Best External Hard Disk in India 2024

If you are searching for the best external hard disk in India, check out this post before making a decision.

Hard disks are known for data storage, and we know that each and every PC or laptop will have a storage component called a hard disk.

Those hard disks are called internal hard disks, but nowadays, external hard disks are getting popular because you can carry a large amount of data in a compact form factor.

Need of External Hard disk

Earlier, we used to carry data in Floppy drives and Zip drives.

The problem there was the data that we store in those medias were not safe as the Floppy disk or the Zip drive may get corrupt very easily, and you may not be able to recover the date stored in them.

Best External Hard Disk in India

Then came CDs which was a revolution in data storage, they provided a much better option in transporting data from one place to another.

But the problem here was you need to keep them safe else they also may get damaged easily and get scratched. A CD reader cannot read a CD which is scratched to a large extent.

Later on, we moved to pen drives, which became very popular in short because of their size and availability.

They can store large amount of data in small form factor, and you can carry it around. Even nowadays, we use pen drives to store data.

In case you have installed an operating system recently, you should have created a bootable disk using Pen drive.

There are other mediums of data storage like memory cards that we use in our smartphones which are also popular.

All is well and good until you run out of storage because the amount of storage space available in a Pen drive or a memory card is limited, here comes the use of an External hard disk.

In case you have a big movie collections with some classic hits and a big song library that you want to carry around to places that you go, an external hard disk is the only thing that you need.

They come in various storage capacities starting from 512 GB to 20 TB storage options.

In case you don’t know, 1 TB is equal to 1024 GB, which a lot of data.

So you can carry a huge volume of data here in a small form factor that can be put into your pocket.

Best External Hard Disk in India

Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport

Western Digital WD 1TB My Passport

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Western Digital produces high-quality hard disks that last for a long time.

In my experience, they are reliable external hard disks that you can carry around without worrying about data being lost or hard disk failure.

They are well-built and Western Digital provides 3 years of warranty in their external hard disks and 3 years of data recovery.

This model “My passport” is one of the popular models people prefer in the 1 TB hard disk segment.


  • 1 TB of storage
  • It comes with 256 bit AES hard ware encryption to keep your data safe
  • Software protection inbuilt for data safety.
  • 3 years of warranty from Western Digital
  • Automatic backup feature
  • Super speed USB 3.0 Port and compatible with USB 2.0 as well.
  • Good build quality
  • 3 years of warranty
  • 3 years of recovery available
  • USB 3.0 support
  • USB 2.0 Compatible
  • 256 Bit encryption
  • Price is a bit high for 1TB hard disk
  • Service centre are less in India

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Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB External Hard Disk

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB external hard disk

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Seagate is one of the popular brands when it comes to external hard disks. They have the variety of hard disks available in the market which are good and they sell well.

Even I am using a Seagate external hard disk, and it has worked without issues for 2 years. So I would recommend a Seagate hard disk any day.

This model from Seagate the backup plus is a 1 TB hard disk, and it comes with USB 3.0 support. It comes in a package with 1 year of Mylio create and 4 months of Adobe CC photography.

Seagate also provides 3 years of rescue service for your data and 3 years of warranty.


  • 1 TB storage
  • Comes with 4 months of Adobe CC photography software which you can use to edit your photos.
  • USB 3.0 available for faster data transfer
  • Can be used as Time machine backup for your Mac.
  • 3 Years of limited warranty
  • 3 Years of data rescue service.
  • USB 3.0 Support
  • High speed data transfer rate
  • Good build with minimalistic looks
  • Various color options available
  • 3 Years of warranty in data and product
  • Price can be a bit low

Next, we are looking at the 2 TB segment, but there is another 1.5 TB segment in between.

Now let’s check some higher storage capacity external hard disks

This is another popular segment in external hard disk in India. This comes with 2 TB of storage which is really handy to store your photos and documents.

In this segment also Seagate and Western Digital are the main players. They have wide range of hard disk in the 2 TB segment and following are some of them.

Adata HD710 Pro Military-Grade 2 TB Portable External Hard Disk

Adata HD710 Pro Military-Grade 2 TB Portable External Hard Drive

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Adata is a popular hard disk brand in India. I have seen many of their products and also heard good reviews from users.

They have the wide variety of products in Indian market and this model, the Adata HD710, is one of the most popular products.

This model Camouflage is made of military grade material and is very durable. It has a special casing which can absorb shocks if you accidentally drop-it.

With rugged build and fast read and write speeds, this is one of the best external hard disk in India.

Your data will remain safe, and you can carry this external hard disk without worrying about it getting damaged.


