Accessories for cars near me that are best

Where to find accessories for cars near me is a common thought that comes in your mind when you get a new car or feel like improving your cars looks. Even though there would be many shops that you may find. Some may provide the best accessories you need.

What are available accessories for cars near me?

An accessory is an additional thing that you can fit into a vehicle. It comes in various segments like

  • Interior accessories
  • Exterior accessories
  • Car Cleaning accessories

Interior accessories

When it comes to cars, there are a ton of accessories that you can install in the interior to improve the ambience and feel inside. Also there are some essential gadgets as well.

accessories for cars near mer

Gadgets like a dash cam, Car Air purifier, Humidifiers and so on.

Exterior accessories

Here also you will find a variety of products like, door guards, bumper guards etc. These fittings will improve the safety of the car and also avoid the chances of the car getting scratched.

Door guards helps to stop the doors getting rammed when they are opened in close parking lots. This will cause dents on the door which will eventually spoil the looks of the car

Bumper guards will help protect your car bumpers. If you ar eparking in a parking spot which is very tight the chances of getting scratched are high. In this case a bumper guard on your bumper will help in stop the bumper hitting the surface avoiding any scratches.

Car Cleaning accessories

This is one of the most demanded segment in car accessories. Car cleaning and maintenance is one of the hard part owning a car as when we travel more, our cars get more dirty.

To clean a car we specifically need a few things. For interior cleaning we need a car vacuum cleaner and for exterior cleaning we need a pressure washer and other lotions like car shampoos and wax.

Using these things for cleaning will improve the life of the car paint and also maintain it looks.

Let’s discuss some accessories in detail.

Most needed accessories for cars near me: interiors

Dash Cam

A dash cam is always a life saver. It is a third eye that you install in a car which will keep seeing all events that are occurring around you. It records short bursts of videos and these videos act as an insurance if you met with an accident on road.

Installing a dash cam is a very easy process. Most Dash Cam come with a USB cable that you may need to connect to the USB port of the car or the phone charger inside.

Types of dash cam

  • Dashboard dash cam
  • Mirror dash cam

There are two major kinds of dashcam available in India. The one which you may need to place or stick on the windshield of your car and another is attaching to the rear view mirror.

Most commonly you see the dashboard dash cam in cars. Both are equally good. Some high end dash cams come with built in screen with which

Car Air purifier

Another most popular accessory or gadget for car is an Air Purifier. At present state of pollution levels people with allergies are increasing so in that case an air purifier will be a good option to consider. Keeping this in mind we need to get an Air purifier for car which will clean the air inside.

This will help in reducing any foul smell or irritations that you may experience while entering your car. Air purifiers come in different types like the one that you can place in your car cup holder and another that you can fit onto the head rest mount.

Based on the design and fitment, the purification would happen. Cup holder air purifier for cars are easy to setup just by placing it in the car cup holder and connecting it to the USB port of the car.

When it comes to air purifiers for head rest, it needs some more work to be done for fitting it right. Prices of these air purifiers may vary according to the features on offer.

Car Humidifiers

Another most popular accessory that people get for their cars is humidifier. It helps in reducing the particle level inside a car and make the air smell good. Humidifiers can also be used as air fresher inside the car.

Humidifier has one issue like we may need to fill in water for the humidification to happen. This could be a process to follow every day as the amount of water inside it will be limited.

I am personally using a humidifier inside my car and it feels great when it is functioning. Just add a few drops of aroma oil to the water inside the humidifier and you will feel a pleasant smell always.

Most needed accessories for cars near me for: Exterior

Getting a new car has become an easy process now a days but maintaining the looks of the car is the hard part. Considering the traffic and also the way people drive makes it hard to keep the car scratch free.

To have some protection, people install accessories on the exterior of the car which will help with small bumps and scratches.

Door guard

You will see these things fitted in most of the cars on road. The advantage of adding these is that, it will help in stopping the doors hitting other vehicles in a parking lot or walls. If you hit a wall hard while opening the door, ti will create a dent or spoil the paint.

