Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners 2023

If you are searching for the best DSLR Camera in India for beginners, then you are in the right place.

Cameras are the things you usually carry around when you go for a trip, or you want to cover a special occasion in your life. In case if you are a YouTuber or want to start your carrier as a beginner, you will need a good camera to work with.

Selecting a camera is based on many different factors that you need to consider before making a choice.

Best DSLR camera in India for beginners

Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners


  • Warranty provided :- 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Accessories included :- EF S18-55 IS II kit lens, strap, and 16 GB SD card
  • Mega pixels: 24.1-megapixel high-resolution camera
  • ISO rating : 100-6400 sensitivity range
  • Digital storage provided :- 64 GB

User Review

Canon being one of the popular brands in camera segment has some budget segment DSLR in the market. This camera from canon has a Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor with 9 Autofocus points.

The available focus points help photographers to easily focus on a subject and take a photo without worrying about lost focus.

Burst photos are another main advantage of this processor, as it provides good focus in burst shots.

The camera has a 3-inch LCD which is clear in daylight as well. The canvas give good view of all controls and the autofocus is clearly visible on the pentamirror viewfinder.

This camera come with a 24.1 Megapixel high resolution camera which takes high resolution images. You can crop the image to a large extent without losing much of a detail on the picture.

It also provides 5 creative filters which come really handy in different lighting situations.

Regarding connectivity, the camera has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC options. Bluetooth helps to wireless transfer the pictures to phone or laptop easily.

This camera set comes with EF S18-55 II kit lens along with battery and charger.

There is a carry bag included in the box, which comes in really handy. A warranty of 2 years is provided in the package.

  • 3 Inch LCD is good in day light and gives all details.
  • Bluetooth ,Wifi and NFC comes really handy in sharing data
  • 9 Autofocus points helps to focus fast
  • Digic 4+ image processor is added advantage
  • Battery life is said to be low
  • Only EF and EF-S lens are compatible


  • ISO Rating: 100-25600 sensitivity range (Good for low light photography)
  • Lens system: Nikon F mount. Memory Card included: 16 GB
  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS 24.2 MP Sensor
  • Video capabilities: Full HD video recording
  • Connectivity: WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth built-in (Camera can be remotely controlled using Bluetooth using phone app)
  • Image Processor: 11 autofocus points (Good for speed and accuracy of autofocus and taking burst photos is easier)

User Review:

Nikon being one of the popular brands used worldwide. This model from Nikon is one of the right choice for beginners. Even though it’s a bit costlier compared to the Canon model.

This one has 11 focus points compared to the Canon model. This will help in taking burst shots, and better focus can be achieved in a moving subject as well.

It comes with a similar APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.2 MP resolution. Pictures taken can be cropped to a large extent without data loss or distortions. ISO rating is 100-25600 which is perfect for low light photography.

The camera as the Canon model that we discussed above has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.

Using Bluetooth, you can transfer images while you are taking pictures, and you can also use the phone app as a remote for your camera.

This comes handy when you are recording or capturing your own photo.

Video recording is stable and can record Full HD videos with good focus due to the 11 point autofocus feature.

With the features on offer and the quality of photos, this is one of the best DSLR camera in India for beginners that you can buy today.

  • APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 24.2 MP high resolution
  • High ISO range for low light photography
  • 11 autofocus points for better focus
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • Batter life can be better
  • Only limited set of Lens available


  • 70 to 300mm lens support
  • 18-55-mm support
  • Fast focus

This is another option available of the D3500 that we reviewed just above. Usually the lower end variant comes only with the 18-55 mm lens, but this variant comes with 70 – 300 mm which can help on long distance photos and get better focus as well.

Here the price is a bit more compared to the basic D3500 model, but this version has the advantage of additional lens.

This is only an option if you want the lens, otherwise, the D3500 will be a good choice instead.

