Best Stabilizer For Home and Appliances

As we know we may have ups and down in the electricity supply during the day. When it rains things can get worse as power will go in between and come, also there will be fluctuations in the supply. For protection of the home appliances that I mentioned above we need a device call stabilizer. It is a very important factor now a days. Here let’s see some of the best stabilizer for home that could be used with AC, TV, Washing machine or Refrigerator.

Best Stabilizer For Home

Best Stabilizer for home

Let me categorise this section based on the different home appliances that we need stabilizer for

  1. Stabilizer for TV
  2. Stabilizer for Refrigerators
  3. Stabilizer for AC
  4. Stabilizer for Washing Machines

Best Stabilizer for TV

While selecting a stabilizer for a TV you need to consider the TV size. The input needed for a 40 inch TV will be different from the input needed for a 65 inch TV. I have considered the most popular TV size here in this section. We can see the best stabilizer for TV with size 32, 43, 49, 55 and 65 Inches.

V-Guard Mini Crystal

V-Guard Mini Crystal

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Best Features:

  • Overload protection
  • ABS plastic design
  • Mini Size
  • Digital Display
  • Overheating protection

When it comes to stabilizer, V-Guard is one of the most trusted brands in India. This model is a mini stabilizer from V-guard which has a unique look. It can adjust to any place as the size is really small. Its really a good quality stabilizer and will go together with any 32 inch smart TV.

You can use this stabilizer to connect a Smart TV and also a Set top box. It can give excellent protection for both equipments connected together. The basic working frequency is 50 Hz.

It has additional features like a segment digital display which shows the status of the input and output and also it provides boost of 40 V and buck of 48 V.

Other major features of this stabilizer include a thermal overload protection which give protection against heating of circuit and also overload. This helps in burning of appliances due to overloading and hearing.

V-Guard Crystal Plus Supreme

V-Guard Crystal Plus Supreme stabilizer

Best Features:

  • Overload Protection
  • Over Heating Protection
  • ABS material used
  • 1.1 Meter cord
  • 3 year of warranty

43 Inch is one of most popular TV dimension that people prefer. Even though this stabilizer can be used for higher size TV, Its best suited for a 43 inch TV. It comes with a dedicated 3 pin plug for TV which can provide a 6A output and also a a 16 A plug which you can use to provide maximum load.

The cord length here is 1.1 meter which should be sufficient for connecting a TV and placing it near by. The build quality here is excellent. It has an ABS plastic build and also trendy look. It will match any setup that you will place it in.

This stabilizer can also be used by mounting it to the wall. It comes with input voltage protection and overload protection for the connected appliances. The heating protection included helps in reducing the amount of heat generated and also stopping the change of burning in appliances due to over heating.

You will also get spike protection in this stabilizer which is great to have when it comes to areas where there is lot of fluctuations.

This Stabilizer can be used with 43 inch TV and Set top box. You can also connect a home theater system to the stabilizer to keep it protected.

Monitor Stabilizer

Monitor Stabilizer

Best Features:

  • Supports upto 65 Inch Smart TV
  • 100% copper used
  • Wide range of voltage adjustments
  • 5 Years of warranty
  • Good looks and build quality

55 Inch Smart TV are getting more popularity now a days. A big screen experience at home is worth it. For protecting your investment like a 55 inch Smart TV we need a good stabilizer.

Monitor is a stabilizer brand which can be considered as one of the best stabilizer brands in India. They have some quality products and they use high quality copper in their wirings which avoids heating and spoiling of equipments.

This model is one of the best selling TV stabilizer in India. It comes with 100% pure copper wiring for stability and the life. You can use this stabilizer in 3D TV and also LED tv with size upto 65 inch.

Additionally you can connect gaming consoles or set top boxes and Home theatre systems. Use of good quality conductors and also power saving features makes this one of the best stabilizer for home in India.

This Stabilizer can operate in the range of 140 to 290 V. With the Wide spectrum of usage, you can connect various appliances in the range for long life.

