Checkout the best laptops in India classified based on our deep reviews. Laptops are sorted out here with their specifications and price so that you can find the best one for your need,

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We are constantly working on different set of products and try to review them in an unbiased way so that it could help you guys decide what is best for you.

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Laptops are classified into 4 categories

  1. Low end laptops
  2. Midrange laptops
  3. Premium laptops
  4. Gaming laptops

We will check through these categories and consider reviewing it.

Low end laptops

These are laptops that fall into a criteria of under 30000 Rs that are good for students, people who do work from home and basic tasks like document editing and media watching purpose. This is a very competitive segment and this is under our review radar for those people who are looking into this segment.

Mid range laptops

Mid range laptops are best of both worlds. The range that this falls are under 50000 .They are enough to do all the work that you throw at it and this also can handle editing as well. They come in a descent configuration which is under our radar for review.

High end and premium laptops

Premium laptops are the high level laptops that make all work look easy they are high in config and price. These laptops come in 60000 to 1 lakh segment and they are for professionals who have lot of editing work and gaming as well. These are not perfect for gaming but still you can game on them if needed.

best laptops in india
best laptops in india

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptop is a new trend in between youngsters. Those who like gaming and are into gaming like this category the most. They are best in gaming, editing and can handle any tasks that you throw at it. We have considered them in our radar and will be reviewing them extensively.

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