How to Save iPhone 14 Battery Life

If you are here, then you may be looking for ways in how to save iPhone 14 battery life. We are going to cover all the steps that you can follow to get a better battery life in your iPhone.

Apple this year has launched four iPhones, which is the first time it has happened.

All are powered by Apple’s own silicon the A15 Bionic which is the first mobile processor with 5┬ánm architecture in the market.

The A15 bionic is one of the most powerful SOC that is available in any smartphone, and it is very power efficient as well.

Having an efficient CPU will definitely make your battery backup better, but this time Apple has reduced the size of the batteries in the iPhone 14 Series.

Having 5G included and a better screen, that iPhone 14 will consume more battery compared to the iPhone 14 that we had last year.

In the iPhone 14 we have 3000 mAh battery which is around 200 mAh more compared to iPhone 13 which had 2800 mAh.

With iOS 16 and the latest 5G enable iPhone, this battery drop may affect the longevity of the battery in iPhone 14.

How to Save iPhone 14 Battery Life

Battery life is a very important for any phone, being a smaller battery will make you charge the phone multiple times a day.

In case you are a road warrior, a small battery is always a concern.

In case you are planning to buy an iPhone 14 or you are already using it, you should follow these tips to get the maximum use of your phone before charging it and also the battery will last longer in a day’s use.

As I had mentioned earlier, iPhone 14 has 3000 mAh battery, so we need some optimization to make it good.

In my experience iPhone 14 gives a decent battery life in single charge but in case you are a heavy user, and you like gaming in your phone then this size of battery won’t make it though a day.

The below mentioned tricks and tips should work in all versions of iPhone 14 i.e iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 pro Max.

How to Save iPhone 14 Battery Life

iPhone 14 battery Life

Enabling Wifi calling if available

As we know, LTE or 5G uses more battery power compared to Wi-Fi. So it would be better if you enable Wi-Fi calling in settings so that all the calls go through your Wi-Fi network.

This is possible only when you are at your home or a place where you have Wi-Fi coverage.

Enabling Wifi calling if available.

If you have access to Wi-Fi network then it will be better to use Wi-Fi calling instead of call over LTE or 5G network.

Settings > Mobile Data > Wifi Calling ON

In my experience, this has really helped in saving the battery for longer time in a day.

Also, the LTE and 5G calling always makes phone heated more when compared to calls made with Wi-Fi.

This will also help in total battery life span of your iPhone.

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Reducing motion

In case you have used iOS in any iPhone, you may be knowing that iOS have many animations when accessing apps and also switching between apps in app switcher.

This gives good experience while using an iPhone, but this also puts load on the processor and battery.

It consumes more battery when there are more animations and effect.

Reducing motion

Reducing the motion effects in iOS will be effective on reducing the use of battery and increase the longevity of the battery during the day.

This can be done by going to accessibility inside settings.

Settings> Accessibility>Motion>Reduce motion

This can improve you battery life if you use multiple apps at a time switching from one app to another.

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Reducing White point

Apple this year has switched from the traditional LCD to AMOLED displays in all their iPhone.

LCDs even thought they are good they are more power hungry panels as you cannot control the backlight based on the picture displayed but in case of an AMOLED display each pixel is a LED which can be turned On/OFF based on the picture shown.

In case your picture is black or have black places, LED’s in that part of display can be completely turned OFF, which make the display to consume less power.

Reducing White point

White color when displayed in an OLED screen takes more compared to any other color shown as it needs all the pixels to be lit at the same time.

So reducing the white point can reduce the total brightness of the display, reducing the whites displayed in the screen reducing the battery usage.

You can reduce the white point of the display from settings.

Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Reduce White point ON

You can adjust the slider as your requirement.

This will have a positive effect on your battery life during the day for sure. I have positive effect in battery life after doing this.

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Turning OFF always listening SIRI

Smart assistants are great, they can make your tasks easy as we can control many things with your voice commands. They can report you the weather and also your daily events scheduled with ease.

Recent phones always have listening smart assistants in your phone. You can call the assistants with screen off as well, or without picking the phone.

This is all great, but the problem here is for always listening, your phone should keep the microphone always active for listening.

Turning OFF always listening SIRI

This drains the battery a lot. Disabling this feature of always listening helps to reduce the battery usage and make your phone last longer through the day.

In case you use the feature a lot then you should leave it ON else if you don’t use it, I would suggest turning it off which will really help.

You can turn it off from the settings page, Siri and Search.

Settings > Siri and Search > Listen for Hey Siri > OFF

In my experience, this really helps in increasing your battery during the day’s use, and it can be one of the best solutions.

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Turning OFF raise to wake

This is a feature available in iPhones for long.

When ever you raise the phone to your face, it turns on the display for some time and shows you the time and the notifications. In recent iPhones, it also unlocks the phone with face ID.

Turning OFF raise to wake

Being a useful feature, it can be a battery hog sometimes due to false responses.