With 5 years of warranty throughout India and excellent after sales service this is one of the best 55 inch TV stabilizer that you can buy.

Best Staiblizer for Refrigerator

When it comes to Refrigerators, Stabilizer should be bought based on the size or the Litre size of the Fridge. There are various capacity refrigerators available in the market. Most popular refrigerator sizes ranges from 200 to 500 litre.

Also Refrigerator stabilizer are also bought based on the number of doors as well like stabilizer for single door refrigerator. Here let’s see some of the best Stabilizer for Single and Double door fridge available in the market.

V-Guard VGSD 100 Supreme

V-Guard VGSD 100 Supreme stabilizer

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Best Features:

  • Durable Design
  • Overload protection
  • Over heating Protection
  • Voltage range from 130V to 290V

We have discussed about V-Guard many times before. They are the most popular stabilizer manufacturer in India. This is due to the quality and reliability of the products that they make.

This model is one of the stabilizer models that is liked by people around the world. It has a trendy look and also will match any refrigerator that you will connect it to. People buy stabilizer based on the fridge color. This stabilizer comes in Red, White and also in Grey. These colors will match your kitchen as well as your fridge

This model is a low power model which can be used for refrigerators upto 300 Litre capacity. This also can be used with a double door refrigerator but it would be better to use it with a 300 to 400 Litre refrigerator for best results.

It has a wide voltage range from 130V to 290V which makes its work good in different voltage situations. It proves excellent buck and boost based on the input voltage.

The capacity of this stabilizer is 4 Ampere which is suitable for refrigerators in India.

Everest Mini Ultra 1 KVA Stabilizer

Everest Mini Ultra 1 KVA

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Best Features:

  • 1KVA Stabilizer
  • 300 to 1000 Liter Support
  • Wide Voltage range support
  • Excellent build
  • 5 Years of warranty

As V-guard, Everest is another brand which is really popular when it comes to Stabilizers they are one of the oldest stabilizer manufacturer in India. If you are looking for a 1KVA stabilizer then this is the one to get

This stabilizer can support both Single door and Double door refrigerators. You can use this stabilizer for Refrigerators from 300 Liters to 1000 Liters.

When it comes to operating voltage range, it can vary from 130V to 290V and it can provide an output range from 200V to 240V. With a wide voltage spectrum this stabilizer ensures smooth operation for any refrigerator.

Everest has included power saving technology which reduces the power wastage and also efficient operation. It has a user friendly display that will denote the exact status of the Stabilizer.

With good quality copper wiring and excellent circuit design it can deliver quality performance for long duration. This stabilizer comes with Low and High Voltage Cut off which is suitable for homes which have high electric fluctuation rates.

Everest also has 5kva stabilizer for home which you can connect for high power equipments for their smooth operation

It has a trendy design as well as the body is made up of ABS plastic which is durable. With the 5 Years of warranty provided, this is one of the best voltage stabilizer for home in India that you can buy.

Best Stabilizer for AC

When it comes Stabilizer for Air conditioner we need to buy it according to the capacity. As we know Air conditioner has capacities based on Ton.

Everest 3 KVA Deluxe Stabilizer

Everest 3 KVA Deluxe Voltage Stabilizer

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Best Features:

  • 3KVA stabilizer
  • Good Build Quality
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Excellent after sales service
  • ITDS technology

Air conditioners need a good protection from fluctuations. AC have electronics that are very sensitive to voltage change and can get damaged soon. Usually AC gets damaged due to lightning strike or overload. For protecting your investment you may need to invest on a good Stabilizer for Air conditioner. Based on the Ton of the AC you can select different stabilizer options available in the market.

Everest as we discussed above is one of the best brands for voltage stabilizers that you can buy in India. This model from Everest is a 3KVA stabilizer which comes with advanced technology to provide best voltage regulation for your Air Conditioners.

