Best car power Inverter in India – Buyer’s guide

Are you searching for the best car power Inverter in India? You are in the right place.

Most of the cars nowadays come with 12V power socket which is suitable for charging your phone or tablet.

When it comes to laptops or any other gadget that needs a normal 220V power socket, then the problem starts. A car power inverter could solve this issue for you.

best car power inverter in India

What is a power inverter for car?

Modern vehicles come with USB ports that can charge phones. However, few cars have outlets similar to your wall socket. 

A power inverter is required to charge larger electronics such as laptops or game systems. They connect to the car’s 12.0-volt outlet (cigarette lighter), and provide multiple outlets for simultaneous charging.

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Car batteries produce a direct electric current, while most personal electronics need alternating current. A power inverter is a device that converts AC power to DC power.

Best car power inverter in India

Yearwin Car power Inverter

car power inverter

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  • 200Watts
  • 2 AC outlets
  • 1 USB C port
  • 3 USB A port
  • Display
  • Overload protection

User Review:

Another popular brand in this segment is Yearwin. This model is considered to be a great option in the car power inverter segment in India as it comes with a solid build and good set of features.

Like the Vantro that checked below, this model from yearwin also has 2 AC outlets that can be used for laptops and cameras.

There is one USB port less compared to the Vantro power inverter as this model has only 3 ports which support QC 3.0. You can charge the phone in a very fast rate, as the maximum output that we get here is 6.2amps.

An added advantage with this power inverter is that it comes with a USB port, which makes it a better option compared to the vantro that we checked. As latest phones and laptops support USB charging, this feature would add more value to the product.

Like the Vantro car power inverter, this model also comes with an internal fan to maintain cooling. Overload protection is a needed feature for any device in a car so that it can protect the car from issues.

Sleek looksLimited after sales service
1 meter long cable
3 USB A and 1 USB C port
Nice display

Vantro Car Power Inverter 

Vantro Car Power Inverter 

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  • 200W output
  • 4USB ports
  • 2 AC sockets
  • QC 3.0 Support
  • Display
  • ON/OFF switch

User Review:

With the range under 2000 Rupees in India, the Vantro car power inverter is one of the best in this segment. It comes with all needed features and checks all points that we discussed above.

This is a 200W inverter for car which comes with 4 USB ports and 2 AC outlets which is good for any person who has multiple devices to charge while travelling.

The USB ports here support QC 3.0 fast charging with 2.4 amp power output.

The AC outlets here can be used for charging laptops and cameras as well. You can also use the ports to connect to TV or DVD players in the car and stay entertained.

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It comes with dedicated ON/OFF switch which makes using the device very simple. I am using this device for a year now, and it has always delivered.

For keeping the temperature low during usage, we get a dedicated internal fan which pushes out hot air.

There is a display on this power inverter which shows the power rating of the input so that you can stay aware of the battery charge.

Durable buildHeating can be noticed while use
1 meter long cable
4 USB ports
Light weight

CAZAR Car Power Inverter


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  • 200W ouput
  • 2 USB A port
  • 1 USB C port
  • 2AC sockets
  • Cooling fan
  • Display for voltage values

User Review:

This is another brand in the car power inverter segment that you can get in India. Like the previous models that we had checked here, this also comes with 2 USB port and 1 type C port.

One USB port is less in this model. The type C port is capable of providing 18W output. You can use the 2AC ports here for charging your laptop and camera.

Also, you can use the ports for connecting DVD players and monitors.

With the included cooling fan the device stays cool even if we connect multiple devices at the same time. Having a display on it makes it easy to read the input voltage and battery status of the car.

Light weight designHeating noticed with continuous use
Durable cable
2 USB A and 1 USB C port
Display is good

EzLife 200W Car Power Inverter

EzLife 200W Car Power Inverter

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  • 200W output
  • 4 USB port
  • Display
  • LED indicator for operations
  • Heat and overload protection

User Review:

Ezlife is a new brand to this segment. Like other models that we checked this is also 200w and it comes with 2 AC outlets.

We get 4 USB ports here, which in total can provide 6.2 amps of current. You can use the 2 AC ports to power your laptop or DVD player. Gaming consoles can also be connected here if you need to game while you are travelling.

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We get a built-in ON/OFF switch which makes it easy to control the device as per the needs.

The LED indicator built in shows the exact status of the device whether it’s On or Off, and the display on the device shows the actual voltage that it is receiving from the car.

With the built in display and great build quality, this is one of the best car power inverter in India that you can buy today.

Good build qualityLimited availability and service
Long cable
4 USB ports
Easy to read display

STHIRA 200W Power Inverter


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  • 200W output
  • 2 Sockets
  • LCD display
  • 3 USB ports
  • QC 3.0
  • 15 amp fuse

User Review:

Sthira is a new brand in this segment, but the product seems to be good in my experience. When I tried charging 2 laptops together also, the device did not show any heating issue.

One thing impressed me on this Sthira car power inverter is the build quality. The materials used are excellent, and it fell down from my hand once and had no issues.

It comes with 3 USB ports, in which 1 port supports QC 3.0. Like the Vantro power inverter, you get two power sockers here, which can provide a 200W output.

Any device which need a power below 200W can be connected to the device. To avoid any issues in the car, the company has added a 15amp fuse here, which will protect the device and also your car’s circuit.

Other safety measurements are available here like the over heating and short circuit protection. If you are planning to buy a car power inverter, then this model should be in your list.

