of your door. This will be really helpful in seeing anyone standing in any position.

It needs a 24V input, which is easy to set up, and you can get a dedicated adaptor that you can plug into your power supply.

  • Sleek design
  • Good viewing angle
  • Fast and responsive
  • Price can be lower.

Smart Video Doorbell from Leccy & Genesis

Leccy & Genesis

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Top Features:

  • 1080P camera
  • 50 Chimes
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Live feed monitor

There are many other brands on India which have good quality products in the Video doorbell segment. The Leech and Genesis is another brand that you should consider when it comes to doorbell with Wi-Fi.

This model also comes with full HD video so that you can get a clear video recording of things happening in front of the door. With two-way communication, you can talk to the person in front of the door easily.

Motion detection feature makes it a better choice for people who have many packages delivered every day.

Package theft is common nowadays and if you have a video doorbell then the package will remain safe in front of the door.

It records each and every even happening in front of the door with AI and excellent motion detection. It comes with infrared built to it so that it can see clearly in nighttime as well.

Night vision camera is excellent on this video doorbell. Low light video recording is clear and can clearly show you what is going in front of the door with clarity.

The doorbell remains connected to the Wi-Fi always, so it can provide instant notification on any activity happening in front of your home also you can watch the live feed from the camera.

It comes with a pre-programmed chime that can produce 50 different sounds based on your preferences.

You can set up the sound and the doorbell using the companion app that you get with it in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Slim profile
  • Good camera
  • Many tunes available
  • Night vision can be better

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

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Top Features:

  • 1080P camera
  • 128GB Card support
  • Android and iOS application support
  • Night Vision
  • Cloud storage
  • Motion detection

Amcrest is a brand that is not that popular in India in doorbells. They have some great set of products outside. They are considered to be durable and also last really long.

This model also has a 1080P camera which is good for night and day time video. It comes with a micro SD card slot which can have a 128GB card installed so that you can record all the footages.

In the front it has a built in mic and a speaker which can be used for two way talk. The speaker sound is really good and the mic is very good as well. The front camera is 2MP which is a high quality sensor.

Amcrest provides cloud storage here for the footages as well so that you do not run out of space. You get a companion app here which you may need to install for setting up this doorbell.

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Motion detection is available as in other doorbells that we have checked out. Notification arrive really fast as soon as the doorbells senses anyones presence in front of the door.

Installation of the doorbell is quite easy, as we get all the tools needed for installation in the package. With an IP rating, a good quality build, and easy availability in India, this video doorbell should be on your list for purchase.

  • Nice design
  • Camera is good
  • Mic and Speakers are great
  • Smart home features needed

Buyer’s Guide

What is a Video Doorbell?

Doorbell is a common thing in any home. People who visit your home intimate you by pressing the button near the main door of your home so that you can let them in or see who is outside.

The traditional doorbells come with an internal unit which produce sound when the user presses the retractable switch that is placed on the front of the home.

They are simple and easy way to fix and operate. Video doorbell have the same purpose as a normal doorbell, but they have some other features that make it great in terms of safety and security.

As the name suggests, the video doorbell will provide you with a live video feed to your smartphone or any internal display unit.

This is a very convenient feature to have to avoid opening the door each time someone presses the doorbell.

You can contact the person outside with the included microphone on the doorbell and your phone like a one way video call and ask for his or her purpose for visiting your home.

This reduces the risk of opening the door when strangers have come. There are some advantages to a video doorbell that we need to check out.

Advantages of video doorbell?

  • Surveillance
  • Notification on the go
  • Motion notification
  • Video storage
  • Direct contact to the visitor.


  • Price is high
  • Complex to setup
  • Power consumption

Now, above-mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a video doorbell. Let me explain the above-mentioned in detail.

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As we know, cameras are one of the main methods used worldwide for surveillance.

In homes as well, these days we have CCTV cameras all around so that we can stay updated on what is happening around your house when you are away from it.

Video doorbells come with an integrated camera that can capture video footage of the person standing in front of them. It can also be used as a CCTV camera for your door.

It displays a live feed from the camera, which is useful for keeping track of all events near the front door.

In India, in some places houses are built close together, and there is also a security concern in certain areas, making a video doorbell a good addition to your home.

It also helps to monitor any person that comes near your front door.

Notification on the go

You will get notified if anyone comes near your door, as the video doorbell comes with motion sensors. This is a handy feature to have if an intruder comes near your main door. It increases the safety levels in your home.

This feature can be integrated to smart assistant devices in your home like Echo and Google home. When even anyone rings the bell, you will see the live feed on the display of the devices, which is a very convenient feature to have.

Motion Notification

Smart Video doorbell’s comes with motion sensor which detect any motion that occurs around the door.

This will trigger a notification that the homeowner will receive. With this, anything that happens around your home will be notified to you, even if you are in any place of the world.

High-end Video doorbells have very accurate motion sensors which send notifications through their companion app installed in your smartphone.