This Voltage stabilizer for AC come with ITDS technology which provides safety for your Air conditioners even in varying voltage situations. Auto power cut for high voltage is an added advantage here. When there is power failure, the stabilizer will keep the AC off for 3 minutes for the voltage to get stable so that there is no issues with the AC due to voltage fluctuation.

Thermal sensor built in functions based on Overload and Over heating of components to avoid burn of circuits inside your Air conditioner. Everest voltage stabilizer for AC has a working range of 185-270V which is suitable for various voltage levels.

It has status indicators which denote the status of the stabilizers when there is a voltage drop and also shows if the voltage is low.

V-Guard VG 400 AE 10 Stabilizer

 V-Guard VG 400 AE 10

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Best Features:

  • Wide voltage range
  • Excellent build
  • Trendy design
  • ITDS Technology
  • Overload protection
  • Over heating protection

When it comes to AC stabilizer, V-Guard is one of the brand that you cannot skip. They have wide range and trendy looking stabilizers in India. This model the VG 400 AE 10 is a best selling stabilizer for AC in India.

Its a cool design that most of the people who are looking for a stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC will like. The main attraction of the AC stabilizer is the minimalistic look that it provides. It will suit for any 1.5 Ton AC and give a great look for you room.

This stabilizer for AC is suitable for non inverter Air conditioner. It has a rating of 12 A and comes only in white color. It has an LED indicator to denote what the stabilizer is doing.

Wide Input voltage Cut-OFF is another highlighting feature of this Stabilizer. The range of operation stars from 165 V and 270 V which will be suitable for most of the Indian homes.

ITDS comes in standard which ensures safety of the compressor in any voltage fluctuation. V-Guard has implemented IC technology to regulate voltage as need based on input.

Included thermal overload protection ensures that there is no burning of circuits due to overheating. With the circuit design that is safe from failing, this model of V-Guard Stabilizer can be considered as the best stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC in India.

This stabilizer comes with 3 years of warranty and also with the excellent network coverage from V-Guard its a good deal.

Best Stabilizer for Washing Machine

This comes as a question from many people who are planning to buy a washing machine in India.

Do we need a stabilizer for washing machine?

The answer here is Yes. As Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, the electronics inside a washing machine are also sensitive to the voltage fluctuations. They tend to get damaged when High voltage passed through them. A good stabilizer for washing machine can solve this problem.

Washing machines are basically of two types.

  1. Front Loading Washing Machines
best stabilizer for washing machine

2. Top Loading Washing Machines

best stabilizer for washing machine

They both work in different principal. But when it comes to full automatic front or top loading washing machine, the electronics and circuitry will be mostly same. Latest Front loading machines are more sophisticated that the top loading once. With high level of technology and AI included the electronics here will be much sensitive to over voltage.

A good stabilizer will keep things safe for any type of washing machine that you are planning to purchase or are using it.

Everest Stabilizer

Everest washing machine Stabilizer

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Best Features:

  • Excellent build quality
  • 100% copper wiring
  • Triple booster technology
  • 90V to 300V Range

We have discussed about Everest stabilizers many time so not repeating the same again. If you are looking for a 5kva stabilizer for home then this is the option to consider. It comes with a high quality build and also 100% pure copper wiring for long and safe usage.

Everest has included Triple booster technology which regulates voltage based on the variation in the input voltage. This ensures that the device connected to the stabilizer operates safely without any over loading issues.

When it comes to washing machine, on using it on high load there will be chances where the input voltage levels needed should be high. With a voltage regulation of 90V to 300V you can get an excellent buck and boost with this stabilizer keeping the operation of washing machine to be smooth.

Spike protection is an added advantage of this stabilizer which manages sudden spikes in the voltage making the chances of devices to fail minimum.

It has a digital display showing the exact voltage levels at the output which helps in getting an exact of how the voltage levels are in the home.

Like other stabilizers in this range, this model also come with built in overload and heating protection which keeps the connected device safer from failing due to voltage overload and heating of circuits.