Great buildAfter sales service canters are limited
Durable cable
USB ports are in the right place
ON/OFF switch is convenient

Buyer’s Guide

How does a power inverter work?

As we know that the output that we get from a car power socket is 12V but for many gadgets that we carry like laptops need an AC current which we do not get from a char 12V socket.

The AC current voltage that is needed here is 220V. To convert the 12V DC input to 220V AC output, we use a device called inverter.

Power inverters have pure since wave technology so that they can generate a constant output from the 12V input from the car.

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We might have seen a transformer in the side of the roads. Those are used for large conversion of electricity for homes. In that there are two types like a step-up and a step-down transformer.

A step-up transformer converts lower voltage to higher voltage AC current, and a step-down transformer converts a higher voltage to lower. Using this way, the electricity is distributed throughout the city.

The same process happens in a power inverter for a car. Here, 12V DC current is amplified to 220V AC current.

To do this we need a DC to AC converter here and also a transformer which works like a step-up transformer that we discussed above.

Difference between Power inverter and a power converter

This is a common question that people had in mind since we started our research in this topic. We have got a basic idea on a power inverter for car works.

A power inverter as we know converts DC that is direct current coming from a battery or an alternator to AC that is alternating current.

Power inverters are mostly used in vehicles. When it comes to power converter the process is done in opposite way that is the AC coming from the sockets in our home that give us 220V to run various appliances is converted to 12V or lower voltages DC.

There are some applications for power converters that we use in daily basis.

The charger that we charge our laptops which is connected to the wall socket has a power inverter which converts a normal 220V AC to 12V or 18V DC that is needed by the laptop for charging.

There are a few points you may need to consider before getting a car power inverter. These will help you making the right choice.

Things to consider in a car inverter 12V to 220V

With a lot of brands in this segment, people are usually confused on making their selection. Keeping this in mind, we have created a list of criteria’s.

  • Size of the power inverter
  • Cable length
  • Build Quality
  • Number of sockets available
  • Features on offer

Let me explain the above mentioned points in detail.

Size of the power inverter

Why is size so important?

It matters because, if the power inverter is huge, it may be hard to handle and also place it inside the car. The size may hinder with the space and create discomfort to the passengers.

Most port inverters for car come in small sizes as they can be placed inside a cupholder.

Before selecting an option, we must consider the size and the weight of the power inverter so that we will be able to use it easily.

Cable Length

Cable length is an important factor when it comes to power inverter. As we have a 12V output from the car, cable length could hinder with the power input of the power inverter. So manufacturers usually keep the length of the cable to be small. Being small, it should not be too small so that it will become hard to be used.

While getting a power inverter, you should check with the cable length. At least a cable with 1 meter length would be great to consider.

Build quality

Another common factor to check is the build quality. As we may use the power inverter while travelling, there may be situations where it may have to bump with things.

If the case is strong, then there would be no issue. Week materials used will crack very easily due to the heat generated during the use and cause circuits to be exposed.

It could be a risk for people who travel with children. Keeping this in mind, we need to check for a car power inverter which is made up of ABS plastic and looks and feels durable.

Number of socket s available

This one is one of the major criteria’s that people would consider before getting an car inverter. Usually we get 2 power sockets in a car invert where we can connect any device that needs a 220V input.

Other options are also available where we get 3 output sockets.

I would suggest getting a 2 socket one because in my personal opinion, when I used the car power inverter, a larger one with 3 sockets had consumed more space and also was hard to manage.

Due to more number of sockets, we tend to connect more devices, which in long run is not good for car battery and circuits.

Features on offer

When you look for features in a car inverter, there are a few that are needed. When we connect the device to a 12V socket in the car, we may not be able to access that socket anymore.

In that case it would be good to have additional USB ports on the power inverter itself which will give points to charge our phone separately.

Also, a display showing the present battery voltage that is being received so that we can be aware if we are not over using our car battery.

FAQ on Car Power Inverter

How much power does the inverter consume?

This is a common question that people ask before getting a car power inverter, as there would be an anxiety if the inverter would damage the car battery.

The answer to this is you are safe to use this in a car without any worries. As rated, the car power inverter needs only 12V and the output usually we get from the car socket is 12V, so no issues for the car.

My personal note

I would like to add a personal note here, as you should never use a car power inverter while the engine is off. It’s because, when the engine is turned off, the default power source for the 12V socket would be car battery.

The power inverter consumes a lot of power, considered to battery capacity. This happens when a device is connected to the inverter for charging, like a laptop.

Ultimately, it will drain out the battery of your car very quickly, and you may not be able to start the car. You should the start looking for jump-starting the vehicle.

To avoid this situation, when ever you use the car power inverter, keep the engine running so that the power input is provided by the alternator of the car and not the battery.

Which brand of car inverter is best?

In my personal experience from the above list I liked the Vantro car inverter as it was falling under 2000 Rs and for that price the quality was great.

I am using this model for last 1 year without any issues. Being a frequent traveler, I may need to charge my laptop on the go. It is a very helpful device to have in hand.

It will also be good if you are planning for a road trip as there may be limited number of spots for you to charge the laptop or camera.

Conclusion on best car power inverter in India

I have included a list of 5 power inverters here which I have used in person and feel like they are the best in the market for now.

Considering the quality and safety, these products will come handy in various situations while you travel.

If you are planning to buy one, please go ahead and select from the list above, and you will be satisfied with the purchase.

Thanks for reading

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