Best Accessories for M2 MacBook Pro and Air

The new M2 MacBooks are expected to be more powerful compared to the M1 MacBooks that are currently on the market. If you have already purchased the M2 MacBook Pro or Air, then here are some of the best accessories for M2 MacBook Pro and Air that you should consider buying to make the most out of it and also protect it.

There are many accessories in the market when it comes to Macbooks but some are really important to get to use your laptop in a more productive way.

Best Accessories for M2 Macbook Pro and Air

Best Accessories for M2 MacBook Pro and Air

Spigen Thin Fit Back Case

Best Case

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Top Features:

  • Durable Material
  • Precise cut for ports
  • Dedicated foot for macbook
  • Snug fit on macbook

Spigen is a brand that is very popular when it comes to cases and screenguard for mobile phones. They also have many other accessories in the market for Smartphones like Chargers. When it comes to Laptop as well, Spigen Accessories are considered the best as it provides good protection to the laptop from all directions. Macbook being a premium device, getting a good quality case from Spigen should be considered to protect it.

This case is specifically designed for the MacBook Pro M2, which was launched in 2023. It will fit perfectly on the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro. It has a good texture outside, which provides excellent grip and also provides impact protection from all directions.

Spigen has designed this case for Macbook in such a way that you get maximum air circulation to avoid any heating when you perform high demand task on the go like video editing.

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The case has precise cuts for ports access like the USB C ports that you get in the Macbooks. You can also easily access the 3.5 mm jack on the device easily. You get a complete cover of the top part of the macbook as well. The Apple logo that you get in any Macbook will not be visible.

The case does not add any thickness or weight to the MacBook, making it easy to carry around. The bottom part of the case comes with four foot pads that hold the laptop onto the table perfectly without any slipping.

  • Good quality
  • No creaking noise
  • All around protection
  • Pricey

Spigen Screenguard

Best Screenguard

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Top Features:

  • Precise cut for Macbooks
  • Durable material used
  • 13.3 inch display screen guard
  • Antireflection coating
  • Antifingerprint

Here is another accessory from Spigen that you can use to protect your Macbook Pro and Air. This screenguard will be perfect for yor Macbook and it will protect the screen from getting any scratches with long term use.

Spigen makes some quality products, and this screen guard is very popular with people who travel with their MacBook. It is compatible with the 13 inch model of the M2 MacBook Pro and Air and the cuts on this screen guard is perfect.

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We get a special Anti scratch feature which prevents the screen as well as the screenguard to get scratched even with dust and dirt accumulated on the screen.

Spigen has added an Oil free coating with the Oleophobic layer which eliminates fingerprints on the screen that will get accumulated during the time of the use of the laptop.

With excellent display quality on MacBooks, we don’t want to spoil the experience of watching content on the display. This screen guard provides excellent quality and also good image reproduction. It’s really a great accessory to have and to protect your Mac in the long run.

  • Durable design
  • Less Reflection
  • Perfect Fit
  • Price can be a bit low

CableCreation USB Hub

CableCreation USB Hub

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Top Features:

  • HDMI port
  • Ether jack
  • 2 USB 3.0 Port
  • MicroSD card slot
  • SDXC slot
  • USB C port
  • Power delivery from USB port

If you have purchased your M2 MacBook, then you may be aware of the number of ports that are present in the laptop. The latest generation of MacBook comes with two USB-C ports that support Thunderbolt. As I have mentioned above, if you need to use a memory card or USB A device then its hard to do so with the limited number of I/O for that its better to get a USB-C dongle that supports all the formats of Input and Output.

Cablecreation is a brand which has been good in this segment. They are known for the quality of cables and also the dongle in the market. This model of USB-C hub for Macbook is one of the best selling in this segment. It comes with 7 ports that you can use with different type of media.

It comes with a full size HDMI port and 2 USB 3.0 port which are really fast in read and write speeds. You get one SDXC port and one microSD card slot which you can use to insert the card and copy the data from it.

The main highlight here is the USB-C port that you get. This port support pass through charging and you can use this port to charge your Mavbook. Other port that comes handy while using your Macbook is the included LAN port.

This port can be used for high speed networks. With a high quality USB cable and the durable material used to make it, you will get a good deal with this USB-C hub for the M2 MacBook.