A door guard for car is an essential accessory to have in 2023. These are not priced much, you can get a door guard for car under 500 rupees.

Bumper guard

Another thing that you may search if you are looking for car accessories near me is the bumper guard for car. Car bumper guards are very popular in car accessories market and they are fitted in first place for any new car.

Bumper guards are stickers with thick cushioning which will take all the impact if car hits a wall or a pole. This helps in reducing scratches on the bumper and also you may need to spend less or repair works.

Car Cleaning Accessories

Here comes the most popular and searched segment when it comes to car accessories.

Car cleaning is a hectic job as they get dirty very soon. Once you take a car for a drive, even a new car will collect a lot of dust making it look unclean. People spend 1000’s or rupees every month in this segment.

Some are there who like to clean their cars at home and they get accessories and lotions which will keep the cars looking new for ever. There is another solution that people consider as application of PPF. Paint protection film acts as a guard for the car paint and avoids scratches and swirl marks.

Some common accessories that people get from near by store or from online is car vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.

Car Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are devices which helps to clean a home or car in efficient way. They have enough suction power to pull in all the dust particles in a single pass.

Car vacuum cleaners are of two types, corded and cordless. People are more into wireless things so having a cordless vacuum in 20203 makes a total sense.

They come in various price ranges starting from 2000 to 10000 Rupees.

Pressure washer for car

This accessory changes the way you clean your car at home. It makes removing all kinds of stains and also do a foam wash of your car easy. Foam washing is one of the most effective way to wash a car or a bike.

A pressure washer sprays water in high pressure which will remove all the hardened dust and mud that may stick on the car specifically during rainy seasons. Different manufactures have pressure washers available in the market.

I am using the Bosch AQT 35-12 which is gret for washing your car at home. It helps me save a lot of time and unbody cleaning of car was always a hectic job at home. Since I got the pressure washer and 90 degree attachment nozzle, underbody cleaning is very easy.

Here we have checked some most popular accessories that you may be searching or thinking to buy

Accessories for cars near me that are best

Let’s see some of the popular options in the categories of car accessories that we discussed above

Dash Camera for car: 70mai Pro Plus+ A500S 

Last update on 2024-02-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 2.5K recording
  • G Sensor
  • Front and Back cam support
  • Companion app
  • ADAS

User Review:

70 Mai is popular in the dash cam segment and the pro plus A500S is one of the best selling dashcam. This is due to the number of features that it offer in the price range.

With a 2.5K front cam recording and 1080P back cam you should be getting good quality recording of all tings happening around your car. The viewing angle of this camera is 140 degree in the front which is wide.

The 6 layer lens provide good light input and the dash cam has great output during low light as well.

Advanved driver assist feature makes it a good option to consider as it reminds us if we do a wrong lane change while driving. G sensor built in detects any hard motion or shock and records the event at the same time. This is one of the most popular accessories for cars near me that you would search.

With the companion app that we get we can transfer all recordings in the cam to a phone easily.

  • Excellent night recording
  • Good build quality
  • Easy setup
  • ADAS works great
  • Price can be lower
  • Limited after sales service centers

Car Air Purifier: Philips Automotive Lighting GoPure GP5212 

Last update on 2024-02-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • PM 2.5 Level indicator
  • 2 Speed adjustment
  • HEPA and HESA filter
  • 10 Minute purification

When it comes to air purifiers, Phillips is a brand that you should consider. Specifically in the car air purifier segment, there are limited number of brands available.

It provides a CADR rate of 16m3/hour which would be enough to clean the air inside an SUV pretty fast. It specifically detect PM 2.5 particles in the air and within 10 minutes you will be able to get purified air.

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Both HEPA and HESA filters are present in this air purifier to provide good cleaning. Even though installation is a bit hard like this purifier is fitted on to the headrest mount of a car.

