Best car dash camera in India under 10000

Are you searching for the best car dash camera in India under 10000 then the following are some options that you should check out.

The number of cars is growing on the road, but the roads are not getting bigger, due to this traffic congestion and accidents happen regularly.

When ever an accident happens, there are various issues coming behind it like claiming insurance and legal proceeding.

We need to know a few things before jumping into the list of different car dash camera that can be purchased.

Best car dash camera under 10000

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam

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  • 2 inch screen
  • 6 layer camera setup
  • ADAS feature
  • Built in WiFi
  • Collision detection
  • 140 degree viewing angle

User Review:

When it comes to dash camera’s 70mai is a brand that you should consider as they are known to have good quality products in the market.

This dash cam, the pro plus, comes with a 6 lens setup for providing excellent recording.

The aperture of the camera here is F1.8 which is good for night recording, and we can get a recording at 1944P. Wide angle support is another added advantage here.

We get a recording coverage of 140 degree which will enable capture of most of the front part of the car.

Best Car dash camera in India under 10000

It comes with a 2 inch IPS screen with which you can see all the videos recorded directly from the camera itself.

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70mai has included advanced ADAS feature with AI powered technology to boost the driving safety. Features like lane departure warning and collision warning are good to have.

With built-in Wi-Fi and iOS and Android support, we can easily transfer content from the dash cam to phone, making it a good choice.

  • Excellent build
  • Good recording quality
  • Battery life is great
  • Low light recording can be better

DDPAI Mola N3 Car Dash Camera

DDPAI Mola N3 Car Dash Camera

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  • 1.8 aperture lens
  • Built in GPS
  • 1fps parking recording
  • 1600P footage
  • 5 Mp camera

User Review:

DDPAI has been popular in this segment for long and their cameras are considered to be innovative in design and easy to set up.

The Mola N3 car dash camera is new to the segment and it comes with a set of unique features that others does not offer in this price segment.

Best Car dash camera in India under 10000

It can provide a recorded footage at 1600P, which is great for a dash cam. Having a 5 Mp camera and a 6 layered lens setup makes the footage looks great with excellent HDR and vibrancy.

The lens here supports F1.8 aperture which will allow good amount of light even at dark places.

This dash cam comes with built-in GPS for accurately measuring your speed and also the location. You can integrate the camera to google maps and track the exact driving locations and route.

Other thing to consider here is the installation part is quite simple here. It comes with all the mounting brackets to make the setup easier.

As we are considering the best car dash camera in India under 10000, this model will suit well as it has all the needed features.

With the included type C port, you will be able to connect it to any charging socket of your car.

1fps parking mode keeps you and your car covered even if you have parked the vehicle in a remote location.

  • Solid build
  • Easy setup
  • Good camera clarity
  • HDR could be better

Transcend DrivePro 10 Dash Camera

Transcend DrivePro 10 Dash Camera

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  • 140 degree viewing angle
  • Sony Starvis sensor
  • Light weight design
  • 2.4 inch Display
  • Parking monitor

User Review:

Transcend has always been a leader in storage and memory devices. They are into the dash camera segment recently, but their products are great.

This model is one of the best-selling dash camera in Indian market. It comes with a great build quality and features on offer.

The compact size of this dash cam makes it easy to mount in any location of your car. The light weight of the camera would give you a study stick on the car.

Like other dash cam’s that we checked earlier, this model also comes with built-in battery so that it can record any event happening with the car when it is parked.

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With a recording area coverage of 140 degrees, it can cover the entire front part of the car without any issue.

It comes built in with Sony starvis sensor which is popular within various other cameras as the output from this sensor is great.

Having a 2.4 inch display is another added advantage. The display is bright enough to be seen in any lighting condition, and you can see the content of the camera easily.

With the features on offer and after sales service this can be considered as one of the best car dash camera in India under 10000.

  • Durable design
  • Good camera sensor
  • Easy installation
  • Night time recordings can be better.

