Apple Watch will support pairing with multiple devices

Apple Watch is the best companion device to your iPhone. Till now there is a limitation with Apple Watch as it is able to pair only with iPhones. This is going to change as it will be able to pair with iPad and Mac with the upcoming updates. This feature will be announced in WWDC that is going to happen in June.

The limitation of pairing an Apple Watch only to an iPhone only was to keep the watch data secure. Even though all the devices are connected to the same Apple ID, the watch will work only with iPhone. When it comes to other accessories like the AirPods, it can switch seamlessly with different Apple devices.

In a recent leak from analyst941 on Twitter, Apple Watch will be able to sync with iPad and Mac, making it easier to use. This will be a welcome addition to Apple Watch and have people excited. Presently for users who don’t have an iPhone but have iPad or Mac are not able to use Apple Watch to its limits, which is expected to change now. There is no official confirmation yet on the multi device support.

Syncing Apple Watch to iPad and Mac will enable people to see their Apple Health+ data and also track them on iPad and Mac. We already have features like unlocking the Mac using Apple Watch but with the integration of multiple devices, user will be able to do payments using Apple Pay as well.

It is not yet confirmed about the launch date of this feature, but mostly we can see a glimpse of it in iOS 17, macOS 14 and watchOS 10. We can expect some more leaks on the same when we reach near WWDC 2023 dates.

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