Best UPS for WiFi router in India – Buyer’s Guide

If you are searching for the best UPS for WiFi router in India, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed some good options for you to check out.

Are you looking for a backup power supply (UPS) for your Wi-Fi router, modem, or other wireless digital devices?

With the right information, you’ll be able to select a reliable UPS that fits your needs and helps keep your wireless network running optimally.

Best UPS for WiFi router

Best UPS for WiFi router

Cuzor 12V Mini ups 

Cuzor 12V Mini ups

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  • Zero lag switching
  • 12 V output
  • Light weight and sleek design
  • Overcharge protection
  • Yearly maintanance
  • 1 Year warranty

Starting with one of the most popular brand that is available in Indian market. Cuzor is a new brand in this segment, but their products are considered to be great value for money.

When you use a UPS for your Wi-Fi router or modem, it should provide lag-free switching when there is a power outage. If it turns off and then turns on, it will create an interruption in the network.

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Cuzor has considered it and this model is exactly for the users who do not want any issues with their network even if there is regular power outage in their area.

Being a UPS it comes with a built-in battery manage IC which turns the charging off once it reaches 100% this avoids in any overheating of battery.

You will get battery replacement at your door steps with Cuzor, door to door service. The payment here is just 599 Rs which is great. It comes with 1 year if warranty and excellent after sales service.

  • Easy installation
  • Good build quality
  • Easily available
  • Good after sales service
  • Charge indicator needed

Oakter Mini UPS for 12V WiFi Router Broadband Modem

Oakter Mini UPS

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  • 4 hours of backup
  • Over charging protection
  • Easy setup
  • Multi device support
  • Zero lag switching
  • 1 Year of warranty

The next brand in the list is Oakter. They are in Indian market for some time and known for smart home devices like plugs and switching.

Recently they have started with the router UPS segment and in short time they have sold a lot of units.

The company claims it can provide up to 4 hours of backup, which in my personal experience was close to 3 and half hours.

This depends on the number of devices that you may connect to it. You can connect multiple devices with it, like a Wi-Fi router and a modem, but the backup will reduce to half.

We get a smart circuit inside these UPS that deals with the charging and discharging of the battery.

It prevents the router from overheating and also maintains the adequate voltage and amperage needed for the connected device.

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Installation of this router UPS is simple as it comes with all the needed wires and adapters that you may need to use based on the pin connector needed for your router or model.

It supports most of the WiFi router with 12V and the UPS is CE and ROHS certified.

  • Simple setup
  • Easy access On/OFF switch
  • Durable build
  • Provided cable is small



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  • Light weight design
  • Dedicated ON/off switch
  • Intelligent power management
  • Fast Switching
  • Overheat and short circuit protection
  • 4 Hours of backup
  • 12V router and model support

Resonate is one of the best-selling router UPS in India as it comes with good after sales service and wide service network. It is also considered to be built well and long-lasting. If you are looking for ups for Wi-Fi router and modem, then this one should be in your list.

Like other UPS on this list, the Resonate router UPS also provides 4 hours of backup with fast switching to battery backup once the power goes off.

You will never notice a drop in network speed, even if there are frequent power cuts in your area.

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This router UPS comes with an optional wall mount, which makes it easy to be connected and keep the place organized.

You will also get internal circuits to manage the battery charge and avoid any overcharging of the UPS, which improves the battery life.

Short circuit protection is included in the circuit to avoid any fire from overheating. The router UPS supports 12 V output voltage and less than 2A of current.

  • Sold build
  • Good battery backup
  • Wall mount
  • Easy setup
  • Total charge indicator is not present

V-Guard Envibe

V-Guard Envibe 12D4

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  • Circular design
  • Sold build
  • 5 Hours of backup
  • Over charge and heat protection
  • 12V output
  • 1 Year warranty
  • A Grade batteries used

V-Guard is a very old and trysted brand in India, and they are into various type or products in Indian market.

They are very popular in the stabilizer and fan segment. Recently during pandemic they started selling the router UPS.

This router is uniquely designed compared to others in this list. It has a circular design and others are rectangle.

The company promises 5 hours of backup when a single device is connected, and the charge reduces to half if two or more devices are added.

We get color coded input and output ports, which helps in easily knowing and setting up the device. Like other router UPS that we had checked earlier, this model also has overcharge protection and also short circuit protection.

Another important thing to consider her is that it comes with A grade battery with 2C discharge so that the battery remains healthy for longer time we get a support of 12 V output and the max amp rating is 2A which is suitable for most of the WiFi routers and modems available in India.

  • Attractive design
  • Good Build quality
  • Color coded ports
  • A bit of over heating noticed

Zinq UPS for Router

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  • Durable design
  • Easy to install
  • On/OFF toggle
  • 4 Connectors provided
  • 1 year warranty
  • 12V output supported.