Data transfer speed using this dongle is great, and also, with the 100W power delivery, the USB-C port included can be used to charge your laptop and also power other devices using your MacBook.

  • Good build quality
  • Fast Data Transfer Speeds
  • Light weight
  • Limited availability

MOCA 360° Protective Sleeve

 MOCA 360° Protective Sleeve

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Top Features:

  • Eco Friendly Fabric
  • Multiple compartments
  • Handle for carrying
  • Good zip quality
  • Breathable fabric

Sleeves come really handy if you want to travel with your laptop. You can easily slide the laptop into the sleeve and keep it inside the bag. With various brands available in the market, its hard to decide one for your Macbook.

Moca is a brand that has some good quality products in the market. The Moca 360 give a complete all around protection to your laptop as it comes with thick padding inside the sleeve so that you can put the laptop inside your backpack and travel freely without worries. Moca has various models available in the market and the 360 is one of the best selling from the lot.

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It comes with two roomy compartments which you can use to store the laptop and the charger together which is a great advantage. You can also keep some accessories like pendrives or hard disk. It comes with a sturdy handle which you can grab and take the laptop to any place.

The handle is soft and also comfortable for holding for long time. You will not feel any pain in hand even if you hold the laptop for long. This sleeve is built with eco-friendly which is really soft and durable. With the use of breathable fabric, its soft to touch and also good to keep laptop for long time with less heating issues.

  • Good fabric quality
  • Light weight
  • Soft and good for laptop
  • Water resistance needed

AirCase Laptop Bag for Macbook

AirCase Laptop Bag

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Top Features:

  • Water resistant design
  • Breathable fabric
  • Charging port
  • 13 inch to 15.6 inch laptops
  • 2 Laptop section
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable Zip

A good laptop backpack will make the travelling easy for you. It will ensure that your laptop remains safe while you travel. This model is one of the best selling laptop backpack in India.

Aircase is a brand which makes some of the good accessories for Mac and other laptop. They have backpacks for different size laptops ranging from 13 to 15.6 inch. It has 1 front pocket and 2 laptop compartments where you can keep two laptops. You can also use these compartments to keep Tablet as well.

Being water resistant is another added advantage here, you can take this laptop in rain without any worries of damaging your gadgets or laptop. It comes with external charging port which you can use to charge your smartphone by just connecting with the USB cable.

The shoulder straps are breathable with mesh padding, which will make you feel comfortable while traveling. Even with a full load in your backpack, you will not feel any pain in your shoulders. It also has a belt strap, which keeps the bag stable on you even if you move along.

  • Durable bag
  • Good water resistance
  • Good volume
  • Limited availability

Anker Powerhouse 100 Power bank

Anker Powerhouse 100

Top Features:

  • 100W power delivery
  • Multiple USB port
  • Flash light included
  • 27000 mAh battery
  • Durable design

When you travel, availability of power outlet is limited so charging your laptop may be a challenge. A portable charger or power bank will come handy to charge a laptop on the go. Usually we carry powerbanks for smartphones but they have limited power delivery. You may need a powerbank with higher output rating to charge a laptop.

The Anker Powerhouse 100 is the best option to consider here as it comes with dedicated port for charging laptop as well as smartphones. You can charge drones, camera and small appliances using this power bank.

It has a 45W USB C charging and 2 USB ports for charging smartphones, this is a good travel companion for you. The unique feature of this powerbank is the 100W AC outlet which you can connect different device to get the normal output that we get from a wall plyg.

Battery capacity of this power bank is 27000mAh which is a good capacity for travel relate needs. The charging speeds of this powerbank is also great. This powerbank could charge a Macbook air in 2 hours.

The powerbank has good build quality and has a light weight and durable design. If you are a frequent traveller and you need to charge the Macbook on the go then this is one of the best accessories for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air that you can buy.

  • Good charging speed
  • Durable design
  • Less weight
  • Price is high

Buyer’s Guide

Before starting to search for accessories for your new Macbook, lets check which accessory is important and will provide a better value.