It comes with 2 fan speed controls based on the purification that you need, you can adjust the speed. It starts working as soon as ignition is ON in your car and also you can easily connect it to the 12V socket.

  • Good build
  • Fast purification
  • Easy operation
  • Setup is a bit hard

Cappsu Portable humidifier for car

Last update on 2024-02-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 650ml capacity
  • 6 Hours of operation
  • USB powered
  • LED Lighting

User Review:

If you have asthma or allergies then a humidifier in car would be a good accessory to have as it reduces the number of particles in the air and you can also add some aroma to the car using essential oil.

Operation of device is very simple as you just need to fill in some water and add some drops of aroma oil to the humidifier. To start the humidifier, just connect it to the 12V port in your car.]

Cappsu is one of the best car humidifier that you can buy now it comes with some unique features like different colored lighting that you can set as per your need.

Capacity of this humidifier is 650ml and it is expected to last for 6 hours once you have filled it with water. The dynamic LED is adjustable with brightness and also color.

  • Good build
  • Lighting is great
  • Nice humidity maintained
  • Price can be lower.
  • 1 Litre capacity needed

Car Vacuum Cleaner: 70mai Cordless

Last update on 2024-02-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 5000Pa suction power
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Two attachments
  • High air flow design
  • Cordless

Another accessory from 70Mai. A car vacuum cleaner is an essential accessory to have in a car as when ever we travel, we carry food items and the crumbs fall on the car floor which is hard to clean overtime.

They start smelling bad if left unnoticed. To avoid these situation, a car vacuum cleaner would help to make the cleaning process easier. 70mai has some cordless car vacuum cleaners that can be used for easy cleaning of car.

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It comes with 5000pa of suction power and due to its light weight and slim form factor, you can clean all locations insider the car without any issues. If you are thinking of accessories for cars near me then this should be in your list.

With the included 4000mAh battery it can clean an entire car more than 2 times without issue. Also a special design is implemented here to have maximum air flow. This helps in improving efficiency and suction

  • Solid build
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • A bit of heating on continuous use

Pressure washer for car cleaning: Bosch Aquatak 130

Last update on 2024-02-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 130bar pressure
  • 6 Meter hose
  • 3 way nozzle
  • 1700Watts
  • 220 to 240V input

User Review

One of the most important accessory in this list if pressure washer. It makes car cleaning an easy process. Bosch Aquatak 130 is one of the best pressure washers in india for car cleaning. It comes with a durable design and good quality components.

There are a huge set of attachments that you can find online for this pressure washer. You can do foam wash or normal wash using this. The pressure that the water is ejected is excellent here and it will be able to clean any hard dirt on the car body.

Bosch has added a 3 in 1 nozzle here which gives a pressure in 3 different ways. The wattage of this pressure washer is 1700 and the operating voltage is 220 to 240V.

It also comes with a 6m high pressure hose which will be handy to wash the car all around. You can also buy extensions for the hose. I am using this pressure washer for last 6 years and it has always performed well for cleaning my car and bike.

  • Good pressure
  • Quality build
  • Long hose provided
  • 3 power nozzle in convenient
  • A bit of heating noticed.

FAQ on accessories for cars near me

How do I choose car accessories?

Accessories for car are chosen based on the needs. The above mentioned list provides some details on what accessories that would be needed for your car and you should get for a better experience. Some of the accessories that I would recommend are

  • Air purifier
  • Dash Cam
  • Vacuum cleeaner

You should have these accessories for sure to keep the car clean from interior and also a dash cam would help you keep your car safer

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How can I make my car stylish?

You can search for car decoration near me in web to find latest accessories to change the look of your vehicle. There are. a wide range of products available in the market like carbon fibre vinyls, body kits, Alloy wheels which can provide an attractive look for your car.

Conclusion on accessories for cars near me

Here I have tried to answer a question that most people think after getting a car that is accessories for car near me. Even though you can get many accessories online as well some things you will find it better in shops as you can touch and feel the thing and make your decision.

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