Best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to try out

Here are some of the best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to try out which will make your daily work flow easier. Keyboard shortcuts will help you do a task with a key press.

Best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to try out

Gmail is one of the most popular service that we use for sending emails every day. Most people who are use internet have a Gmail account, and they send and receive important emails through Gmail. Gmail has gained its popularity due to the simple interface. Still, there are cases where sending multiple emails may be hectic. To solve it, there are certain keyboard shortcuts that you can try. These shortcuts will help you to become more productive and use Gmail in a simpler way.

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As we know, Gmail has a lot of shortcuts and these are some of the popular once which people would want. Before starting to work on keyboard shortcuts, you must enable them on Gmail. To enable shortcuts on Gmail, follow the steps below.

How to enable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

First open a browser and go to Gmail. Login with a Google account. Once the login is completed, click on the settings button at the top right of the screen.

Gmail settings

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On clicking the Settings button, a menu will appear. Click on the “See all settings” button, and you will be redirected to the settings page on Gmail. In the General tab on the “Settings” page, scroll and find “Keyboard shortcuts” option.

Keyboard shortcuts settings

Select the “Keyboard shortcuts on” option and click on “Save Changes” button. Now the settings will be applied, and you will be able to use keyboard shortcuts on Gmail.

Best Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to try out

To send and receive emails simply, these shortcuts will help. Most shortcuts work just by pressing a key.

Reply an email

We get 100’s of emails every day. Some we may reply and some are skipped. To reply an important email easily after enabling shortcuts on Gmail, simply press “R” on the keyboard when the email window is open.

Open the email you have received > Press “R” on the keyboard.

Compose an email

Sending email is an important task. It may be official or personal but via emails, we can send important information and documents. To compose an email with a key press on Gmail, following are the steps.

Open Gmail and Login > Once you have enabled keyboard shortcut, just press “C” button on the keyboard. The compose window will appear.

Forward an email

Another major feature that we use in Gmail is to forward emails that we received. After enabling shortcuts, this process can be done using a key press.

Open Gmail and open the email that you want to forward > Press “F” button and the mail will be available for forwarding.

Send an email

Even though sending an email is just a button click still, to make it easier, you can just press a set of keys on the keyboard when it’s composed.

Open Gmail and compose and email > For sending email on Windows and Mac, there is a small difference on the keys used. In Mac, you need to press command + enter and on Windows press Ctrl + enter.

Mute an email thread

If you have an annoying email thread that is presently active, it’s good to mute it so that you will not receive notifications on it. To mute an email thread on Gmail, follow the steps below.

Open Gmail and open the email thread that you want to mute > Press “M” on the keyboard and the thread will be muted.

Conclusion on Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Gmail makes work easier. Still, you should be careful about while using them because a wrong shortcut could make you send email to a wrong person. The same could happen with reply. Make sure before sending email using shortcuts so that your work flow will be smooth and easy.

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