Best Gaming PC under 50000 (July 2023)

Are you searching for the best Gaming PC under 50000? Here we have listed some good options that you can check out

You can design a PC according to your gaming needs, which will make your gaming experience better.

Nowadays, people like to play games on large screens, which make it an immersive gaming experience. Gaming is an intensive task for any PC.

For a low-end PC, the games will have problems loading, as well as getting stuck while gaming. This does not result in a good gaming experience.

Recent games are very demanding, and they need a lot of resources to play. If you have a good configuration, like a good processor, graphics card, RAM, and SSD, then all the high-end games will run smoothly.

ASUS ROG Strix GA35 – Recommended choice

Best Gaming PC under 50000

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  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • RTX 2080 Graphics Card
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 12 Core CPU

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Asus is a name which is most popular in Gaming segment. They have the industry-leading hardware which can provide an excellent gaming experience.

Asus is liked by most of the gamers around the world due to the availability of parts and also the features that they provide.

This model, the ASUS ROG Strix GA35 is one of the popular models of Gaming PC’s from ASUS. It comes with the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU which is having 12 cores.

This process has a base clocking speed of 3.8 GHz and can boost up-to 4.6 GHz, which is perfect for gaming.

Having 12 Cores and 24 Threads makes this processor a beast which can handle any type of games that you throw at it.

It comes with 64 MB Cache which makes the whole process fast. All the apps load really fast and also with minimum lag.

This Gaming PC comes with 16 GB of RAM which you can expand up-to 32 GB which is enough for a high-end gaming PC. The RAM used here is dual channel, which helps in making the app loading time very less.

In the storage department, this gaming PC comes with a 1 TB HDD which has 7200 RPM and a 1 TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD which has really fast read and write speeds making app load times very fast.

Having a total of 2 TB Storage makes it better for storing games. In the graphics department, this PC has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 which has a 8 GB VRAM.

This is one of the best top end graphics card that you can get in the market now. The 8 GB VRAM and the NVIDIA RTX 2080 makes this one of the best gaming pc in India that you can buy.

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It has an AMD X570 Chipset mother board with ATX form factor. In the cooling department also it is best as it has 240MM liquid cooler and a power supply of 700W.

Having an expansion slot for both SSD and RAM, this gaming PC is customizable for your gaming needs and will provide you the best gaming experience.


  • Good design
  • Lighting is great
  • AIr circulation is good


  • Number of ports in the front are limited

Best Gaming PC under 50000

Kuro Starter Gaming PC

Kuro Starter Gaming PC

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  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • Nvidea GTX 1030 Graphics
  • 8GB RAM
  • 240GB SSD
  • Windows 10 Home

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When it comes to Gaming PC under, 50000 the number of options are limited. For good gaming experience, we need good hardware.

This mode the Kuro Starter Gaming PC is a good option to consider if you are looking for an option below 50000.

Kuro comes with 9th Gen Core i5 processor, which has 6 cores and 6 threads. This processor can clock up-to 4.1 GHz, which is good for gaming, and it can handle some high-end games as well.

When it comes to connectivity, this Gaming PC comes with 4 USB 3.1 Ports which are having high speed data transfer rates. Also, the company has included 2 USB 2.0 ports for data transfer.

For good gaming experience, the company has included Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 with 2 GB RAM. If you are a high-end gamer then you may find this graphics card not that sufficient, but in case you are a starter then this graphics card is perfect for you.

Having the H310M/H410M Chipset motherboard makes this PC compatible with the latest hardware and also expansion option.

The motherboard comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports, which you can use for connectivity.

Kuro Gaming PC comes with 8 GB of high speed RAM which makes this PC good for gaming without any lag.

In the storage department, the company has added a 240 GB SSD in which the operating system can be installed and have fast boot times.

Even though the amount of storage is limited, you can add a 1 TB hard disk to increase the storage space for installing the games that you like.


  • Sleek looks
  • Solid build
  • Good lighting


  • Ventilation can be better

Best PC for Work and Gaming: Lenovo V530 

Best PC for Work and Gaming Lenovo V530

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  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 3 Years of Warranty

User Review

Lenovo is a top brand when it comes to laptop and PC components. They have the variety of products in the market.

This models the V530 9th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, which is known for gaming. It can handle some high-end games without any issues. This processor is used in most of the Gaming PC’s and Laptops.

The V530 comes with 8 GB of RAM which is good for entry level gaming PC’s and also in the storage department Lenovo has added 1 TB HDD which you can use to install the games so that you do not run out of storage.

When it comes to OS, it has DOS installed, which you can use to install any version of windows.

It would have been better if Windows 10 Home was preinstalled, but Lenovo is shipping the PC with DOS.

