Best Car Speakers in India 2024

Are you searching for the best car speakers in India? Here are some good options that you can consider.

Listening to music is entertaining, you can forget your worries and tensions while listening to relaxing music.

Music listening is one of the most popular ways to stay entertained, and most people in the world like listening to music they like. Doing the same thing while travelling makes it much more entertaining.

Best Car Speakers in India

Best Car Speaker for Features: Sony XS-XB6941

Best Car Speakers in India

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  • 650 Watts output
  • 4 Way Speakers
  • 2nd Gen HOP aramid carbon Fibre woofer
  • 90 W output
  • Minimal distortion

Sony as we have discussed earlier have many options in the market when it comes to car speakers. This model, the XS-XB6941 is one of the most popular car speaker which is also best sounding.

This model is a 4 way speakers which helps to produce surround sound in your car. Will high quality component and drivers, this car speakers can make the music listening experience great in your car.

It has 650 Watts output which will make you feel as you are sitting inside a theater. The sound output from the speaker is crystal clear and while travelling you will really enjoy it.

If you connect this speaker to a good Sony head unit, the output from these speakers will be great.

With the second generation with HOP aramid carbon fiber matrix technology makes the bass coming from the woofer to be perfect.

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Sony has designed the tweeters here to be perfect for good definition sound and also treble from the music will be clear without any cracking.

This car speaker system comes with PEI Tweeter and Mid-Range diaphragm driver, which help in balanced sound output with minimum speaker rattling. This also will suit for any type of vehicle.

With Sony sound technology and 90W rated power handling, this speaker can handle any type of music that you would like to play on it.

Sony has added a feature for minimum distortion and rubber component which makes the sound clearer and also with an added stroke stabilizer these speakers are worth listening music.


  • Durable design
  • Good output power
  • Minimum distortion at high volumes


  • Price can be lower

Best Car Speaker for Sound: JBL GTO609C


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  • Peak power of 270W
  • 75W RMS
  • Non Magnetic FRP Frames
  • Carbon Injected Cones
  • Strong build for minimum distortion.

We have discussed JBL systems before, and they are one of the best speaker manufacturer in the world. They have a collaboration with Harmon Kardon which is a brand dedicated for sound systems.

This model, the JBL GTO609C is one of the best-selling car speaker in India. It comes with all that you may ever need from a car speaker. JBL GTO609C has a 270W output with an RMS value of 75W.

JBL has added Non-Magnetic FRP frames to the speakers, which are advanced compared to car speakers in this range from other manufacturers. This helps in minimum distortion even in high volume levels.

The cones used here are carbon injected, which increases the life of the speaker and also the durability. JBL speakers are known for the balanced sound and also high bass.

This speaker having good design and also premium build material makes it one of the best car speakers for bass.

Mounting depth for this car speaker is rated at 2-1/16 inch, which will be suitable for most of the car’s in the market.

JBL has added (FRP) Fiberglass reinforced plastic makes the durability and stability of the speaker to another level. This helps in reducing the warping if the speakers are mounted in any surface.

The added carbon fiber helps in utilizing the energy supplied to the speaker to maximum which makes the speaker to produce minimum heat with crystal clear sound.

With a good quality head unit or a dedicated amplifier, this speaker system for the car can do wonders when it comes to sound delivery and bass.


  • Good build quality
  • Bass is great
  • Easy to setup


  • Limited availability
  • Price can be lower

Best Car Speaker for all cars : Pioneer TS-C601IN

Pioneer TS-C601IN

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  • Rigid IMPP cone
  • Large Magnets
  • High quality crossover
  • Polyimide diaphragm
  • Good build

Pioneer is a brand known for their car speakers. They have been in this industry for longer than any other manufacturers.

This model, the TS-C601IN, is one of the best-selling car speaker in India which will suit any vehicles.

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Pioneer has added larger sized magnets to the speaker to drive the voice coils even in high volumes. This make the sound coming from the speaker to be crystal clear without any cracking or distortions.

