Best Heat Gun to buy in India 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

A heat gun is one of the tools that everyone should have in their home. Heat guns can be very handy in many situations. We will find out and discuss it in detail and find the best heat gun in India 2023 to buy so that you can have a good tool at your home when you need it

So for a beginning, let’s discuss some things based on a heat gun.

best heat gun

How does a heat gun work?

You might have seen room heaters before, if you don’t then let me explain to you how they work as heat guns follow the same principle.

If you have seen room heaters, then you will know that they work based on a heating element. A heat gun or a room heater will have high resistant heating element like nichrome or tungsten that when supplied with electricity it gets heated due to resistance.

There will be a fan in the front section which pulls out the heat from the tungsten element and blows out as hot air.

It’s the same phenomenon followed by a heat gun as well. The heating element is the primary factor for producing hot air from a heat gun.

So now we have figured out how a heat gun works we can see what are its uses.

Best Heat Gun in India 2023

Bosch GHG 180 Heat Gun

This is one of the popular models of heat guns sold in India. Bosch, as we might have heard, is making some quality tools. I’ve been using it since last year, and it’s always worked well. This is the best heat gun for removing paint.

best heat gun

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Main highlights

  1. This is made of good quality plastic and the cord is around 2 meter length which is an added advantage.
  2. It has a red temperature adjustment switch back of the handle by which you can control the value and airflow from the gun.
  3. Front nozzle is made of stainless steel which is rust free.
  4. It is very lightweight and handy so that your hands don’t pain after long use.
  5. It comes with overheat protection.
  6. 1800 W is the power
  7. Heating rate: 60 – 550°C °C
  8. Airflow: 350 – 550 l/min
  9. 6 months warranty
  • Very good quality product
  • Accurate level of heating achieved.
  • Fast heating rate
  • 3 heat adjustment levels
  • Only 6 months warranty

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This is another 1800W model that is very popular in the market due to its low price.

Black and Decker is one of the oldest tool manufacturing companies, and they make some quality products at an affordable price. In my opinion, it has good features for the price, and it does the heating function really well. This is good for arts and crafts.

best heat gun

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Main highlights

  1. Plastic quality used in this heating gun is descent.
  2. It has two temperature adjustments and heat output is accurate.
  3. Heating is quick.
  4. Less sound
  5. Cord length is around 2 meter
  6. Temperature range : 400 and 550 degree centigrade
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good tack-tile ON/OFF switch
  • Handle grip is good.
  • Long cord for easy use.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Only 2 heating adjustments

STANLEY STXH2000 2000W Heat Gun

This is from Stanley, a popular American brand which have the lot of good tools in Indian market. Stanley’s products are known for their quality and long life.

This comes in 2000w and is made of good quality plastic and the design is simple and is one of the best that we had reviewed.

The weight is less as it only weights 250gm and the cord could add another 200gm which make the total weight of 450gm which is good for long use.

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Main highlights

  1. It’s very handy and lightweight.
  2. It has a rotating knob for accurate heat adjustment.
  3. 2 heat modes for accurate heating
  4. Long 3 meter cord for easy use.Lock on function in trigger for hands free use.
  5. 1 Year warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rotating knob for heat adjustment
  • Good quality plastic used
  • Lock on function for handsfree use
  • Long cord of 3 meter
  • Only 2 heating adjustments
  • Price is a bit high

Bosch GHG 20-63 2000-Watt PVC Heat Gun

We considered Bosch again because they have some good models. This model GHG 20-63 from Bosch is specially made for professional use. It’s bit on the costlier side, and this is used for vehicle wrapping.

Mostly used in car detailing shops, the users have said that it performs really well and heat adjustment in this is accurate and effective. It has a lengthy cable which suits their needs well.