  • Fast focus
  • Easy setup
  • All accessories easily available
  • Price is a bit high


  • Connectivity options: WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth built-in
  • ISO range : 100-25600 sensitivity range( Good for low light pictures)
  • Lens setup: Nikon F mount
  • Dust-reduction system: Image sensor cleaning
  • Image Processor: 39 autofocus points
  • Video Resolution: Full HD video with adjustable frame rates
  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS 24.2 MP sensor

User Review:

It has a variety of features that make it a great option for beginners. This has 39 focus points, which really help in maintaining the focus on a subject even in low-light situations.

The ISO rating is pretty good, that for a low light photo this camera could perform really well.

Feature that I liked the most was adjustable frame rates in video recording which you can do it in real time. This helps in getting a much smoother video footage.

Inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions help to remotely control the camera and also transfer the photo taken on the go. This comes handy when you are travelling, and you may not carry a laptop with you.

  • 39 Focus points for good focus on subjects
  • Real time frame rate adjustments in video recording
  • Dust reduction system for image sensor cleaning
  • Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC
  • Price is a bit on the higher side
  • Lens availability is limited


  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm external mic port, 2.5 mm remote port, USB 2.0 and micro HDMI Type D
  • Photo and Video: 16 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor with no low pass filter
  • 4K Video: QHD video recording
  • Display: High resolution OLED Live View Finder and rear touch enabled
  • 4K Photo mode

User Review:

This model from Panasonic is one of the more versatile models that you can get in the DSLR category. It has some cool features that could attract anyone who is looking for a DSLR camera.

It has a 4K recording capability, which will help to record high quality videos. The display included is a high resolution OLED display, which is very well readable in direct sunlight as well.

The camera comes with a 16Mp sensor, which is less compared to the previous DSLR’s that we had checked, but the high ISO and good amount of focus points make this camera a go to DSLR camera for beginners.

It provides 4K Video and photo shooting at 30FPS, which is an advantage over other models that we have seen till now.

Having a great battery life and good zoom levels, this is one of the best DSLR camera in India for beginners.

  • 4K video recording at 30FPS
  • High resolution Display
  • Rotatable view finder which is really convenient
  • Low price
  • Come with 16MP sensor which will have issues when image is cropped.
  • Lens availability

The following list also includes some good sets of cameras, but they come in a pricier range, which I feel is better for a professional than a beginner.


  • Sensor: 180k-Pixel RGB Sensor and Group Area AF
  • Video recording:4K UHD Video Recording at 30 fps
  • Mega pixels: 20.9MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • Connectivity: SnapBridge, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Native ISO 51200 and can be expanded upto 1,640,000
  • Multi-CAM 3500FX II 51-Point AF System
  • RGB sensor and group Area AF
  • 4k Video recording
  • ISO range 51200 to 1,640,000
  • High price


  • Processor : Expeed 4 with 39 autofocus points
  • Connectivity options : Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • ISO Range: 100-12800 sensitivity range
  • Video Resolution: Full HD video with manual control and frame rates selection
  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS Sensor with 24.2 MP
  • 39 Focus points for better focus
  • Frame rate selection in video recording
  • 24.2MP sensor
  • Expeed 4 processor
  • Hard to find attachment lenses


  • Sensor used: DX.CMOS
  • Image Dust Off reference data (requires Capture NX-D)
  • Mega Pixels: 20.9MP
  • Automatically switches between monitor and viewfinder displays
  • High ISO for low light photography
  • Mirrorless camera
  • Dust filter for cleaner lens
  • High Price


  • Processor: Expeed 4 with 51 autofocus points
  • Image Sensor: APS-C CMOS 24.2 MP Sensor with
  • ISO range: 100-25600 sensitivity
  • Lens setup: Nikon F mount
  • Connectivity: WiFi and NFC
  • Video Resolution: Full HD video with frame selection
  • Expeed 4 processor with 51 focus points
  • High ISO for low light photography
  • Adjustable frame rates for video recording
  • High cost
  • Limited lens availability


  • 4K Movie recording with Video EYE AF and real time tracking
  • 20.1 MP stacked back illuminated
  • Exmor RS CMOS sensor
  • Vario-Sonnar T lens
  • Inbuilt-mic with wind screen
  • One-push Bokeh switch
  • Time-lapse
  • Send videos to your smartphone
  • Vari-angle LCD screen
  • 4k Video recording
  • Rotatable view finder for good selfies
  • Time lapse recording mode
  • Good battery life
  • Lens cannot be added or changed
  • High price

Buyer’s Guide for best DSLR camera in India for beginners

Getting a DSLR camera for the first time is a challenge. The selection should be made based on your requirements only.