EzLife EZ-200 Stabilizer

EzLife EZ-200

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Best Features:

  • ITDS technology
  • Excellent build
  • Wide voltage Range
  • 5 Years of warranty

When it comes to top loading washing machines, the stabilizer of choice would be ExLife Ez-200. It is made of high quality material and also 100% pure copper wiring inside.

This model comes with ITDS (Intelligent Time Delay System) which regulates the appropriate voltage levels when there is a power failure.The time delay helps in reducing failures when there is an instant cut off and return of power.

High and Low voltage cut off protection helps to reduce the chances of device failure due to high voltage and low voltage conditions.

Thermal overload protection is available in this model as well, it ensures safety against over heating of the circuit and it cuts off the supply to protect the appliances connected to it.

Buyers’ Guide for best stabilizer for home

The stabilizers that we use for our home appliances is basically relay based voltage stabilizers. We had discussed about how relay works in a voltage stabilizer’s earlier. The listed stabilizers below are relay based stabilizers for TV, Refrigerators, Air conditioners and Washing machines

What is voltage Stabilizer and how it works??

Stabilizer for various home appliances is also known as voltage stabilizer. As the name suggest the main operation of a stabilizer is to give a stable output from the terminal where we connect any appliance. This is done based on various scenarios.

We can see Ups and Downs in the electricity coming from the main supply. When the voltage reduces it will effect the functionality of the appliances and also over voltage can damage the parts in your home appliances. Stabilizer comes really handy in such situations making the output voltage stable with a constant value.

Why do we need voltage Stabilizer?

Most of the electrical equipments that we have in our home can handle some amount of voltage fluctuations. It can vary from +10 to -10 within the specified range. When the changes in input supply increases more than the range then the circuit in the home appliance will not be able to handle the load causing failure of parts and the circuit board.

During rains or of any construction work going near by there could be faults in the electrical line which cause the voltage to increase in the supply. When lightning occurs during rainy season the issue with voltage fluctuation is common. When lightning strike the electric line, it supplies a huge amount of voltage to the input line of your home. Most of the extra voltage is handled by the transformers placed in your area but still some electricity out of the range for your home appliances could enter the supply circuit.

This when hits the home appliances in operation like AC or Fridge, damages the circuit as the device should not withstand the input voltage. It will be a serious damage and would cause a lot of money to repair. To avoid this we need a voltage stabilizer. It handles the extra voltage that comes thorough the supply and provides an output that matches the needs of the appliance connected.

What is the function of Voltage Stabilizer?

When it comes to knowing about over voltage and under voltage we need to consider the amount of damage that it can make to your devices. Stabilizer as we discussed above is a device to provide stable output. if you are wondering how a voltage stabilizer works then let’s discuss that in detail here. Basically the operation of a voltage stabilizer can be described as buck and boost.

If you know about electronics then most of them use a kind of transformer to increase or decrease the incoming voltage. Transformers basically work in the concept of mutual induction. There will be two coils inside a transformer one for reception of the input voltage and another for output.

Transformers can be classified into two types. Step Up transformer and Step Down transformer. These concepts come into play when there is a huge amount of voltage passing through but in the home appliances we can see a miniature version of the transformers that we see in streets.

In a stabilizer as well you will find a transformer which manages the input and output voltage accordingly. As I had mentioned about buck and boost operation earlier. The functionality of a transformer here is to boost the voltage if it detect any reduction in input voltage form the source. It it detects any decrease in input voltage the boost operation occurs increasing the output as per the need of the appliances that is connected to the voltage stabilizer.

The Buck and Boost operations are done with the relays present in the Voltage stabilizer. The relays detect the variation in the input voltage and performs step up and step down operations in the transformer.