In our testing this model came on top with excellent performance and features making this one of the best Gaming PC under 50000.

This PC is not having any graphics card preinstalled but for a beginner as a gamer this PC will be able to handle all the games.

When it comes to most demanding games, this PC will not be able to run those and you may experience lag.

Having the Energy Star 7.0 rating, this PC will consume very less power when running in high load as well. If you want to conserve energy, then this is the option to consider.

In the I/O department, Lenovo has added 2 USB 3.1 ports which you can use for high speed data transfer. You can use the ports to connect External hard drives to increase the storage for this PC.


  • Durable design and great looks
  • Good set of I/O available


  • No RGB available

Best Gaming PC under 40000: Dell Inspiron 3880

 Dell Inspiron 3880

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  • Intel core i3 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse included
  • Windows 10 and Office suite installed
  • 1 Year warranty

User Review

Dell makes some of the quality products when it comes to PC and Gaming category. They have wide variety pr products starting from Laptops to high-end gaming PC.

This model, the Dell Inspiron 3880 Is one of the best gaming PC’s that you can buy in a budget segment. It has all the necessary hardware for some beginner level gaming.

The Dell 3880 comes with Core i3 Processor which is 10th Gen. This processor is not high end but will be able to handle some games like NFS or Fortnight without much of a hiccup.

This processor has 4 Cores and 6 MB cache. With the minimum clock speed of 3.6 GHz and max clock speed of 4.20 GHz, this processor can handle some gaming without any issues.

As it’s a beginner level gaming PC, it does not come with any dedicated graphics card. The Intel UHD graphics can play some games as it’s capable handling graphic intensive tasks.

In the RAM and Storage department, Dell has included 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB of HDD for storage where you can install games.

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Preinstalled Windows 10 Home edition is an added advantage. This PC also comes with MS Office suite which you can use for work purpose as well.

For connectivity, DELL has added Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which you can use to connect headphones or speakers while gaming.

The Wi-Fi used here helps in placing the PC in any location as the connection can be access wirelessly.

As a package, Dell has included the Dell E2016HV 20″ monitor, a Dell wired keyboard (KB216 and also a Dell optical mouse (MS116).

This is a good deal when it comes to gaming PCs, as we are getting all the components that we need to start our work and do gaming.


  • Minimal design
  • Monitor included
  • Good set of I/O ports


  • Air ventilation can be better

Best Gaming PC under 30000: Enter-Go GTA

Enter-Go GTA


  • Core i7 Processor
  • NVIDIA Graphics Card
  • Wifi and Bluetooth in built
  • 120GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 Year Warranty

User Review

When it comes to gaming PC under, 30000 the number of available options are limited. In case you need a dedicated graphics card and good amount of RAM, the price limitation will be a problem.

Enter is a new brand and this model is one of the best gaming PC under, 30000 that you can buy.

This gaming PC comes with Intel Core i7-860 processor which is good for gaming. When you get this processor in this price range, it’s a great deal.

In the Storage and RAM department, this PC comes with 120 GB HDD storage, which you can use to install the games that you like. Also for RAM it comes with 8 GB RAM which is good for gaming.

For graphics, we have NVIDIA 4 GB Graphics Card which is suitable for gaming and also if you want to edit some videos or photos this graphics card should serve the purpose.

Windows 10 Trial version is installed by default in this PC. You can buy the license and upgrade to full version of windows.

For connectivity, we can find Wi-Fi built in and also Bluetooth. With the included Wi-Fi, you can connect this PC to internet without any wires.

The Bluetooth can be used to connect the PC to speakers or headphones while gaming or work.


  • Sleek looks
  • Good RGB lighting
  • Good configuration


  • Limited I/O ports

Best gaming PC under 60000: Lenovo Ideacentre 510S 

Lenovo Ideacentre 510S

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  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • USB 3.1 Ports
  • 1TB HDD
  • Wifi and Bluetooth included
  • 3 Year warranty

User Review

We have discussed Lenovo earlier. They have the variety of models when it comes to PC. But for a Gaming PC, we need a good set of hardware to run games.

This model Ideacentre 510S is one of the best gaming PC that you can buy. It’s also the best-selling Gaming PC in India under 50000.

Having the Intel Core i5 9th Generation processor makes it a good option to consider for gaming, as this processor can handle most of the games that we throw at it.

It has a base speed of 2.9 GHz and Max at 4.1 GHz, which is good for a gaming PC.

When it comes to RAM, Lenovo has included an 8 GB RAM, which can be expanded up-to 16 GB if you need to make the system better.

For storage, we get a 1 TB HDD, which you can replace with an SSD if you need better performance.

