Best Drill Machine under 2000 in India 2024

Drill machines are very important tools to have at home. They are of two types. Corded drill machines are cheaper in price compared to the cordless variants. Here are some of the best drill machine under 2000 in India 2023 that you can buy right now.

I would say all homes should have a tool like drill machine which will make doing some basic maintenance work or fixing things in your home an easy task.

If you do not use any tools regularly and just need a drill machine for some random work, then you can get a drill machine that falls in a budget.

Best Drill Machine under 2000

Best Drill Machine under 2000

Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

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Top Features:

  • 20MM SDS Chuck
  • 500W motor
  • Variable Speed trigger
  • Drill and hammer function
  • Trigger lock switch
  • Dedicated handle provided
  • 6 Months warranty

When it comes to a drill machine in a budget, cheston is a brand to consider. They have a variety of drill machines and tools available in the market.

They are known for the quality of products in the budget. This is a rotary hammer drill that is best under 2000 Rs.

It comes with a dedicated handle and also the SDS drill bits that fit in the SDS chuck that this machine has.

The drilling diameter that we get here is 20MM which is great to put anchor bolts on the floor and the ceiling which is concrete.

This drill machine can be used for everyday drilling purposes. You can use this drill in Concrete, Masonry and natural store which is an added advantage.

To check the features on offer, It has a lock button which helps in keeping the drilling active for long time use. Hammer drilling on this drill machine is very effective and also powerful.

It comes with a powerful 500W motor which can run continuously for long duration and provide powerful drilling in hard surfaces.

The no load RPM here is 850 which is suitable for home use. The drill is added with a variable speed trigger which increases or decreases by the pressure applied on the trigger.

You can use this drill for impact drilling on bricks as well as screw extraction. With a variable speed feature, you can perform some precise work with this drill machine.

The 3 drill bits helps in drilling various diameter holes on the wall which is handy. Company is providing. 6 months warranty for the parts and the motor, which is an added advantage.

  • Durable design
  • Speed control
  • 6 Months warranty
  • Normal chuck should be provided

IBELL ED10-30 Drill machine

IBELL ED10-30 Drill machine

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Top Features

  • 500W motor
  • Impact Drill machine
  • 2800 RPM
  • 220W
  • 10 mm chuck
  • Trigger lock button
  • Variable speed.

While searching power tools in a budget, there are limited number of brands in India that offer good after sales service and products like iBell.

Being a manufacture from India, they have a wide range of service centers and also their products are liked by people.

This model is one of the best-selling drill machine under 2000 that you can buy ion India.

The model ED10-30 is known for the ergonomic design and light weight. You can work with this for longer time with less hand pain while you work.

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It comes with a power of 500W, which is suitable for a drill that you will use in home. The drill supports a bit size of 10 mm, which is a decent size for homely purposes.

Unlike the hammer drill that we checked above, this being an impact drill has more RPM, The free RPM of this drill is rated at 2800 which is good for the price.

It operates in a voltage of 220 and a frequency of 50 Hz. This drill is designed for home drilling purposes and holds well for the same.

You can use this drill machine for masonry, steel and wood drilling purposes. The deign of the drill machine is good, which makes it a good option to consider for maintenance work in your home.

iBell has added a variable speed control on this drill to provide the exact speed that you may need to work with. This comes handy when you work on wood and steel surfaces.

With the multi direction rotation option, with this drill you can rotate the drill bit or screwdriver bit in clockwise or counter clock wise direction.

This is a feature that you can use to insert or remove screws from wood or walls.

With a minimal design and sturdy build, this drill can work on all the needs that you can do it yourself in your home.

  • Study design
  • Light Weight
  • Powerfull
  • Sound of operation can be lower

Makita Drill Machine

Makita Drill Machine

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Top Features:

  • 350W motor
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 500 Newtons of torque
  • 10mm chuck
  • 1.2 Kg weight
  • 3000 RPM

Makita is a brand that people should not miss. Being a premium brand, they also have tools in budget segment as well. Makita tools are known for their quality and the value on offer.

This drill machine is one of the best-selling drill machine for home use in India. It comes with a blue color and a long cord which enables to use this drill machine in any location.

Like other drill machines in this category, this model also comes with a 10 mm chuck, which can hold various drill bits in this range.

The trigger lock is present here, which you can use to lock the trigger in one place and do your drilling work. The motor here is super silent and stable.

With a lightweight design, you can use this drill machine for long duration.

With the RPM of 3000 this drill machine is capable of drilling in various surfaces like masonry, tiles, wood and steel.

We get a 350W motor here which runs is 220W which can produce a torque of 500 newtons, enough for smooth drilling needs.