This is a great feature to have, which makes a video doorbell a much better option compared to a normal bell.

Video Storage in a doorbell

In the search of best video doorbell for home Video storage is always a thing that people consider. The video doorbell also has a feature of recording the events happening in front of the door.

Some smart doorbells come with a built-in memory card slot or storage which can be used to store the recording.

This comes handy if you want to check old recording or footage from previous day. The amount of video stored here will be based on the amount of memory that is present in the device.

If you have a memory card slot, then you can insert any size of card so that it never runs out. Also, the previous and old recordings are usually overwritten by the new footage.

Direct contact with the visitor

As the topic, this is another great feature which will make your life easier. Modern CCTV Cameras come with two-way call feature and similar feature is available in video doorbell as well.

If anyone visits your home and rings the bell, then you will receive a call to your phone in the companion application that you have installed for the doorbell.

Through that you can talk with the person in real time which is a perfect feature.

This will be useful if you have a courier coming to your home, and you need to redirect it to a nearby home or if a relative comes, and you can tell him that you are not in the home.

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We have checked some advantages of a video doorbell here but there are a few disadvantages as well.

Price of the doorbell

Compared to a traditional ring type doorbell, a video doorbell will cost you much more. This is due to the amount of technology that it has built in.

Also, some doorbells provide subscription service, but I would recommend a video doorbell camera without subscription so that you need not pay any extra money after you have installed it in your home.

Based on the price, the features of the doorbell may vary but still most video doorbell will have similar kind of feature and video in common.


Setting up a normal doorbell is very easy, you just need a power supply and the internal chime unit needs to be connected to the internal wiring.

When it comes to video doorbell, most of them come with a 12V input rating.

You need to have a specific power input so that these doorbells work as expected. Also, when it comes to video doorbell, they need constant Wi-Fi connection so that they can notify you when anyone presses the button.

Power Consumption

Another thing that comes to play here is that a video doorbell will consume more power compared to a normal doorbell.

The video doorbell has a camera and other electronics that need constant power input.

The video camera in the doorbell will consume more power compared to a normal doorbell.

There are some things that we need to consider in a video doorbell.

Things to consider

  • Camera Quality
  • Smart Features
  • Companion App
  • Battery Life
  • Durability

Let’s discuss the above mentioned points in detail

Camera Quality

Camera is one of the important factor when it comes to Video doorbell. The doorbell that we place on the main door of our home comes with surveillance feature which need a good camera.

1080P cameras are usually used in tin doorbell that have recording and detection feature. Also during a call, the camera shows the live feed from the doorbell, which will help to clearly identify the person who is out.

Besides, there are night vision and IR sensors In the doorbell, which will make visibility during the nighttime better. This is an essential feature to have.

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Smart Features

We had discussed this briefly in the previous sections. Smart features in the sense smart detection and motion detection comes to play.

The video doorbell should be able to inform the homeowner if it detects any motion in front of the bell.

Also, we get integration to smart assistants to the doorbell, which will enable seeing the feed from the camera in Google home or Alexa devices. This is a great feature to have.

Doorbell also have features like priority based alerts and also area where detection should be done on the scene. This can be controlled using the companion app that we need to install to set up the video doorbell.

Companion app

When it comes to India, there are a limited number of manufacturers who make video doorbell. In 2023, the manufacturer should provide a companion app that will help in configuring the doorbell the way that you need.

Most high-end models like Ring and August series of video doorbells come with a great app in both iOS and Android which are very user-friendly, and you can easily configure the bell in few steps.

Also, you can share your video doorbell with family members so that they are also notified when someone comes to your home.

Battery Life

Most smart video doorbells include built-in batteries that will power the doorbell for an extended period of time.

With the batteries, the video doorbell could last more than 6 months and also operate if there is a power cut.

When we receive a notification on our phone that the battery is running low, we may need to recharge or replace it.

If the doorbell’s operation solely depends on the battery, you should consider an option that can provide a long run time on a single charge.


An important factor you may need to consider if you are from India and planning to buy a video doorbell as the climatic conditions here vary in different places you may need to place the doorbell according.

As doorbell is expected to be placed outside, it has to go through different weather.

During rainy season, there may be chances for it to get wet causing the doorbell to fail or the camera in the doorbell catches water making it hard to record.

This will create problems in using the doorbell. So durability is an important factor here. Consider doorbells that are rated for water and splash resistance.

Conclusion on best video doorbell in India

With a limited number of brands producing high-quality smart video doorbells, we must be more selective about the features that are required. Home security is a priority for many people and has become a necessity these days.

Things like smart door locks and CCTV cameras play an important role in keeping any intruders from coming to your home.

With a limited number of brands producing high-quality smart video doorbells, we must be more selective about the features that are required.

If you have frequent visitors in your home, or you are sharing your home with another person, then you should set up the doorbell accordingly.

The above-mentioned options are great value for money, and if you are from India, then the above-mentioned list should cover most of the options that are available in the video doorbell segment.

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