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Main highlights

  1. It has 3 temperature adjustments for accurate heating levels.
  2. Rubber anti slip grip for good hold in the hands.
  3. Long cord of 2 meter which is good for professional use
  4. 6 months warranty
  5. Can heat up to 630 degrees is an added advantage.
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 heating adjustments for accurate heating
  • Long cable for easy use.
  • High speed heating for professionals
  • Rubber grip in handle for nice hold.
  • Only 6 months warranty
  • Price is more

DEWALT D26414-B1 Heat Gun

Dewalt is a sub brand of Stanley, and this model is one of the most popular. This is having some advanced features like an LCD to know the accurate heating levels and a good quality build with ergonomic design. It’s in a bit costlier side, but this one works best for professionals.

It is build like a tank and is very stable in hands and even drops does not damage it.

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Main highlights

  1. Digital display for accurate temperature readings.
  2. Robust build with good plastics used
  3. Two types of nozzles provided for different purposes.
  4. Long cord for easy access to places.
  5. 2 heat settings for accurate heating
  6. Heating up to 600 degrees
  • LCD display to check accurate heat readings
  • Good quality build
  • Long cord for easy use
  • Light weight design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Only two speed adjustments

So we have covered all the most popular heat guns available in India that will perform really well based on your use. Select one of them and you will be happy with the purchase.

Buyers Guide

Being a handy tool, it is used in multiple applications. Here I have listed some of the main application and its uses.

  1. For bending pipes

We know bending a PVC pipe in an exact way we want is a hard job, either the pipe breaks or it gets damaged.

So usually what we do is show it on fire, but what happens here is it get darkened and some time it gets a hole in it or gets deformed. The problem here is we can’t provide the exact level of heat that we need to bend a pipe.

So heat gun comes handy in this place. It can control the exact amount of heat that it can output with the heating adjustment available in it. That will help to produce the exact amount of heat that we need.

2. For removing paint

Removing paint from a material is a hard job, as paint is a sticky thing. Once paint settles on a surface, we need to either sand it or scrap it from the surface to remove it, but here the problem is the surface will get scratched up.

A heat gun will really be handy here as it will heat the paint to an extent when it leaves the surface and bulge out so that we can easily remove the paint.

3. Removing wallpaper

This is another purpose where it is used to a large extent. A wallpaper usually has strong glue and won’t come off from walls so easily.

If we try to remove if by pulling it off, the wallpaper will tear off and some part may stick in the wall and paint from the wall will come off from the wall and the wall will get damaged.

A heat induces heat and removes the stickiness of the wallpaper so that it will get easily removed.

Heat Guns for DIY

1. Removing glue

Once we stick some strong glue to a thing, it’s hard to remove. For that, we can use the heat from the heat gun in a precise way so that the glue gets loosened, and the glue comes off.

2. Wrapping car or bike

If you have seen car or bike wrapping, you might have seen usage of heat gun there. It is used to shape the surfaces over the film or the sticker that is stuck over a car or a bike.

3. Removing rusted screws

Removing an old rusted screw is a tedious process as they won’t come off easily. So a heat gun can be used to heat the screws which will reduce the friction and loosen the screws so that we can remove it much easily.

Due to controlled heat production it is a very good and handy tool to have in homes.

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Corded heat guns available in the market are similar from all manufactures. They have mostly the same parts.

A common heat gun will have the following design.

  • It will have a handle and an On switch.
  • There will be a heat control adjustment.
  • A heat generating chamber where it will have a heating element connected to the supply.
  • A fan that will push out hot air from the heating element.

This is the basic anatomy behind.

Safety measures

If there are advantages also, we should follow some safety measures while using these type of tools

At high temperatures it will get very hot, and you should avoid touching the metal part as it will burn your hands.

Other thing is that it should not be exposed to petrol or petroleum gasses which will cause fire.

Now that we had made it clear about what it is and how it’s used, we can check out the best heat gun that we can buy for our home use.

There are many manufacturers in India that have them in the market. I have sorted some of the best which will help in your purchase.


After checking through 10 different models, and we have selected the top 5 from the list. From that top 5 have the best choice that will be suitable for all your jobs and will provide 1 year of warranty and some advance controls.

best heat gun

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So now you know the answer for what is the best heat gun to buy for both home and professional use.

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