Best WiFi 6E router in India (January 2024)

In the evolution of Wi-Fi, version 6E is here, which helps solve most of the problems with Wi-Fi. Here we are going to check out some of the best WiFi 6E router in India that you can buy.

Best WiFi 6E router in India

Best WiFi 6E router in India

TP-Link Archer AXE95 AXE7800 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router

TP-Link Archer AXE95 AXE7800 Tri-Band WiFi  6E Router

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  • WiFi 6
  • TP link Mesh Support
  • 1.7GHz quad-core processor
  • Alexa Support

TP-Link has a great reputation when it comes to networking devices in India. They have a wide range of products, starting from normal Wi-Fi routers to mesh routers that fall into the premium segment. This model, the Archer AXE95, is one of the best-selling Wi-Fi 6E routers.

It operates in the 6 GHz band, which reduces interference and provides a seamless connection. This would be good only if you have devices that support the 6 GHz band. It is backward compatible as well, i.e., it will support old versions of Wi-Fi devices that run in the Wi-Fi 5 band.

In the ports department, we get one 2.5 GBPS WAN/LAN port and one 1 Gbps WAN port, which is great to have a wired connection for the devices that are placed near the Wi-Fi router.

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The thing that runs the show in the background is a 1.7GHz quad-core processor that intelligently manages traffic in the network so that there are no dead spots and that the bandwidth of the network is shared evenly among devices in the network.

You can enhance the network in your home by adding mesh routers so that you will get multiple points and remove any dead spots. Being a smart Wi-Fi router, it supports Amazon Alexa, which will make it easy to configure smart home devices.

  • Good design
  • Excellent range
  • Easy configuration
  • Price can be a bit lower

Linksys MX8502 Atlas WiFi 6E router

Best WiFi 6E router in India

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  • 6000 Sq feet coverage
  • WiFi 6
  • 130+ devices support
  • 8.4GBPS speed
  • AR and VR support

Getting a good router is important for a stable network. Linksys is a brand that is well known in the networking segment, and their products are used in popular companies around the world.

This model, the Linksys MX8502, is one of the premium Wi-Fi 6E routers that is available in India. It is a mesh system, which is great for large homes and offices as it eliminates any dead spots.

It is one of the first mesh Wi-Fi 6E systems available on the market. Being a 6E Wi-Fi router, it supports the 6 GHz band, which reduces any interference and makes your network work seamlessly.

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We get a wide area of coverage using this system. It will be able to easily provide networks to homes with more than 6,000 square feet of area. Also, it is capable of connecting 130 or more devices at the same time.

Having a high bandwidth helps it provide a speed of 8.4 GB/s, which is great if you use the internet for gaming and streaming. You can also use this system to run AR and VR without any issues. This can be considered one of the best Wi-Fi 6E routers in India.

  • Great network coverage
  • Easy setup
  • Good network speeds
  • App needs to be better

Google Nest WiFi Pro

Best WiFi 6E router in India

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  • Smart network coverage
  • 2200 Sq feet supported
  • WiFi 6E
  • Mesh network support
  • Easy to setup

Google recently launched their Wi-Fi 6E routers on the market, and the Nest Wi-Fi Pro is considered a great option if you are in search of Wi-Fi 6E routers in India. It provides two times faster speed than the Wi-Fi 6 router.

The router is capable of covering a home or office with a 2200-square-foot area, which is great. You can add more nodes to the system and create a mesh network in your home, which will even expand the coverage area.

Being the latest technology, it is not compatible with previous Nest or Google Wi-Fi 6 routers. This router is smart enough to adjust according to the needs of the network. It switches its band with the devices that need more data, which makes it a smart Wi-Fi 6E router.

The signal from this Wi-Fi router is consistent, and it avoids any drops in signals, which will help you do your work without issues if you are working from home. During video calls, it prioritizes the network for that, making it smooth while rendering videos.

It is smart enough to fix any interference-related issues in the network, making it a great option to consider if you are planning to upgrade the network system at home.

  • Sleek looks
  • Easy to setup
  • Good network coverage
  • Mesh support
  • Price for single node is high

TP-link Deco XE75 Pro AXE5400 WiFi 6E Router

TP-link Deco XE75 Pro AXE5400 WiFi 6E Router

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  • AI mesh network
  • 7200 Sq feet coverage
  • 5400MBPS speed
  • WiFi 6E support

Again, back to TP-Link, as their range of 6E routers is higher than that of any other brand in the Indian market. This model is one of the newest additions in this segment. The XE75 Pro from TP Link is a mesh system that would provide high area coverage in and around your home so that you never run into a dead spot.

This mesh network has a range of 7200 square feet, which could cover an entire building if the nodes are placed accordingly. Having advanced Wi-Fi 6 support makes the network interference-free, and all devices can connect to the network without any issues.

Tri-band speed support makes this router provide a speed range of 5400 MBPS, which is suitable for high demand. Another advantage of this Wi-Fi 6E router system is that it can have 200 devices connected at the same time.

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The AI-driven mesh network automatically adjusts to demand, which makes the system more reliable when multiple devices connect to the network at the same time. With the AI technology and the features on offer, this is one of the best Wi-Fi 6E routers in India.