Considering a camera for a beginner, it may not have all the high-end features which a fully loaded camera may have.

Before spending your hard-earned money, we must check all possibilities and select the best one.

Main Points to consider before selecting a camera

  1. Sensor Size of the camera
  2. MP or Megapixels the camera can handle
  3. Different lens Compatibility
  4. Modes in the camera
  5. Accessories and maintenance
  6. Price.

lets check the above mentioned points in detail.

Sensor Size

Sensor size in the camera is the primary factor that determines the picture quality that you will get when you take a snap.

Basic functions that they do are capturing light and converting it into signals so that we get an Image. A good sensor will do it well so that the final image that we get is good to see.

Light capture is an important aspect. Based on the amount of light a sensor captures is how bright and well processed image that you get.

If you have a bigger sensor, you will get a better image. That’s it.

APS-C sensors from canon are one of the popular camera sensors available in the market. Sensor sizes range 2 inches to 35 mm, which is the largest sensor available.

The sensors mostly used in budget segment cameras are cut sensors, which give the best of both worlds: good picture quality at a lower price.

MP or Megapixels

The first question that anyone asks about a camera is “How much megapixel”.

So as the question, the answer depends on the MP of the camera rated by the manufacturer.

Megapixel determine how much zoom can you do in an image taken by a camera without losing the details.

Question: What is a Megapixel?
Answer: 1 megapixel is 1 million pixels. Which is a huge amount of detail. So, MP could determine the quality of an image.

Photos produced by lower MP cameras cannot be zoomed much as they lose details soon and pictures start looking distorted.

So for this, you may think a low MP camera is not a good choice. But for beginners, a 16 to 24MP camera will be a perfect choice.

Best DSLR camera in India for beginners 2020

In case you are thinking that If I get a higher megapixel camera then my pictures will be coming out good, but it’s not true. There are many other factors that make a good picture from a camera.

Different lens Compatibility

There are different types of lenses that you could use in a DSLR camera. Each will have a different purpose.

Lens in a DSLR camera could be classified as

  • Prime Lens – Used for Portraits
  • Standard lens – Used for fixed length photography
  • Telephoto lens – Zooming to a long distance.
  • Wide angle lens for capturing a landscape

If you are looking for a DSLR camera, you should consider the above-mentioned lens compatibility as well. In the budget segment as well, we can get cameras that have compatibility with above-mentioned lens types that we will discuss in the coming sections.

You can check out our section of action cameras under 5000 if you are looking for an action camera.


Another aspect that you may check before getting a camera is that the modes it supports. As a beginner, you may need help of the modes available to take photos in different situations.

Modes in a camera help to adjust the picture that you are taking in situations like Low light, Artificial light, Night time photography, Video recording and many other occasions.

Video recording is also considered as a main aspect for DSLR camera as if you have a live event to cover in a video, the camera should provide shake free footage with OIS (Optical image stabilization)

Professionals use manual modes to get the perfect picture, but as a beginner you may need different modes to achieve a good quality photo.

Accessories and Maintenance

Cameras are tools for a photographer that he cannot leave behind. Usually all professionals carry a camera with them so that they can take and use it any moment they need.

So while carrying a camera and its accessories it’s hard to maintain them as there are many parts that could get damaged soon.

In case of a DSLR camera we will have lenses and also the camera may have a screen which should be given a very good care for camera to last long.

When we buy a DSLR camera we usually get a carry bag and some storage which we can use.

So we need to check before fixing a deal on buying a camera and check what accessories come with the camera so that we can carry our investment safely.

Also, you can check about CCTV cameras in this section


This as beginner is one of the primary consideration. Being a beginner, we should not be searching for high-priced cameras because we need to know about photography well and take the next step.