  • Ruggedised body for shock absorption.
  • Waterproof design
  • USB 3.0 Support
  • IP68 Rating for water resistance
  • Military grade material used for high strength
  • High speed data transfer.
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Military grade material used for safety
  • Water resistance rating: IP 68
  • USB 3.0 Support for fast data transfer
  • 3 years of manufacturer warranty
  • Shock resistance layer over the top for durability
  • A bit bulky in the design
  • Price is a bit high

Transcend StoreJet 2TB Slim External Hard Disk

Transcend StoreJet 2TB Slim External Hard Drive

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Transcend is one of the brands which produce some good quality storage devices in India. They have computer components like RAM and internal hard drives for computers which are of good quality.

This model the StoreJet 2 TB slim is one of the Sleekest 2 TB hard disk that I came across.

It is a minimalistic design and the main features is it comes with USB 3.1 which is comparatively a bit faster than USB 3.0 which we have seen till now.

This external hard disk come with three stage shock protection system so that you can carry it around without worrying about it getting damaged.

StoreJet comes with a handy feature of One touch back up that instantly backup your data from the PC.

This feature helps in reconnecting the hard disk to the PC if you have ejected it with a single touch.

25M3 comes in two color options like iron gray and military green. I liked the green one more as it gave a unique look.

With this external hard disk you will get Transcend data management software which make data transfer from hard disk and to the hard disk easy.


  • 2 TB storage capacity
  • Three stage Shock protection
  • One touch backup system helps to back up your data easily
  • Transcend data management software helps to make data transfer simple.
  • Robust design with shock resistance
  • Two colors available
  • Robust design to keep your data safe
  • Minimalistic looks
  • USB 3.1 for high speed data transfer
  • Transcend data management software included
  • One Touch Backup
  • Availability is less in the market
  • Transcend service centres less in India

The next storage capacity that is preferred is 4 TB. This capacity is preferred by people who store lot of movies and videos in their external hard drive and need to carry it around.

4 TB is a lot of storage for a normal use. In case you are a photographer or you record videos, then you need such kind of capacity to store them.

This also may not be enough, but it hits the sweet spot in storage.

Seagate Expansion Desktop 4TB External Hard Disk

Seagate Expansion Desktop 4TB External Hard Disk

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We have talked about Seagate many times in this review earlier, so not telling the same again.

This model STEB4000300 is one of the popular models in 4 TB hard disk segment. It comes with a unique design and robust build.

The interface it provides is USB 3.0, and it comes with the usual 3 Years rescue service for data from Seagate. This hard disk has a unique grid design over the top, which I really liked.

I am using this hard disk as an expansion to my PC and also for my Xbox.

In case you are a gamer then you need high capacity storage because a game when completely installed in your local drive can take more than 100 GB space due to the high graphic intensive components.

In our testing, this Seagate hard disk provided the fastest read and write speeds, so we think that this is one of the best external hard disk in India.

Also this hard disk is pretty silent and its power efficient as well.


  • Robust build for data safety
  • USB 3.0 for high speed data transfer.
  • USB 2.0 compatibility available
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • 3 years data rescue warranty
  • Drag and drop file saving feature
  • 4 TB storage
  • High capacity storage
  • Built in power management system
  • Lower price than others
  • 3 Years of limited warranty
  • 3 years of data rescue warranty
  • Robust build
  • USB 3.1 would have been better choice.
  • The data indicator light is in the side which is hard to read.

Toshiba Canvio Basics 4TB A3 USB 3.0 External Hard Disk

Toshiba Canvio Basics 4TB A3

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We have not discussed Toshiba till now because I felt that they have good drives in the higher capacity segments.

Their 4 TB model the Canvio Basic is a very minimalistic external hard disk which you can carry around. It’s slim in dimensions and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

I am using a canvio basics 4 TB hard disk for 2 years, and it has performed really well. I have stored many movies and files in it, and it has never given me any trouble.

I have dropped it many times and still it’s working perfectly. In time, I have seen a small dip in reading and writing speeds but still it’s performing well.

This model A3 can easily be one of the best choice for external hard disk if you are looking for a 4 TB one.


  • 4TB of storage
  • Plug and play feature for easy data transfer and use
  • Buit in Internal shock sensor
  • High speed USB 3.0
  • NTF Format support
  • Good quality build.
  • USB 3.0 for High speed data transfer
  • Ramp load technology for effective data speeds
  • Built in shock sensor
  • Plug an play option
  • NTFS format support
  • Rate is a bit high compared to seagate
  • Notice slow downs in long term use.

Buyer’s guide on best external hard disk in India

Before deciding to buy an external hard disk, you should consider some points to make a perfect choice for you.

  1. Storage available
  2. Hard disk Read and Write speed.
  3. Interface of the external hard disk
  4. Build
  5. Price

Storage available

As we know, the purpose of a hard disk is to store data.

Here you need to consider how much data you want to store because storage is costly and when the amount of storage in a hard disk increases it will make the price higher.

So In case you need to store documents and text files, you will need less space. Even if the amount of documents you store is huge, still they may not use much of the storage in your hard disk.

