Best JBL Speakers under 5000 in India with great sound

If you’re looking for the best JBL speakers under 5000 in India, you don’t have to look any further. Here we have sorted out some great options for you to consider.

After comparing some of the best Bluetooth speakers, we have created this listing.

How did we create this list for best JBL speakers under 5000?

Several tests were done with speakers in different price range from JBL and a final list was made

The main aspects that we considered here are sound quality, battery backup and features on offer.

With intensive testing, we have come with the top JBL Bluetooth speakers that you can buy in the market today.

best jbl speakers under 5000

Reasons to buy a JBL speaker under 5000

There are many brands in the market which offer bookshelf speakers at a price of Rs 5000.

What makes JBL speakers better compared to other speakers in the market

  • Having a portable form factor and capability of producing great sound output makes JBL a good option to consider in the budget speaker segment in India.
  • JBL is one best Bluetooth speaker companies that have Bluetooth and other speaker systems in Indian market.
  • When it comes to battery life, JBL speakers are great.

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  • With benchmark sound quality, JBL speakers can be the first choice if you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker. They sound incredible and are far superior to the competition in this market.
  • Also in budget segment like under 5000 rs, they are known to have some best collection with IP rating and build quality

These are the reasons we recommend you to get a JBL Bluetooth speaker if you are in the market to get a Bluetooth speaker under 5K.

Why is JBL better than other brands like boat?

BoAt is challenging JBL and other big players. BoAt speakers are becoming increasingly popular, so you may be considering buying them.

The question here is, which one is better? Are JBL speakers better than boAt?

In Bluetooth portable speaker segment, JBL could be considered best compared to boat or any other brand due to the low cost and great quality.

Boat speakers are great too, but JBL speakers have richer sound, durable design and clear sound output. JBL speakers may be a bit more expensive, but the value you get from them is well worth it.

On comparing these two brands, JBL got a rating higher than boat or any other brands.

We also compared JBL speakers with Zebronics and Sony. It was noticed that for the best speaker under 5K segment, JBL speakers are suiting well.

Best JBL Speaker under 5000


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Bluetooth Version5.1
Bluetooth range10 m
AUX inputNo
Battery Life4 hours
IP RatingIP67
Charging PortUSB Type C

User Review

People love the JBL Go speakers as they are known to be reliable and great on sound.

Although the JBL Go 2 was a fantastic speaker, some features such as the flat design and old Bluetooth version were not desired by many.

With the JBL Go 3 in the market, they have brought many improvements to the table.

At high volumes, the JBL Go 2 was having some issues like vibrations and breaking. They have fixed the same with the JBL Go 3

Go 3 feels premium in hand and easy to hold. While holding, it feels as we are holding a premium speaker with mesh design and rounded corners.

There is minimum vibration and good solid grip at the bottom so that it does not move an inch even if we play music in high volumes.

Other highlights of JBL GO 3

With 4.2W RMS range, the GO 3 would be suitable for any small room. JBL has made the speaker portable and compact.

Compact design makes it a travel friendly bluetooth speaker because, you can slide it into any bag or backpack and stay entertained in any place.

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Having clear vocals and treble makes it a good options for people who listen to classical music more. For base heads, we should consider JBL Flip instead.

Simply put it in your pocket and you can start listening to music. JBL Go 3 was far ahead of our expectations.

With the included hook, you can hand the Go 3 in any place and enjoy the music.

Overall, the music experience with the Go 3 is amazing.

The battery life that we got from the Go 3 was great, as at 70 to 80% volume it was able to play music for 4 hours.

The charging time that it took to charge from 0 to 100% was 3 hours, which is a bit slow compared to other speakers in this price range.

This would be a perfect picnic speakers where you can setup camping and listen to music with good sound.

It has a great sound quality. It is definitely superior to Go 2, but it is slightly less than the JBL Clip 4.

One thing that we felt was missing is the mic support and also the AUX port.

These are dealbreakers for some people, but still for the sound you should get the GO 3. With all features on offer, this is one of the best JBL speakers under 5000.

With IP67 You do not need to worry about rain and can carry it with you to any place that you plan to travel.


  • Solid Build
  • Light weight and compact
  • Bass is great
  • Treble is good
  • Bluetooth connection is smooth
  • IP67 rating


  • Mic is not supported
  • Battery life needs to be better

Our thoughts:

Even thought there are some cons in JBL Go 3, and you can have a look into JBL Go 4, still for the price that we get this speaker, it has all the needed features making it a great option to consider. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 then this should be on your list.

JBL Junior POP

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Bluetooth Version4.2
Bluetooth range10 m
AUX inputNo
Battery Life4 hours
IP RatingIPX7
Charging PortMicro USB

User Review

JBL Junior POP Is a Bluetooth speaker for children. This was one of the best-selling speaker during the pandemic, as children can use these speakers for online classes.