Procus- Ambassador Dash Cam for front and rear

Procus- Ambassador

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  • 1080P recording
  • Night vision
  • GPS connectivity
  • 140 degree viewing angle
  • Front and rear camera

User Review:

In the present traffic situation, we need a camera on the front and back of the car. This will help in knowing what is happening in the front as well as in the back.

It comes with a 1080 front camera with a viewing angle of 140 degrees like other cameras in this list.

The rear camera has a viewing angle of 120 degree, which is also great to have. With wide dynamic range, you will be able to get great picture quality on the footage.

You can connect external GPA to the dash camera, which will keep track of your exact location and also the speed.

With the included Wi-Fi, you will be able to transfer the footage from the camera to the phone with the included app.

Parking monitor is also present in this camera, which is a great option to have so that it will be able to keep taps on what events happening around the car.

  • Easy setup
  • Sleek looks
  • Good recording
  • After sales service can be better

70mai A400 Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

70mai A400 Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

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  • F2.0 Aperture
  • Rear camerea support
  • 1440 recording
  • 145 degree viewing angle
  • G-Sensor
  • Parking monitor

User Review:

People are preferring front and rear dash camera more compared to only the front as it provide more wide coverage around your vehicle.

70mai has many options in this segment, and the A400 is one of the best-selling dash cam for car front and rear.

The A400 records in QHD resolution, which is unique to the other cameras in this list.

You will get excellent output footage with this camera and with the 145 degree of viewing angle, all will be clear for you.

Dual channel recording in this camera is an added advantage here, as it provides more security and coverage.

Built-in G sensor detects any vibrations or shakes on your vehicle and record the footage at that moment.

Unlike other dash cameras in this list, this one has a F2.0 aperture which will help in capturing more light resulting in better video at night time.

  • Sleek looks
  • Easy setup
  • Rear camera support
  • Good recording quality
  • Limited availability

ENEM Full HD 1080P Mirror Dash Cam

ENEM Full HD 1080P

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  • 170 degree recording
  • 128GB Memory card support
  • G sensor
  • Front and rear camera
  • 1080P recording
  • Parking monitor

User Review:

This is another front and rear dash camera that is available in India. The setup of this camera is a bit different compared to other camera that we have checked till now.

This being a mirror dash cam, it is mounted on the rearview mirror of your car. The setup being very simple, it is being preferred by many people.

The viewing angle of this dash cam is 170 degrees, which is higher than any camera that we have checked earlier in this list.

You can connect the rear camera with the included 2.5 mm jack. The rear camera comes with a long cable to route it to the front so that the connection is possible.

In my personal experience, this camera provides one of the best viewing angles compared to others. You will be able to record more events in front and rear of the car, which give a better result.

Loop recording in this camera removes all the old recording and replace it with the new ones once the memory card gets filled.

Talking about memory card, you will be able to put 128 GB Card here, which would be enough to record video for a long time.

It also has the G sensor which helps in parking monitor, it records all events happening around once it detects any vibrations or shakes on the vehicle.

This dash cam can also be used on trucks and other heavy vehicles as well due to the easy setup and wide recording.

  • Easy setup
  • Wide recording area
  • Good quality
  • Limited after sales service

Buyer’s Guide for best bar dash camera in India under 10000

When ever you hear the word dash cam, you might have question in your mind as to what is it and why is it so popular nowadays.

It’s simply a camera that is placed on your car dashboard that keeps recording all the events happening in front of your car.

It records video clips if any events happen and stores it in the memory card which you can later use as a proof.

Types of dash cam

Another thing that you should know before getting a dash cam is the different types that are available. These types are classified based on the price range and features that they offer.

  • Front dash cam
  • Front and back dash cam

Now let me explain the above points.

Front dash cam for car

Usually, a dash cam comes with a built-in camera which is pointed towards the bonnet of the car.

It is kept in such a way that it will be able to capture anything and everything that a driver sees while driving on the road. It records all the events happening and stores it.