You can select a lower storage hard disk in this case. A 512 GB or a 1 TB hard disk should be sufficient here for this purpose.

In case you are a photographer, and you need to store a lot of photos, then you may need a higher capacity external hard disk.

A 2 TB or a 4 TB hard disk would be apt for you as if you take photos from a DSLR camera then each photo will have a size of 12 to 20 MB so a low storage hard disk will get filled soon if you have thousands of photos in your collection.

Other purpose of an external hard disk is to store videos and movies. In this case, the file sizes are huge.

Nowadays, the type of video recording is happening in 1080P or 4K, so a single file will take a GB of space very easily.

So in this case a 6TB to 10TB hard disk will do good as it won’t run out of storage so easily.

In case you are looking for a larger storage, you can get a hard disk with 20 TB of storage, and you can remain tension free for long time about the storage running out.

External Hard disk Read and Write speeds.

Here comes another point that you need to consider before buying an external hard disk. The Read and Write speeds are important for any storage device.

Consider you are transferring a huge file with GB’s of size. In case if your hard disk is slow, then the time taken to transfer that file into the external hard disk will be huge.

People don’t like that. The transfer of data from the hard disk and to the hard disk should happen in faster rate.

Recent hard disks support USB 3.0 which is quite fast in reading and writing data to the hard disk. Even external hard disks are available with USB type C which will make the process even faster.

In case the speed that you need is not sufficient, we have other options like external SSD which could be very fast as you need.

These SSDs can provide up to 1050Mbps of read and write speed, which is enough to copy a huge file in seconds.

Size and speed are good, but you need to note that according to the size and type of external hard disk you buy, the price will increase. A normal External hard disk will be cheaper than an SSD.

Interface of external hard disk

So this we have discussed in a brief in the previous section, but in case you need more details here it is. The interface in an external hard disk means the way that you write and read date on it.

The most popular options available now are USB 3.0 which provides good speeds up to 1GBPS data read and write speed.

The other most popular interface type is the USB-C connection, which provides much faster speeds compared to USB 3.0.

A USB-C drive could achieve up to 10GBPS speed, which is very high data transfer rate.

There are external hard disks that are cordless, and support Wi-Fi also called as network drives. In that case, you can transfer data wirelessly.


You may ask here why build is so important. The purpose of an external hard disk is to store your precious data.

In case the hard disk is not well-built then if it falls down or on a shock which could happen in various scenarios as you travel with your external hard disk, it could fail, and your data is lost.

This is a serious disaster, and it will create a lot of problems. So, a well-built hard disk will keep your data safe for a longer time.

So in case you are looking for an external hard disk, then you should consider its build as well.

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This we have discussed earlier as well. Price of any storage device increases as the storage capacity increase.

So you should consider your budget before getting an external hard disk because you will have an idea of what you are going to store in it.

If your goal is to store fewer files, you should choose a low-storage hard disk that is less expensive.

Otherwise, you can go with a high-priced hard disk that has enough storage to meet your needs.

As we have discussed hard disks in various capacities above, let me answer some of the common questions that people have on external hard disk.

FAQ on best external hard disk in India

Which is the best external hard disk in India?

For this question, we can give many answers earlier. But the actual answer depends on your needs and what you need your external hard disk for.

If you are looking for a low storage hard disk, I would say you can get a Western Digital model, which performs really well.

In case you need a higher capacity hard disk then you should go with Seagate models as they have the variety of models and good build.

Is external hard disk safe?

The answer to this question is YES. They are the best solution if you need to carry around large amount of data.

You need to be a bit careful handling them and to keep them intact, but there are some robust models which you can handle without worries, and they even come with water resistance.

We have discussed a model from AData earlier which will be suitable for rough usage as well.

How long will my hard drive last?

The answer to this question is “depends”. Based on the care you take and how you use, it will last for a long time.

I am using external hard disks for more than 4 years now and still they are working good. If you give a bit of care to them then they will last long without any issues.

Which is better SSD or HDD?

SSD as we discussed earlier is a solid state drive and does not have any moving parts. It’s similar to a flash drive that you have.

The problems with SSD are that they are pricey, as a 500 GB SSD would cost equal to a 4 TB hard disk drive.

But in data transfer speeds, an SSD always wins because it can go up to 1000 Mbps, which an HDD can do only half or less.

As an SSD is pricey, you should buy only if you need that sort of speed, else I would say HDD is a better option any day.

What can you store on an external hard drive?

You can store any type of data in an external hard drive. Data like movies, Photos, Text documents, Setup files or anything that you want can be stored.


So we have it. In case you are looking for a hard disk drive, then I have sorted out some of the Best External Hard Disk in India in this post.

You can buy any of the above-mentioned and I can say that you won’t be disappointed.

I have personally tried some of them, and I am using some of them now. All have worked great till now.

In case I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments below so that others can also know about it.

Thanks for spending your valuable time reading.

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