So getting a camera under a manageable price should be considered. Here we have listed out some of the best DSLR cameras for beginner under 20000, 30000 and 40000 Rs.

Before concluding with the post, let me answer some common questions that are asked in camera segment

FAQ on best DSLR camera in India for beginners

What is a DSLR camera mean?

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens reflex camera. DSLR cameras are cameras that can take high resolution pictures and store thousands of similar pictures together.

They have variable apertures lenses, and you can attach different type of lenses to it to capture the perfect picture that you were looking for.

DSLR is another name of digital camera that we have been using for generations. Recent day cameras have many features added.

What is DSLR and SLR?

This is a common confusion between people who are looking for a camera.

So SLR stands for single lens reflex camera and DSLR stands for Digital single lens reflex camera.

Basically both are similar but they have some core differences in sensors used.

SLR cameras are analog film sensor cameras, and DSLR cameras have digital sensors. At present, there are more DSLR cameras in market compared to SLR’s.

What’s better SLR or DSLR?

Here both are used for similar purpose but DSLR has advantages based on technology used.

As they are digital cameras, they give live previews of the subject that we are going to take a photo of.

SLR cameras do not do that.

These cameras need a substance called Gelatin which helps to print the image on the plastic film, and we can process it.

SLR cameras are better in contrast levels compared to a DSLR camera

Is Canon better than Nikon?

This is one of the confusions that usually a person looking for a DSLR will have. Both Nikon and Canon make some great products.

They are equally good. But if you are a first time buyer of a DSLR camera, then Canon has cameras in lower price segment compared to Nikon.

Recently, Nikon are also bringing some high-end cameras to the market, and they are equally good as Canon.

What camera should I get for photography?

Check your budget and the price range for which you are looking for a camera. In case you are looking in a budget segment, you can check out Canon cameras, which have all the main features included.

What is the best DSLR camera for beginners?

The purpose for which you are purchasing the camera is the deciding factor here.

In case you are looking for Photography and you are in a budget then you can try the Canon 1500D which can be considered one of the great option to consider under, 30000 Rs in India

In case you are looking to take videos, you can try some options from Nikon or the Panasonic models, which will do well. The Panasonic LUMIX G7 is a good camera.

How do you tell if a camera is a DSLR?

This is quite simple in case you can load a film to your camera, or you have the option to do it then your camera is SLR else if you have LCDs and no film loading compartments then your camera is DSLR.

What is a good sensor size for a camera?

Sensor type and its selection depends on the usage of the camera. If you want to capture wide images with a lot of details, then you need a full frame sensor.

There are basically two types of sensors, APS-H and APS-C. Cropped sensor will be less expensive and will serve the purpose of photography and videography.

Even thought the coverage of a cropped sensor is less, we can use it.

Is megapixel important?

One short answer is YES. It’s important as it determines how much detail your camera is capable to capture. As we know 1 MP is 1 million pixels which is a lot of information.

But high megapixel count of a camera does not mean that your camera will take best pictures. Megapixel in the sense the picture taken by the camera can be cropped to large extent without losing details on it.

Basically for a beginner camera you may need megapixel count in between 16 and 24 which will do good.

What is ISO in a DSLR?

This is the value that determines the image sensor sensitivity.

A camera with high ISO is considered more sensitive to light than one with less ISO. Usually, the ISO values for a camera are given in a range.

This tells that the camera can adjust its light sensitivity in that range. ISO basically helps a camera to shoot better in low light situations.

Conclusion on best DSLR camera in India for beginners

Even though I was trying to point out some of the best DSLR camera for beginners in India in 2023, I have added some points from my side in general about DSLR.

DSLR cameras are good, and they can capture some moments in your life in a way that make them more special and can be remembered for long.

Hope with this post I could clear some of your doubts on DSLR cameras.

If you have anything more to add please mention them in the comment section below so that it will help others as well.

If you are buying a DSLR first consider the use that you are buying it for then the price.

Getting a camera is easy but getting it in a price that you are expecting with all the features that you need is a bit difficult. If you have any questions, please add it as comments and I will answer it for sure.

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