This PC does not have a dedicated graphics card installed but comes with the Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 which can handle gaming.

For I/O Lenovo has included 4 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports which are of high data transfer speeds and also a headphone jack which you can use to connect wired headphones.

This system comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity.

With 3 years of included warranty this is a good deal if you consider a gaming PC under 50000.


  • Durable design
  • Good set of I/O ports
  • Good overall looks and performance


  • No RGB lighting

Buyer’s Guide

We can buy PC’s from market very easily but getting a gaming PC needs some research. Let’s now discuss some of the main points that you need to consider before buying a Gaming PC.

Best Processor for a Gaming PC

This is the most important component of any computer. It determines the capability of a computer and the tasks that it can perform.

When it comes to Gaming PC, processor plays an important role. For a beginner who plays light gaming a Core i3 or a Ryzen 5 processor powered PC should be enough but in case you are a high-end gamer then you need to look for Core i9 or at-least Core i7 powered PC.

You can also go for an AMD Ryzen 7 powered PC, which are also great for high-end gaming.

Most of the high-end processors come with either 6 or 8 cores, which is apt for high demanding games.

The cores in a PC are split into high performance cores and also efficiency cores.

When it comes to gaming, high performance cores are tasked and used the most.

Clock Speed is another major factor here. Some people buy a gaming PC and overclock the processor.

This is good for the limits, but extreme overclocking could overheat the CPU and damage it.

In case you need to extract more performance from a PC, overclocking can be done to the limits.

If you like to play high-end games, then getting a good process is a must for the best gaming experience.

Consider getting a Core i5, Core i7 or Core i9 when it comes to Intel and in case of AMD processors you can get the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7.

Graphics card

This plays a vital role in any Gaming PC. As we have discussed earlier, a Game is a graphic intensive task and to handle it we need some serious power.

Even though a powerful processor can handle games, but a dedicated graphics card can make things easier for the processor by sharing the task.

Graphics card has its own processor and RAM, which helps in handling high graphics settings for a game.

Having a good graphics card makes the frame rate of a game better. When the FPS levels are high, the games look more responsive and enjoying playing.

A high-end graphics card makes gaming much more smooth and also reduces any lag.

If you need a good gaming PC, then you need to get a good graphics card. Graphics card like GTX 1060, or 1080 will do wonders in gaming.

How much RAM is needed for gaming PC?

This is a common question that people ask when they plan to buy a PC.

RAM is an important factor for any PC’s performance. More RAM makes multitasking better and also apps can load much faster. Apps remain in memory for a longer time.

If you have many apps running in the background over that if you load a game with limited amount of RAM, the system may hang or the background apps may quit.

Having a high RAM capacity will eliminate the issue of Apps getting terminated in the background and games to load faster without any lag.


Storage is another important factor for any gaming PC to run smoothly. Having low amount of storage will create a limitation while installing games.

As we know, the size of a game when installed will be huge. If you have installed multiple games in a PC, the storage will run out really soon.

Old PCs were using HDD which were really slow in reading and writing data, but modern PC’s and Laptops are coming with SSD (Solid state drives) which are having very high read and write speeds.

This Really helps in loading games on a PC and making the gaming experience better.

Games have the lot of files to be loaded while a game is in progress. If you have a SSD as your storage, there won’t be any lag in gaming.

FAQ on gaming PC under 50000

What PC is best for gaming?

There are variety of gaming PC’s in the market but finding a best one is a bit difficult as it depends on the type of games that you are going to play. If you are planning to play high end games then you should get the absolute best configuration for a gaming PC.

Asus has many models in the market that you can buy. ASUS ROG Strix GA35 is one of the good options that you can buy when it comes to gaming PC in India.

Are gaming PC worth it?

Gaming needs a lot of hardware power. A high-end gaming PC is built with some high-end configuration like a top processor, powerful graphics card and good capacity of RAM.

The other things that we need here are a good monitor to display the games and a keyboard and mouse.

Gaming PC being power packed can handle all the tasks that we would throw at it.

If you are planning to do video editing or photo editing in a gaming PC, It’s possible as the raw power of the hardware will be able to handle it without any issue.

Gaming PC’s are no different from normal PC. They are just more powerful and capable.


Here, we have discussed some basic things that you may need to consider before buying a Gaming PC. I have listed out 5 of the best gaming PC under 50000 that you can buy in India. Any option from the above list will suit your needs.

If you are a pro level gamer and want to play high-end games then you should look for gaming PC’s under, 100000 which will have dedicated graphics and better specs.

For a beginner level gamer or a casual gamer, then the above-mentioned list will be perfect for you.

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