High quality crossover is another feature that makes this speaker a perfect speaker for music lovers.

With minimum loss in sound quality and also distortions controlled to the low levels, the speaker can produce some great output.

With a matching Pioneer head unit, the speakers will definitely be worth listening. This will also be a conversation starter when you travel with your family or friends.

Pioneer has added a Polyimide diaphragm, which is known to handle heat really well.

When we park our vehicles in hot sun or in cold winter, normal speaker tends to degrade soon but due to the Polyamide diaphragm, this model TS-C601IN can handle any climatic conditions like a champ.

The Highly rigid IMPP cone that Pioneer has used here is suited for Indian climatic conditions with high temperature, moisture and cold.

IMPP cone can easily take diverse conditions and last really long when compared to other speakers in this range

Heat release structure helps to keep the temperature inside the speaker to be cool so that it can have longer life and also Pioneer has managed to keep the speaker system cleaner for longer time with the unique dust rejection materials used here.

Best Car Speaker under 2000: Blaupunkt Pure 66.2

 Blaupunkt Pure 66.2

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  • 280W output
  • 4 ohms Impedance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Two way Coaxial Speaker
  • 40W RMS
  • High frequency range

The Blaupunkt Pure 66.2 is one of the cheap and best model of car speakers available in India. It is made of good quality material and also produces excellent sound.

Speaker will be more suited for small vehicles which need a speaker change. It is rated with 280W of output and a 40W RMS value.

This is a 2 way coaxial cable with a diameter of 165 mm which could fit into most of the cars in India. With sensitivity levels of 2.83V/m at 90d dB, the price to performance ratio from this speaker is great.

For hatchbacks and also mini sedan car’s this speaker will be suitable and will provide excellent music listening experience.

Frequency response of this speaker ranges from 90Hz to 22Khz, which is the most attracting factor of this speaker.

This speaker has an impedance level of 4 ohms, this speaker is able to handle highs and mid really well.

The materials used here are very durable and withstand extreme heat and cold climate.

Blaupunkt has implemented strong materials for manufacturing, which can be seen in the quality of this speaker.

With good build and materials used, this speaker will last really long in your car without any issues.


  • Good bass and treble
  • Durable design


  • Vibrations at high volumes

Best Car Speaker for Bass: JBL STADIUMGTO600C


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  • 300W output
  • 100W RMS value
  • Large Magnets and Coils used
  • 2 Ohm Design for high output
  • 93db Sensitivity

We have discussed JBL earlier in this post. If you are looking for the best car speakers for bass, then no other option will suit you better.

JBL is known for its build quality and this car speaker model is not different.

It comes with One glass fiber woofer which makes it much durable to climate changes and also avoids any cracking sounds even at high volumes.

The 2ohm high output design makes these speakers unique, with maximum utilization of the power and output. If you talk about power, this speaker has all you may ever need.

With the RMS value of 100 Watts, this model can be considered the best car speaker with bass. This is made possible by large magnets and coils used to produce excellent output.

Output from this speaker is rated at 300W, which is one of the best from car speakers in this price range. The design of the speaker is good, and it can produce some thumping bass that we all like to listen.

Consider the price to performance ratio this car speaker has all the good features that you may look for in a speaker under, 15000 Rs in India.


  • Good sound output
  • Easy to setup
  • Price is managable


  • Bass can be a bit better

Buyer’s Guide

There are car speaker systems that come with and without woofers.

Those who like the punchy bass in the songs, they may add a woofer to their car for the thumping sounds that we hear while some cars pass nearby us on roads.

Most car’s in the market have speaker systems without woofers in it.

From showroom most cars come with the basic speaker setup which you can upgrade later by adding a different set of speakers and woofers as per your need.

If you are looking for the best car speaker with bass there are manufacturers like Sony, Pioneer, JBL and many others which have some proven models in the market which people like to put in their cars for good music listening experience while travelling.