The MacBook Pro is a costly and premium device that you can buy today. You need to protect it so that you can carry it safely. Also, when it comes to ports, we get a limited set of ports as Apple has moved to USB-C in most of the devices, so if you need to connect an older USB-A device, it will be hard for you.

Other things that you need to consider here is the protection of the screen. The M2 MacBook series has a beautiful display, and protection for that is a must as it will scratch if you do not handle it well.

You can also consider other accessories like the keyboard cover and the trackpad protector which is a great addition to your macbook.

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In case you do not like to protect your Macbook with a hard case cover, you can get a sleeve that you can put on to the laptop while you travel. This will help you to keep your macbook safe from scratches and also any damage on the screen.

A good laptop backpack is a must when you travel. Laptop backpacks provide proper cushioning and also keeps your other gadgets also safe when you travel.

best backpack for m2 macbook pro

If you have used latest generations of Macbooks with USB C, you may know that we can charge these devices using power banks. If you are a road worrier then getting a PowerBank with USB-C charging will be suitable.

Considering all the points mentioned above, following are the list of items that we are going to consider in this post.

  • Case for M2 MacBook Pro and Air
  • Screen guard for M2 MacBook
  • USB Dongle for MacBook
  • Travel Sleeve for M2 MacBook
  • Backpack

Things to consider

With the accessories market booming, we have many manufacturers making things compatible with MacBooks. Each time a new Apple device is launched, the market comes with a unique set of products for the device. Due to the high amount of competition, it’s hard to make the perfect choice for the device that you have purchased. Following are some points that you may need to consider before getting any accessory for your M2 MacBook.

Cases: If you are planning to buy a case for your mac then you should consider two things, if its for Macbook Pro or Air as the dimension of the cases may vary. There are are many brands in the market that have cases for Macbook in the market but some are not of good quality. Cases have a locking mechanism which lock to the back of the display panel and also the base of the macbook providing a good protection from scratches and also dents while you carry the macbook around. The thing to consider here is the quality of the case and also the fit and finish. When it comes to macbook we have a body made of aluminium which does not flex. Getting an exact cover will make it look and feel more secure. There are many manufacturers in the market who have cases for the Macbook pro and Air but some are only good when it comes to fit and protection.

Screenguard for Macbooks: This is another thing that we usuall miss in any Laptop not only the Macbook, Being a mobile device that we carry around, we need to consider getting a screen guard as the screen to get a lot of dust and dirt from different places. Even when your Macbook is closed, the screen tends to touch the keyboard surface and if dust is present over the keyboard, it will scratch the screen. This is a long term process and eventually it will happen. Keeping this in mind, getting a good screen guard like a tempered glass or matte film protection will be a good option to consider.

Best Accessories for M2 Macbook Pro and Air

USB Dongle for M2 MacBook: As we know by now, the latest generation of MacBooks comes with a USB C port, and the latest M2 MacBook Pro has two USB ports, one of which is Type C. If you need to connect a device with USB A then it will be an issue. Similarly, we do not get an HDMI or SD card slot in the latest generation of MacBook. If you are video or photo editor then this could be a problem as you may need to transfer file or data from your cameras to the laptop regularly while doing edits. An SD card reader makes it an easier process than transferring it while editing a video.

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Travel Sleeve for Macbook: When ever you travel you may need a Travel sleeve to keep you Macbook safe if you are not using any case or skin on the macbook. This will keep your laptop safe from scratches and also when you keep the Laptop inside a backpack then there will be pressure from both sides flexing the screen. It may damage the screen if high pressure is put on the screen while travel. A good sleeve will provide protection for your macbook from both sides keeping the display safer.

Best Accessories for M2 Macbook Pro and Air

Backpack: Another thing that you may need to consider before getting any laptop is a backpack to use while you travel. There are a few things that you should take note of before making the purchase. Laptop backpacks should have enough padding to protect the laptop from any impact if it falls when you travel. Also, the backpack should have compartments to hold the charger as well.


Macbooks are premium devices, and a good set of accessories will make it more useful and also allow you to use it to its potential. There are many accessories specifically designed for MacBooks in the market and above are some of the best Accessories for M2 MacBook Pro and Air in India that you can buy today. If you are planning to buy a new MacBook M2 then getting the accessories will make it better and also keep the laptop safer from getting damaged with long term use..

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