Zinq is also new to Indian market, but the router UPS from this brand is popular. This is due to the build quality and also the price that we get it.

It follows a similar design as the Resonate router UPS that we checked earlier.

We get 4 hours of battery back based on the number of connections to the device. Installation is similar to all other UPS in this segment, as it comes with one output and 1 input port.

Like other UPS we get 4 hours of backup and in my experience 1 got 3 hours and 23 minutes in a single charge.

It comes with BIS, CE and Rohs certification which is great.

The company provides 1 year of warranty and will replace the battery if any issues arise during the time. In the package we get 4 connectors in which 2 are for input and 2 for output.

  • Durable build
  • 3 hours backup
  • Fast switching
  • Battery backup can be more.

CRUST Smart Mini UPS for WiFi Router

CRUST Smart Mini

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  • Unique design
  • Vents to let out heat
  • 5200mAh batteries
  • 1 year warranty
  • 12 and 9V output

Crust has some good quality products in the market and if you are looking for ups for Wi-Fi router this is one of the great options to consider.

You will get 4 hours of backup using this UPS similar to the other ones in this list. It can be used for Modem, Wi-Fi routers, CCTV camera, access controls and set-top boxes.

The voltage range supported here s 9V and 2.6 amps and 12 V and 2A, which is suitable for most devices available in the market.

The battery capacity that you get here is 2600mAh and this UPS houses 2 of them so the total battery capacity is 5200mAh. To avoid any heating or short circuit issues, the company has added special circuits inside it.

You also get overload protection here, which is an added advantage. With a 1-year warranty and good after sale support, this one should be considered if you are planning to buy a UPS for your modem or Wi-Fi router.

  • Low heating
  • Good build quality
  • Unique design
  • Backup can be a bit more

What is a router UPS?

If you have used a computer before, this might be a familiar term for you. UPS also stands for uninterrupted power supply, which is used as a backup power supply for your computer when there is a power outage so that you can save your work or else all your effort will go to waste.

Those UPS units were massive and heavy, with actual plug points for connecting your monitor, CPU, and other devices to your computer.

Nowadays, router-specific UPS are in high demand, so you can put a router anywhere. Normal UPS are usually placed near computers so that they can power them during an outage, but router UPS are really small and can provide power to your router and also your modem.

Things to consider

Identify the requirement

The first step to selecting the perfect UPS for your wireless network is identifying what you need and what the requirements are for your equipment.

This includes assessing how much power you need, measuring your voltage and wattage requirements, understanding standby versus run times, and estimating the amount of time you want your wireless network to remain running in case of a power outage.

Doing so will ensure that you choose the right UPS to meet your specific needs.

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Consider the available features

When selecting the best UPS for your wireless router or modem, consider any additional features that could be useful to you.

Things like monitored outlets, which will indicate when there is a power outage or disruption in your supply of electricity, or auto restart capability after a power outage are important considerations when deciding on the right UPS.

Additional LED indicators and audible alarms may also come in handy if you want to be alerted in case of any power disruptions.

Check the rating of the power router UPS

As we know, Wi-Fi routers have an input rating in the range of 9V or 12V.

When you buy a router, UPS needs to be checked. Every router UPS has a power output rating listed on it. Based on the input needed for your router or model, you should consider getting the router UPS.

The input rating will be controlled by the power adapter of the router, and the output will be provided by the router’s UPS.

In the event that you connect a higher rated router UPS to your router or modem, it could damage the internal circuit of the router.

best router ups in India

Test the UPS’s performance before finalising it

We get a router UPS so that there is no interruption if there is a power outage.

As people are working from home, there should be no interruptions while they are doing the work, and the network should always be connected.

I would suggest that, after getting a UPS, you connect it to your router without a power input to the UPS and check how much time it lasts.

This will determine when you should start worrying about your network getting disconnected during a power outage.

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Confirm warranty and service support before purchase.

When purchasing a UPS, it’s important to confirm the warranty and service support for the device. You want to make sure that there will be a qualified technician who can address issues with your device if needed.

Additionally, you should check what other services the company provides, such as software monitoring services, battery replacement services, and installation assistance.

This ensures that your device not only runs optimally, but that any potential issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

FAQ on UPS for WiFI router

How long will a UPS power a router?

The rating that are provided brands on various router UPS available in the market vary. In my personal experience, you will get an average of 3 hours of backup if you connect a single device to the UPS.

This also depends the external environment as if you place the device in a hot place then the backup many vary.

Do I need a UPS for my router?

Short answer for this is ye, specially if you are working from home then a backup for your network is a must because while you work if the power goes off then the network gets cut, and it may spoil the work. It is always good to have power backup for your Wi-Fi.


Backup for your Wi-Fi router is an essential thing to have nowadays if you work in IT field as most of your work is done over internet.

This also will help to make uninterrupted video calls, which is really important. Any option listed above will be value for money.

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