Which car speakers are the best?

In India, you can find many speakers for cars from different manufacturers. Some best car speaker manufacturers are the following

  1. Sony
  2. JBL
  3. Pioneer
  4. Blaupunkt
  5. Vibe
Best Car Speakers in India

Let’s discuss some of the best car speaker brands in India.


This name won’t be new to music lovers. Sony is a brand which is considered under top 5 when it comes to sound and speaker systems.

We might have used speakers from Sony, and they never disappoint. The tuning and the clarity of sound that we get from Sony is one of the best.

When it comes to Car speakers as well, Sony has been doing a great job.

Their speakers are well-built and have high quality components which produces clear sound even in high volumes. If you are looking for the best car speaker with bass, Sony is a definite go.


JBL has become a trend with people in younger age. JBL is having the variety of sound equipments in the market like Headphones, Soundbar, Home Theatre, Car Speakers.

They are preferred by people due to the value for money features that they provide. With excellent build and good looks, their speakers have captured people’s attention very soon.

When it comes to car speakers, if you are looking for a most durable car speaker with excellent sound output, JBL can be a definite choice.

They also have some budget segment speakers which are even better than high-end speakers from other brands.


This is a brand that has been in the car speaker market for ages. Since the trend of speakers in car started this brand is around and people really like the speakers and the quality.

Pioneer is a brand that is preferred by most of the car manufacturers as the speakers are easily available, and the service is good.

The speaker driver comes with high strength material and also made of good magnets and coils for best sound output.


Another brand which is very popular in car speaker market is Blaupunkt. They are known for their value for money products.

Blaupunkt also have other products for car like Android systems and subwoofers. With the perfect combination of their speaker system and android music system, the sound output that you get in a car is great.


This is a new brand which have recently made it to Indian market. If you are looking for some latest features in your car speakers, then the Vibe car speakers will be for you.

This brand has some good quality products with variety of features.

Now that we have discussed some Car Speakers that you can buy, let me answer some of the common questions that people may have about car speakers.

FAQ on best car speakers in India

Which car speakers are the best?

Different models of car speakers are available in the market. Selecting a car speaker should be done based on the price and how often you will use it.

If you are a bass lover, and you travel a lot, then JBL and Sony has some great models that you should definitely check out.

I have added a list above which will really help you find the best car speaker that you are looking for.

JBL STADIUMGTO600C will suit any vehicle as it’s well-built for any climatic conditions and also the sound from these are excellent. For a music lover, this will be a great option to consider.

Are JBL car speakers any good?

JBL speakers are preferred by people who like to listen to Jazz or Rock music.

These speakers are good for producing excellent lows and mid.

In case of highs they are good, but I have noticed that the sound gets too high for a car. But still if you manage to tune them for your liking they are the best value for money speakers for car that you can buy.

Do all car speakers fit all cars?

Manufacturers make their speakers aiming to certain set of cars, but still there are attachments that are available from manufacturers itself that you can make use to fit any speaker to any car.

There are limitations for fitting a larger speaker inside doors as if the depth of the cone is high then it will be hard to fit but in case of a woofer most of them could fit in any cars irrespective of the car size.

Which JBL speaker is best for car?

This is a common question that most people ask as JBL is having the variety of models available in the market.

We have discussed two models here which are suitable for most of the car, and also they produce some excellent sound output.

JBL GTO609C is a good option to consider if you are looking for a car speaker under, 10000 Rs.


Here I have tried to add some basic concepts behind car speakers and some of the popular brands that you must be considering if you are looking for the best car speakers, any options from above list will suit your needs and also the music that you are planning to listen.

For a long drive with good music running in your car makes the drive worth it.

Getting the best speakers for your car will make all journeys coming ahead to be entertaining and memorable.

If you like this post please share it with your friends and family so that they can also get an idea on the same.

Thanks for reading

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