The weight of the drill machine is 1.2 KG, and it’s made up hard plastic which is durable and take some beating during the work.

In my personal experience, the drill machine runs cooler for longer time compared to other drill machine which is an added advantage.

Considering the features and the after sales service that we get, this is a good option if you are looking for drill machine for home use.

  • Good build
  • Light weight
  • Low sound
  • Variable speed option is missing

Bosch GBM 350 Professional Rotary Drill

Bosch GBM 350 Professional

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Top Features:

  • 350W motor
  • Forward and Reverse rotation
  • 10mm Chuck
  • 2800 RPM motor
  • Long cord
  • Variable speed trigger

Bosch is a brand which is not new for anyone who knows about tools and technology.

They are into many sectors and most of the industry and machines use Bosch parts.

When it comes to tools, they have a wide range of products in the market, and also they are known to be cheap.

To get thebest drill machine for home use in India, Bosch drill machines will fall in the top 5 for sure due to the durability and the ergonomic design that they have.

This model, the GBM 350 is like by electricians and plumbers as it makes the job really simple with the power and performance that it provides.

Like the Makita model that we had discussed earlier, Bosch GBM 350 comes with a powerful 350W motor which is suitable for impact drilling and also drilling on wood and steel.

Body of the drill machine is made of hard and durable plastic which can last really long.

The color of the Bosch tools is attractive and liked by people.

Bosch blue is really famous around people. You get a long cord and quality insulation on the cord so that you can remain safe while performing the job.

Grippy design of the handle ensures that the drill remains safe and does not hurt you while you are performing the operation.

Like other drills in this section, you get a variable speed trigger and a lock button which locks the trigger in one place for long operation.

The motor used here has an RPM of 2800 which is slightly lower than the Makita model but it’s really smooth and also powerful.

Bosch has implemented forward and reverse functionality that you can use while screwing on surfaces.

  • Solid build
  • Excellent grip
  • Smooth operation
  • Variable speed button not available

KHADIJA 650WATT 13MM Power Impact Drill

KHADIJA 650WATT 13MM Power Impact

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Top Features:

  • 650W motor
  • 13mm chuck
  • 220V motor
  • 3000 RPM
  • Trigger lock
  • Depth measure
  • Dedicated handle

For a drill machine under 2000 with most power, Khadija is a brand that you can consider. They have a variety of tools in the market, and they are known for the durability and build quality.

If you are a professional and are looking for a drill machine for home use, then this is the model to consider.

Here you get a 650W motor which is very powerful and perform even concrete drilling even though it will take mode time compared to a hammer drill.

The motor has a 3000 RPM and needs an input of 220V which is standard. Khadija has added a variable speed knob, using which you can control the speed of the motor and do control drilling and screwing.

We get a power lock switch here, which helps in locking the trigger for long term work.

With the included side handle, you can perform hard jobs easily. Forward and reverse action included helps in screwing and unscrewing.

As an additional feature we get a detachable depth gauge which determines the depth of the holes that you make which avoids over drilling in any surfaces so that you can remain in control of the amount of drilling done.

Unlike other impact drill machines in this section, this model offers a 13 mm chuck suitable for holding larger size bits.

This is good considering the variety of jobs that you need to do with the drill machine.

  • Good Build
  • Powerful
  • Features are good
  • Noisy compared to others

Buyer’s guide

What is the use of drill machine?

If you are reading this post or looking for a drill machine, you may have a basic idea on what a drill machine does. In case you do not know, let me put some light on it.

As the name suggest, a drill machine is used to drill holes on various surfaces like Wood, Metal, Concrete or Masonry.

If you need to hand a picture on the wall, you can’t hang it until you have a nail or a screw inserted into the wall.

For inserting a screw into the wall, we may need a hole which accommodates it. To create that hole, we need a drill machine.

Why are drill machine needed for homes?

Drill machine is a tool that can really come handy in many situations.

As we all know, getting a person from outside to do a work in home will make you pay an amount.

If you have the tools that are needed for a simple task like drilling holes and fixing things, you can perform the same task easily without spending any extra money.

All you need is a drilling machine, Screws, plugs, hammer and. Screwdriver. If you have all these things, making some small fixes or change in your home is not a big deal.

Let’s check out some points that you may need to consider before getting a drill machine under 2000.

Things to consider

Following are some points that you need to keep in mind.

  • Purpose of getting the drill machine
  • Chuck type and size
  • Features
  • Weight of the machine
  • Wattage of the motor
  • Accessories that you get with the drill machine
  • After sales service from the manufacturer

Some points that I had mentioned above are based on the price that we are searching the drill machine for. Let me explain some points mentioned above in detail.

