Android 14 Beta 1 will focus on privacy, Security, performance and customization

Android 14 Beta 1 will focus on privacy, Security, performance and customization as per the latest update from Android developers blog. Users will get more options to customize their phone in the latest version of Android.

As per Google, Android is expected to have continuous improvements on the key aspects like security and privacy.

Android 14 Beta

Following are some of the major changes coming with Android 14

List of changes in Android 14 Beta 1

Better graphics

With the inclusion of Android path API and flexible mechanism to create a render vector graphics, Android 14 can provide a better user experience. Better morphing effect and animations can be expected when further beta releases are available.

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Advanced privacy

Another change that Android 14 brings to the table is advanced privacy features. For user with disabilities, accessibilityDataSensitive attribute helps to limit visibility of specific functionalities. Another feature called Play protect helps to make user sure about the claims of the applications in Google Play Store. There will be improvements in talk back feature in Android 14 which will help disabled users to use the device in a better way.

In short, the privacy features in Android 14 would help user to protect personal data and also to make sure about the apps they are installing on their devices.

More customization

Android is known for its customizable features, and Android 14 will take it to another level. Android 14 would improve the language preferences so that the IMEs could identify the language used in Apps. With the use of Android Studio Giraffe Canary 7 and AGP 8.1.0-alpha07, you can configure the language preference automatically.

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Testing compatibility of App in Android 14 Beta

If you are an App developer, then it’s time to test the app in latest version of Android. As the beta version is already out, more people would jump into using apps with this version of Android.

To stay a step ahead, you should test the application by installing the app and checking for any issues noticed. Fix those issues so that you will be all set for further Android beta release and for the final release.

Android 14 Beta release dates

Beta 1 of Android 14 was released in April and the Android 14 Beta 2 is expected to be released in Google I/O which is expected to happen in May. Next versions the Android 14 Beta 3 is expected to be released by June, followed by Beta 4 in July.

Beta 4 would be the last version in the Android 14 Beta releases, after which we can expect the final release.

How to download Android 14 Beta

If you are a Google Pixel owner, then you will be the first to have download options for the next version of Android. Go to the android beta website and enroll your device. Check if your device is compatible with the list available and then proceed with the download. Once enroll, the download option will be available in the settings app of your phone.

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