It comes with a prebuilt home shield, which protects your network from any external attacks. If you have an IOT setup in your home, then this is a needed option. If you have connected cameras to the networks, they should be protected.

  • 3 Notes available
  • Good network coverage
  • Easy setup
  • App is limited in settings

ASUS ZenWiFi Pro AXE11000 Tri-Band WiFi 6E

ASUS ZenWiFi Pro AXE11000

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  • 11000 Mbps speed
  • WiFi 6E
  • IFTTT support
  • Ai protection
  • Asus Rangeboost technology
  • 2.5Gbps LAN ports

When it comes to Wi-Fi 6E routers that are available in India, we cannot miss Asus, as they have a wide range of products in Indian market. If you are running a big company where multiple people access the internet at the same time, then you can consider getting the Zen Wi-Fi Pro router.

This falls into the premium segment of Wi-Fi routers that are available on the market. It supports 12 streams of Wi-Fi 6E tri-band signal, which boosts the overall speed of the network.

The router is known to support 11000 Mbps of speed, and you can set up an IOT network in your home using this. It supports IFTTT, which makes it easy to give custom instructions to the router.

When it comes to ports, we get a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port which supports high-speed data transmission. Asus has implemented a range boost plus technology here, which increases the overall coverage.

With built in AI protection and WPA3 standards, your network will remain secure.

  • 2 Nodes in the package
  • Excellent range
  • Good after sales support
  • Fast LAN port
  • Price is high

What is WiFi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E is one of the latest technological advancements in Wi-Fi technology. It is also known as 802.11ax, which is a new standard and an advanced version of Wi-Fi 6.

Basically, the change here is that it supports the 6 GHz radio band, which is unique compared to the 5 GHz band of the Wi-Fi networks earlier. This would help to reduce the interference that may occur in the network with an already existing network band.

The 6 GHz frequency is considered to be less crowded compared to other frequencies, which makes it a suitable option to consider in the future. Wi-Fi 6E routers that are now on the market will support the 6Ghz band, resolving most issues with interference.

What does the WiFi 6E bring to the table?

There are some main things that Wi-Fi 6 and 6E brings to the table.


In Wi-Fi networking, orthogonal field division multiple access is a game changer. It aids in making the network connection faster by utilizing the Bluetooth connection in your device.

This facilitates the provision of bandwidth to other devices that do not support OFDMA. It makes networks work more smoothly and effectively.

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This is another highlight of the Wi-Fi 6 network. MIMO stands for multi input, multi output. The router that supports this can act as a number of access points in the network and also assign bandwidth to the device that need it the most, making the devices that need more network speed work smoothly,


High modulation improves the efficiency of data transfer on the network, making the devices connected to the network work smooth. We can get 25% better speeds using this technology.


This makes communication between your device and the router more efficient, making better use of network and also using less battery on the device that you are using.

Advantages of WiFi 6E

  1. Higher bandwidth for data transfer. It supports more frequency bands compared to 5Ghz network.
  2. Low interference due to unique frequency that is used in WiFi 6E which makes network smooth.
  3. Better security with WPA 3 as it’s mandatory with Wi-Fi 6 networks.

Why you should get a WiFi 6E router?

As previously stated, a Wi-Fi 6E router provides an excellent set of features and is more future-proof than Wi-Fi 5 routers. Because of the low usage of the 6 GHz band, they are much faster when connected to a network and have fewer interference issues.

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It will also improve your network speed to a large extent as well. If you have a smart home with multiple devices connecting to the network at the same time, a Wi-Fi 6E router is the way to go to ensure that all devices operate smoothly.

FAQ on best WiFi 6E router in India

Is it worth getting a WiFi 6E router?

Yes, it is if you are planning to expand your devices list that are going to connect to your network or in case you are setting up IOT devices in your home.

This will help your network to be robust. For now, the Wi-Fi 6E routers are a bit on the costlier side, but over time the price may come down. Getting a Wi-Fi 6E router now will future-proof your network in the long run, and you may not need to upgrade any time soon.

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Is 6E better than 6 Wi-Fi?

6E is definitely better than 6 in many ways, but for now, the need for an upgrade is not here if you already have a Wi-Fi 6 router, as the devices that support 6E are limited in the market.

If you are buying a new router for the first time and need the absolute best network setup in your home, then getting a Wi-Fi 6E router makes sense.

Which WiFi 6E router is best?

Any option listed above will be suitable for your home, but in my personal opinion, the TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro AXE5400 is one of the best Wi-Fi 6E routers that you can consider now, as it comes with 3 modes in a pack and is also budget-friendly.

Also, if you are setting up a Wi-Fi network in your home, then starting with this router would be a wise choice.


Here we have listed some of the Wi-Fi 6E routers that are available in India. Wi-Fi 6E is a new technology, and it has not been in main stream yet.

People who are getting new routers are trying to get the latest technology, and they tend to buy the Wi-Fi 6E routers, but in case you are satisfied with the present Wi-Fi 5 routers or Wi-Fi 6 routers then there is no urgency to upgrade yet.

Hope you liked this post. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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