Best Drill Machine under 2000

Purpose of getting the drill machine

Getting a drill machine has no other purpose than drilling holes, but you should consider the material that you are going to drill the hole into. There are different type of drill machine available in the market.

  • Impact drill
  • Hammer drill

These are the most common varieties that people look for when it comes to usage in a home.

Impact drills are more commonly used in Masonry or wood and metal. Impact drill provide impacts in a circular fashion making the hole on the material.

The limitation here is that when it comes to hard material like concrete, an impact drill either will take a lot of time to create a hole, or it will run the drill bit that we are using in.

For Wood and metal, impact drills with hammer function are perfect choices, but when it comes to fixing and anchor on the ceiling to hang a heavy load, a hammer drill will be a better option.

Impact drill as we had discussed above also has another disadvantage of limited chuck size.

This is limited to 10 to 13 mm drill bit, which won’t be suitable to be used to create a hole to hang an anchor bolt.

Hammer drill machines which come with SDS chuck can accommodate a larger bit size.

With the hammer action that penetrates through concrete, you can easily create holes on a hard surface easily.

Here the question is can a hammer drill be used as an impact drill.

The answer here is yes. Hammer drill manufacturers provide chucks that match impact drill bits that you can use in a hammer drill as well.

So long story short, if you are able to get the best hammer drill under 2000 then getting it will be a better option.

Chuck type and Size

If you are planning to buy a drill machine for home usage, then the size of the drill bits that you may need will be limited.

Even though, it’s good to get the most popular sizes and keep it. Chucks in a drill machine are of two types, SDS chuck and normal screw chuck.

If you are planning to get a hammer drill machine, then it usually comes with SDS chuck. SDS chuck has some advantages over the normal chuck that you tighten using a key.

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Inserting and removing a drill but from an SDS chuck is easier because it comes with a push option by which just pushing a drill bit on the chuckhole locks it.

When it comes to normal chuck, you may need to insert the drill chuck and screw it in using the chuck key.

Usually any type of drill machine mentioned above will be suitable for home related work.


When it comes to features, people like having mode options and functionalities in any product they buy, drill machines are no different.

When it comes to drill machines, the following are some features that we can expect.

  • Variable Speed: This is an option that some drill machine under 2000 Rs can have. It is a really handy feature where you can adjust the rotation speed of the drill bit which will help in avoiding over drilling a hole on the wall or wood. Slower rotation also helps in reduced wear and tear on the drill bits.
  • Screwdriver: This option comes very useful if you are putting screws on wood. Screwing a screw into wood takes much more time compared to doing it with a drill machine.
  • Light: When you are working in a dark area, an included light in the drill machine will be a good feature to have. While you press the trigger button, the light should glow so that you can keep a track on the drilling place and also the depth that you are making the hole.
Best Drill Machine under 2000

Weight of the drill machine

Weight really matters for tools that you use for work. When the weight is high, you may not be able to hold it for long in various positions to complete the work.

Always a lightweight tool is more handy compared to a heavy tool.

Wattage of the drill machine

If you have used any drill machine before, wattage plays an important role to determine the power of the machine.

Basically for a drill machine under, 20000 we cannot expect a high power, but a descent wattage will be suitable for work in home.


Usually we can notice that companies give all the necessary things that you need to work and use a drill machine.

In some cases you may get the bare dill machine which will make you buy the accessories separately.

We should make sure that we get all the necessary items in the package of the drill machine.

Some things like the keys to insert and remove the drill bits, If it’s a hammer drill we need a handle to hold the drill good and also drill bits specific to the drill machine.

After sales service

As we are considering a drill machine under 2000, we need to check the manufacturer and the after sales service that they will provide after we have purchased the drill machine.

It is one of the most important things.

When we go for a high-priced drill, we get a good service from a manufacturer like Bosch, Makita or Dewalt, but for a drill machine under a budget, the service should be good.

Which is the best drill machine for home use?

There are a limited number of options available if you are looking for a drill machine in a budget.

In my personal experience, getting a hammer drill will be a good option as it provides all the power and feature you may need.

If you need a hammer drill in budget, then the iBell has a wide range of drill machines available. In case you need a premium hammer drill with best features, then you should consider Bosch.


Here we have discussed some of the basic things that you may need to consider before buying a drill machine under 2000. This applies to drill machine in any price rage as well.

Being one of the most popular tool used in any household drill machine are very good to be kept in any house and be used when ever needed.

If you are not a regular drill machine user then you can get a machine in a budget which will be good.

Any option listed above will be suitable for the purpose and will be value for money. Share this post if you like it.

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