But to be frank, you will absolutely love Jr Pop, no matter what age you are. The speaker will feel solid when you hold it. 

It’s like holding a rubberized material. It doesn’t feel cheap. As with other JBL speakers, Jr POP is built to last. It is much smaller than the other speakers in this series.

There are different colored LEDs here. These lit up when we turn on the speaker. The light setup is great and attractive and the LED lights are stunning.

Other highlights of Junior Pop

LED’s are available only in the corners, and not for the whole body.

You can turn off the LED lights if you don’t wish to use them. If you think that JBL compromised in the quality of the product, then you are wrong. JBL did not. The sound quality is excellent.

This speaker is smaller and has a 3W output. However, it still delivers the JBL signature sound.
It is loud, clear, immersive.

The bass is solid, and the vocals are clear. This speaker is not for those who like heavy bass, but it’s still a good choice. As adults, we tested the Jr. POP. We share what we learned here.

The IPX7 rating of the Jr POP is lower than that of Clip 4 or Go 3. When we tested it underwater in a pool, it fared well, with no distortion in sound even after 10 minutes underwater.

The speaker has high wattage and a loud sound output. Even at high volume, the sound is clear, and no distortion was noticed. The sound is not distorted even at its loudest.

Jr POP’s overall sound quality is excellent. However, the JBL Clip 4 or Go 3 have significantly higher sound and more bass. These two options are also quite expensive.

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The Jr POP is less expensive and comes with Bluetooth4.2. This is an older version. If you keep within the range, there is no problem with disconnection.

Battery life of the speaker was good, but not great. On continuous usage, we were able to get 4 hours of play back. Still, it is comparatively better than other brands in the market


  • Nice build
  • Sound is good at high volume
  • IPX7 support
  • Bluetooth connection is stable
  • Treble output is good.


  • Mic should be better
  • Battery life can be improved
  • Charging time is a bit slow
  • Bluetooth 5 was needed

Our thoughts:

This speaker even though it looks like it will suit kids, but when it comes to performance it checks most of the boxes right. It has some good features like low weight and descent battery life. If you are a frequent traveler then you can consider getting this as it easily fits in any backpack.

JBL Clip 4

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Bluetooth Version4.1
Bluetooth range10 m
AUX inputYes
Battery Life5 to 6 hours
IP RatingIPX7
Charging PortMicro USB

User Review:

For people who want to have a portable speaker with great sound, then the JBL Clip 4 is a good choice. As it is the next gen of JBL Clip 3 that we checked earlier, and it fixes most of the issues that the Clip 3 had

On comparing the JBL Clip 3 and Clip 2 there is a huge improvement here. So let’s see what the Clip 4 brings to the table.

Why is Clip 4 better than JBL Clip 3 and 2?

On comparing the speaker capacity. The JBL Clip 2 and the Clip 3 had a 3 Watts speaker but when it comes to Clip 4 the speaker watts is 5.

This makes a huge difference in sound output. When we tested all of them together the clip 4 came on top in the following aspects.

  • Sound quality
  • Volume level
  • Bluetooth range
  • Battery life

Let me explain more about the sound output.

Clip 4 is a great when it comes to sound quality. It produced a sound which was comparable to speakers like the HomePod Mini and the other boat mini speakers that we checked.

While testing this speaker we got a feeling as this should be in considered as one of the best JBL speakers under 5000 with the sound it was able to produce.

The sound output from the Clip 4 loud and deep. Treble and the vocals came out clearly and each word and notes were clear.

We watched movies on laptops connecting to Clip 4 and to be frank the experience was great.

No distortions were noticed even at high volumes, which can be clearly noticed when comparing the Clip 3 and Clip 2

The Clip 4 is a portable, budget-friendly speaker that offers an immersive audio experience.

With the compact form factor the sound output was great which makes it one of the best speaker for travel as well.

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Even though its not that great as recently launched JBL Clip 5, still it provides a great value for money.

You can’t keep it in your jeans pocket. But you can hang it with jeans or your bag.

Being light weight is also an advantage here. The clip 4 comes in 239 grams which is lower compared to other speakers in this price segment.

With solid build quality, you can toss it inside your backpack and go anywhere.

Having Bluetooth 5.1 is another advantage here, as there were no connection drops during our testing.

We didn’t experience any problems with Bluetooth 5.1 disconnections.

It also has a remarkable battery life of around 8 hours with 80% volume.

It takes about 3 hours to charge it up, which is slightly longer than the average. It has a Type C port, so you don’t have to bring an extra cable.

Clip 4 is a great choice, but there are a few things that we don’t like about this portable speaker.

This speaker does not have a microphone, so you cannot make calls with it. Clip 4 doesn’t have a mic so you can’t hear other people’s voices.