When you put your phone in a pocket or in a wallet, the screen keeps turning ON even if you do not need it to. This keeps draining your battery without need.

Turning the feature off will definitely save a ton of battery, and you can use your phone longer while you use it for the need.

To turn off this feature, you need to go to settings and display & brightness option.

Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake OFF

Try doing this and you will surely find a difference in daily battery life.

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Turn ON dark mode.

As we have discussed earlier we have AMOLED screen this time in iPhone which is a welcome change. They are battery in managing battery usage as each pixel can be controlled separately.

Turn ON dark mode.

Turning ON dark mode will make the interface dark, which makes most of the UI Black and making less pixel to be lit when used.

Display being the main battery drain hardware in any phone, an AMOLED display makes this process efficient by turning off the pixels when the image shown is black.

You can turn ON dark mode from settings.

Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark Mode ON

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Enabling Low Power Mode

Most of the phone nowadays have a power saving mode inbuilt in the OS as it’s a feature in the main OS platform itself both in Android and IOS.

Enabling Low Power Mode

This feature comes really handy when you are going for a trip, or you don’t have access to a power outlet, and you need to use the extra juice from the battery.

Turning this ON makes your phone use less power as it reduces the CPU performance to certain level and stops background sync of your email and other push services.

This also stops usage of LTE and 5G model, reducing the power drain. Background sync of apps drain your battery a lot as they have many service running in the memory at a time.

Turning on Low power mode is a great option on if you don’t receive many emails, or you don’t want to receive them and use only the essential services in your phone.

You can do this by going to settings in iPhone

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode ON

Optimised battery charging

This has nothing to do with your daily battery life, but it will have positive effects in the total life of battery life of your iPhone 14 in the years that you are going to use it.

Optimised battery charging

Recent phones support fast charging which is really convenient to charge your phones faster, and you can get a day’s use in 30 minutes charge, but the process has a negative effect in the battery life in long run.

Battery as we know degrade in time and the capacity to store charge reduces. It’s calculated based on number of cycles the battery undergo.

Optimized battery charging will limit the amount of charge entering the battery and reduce the burden on the battery and also manages the battery heating well, improving the long term battery life.

You can turn this ON/OFF from settings.

Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimised battery charging ON

Managing Location Services for iPhone 14 battery life

Location is a permission that most of the apps ask when you install them. Location being an important feature in a phone uses a lot of battery as it has some hardware like GPS to work with.

How to Save iPhone 14 Battery Life

In case you need high accuracy GPS, then it will consume a lot of battery and drain your battery very easily. So which apps need location.

Basically, your maps and routing apps need location to run. So in case you are visiting a new place every day, and you need to know the exact location of the place, then you may need to use a map.

So enabling the access of location to that app will be good.

Apps that use location without any need drain battery, so you need to give permission to those apps only if needed.

You can set the location for apps only when they are in use, and they should not use location when they are not in use.

You can select this option from settings.

Settings > Privacy > Location services> Click on Location Services> Click on apps and select “While Using”

This really helps in controlling apps from using location and reducing the battery usage in the background.

Stopping Background App Refresh for iPhone 14 battery life

Apps use battery in the background without our knowledge. This is really frustrating as we may not know which app is draining our battery.

Finding such apps and uninstalling them or disabling them from doing background will save a lot of battery.

How to Save iPhone 14 Battery Life

We need to find out which apps that should refresh in the background. As a smartphone, we need it to show us important notifications from mail and chat applications like WhatsApp.

These app needs to sync in the background to get the latest email and chats. Other apps that have no purpose running in the background should be stopped.

iOS provides option to disable background app refresh for specific apps that we do not need. You can do this from settings.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Here you can select the way you need background refresh to happen, either by Wi-Fi only or with LTE or 5G and Wi-Fi or Totally stop background refresh.

Also, you will find the list of apps installed in your iPhone here which you can select individually and turn off “Background app refresh”.

There are other common settings that you can do to get best battery life from iPhone 14.

  • Turning ON auto brightness

You can do this from settings. This will help to manage the brightness of the display based on ambient light so that you will get apt brightness that you need.

Manually setting brightness will keep brightness in the same level and some cases it will remain high without need, causing more battery drain.

  • Managing notifications from apps.

You need to select notifications for apps that you need to have notifications.

Many apps will simply trigger notifications which you may not need. You need to go to settings and notification and here you will see the list of installed apps and on clicking each app you can customize the notification type and the need of notification.

You can either turn off the notification or set the priority of notification.

This will help your screen to turn on less and saving battery.


The above-mentioned tricks will help to save your iPhone 14 battery for sure as , I personally have tried these, and they have worked well till now.

There are many other factors to consider when it comes to battery life. The environment that you use your phone is a major factor.

You might know that batteries don’t work well in hot climates, as they drain really fast.

But in general based on the iOS, the above-mentioned settings should work and in case you are looking for to Save iPhone 14 battery Life.

If you have points to add here, please mention then in the comment section below so that others can also know it.

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