Step Down Transformer

Let’s have a basic idea on how a step down transformer works in a stabilizer. Here in the picture below we can see the primary and secondary coils in a step down transformer.

step down transformer in a stabilizer

When the voltage input becomes high the relay inside a stabilizer switch to the buck mode which give the input the primary coil shown here. As the secondary coil has the lower number of windings, it will reduce the voltage input to the desired level and provide it as output to the appliance. This happens in realtime with the included relays

Step Up Transformer

Like in the step down transformer, we will have two coils here as well. In the Step down we had larger number of primary coils but in the step up we will have lower number of primary coils and more secondary coil windings.

Step up transformer in a stabilizer

This Increases the input voltage as needed by the home appliance. Basically there will be only one coil system but the interchanging of primary and secondary coils work based on the input voltage that is received by the stabilizer. This happens in real time with the included relay.

The operation is really simple but it helps in protecting the home appliances.

Advantages of voltage stabilizer for home

To remain peaceful about the home appliance and their life we need to invest in a good stabilizer that will keep them protected from fluctuation and over voltages during various situations. We need to get the maximum life about any home appliances so that we do not need to buy them again and again. In a general survey, home appliances with stabilizers last really long compared to the appliances that are not used with stabilizers. This comes true in cases like using a stabilizer for TV and Refrigerator has increased their life for long time.

If you are wondering what will be the long term effect of high and low voltage, let me explain that to you.

Issues with high voltage for long time

  • Damage to the insulation of the windings of the motor when it comes to Washing machines or AC
  • Cable damage and burning of cables,
  • Blowing of fuses regularly
  • Damage to motor and cooling in AC, Refrigerators and Washing machines
  • Increased expense in repair
  • Will spoil overall experience with the product

Issues with low voltage for long time

  • Slow operation of equipments
  • Unexpected results
  • Damage of appliances in long run
  • When it comes to Refrigerator and AC the cooling will be hugely affected with low voltage

So in short the advantage of using a stabilizer is to avoid all the issues that I have listed above. It also increases the lifespan of any appliances in your home.

Now that we have discussed about the needs of a voltage stabilizer and also advantages on using a stabilizer let’s now find out best voltage stabilizer that you can buy for home in India.

FAQ on best stabilizer for home

What is the best stabilizer?

Stabilizer should be selected based on the appliances that you are going to connect it to. Here I have listed some of the best stabilizers based on different home appliances that you may need. When it comes to a best stabilizer then you can get any options from V-Guard which have been proven to be the best selling stabilizer brand in India. Models like V-Guard VM 500 Voltage Stabilizer can be considered when you are planning to buy a stabilizer for your home.

How to choose stabilizer for home?

Choosing a stabilizer is done based on the appliances and the load. When it comes to refrigerators, the number of liter is considered as a factor. Similarly for Air conditioners the Ton is considered as a factor for selecting appropriate stabilizer for an AC. For TV as well, based on the screen size we can select a stabilizer. Here you can read the content above to know the best options available in stabilizers for TV, AC, Fridge and Washing machine. Many people have questions in their mind as “How do I choose a voltage stabilizer?” It basically depends on the voltage rating in your home also the amount of fluctuations that you have.

If there are many power cuts in your home then a stabilizer with ITDS technology will keep your home appliances safer for a longer time compared to a normal stabilizer.

Which stabilizer is best for home?

Any option listed above will answer the question of “which stabilizer is best for home?” Based on the list above you can consider buying any stabilizer for you home appliances.

Does stabilizer save electricity?

No. Stabilizers are not meant to save electricity in your home. They just stabilize the input voltage for the appliances that you have connected it to. They give protection from over loading and heating in the appliances which make them run smoothly without issues for a longer time.

Conclusion on Best Stabilizer for home

Here I have tried to list out some of the best voltage stabilizers for home. Any option above based on the appliances that you are needing a stabilizer for will be good to buy. A stabilizer will surely give a peace of mind when connected to a costly appliance like TV or Washing machine so that it remains protected from Overloading of voltage or heating.

This ensures longer life for the appliance and also less expense from your pocket.

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