Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

Bluetooth’s speakers are being the present trend now. They are compact in design and they can produce really great sound. In this review, we have tried to find the best Bluetooth speakers in India that you may be looking for.

A Bluetooth speaker can be connected to anything that has Bluetooth in it to stream music from it. Its best feature will be a battery that holds a charge, allowing us to use it anywhere.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

Best Bluetooth speakers in India

In the series of finding the best Bluetooth speaker in India we started checking speakers that are under 5000 Rs range. In that, we have sorted out some of the best ones here.

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WeCool Storm S-02 Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

On testing these we noticed as they are the best bang for the buck under 2000 Rs price range as they produce good quality sound and the bass is appropriate.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

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Main Highlights

  • Good quality build and nice finish. This speaker looks good from every angle and is one of a head turner in this segment.
  • This was able to connect to our mobile devices seamlessly and was able to maintain the connection for long distances.
  • The bass produced by this speaker was good and effective.
  • It has Bluetooth, AUX mode or TF card support which is an added advantage.
  • This also has FM in it which is good and the reception was good.

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JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

JBL is known for its sound system and this is nothing different. It’s a miniature power house and the sound it produces it perfect, and it’s a value for money product.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

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Main Highlights

  • Excellent build quality. We had dropped it many times but it stayed as a tank.
  • Nice looks and its buttons are made of good quality
  • Easy to carry into any place due to small foot print.
  • Bass is up to the mark for a speaker of this size.
  • 4.5 Hours of playback was achieved at a single charge which is good at this price range.
  • It has an inbuilt mic which is an added bonus.
  • Speaker is available in different colors.

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boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 R bluetooth speaker

Boat is one of the leading brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. This one from boat the Spin X 2.0 is one of the best from them, and it falls under the 2000 Rs range which is good.

It produces nice high’s and mid. 12 W output in this is one of the best in the segment.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

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Main Highlights

  • Good build and a cylindrical design which looks nice.
  • Sound output is good from the speaker and the mid and lows are excellent.
  • Battery life as stated by the company lasted around 2 hours in average, which is ok.
  • Nice big button controls that help increase and decrease volumes easily.
  • Stable foot that keeps the speaker set on the table at high volumes as well.

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Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

This is one of the latest launches from Mi. It’s very compact in design and simple looking speaker. It has a 5W output which being low in this price range but still seems to perform good.

This design made us consider it in the best bluetooth speakers in India segment.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

Main Highlights

  • Minimalistic design with a strap and it looks good.
  • Button controls and nice and sturdy
  • Good bluetooth range
  • The spaker being compact produces nice sound to full a room.
  • Its IPX5 rated which is a highlighting feature of it.

These were the high-end speakers that we had put to test. We had done deep testing and the results are based on it.

Now let’s move onto the premium segment of Bluetooth speakers that are above 3000 rupees range.

High end Bluetooth speakers are expected to produce balance sound in all levels of volume, and they should have all the latest features needed for a Bluetooth speaker.

Let’s begin with the sorted list of the Bluetooth speakers that performed really well in this segment.

Sony SRS-XB12 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker

The name itself tells every thing. Sony speakers and other electronics are always considered to be of supreme quality and for sound Sony always have a good name in our minds.

This speaker keeps up with the promise of the manufacturer. Being compact in design we cannot judge it like that. It is Is very good and the sound output is balanced.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

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Main Highlights

  • Sony claims to have 16 hours battery life, which was not the case it provided.
  • Sony has made a well built speaker here with nice design
  • Bluetooth’s range was good, and we were able to play songs at 10-meter distance
  • The speaker being compact produces nice sound to full a room.
  • Its IPX5 rated which is a highlighting feature of it.
  • This speaker is available in a variety of color, which is an added advantage.

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart bluetooth speaker

This is one of the trending speakers as it’s a smart speaker. This can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, which is an added advantage. Echo dot 3rd Gen has Bluetooth and Alexa assistant built in to which you can talk through your voice and get responses.

You can use this speaker without a wall plug by connecting it with a power bank, which will make it a wireless speaker.

Best Bluetooth speakers in INDIA

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Main Highlights

  • Voice assistant built it which you can give commands and play from Amazon.
  • Have a good design with fabric sides which makes it look good.
  • Bluetooth connection is well maintained and the range is good.
  • Nice lighting response on calling the assistant, Alexa.
  • Sound quality is up to the point with low and mids to be good.
  • Multi speaker audio is an added advantage which is not seen in common

boAt Stone 1401 Bluetooth Speaker

As the name says, it’s built like a tank. It’s an attention grabber for many people. In our testing, we dropped it many times and it stayed strong.

The handle provided by the company is an added advantage. We can easily carry this around without any issues and as per looks it’s not that heavy.

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Main Highlights

  • Rugged build and solid construction with goof material used.
  • Nice lows and mid and the treble was clear, and we did not notice any distortions at high volumes
  • Good bluetooth range provided we were able to play our audio even from next room.
  • Battery capacity is 2500 Mah which is good in this price range.
  • IP water resistance rating is an added advantage.
  • We were able to achieve 4 hours of continues play at high volume

JBL Flip 3 Stealth bluetooth speaker

We had discussed the JBL Go earlier and this is another model, the JBL flip 3 which is one of the popular models.

JBL is always known for its sound quality and this is no different. It provides excellent bass and treble and the build is simply nice. It has water resistance which is an added advantage

The Speaker is rated for 16w which is good for this price range.

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Main Highlights

  • Good build quality and stable on high volumes
  • Keys are easy to press and have good feedback
  • Bluetooth’s range is good, and we tested it for 10 meters and it worked well.
  • Long battery life which keeps going on
  • IP water resistance rating is an added advantage.
  • We were able to achieve 5 hours of continues play at high volume.

DOSS E-Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Doss is one of the new launched brands in INDIA, and they are well known outside. They make some good quality products and the E-go is one of them.

This model is pretty unique design and is an eye-catcher. We had thoroughly reviewed this and noticed as it’s a value for money deal. The sound output was adequate, and the bass was good. There were some distortion at higher volumes.

Battery life was good in this model.

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Main Highlights

  • Unique design and an eye catcher
  • Well built buttons and the design is compact.
  • Sound is good for a speaker of this size.
  • The band provided is an added advantage for a grip.
  • Impact resistance is good as we had dropped it multiple times and it survived.
  • IP X6 rating is an added advantage

Buyers Guide

How does Bluetooth speakers work?

As we know, for two devices to communicate, there should be a connection between them. A Bluetooth device communicates via magnetic signals between the devices that receive your song or audio.

As we know presently all major companies are moving towards cordless technology. Bluetooth’s technology is one of the main in them. Companies like Apple, Google are implementing this in their latest smart speakers as well.

We have mainly concentrated on the quality of the product and the sound that it produces in our testing. Also, we have considered the pricing of the speaker, that’s the main things that you people will be checking about.

Bluetooth speakers classification

  1. Speakers classified based on price
  2. High end bluetooth speakers


So that’s our list of the best Bluetooth speakers in India. We had done a thorough testing of these devices in various situations and made this review so that it can help you guys to make the right decision for the next purchase.

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