  • Great Build Quality
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Good water resistance with IPX7
  • Deep bass and treble
  • Good battery life
  • Bluetooth range is good


  • Slow Charging
  • Battery life can be better
  • A mic was needed for making calls

Our thoughts:

Even though the JBL Clip 4 is not as good as the Clip 5 which was recently release, but the performance to price ratio is great. Considering the features and the price, this is one of the best JBL speaker under 5000.

JBL Clip 3

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Bluetooth Version4.1
Bluetooth range10 m
AUX inputYes
Battery Life5 to 6 hours
IP RatingIPX7
Charging PortMicro USB

User Review:

While the JBL Clip 4 is a great product, there are still some missing features from the JBL 3.

If you need a wired connection to a speaker, an AUX port makes a lot of sense. JBL Clip 3 comes with an AUX port.

This feature is missing in the Clip 4 that we checked in the previous section.

Also, we personally felt that the microphone of JBL Clip 3 was better compared to the JBL Clip 4.

When we tried to make bluetooth calls, the receiver person was able to clear the calls better in Clip 3

Having a wired option adds more features to the speaker.

The sound output could be cleared compared to Bluetooth, and also we do not need to worry about disconnections.

These features makes JBL Clip 3 a better choice over the Clip 4

Other features for JBL Clip 3

With a round design, JBL Clip 3 looks similar to the previous edition and the upgraded versions like the clip 4 and 5. It comes with a hanger which can be used to hang the speaker.

The cloth texture that we get on the Clip 3 makes it feel more premium and also solid built.

We did a drop test comparison between JBL Clip 3 and Clip 2 and noticed that the Clip 3 had minimum issues on high drops as well.

This is due to the build quality and the plastic materials used in here.

Sound Quality on JBL Clip 3

Even though the Clip 4 sounded better compared to Clip 3, still it is not that far behind.

The main difference were noted in max volume and the base levels.

That is also noticed only if we place both speakers together and play the same song.

In normal cases for entertainment, Clip 3 is a complete package when it comes to Bluetooth speakers.

In our testing, we noticed that Clip 4 was able to provide a better sound output as the bass was deeper, and also the treble was clearer. Clip 3 was good enough.

For regular users, this wont matter as Clip 3 would justify the price to performance. If you need the ultimate option then consider Clip 4 else Clip 3 would be just fine.

The output power of Clip 3 is 3.3W, which is good compared to Clip 2 but not great as compared to Clip 4.

One thing to note here is that Clip 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 instead of the Clip 4 5.1.

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This may be a factor for many people due to some limitations but still its a good option to consider.

When we tried water test, there was not much difference compared to Clip 3 and 4. Both survived the test in flying colors.

When it comes to battery life, I felt that Clip 3 was better compared to Clip 4 when used in high volume. As our Clip 4 unit is new may be thats the issue with the battery.

On regular use we were able to get 3 to 4 hours of battery with continuous use.


  • Compact design is good for travel
  • Sound quality is great
  • Treble is good
  • No issues at high volume
  • Battery life is also good
  • Can make calls using the built in mic
  • IPX7 rating


  • Bass needs to be better
  • Materials can be better
  • Latest version of bluetooth needed

Our thoughts

The Clip 3 being a bit old product now, still holds well in the best JBL speaker under 5000 segment due the features on offer and the price. As we have the Clip 4 and we are waiting for the Clip 5 now. I would suggest getting the Clip 3 should be based on certain factors like Aux support and microphone support.

FAQ on best JBL speakers under 5000

Is Bose or JBL Bluetooth speaker better?

When you consider price to performance ratio, I would suggest getting a JBL. Bose speakers are definitely good, but the price would be higher for a similar set of features.

Even though when I tried both of them together, I felt that Bose had a more natural sound and also bass was much deeper. JBL was not so behind.

The main cause is that the enclosure of the Bose speaker was comparative better than JBL, which helped it to produce more thumping bass compared to JBL.

What is the price of JBL Bluetooth speaker cheap?

We have listed some of the best cheap JBL Bluetooth speakers here which you can check out.

Any options listed able will suit your needs, but I would suggest getting the JBL GO series as it felt much more balanced in high volumes compared to its counterparts.

Conclusion: best JBL speakers under 5000

I hope, this post answered your question if you were searching for the best JBL speakers under 5000. All the options listed above will suit your needs and provide a great sound output.

Keeping the price in mind, there are not much brands in the market that could match JBL speaker.

From the above list the JBL Go was the top pic as it offered a good sound output with latest bluetooth 5.1 support.

There are some feature that may be missing like the mic and aux from the latest generations speakers but still the upgrades that manufactures like JBL are bringing to the table are worthy.

With this let’s rap it up. Thanks for reading

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