Best Hand Sanitizer in India

Your search is over. We have tried more than 30 hand sanitizers and this is the list that contains the best alcohol based best hand sanitizer in India.

Hand sanitizers are a thing which we cannot live without nowadays. Since the start of COVID-19 last year, people are trying to keep them self safe from getting the disease by staying at home and going out only for essential needs.

Hope this condition get better soon as it has been frustrating for a lot of people, especially for the Old and the young as they are most affected. If we go out, we always have a worry in our mind and always try to maintain social distancing. That’s the right way to do it. But there is another thing that we need to do regularly.

Cleaning hands.

Best hand sanitizer in india

It doesn’t mean like cleaning your hand with just water. You need to use soap for it mixed with water and wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds so that you can destroy the virus and stay safe.

Other things that we use are hand-wash, which also need water to work with. The hand-wash mixes with water and then only it cleans your hands.

This is not practical in all situations, as we may not have water in all places even if we carry a hand wash in our hands.

The solution is alcohol based hand sanitizer that can remove any virus from your hands by just spraying and wiping. Water is not required in this case. So it comes handy to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer with you in all places that you go.

There are many brands that make alcohol based hand sanitizers like Dettol, Savlon and so. But we need to check which is the best hand sanitizer brand and also which is the best hand sanitizer so that it will help you in your purchase.

As mentioned in the beginning we tried around 30 different brands and made this list as they worked really well and gave us a sense of confidence.

Best Hand Sanitizer in INDIA

  • Dettol
  • Lifebuoy
  • Himalaya
  • Trycone
  • Palmolive
  • Triactive
  • Onley
  • Dabur
  • Stelomax
  • Oriley

These are some of the popular brands that make hand sanitizers in India.

Just applying a hand sanitizer won’t work. Then, hand sanitizer should evenly spread on your hand so that it can cover all the parts and make it sanitized.

Thick sanitizers are not volatile, so they won’t spread that evenly and will leave spots that are not sanitized.

Conditions that we considered for this review.

  1. How thick is the sanitizer
  2. Composition of the sanitizer
  3. Price
  4. Availability
  5. Smell
  6. Effectiveness

Availability of Hand Sanitizer:

Let’s check the availability of a sanitizer

On our test we noticed that some brands like Dettol, Lifebuoy and Palmolive was easily available in local shops .

Other brands like

  1. Dabur
  2. Trycone,
  3. Oriley
  4. Tri- active

These brands were hard to find, and in some shops even these brands were not known. Dabur was better in this case

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

So for availability we need to give the rank to Dettol as it was very easily available in all medical stores and glossary shops. Second comes Lifebuoy and followed by Palmolive.

Best hand sanitizer in india

Any way we were able to find out all the sanitzers mentioned in the list in a best hand sanitizer hunt so that we can check all of them and compare.

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Second criteria that we considered was

Thickness of Hand Sanitizer:

As we know, sanitizers are expected to be thick solutions but too much of thickness won’t be good as it would be hard to get out of the bottle some case as you may need to squeeze hard to get it out when you are in a hurry, So these criteria must be considered.

In that we put the list into test, and we noticed as the dettol and lifebuoy were thick but were not that thick as It’s hard to use and after putting them on hand we were able to spread them.

Lifebuoy left a sticky sensation after application which dettol did not.

Other sanitizer we tested like Dabur and oriley were thicker than Dettol and Lifebuoy which we felt it to be a little bit hard to get out and apply on our hand.

Trycone Hand Sanitizer

Best hand sanitizer in india

The best we felt was Trycone. This came in a big bottle below 1000Rs and was in a perfect consistency so that we can easily spread through our hand. This gave us a bit more confidence and this had good smell too.

It was able to spread evenly in hands and was able to cover a full hand with less amount of the liquid used. The bottle that it comes can be split into multiple bottles and can be used for long time.

This was also available in spray bottles as well that is very convenient as we can just spray evenly on our hands and use it. It’s a good one if you are looking for the best sanitizer for hands in a low price.

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This is one of the important factor that we had considered because this is a need for all people, even for a common man and a poor. So price should be justified and it should be buyable by anyone. In this category. The Himalaya and the Dabur were most compelling.

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya model was priced at 175 Rs for a 500 ML bottle, but the Dabur was around 150 rupees.

Best hand sanitizer in india

When we compared the same with Dettol and Lifebuoy they both were above 200 Rs for their 500ml bottle. As we mentioned, the Dabur felt too thick and Himalaya was better as it had good even constancy and was good to smell as well.

As price being an important factor Himalaya is a better choice here.

Composition of hand sanitizer:

This is one of the vital part which needs to be considered before buying a band sanitizer. Most of the people does not consider it. They just go and ask for a sanitizer in the shop and take the one that the shopkeeper want to sell.

You should always check the products that you are going to buy before making a decision.

A good hand sanitizer is expected to have 60% to 95% to be most effective.

In this case we liked Dettol, Trycone, Sterlomax and Lifebuoy as the composition was mentioned well and in bold. So that the consumer can easily read it and buy it with confidence.

The Trycone and the sterlomax had mentioned this in detail, and they were making it clear what they were trying to sell. Which is a good approach. But on considering price and other value for money conditions, we felt Trycone to be a better choice here.

hand sanitizer

The available quantity and the clarity in detail mentioned makes us like it, so this has a win here.


This is not that important aspect to consider in case of the best hand sanitizer in India, but we can consider as a comparison. In this category the Palmolive and the Oriley felt good and followed by the Dettol and life buoy.

To create smell some perfumes are added with glyserol to avoid any hand irritations after application.




This part we can’t judge much, as for testing this we need some technical data that is hard to get, and we don’t want to misguide you.


To know more about this we visited many medical shops and asked some doctors about this, they suggested if the composition of alcohol is above 70 percent then the hand sanitizer should work great. But most of them should have that composition to be called as a Hand sanitizer.

We asked for some recommendations from the people using these and are selling these. They said that Trycone is popular, followed by Sterlomax which has 80 % ethanol.

So in this category we had two winners.

The Trycone and the Sterlomax E80 both were suggested by people that we talked with.

Sterlomaz E80

Sterlomax E80 has a good composition and will be most effective in this case.

Sterlomaz E80

Conclusion: Best Hand Sanitizer in India

Keeping your hands clean will keep you away from problems at this time. It’s always been a true fact any time. Now in this time of pandemic the same statement comes true.

  • Always keep your hand clean and sanitized.
  • Avoid touching things when you go to public places.
  • If you have touched, then sanitize your hand with a good hand sanitizer.
  • If you can stay at home, it’s great.

Here we can’t recommend one from all as all were good at their departments. But to choose a winner we will give it to Trycone and SterloMax

So thats it. This was our comparison to find the best hand sanitizer that we can find in India to fight this pandemic. Let’s fight through this time and win this pandemic so that we can have better days ahead.

Until then Stay home and Stay safe

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