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Front and back dash cam for car

This is a bit different, these dash camera have two cameras which can record video from the front of the car and back.

This helps in finding if someone has bumped the car from the back and raise a claim for the damages.

Front unit is considered the main unit and the back camera comes as an attachment which you need to connect to the front unit.

Things to consider before getting a dash camera for car

Getting a dash cam for a car is easy, but as we are considering a dash cam that is priced below, 10000 the number of choices will get limited. Keeping that in mind, let’s see some points to consider.

  • Camera coverage angle
  • Features
  • Night vision
  • Battery
  • Installation

Let’s check the above mentioned points in detail.

Camera coverage angle

We are placing a camera in the dashboard with one main goal. It is to record all and every activity happening in front of it.

A good dash camera in a car should record in wide angle so that it can cover a large area in the front. This will enable recording any event from the side of the bonnet as well.

This will be a great addition to the camera and will be a good to consider.

Some issues commonly noticed here is that the recording at the edges get blurry, which will make that section of the footage unusable.

A typical dash cam has a coverage of 140 to 170 degree, which would be suitable for most cars.

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Here comes the elephant in the room. Features always attract customers, and it’s the same in the case of dash can as well.

For dash cam, features like voice control, collision detection, parking monitor are essential features.

A dash cam that comes with a display built in makes it a better option to consider as we can see the recordings directly from the dash cam screen, and it is not needed to be transferred to the phone.

Other feature like built in Wi-Fi is a must so that we can transfer videos from the dash cam to the phone wirelessly. This is enabled by the Wi-Fi direct option available in the dash cam.

Night Vision

Another important feature to have in a dash camera is night vision. When ever you travel at night, the visibility is limited and this can cause any crashes on the road.

You can crash on some other vehicle, or some other can crash on you.

Keeping this in mind we need to consider a dash cam for car which has night vision feature. This enables the camara to capture the footage in detail even in low light.


Battery is another needed feature in a dashcam. This helps in keeping the camera active even if your vehicle is off.

It has more functionality like parking monitor which records events around your car if there is any shake or if someone vandalizes your car while it is parked.


One thing that comes in people’s mind before getting a dash camera is, if dash cam is legal in India. The short answer for this is yes.

The footage from dash cam are being used by insurance agency and also law enforcement to catch the bad guys.

Also, it is coming preinstalled in many vehicles now so no worries in that department. You can buy and install a dash camera without any issues as usually the process is simple.

Q&A on best car dash camera in India under 10000

What are the benefits of a car dash camera?

Cameras are tools that record all the things that we see and enable us to see them later on.

When it comes to dash cameras, they are essential tools to be installed in the car as they record all the things that happen with the car so that we can use them later on.

In case you have an accident, there are many opinions coming from people around. To have a proof with you, a recorded video would be a solid evidence for you to defend your position.

Dash camera benefits us by providing this as it will help in claiming the insurance and keep a proof of whatever happens with our car.

Does dash cam drain battery?

This is a very common question within people. Dash cameras do not drain the battery of your car as they come with their own built-in batteries.

Dash cameras are not connected directly to the batteries of your car, instead they are connected to the USB ports which remain active only till the car ignition is ON.

The dash cam charges itself when the car is ON and once the car is turned off, the internal battery of the dash cam takes over. By this way, it does not drain the battery of the car.

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Is a dash cam worth it?

Yes, of course with the present traffic situation in India, there are many accidents occurring every day. Cars get damaged from back or front, which causes a serious trouble on roads.

To stop blaming one another and wasting time, fitting a dash cam in the car would act as another eye for you helping you in solving issues happening on road faster.


So should you get a dash camera for your car? The answer is yes, you should have one for sure. In this post we have covered most important aspects of a dash camera and the need of it.

We have considered the best car dash camera in India under 10000 Rs here but there are costlier options available in the market with better features.

Presently testing is going on with those, and we will come with a detailed blog later on. Hope you liked this post and if so please share it with friends.

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