Best NVMe SSD for Laptop in India

We store our files as well as our OS is installed in the storage included in any system. Traditionally we had Hard disk drives also known as HDD and later on we got 2.5 inch SSD’s and not NVMe SSD’s are getting popular when it comes to Gaming PC and Laptops. Here we are going to check out some of the best NVMe SSD for laptop in India for gaming and work that you can buy today.

Best NVMe SSD for Laptop in India

Best NVMe SSD for Laptop

Western Digital WD SN550

Western Digital WD SN550 500GB NVMe Internal SSD

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Top Features:

  • 500 GB Storage
  • M.2 Support
  • 4X read and write speeds
  • Digital Controller
  • WD dashboard support

As we had mentioned earlier, WD, or Western Digital, is a brand that makes some good-quality storage in India. They have a wide range of storage devices on the market. When it comes to external hard drives, WD is very popular brand. They also have NAS storage drives, which are common in offices and homes. As we are talking about NVMe SSDs, this model is a good option to consider.

The WD SN550 is a 500GB NVMe SSD which support m.2. If you are planning for a speed boost for your Laptop then this SSD will be a greta option to consider. Being a 500GB NVMe SSD, you can store huge amount of data.

Installing your OS into this disk will make the boot time lower and also app load time less. This NVMe SSD is expected to provide 4 times faster speeds compared to SATA SSD’s

This SSD support M.2 form factor and can be easily installed into your Laptop if it has an M.2 slot. WD has designed a digital controller to boost the performance of the SSD and the firmware also adds to the performance.

With the Western Digital SSD Dashboard which monitors the health of the SSD constantly, you can keep track on how the SSD is performing.

  • Easily Available
  • Good Storage Space
  • Fast Read and Write
  • Better customer support

Samsung MZ-V8V1T0 980

Samsung MZ-V8V1T0 980

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Top features:

  • 1 TB storage
  • M.2 interface
  • 3500 Mbps Speed
  • Lag free gaming and app load

This SSD is liked by most of the gamers around the world due to the fast response and minimum lag.

With the sequential read speed of 3500MBps, you can get an excellent load speed for your apps and operating system. If you are a gamer then you can definitely notice the speed for game load as well as the smoothness that you can get.

The interface here is PCIe 3.0 NVMe which is Gen 4 which provides seamless connectivity between CPU and the SSD making the response time less.

This NVMe SSD comes with a 1 TB storage in which you can store huge amount of data and application without loosing speed while loading it.

It comes with an M.2 form factor making this suitable for most of the latest motherboard and also in gaming laptops that support NVMe SSD.

Samsung SSDs provide a lag-free experience and stable read and write speeds, which makes it a good option when considering a video editing laptop.

  • High Speed data transfer
  • Good after sales service
  • Lag Free experience
  • Price is a bit high

Seagate Barracuda Q5

Seagate Barracuda Q5

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Top Features:

  • Fast Read and write speeds
  • 3 Years of warranty
  • 1 Year of Data recovery
  • 2.5 Times faster than SSD
  • 2400 Mb/s

Seagate is another brand which has many types of storage devices in the market. When it comes to external hard disks and SSD’s Seagate is a very popular brand.

This is a 500GB SSD in which you can store a lot of data and get high read and write speeds. It is 2.5 times faster than a normal SATA SSD and is 50 times faster than an HDD that we have been using.

When it comes to read and write speeds, this NVMe SSD can achieve upto 2400 Mb/s Read speeds and 1800 Mbps write speeds.

In case you are planning to upgrade your PC or laptop storage, this is a great option to consider. As other NVMe SSD’s in this list, this model also has M.2 2280 form factor which has a storage option upto 2 TB. You can upgrade from any storage limit to higher data storage options.

Seagate provides an assurance of 1.8M hours of working time which ensures low fail rate.

  • Great Read and Write Speeds
  • Long Warranty
  • Data recovery options
  • Limited availability

Transcend 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD

Transcend 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD

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Top Features:

  • 1500 Mbps Write speed
  • 800 Mbps Read Speed
  • PCIe Gen 3 support
  • LDPC technology

When you start searching form2 NVMe ssd for laptop in a budget then Transcend is a brand that you can consider.

The 110S come with a support of NVM1 1.3 and is having a PCIe gen 3 support. This results in read speeds of 800Mbps and write speeds of 1500Mbps which is great for gaming as well as editing jobs.

Designed with LDPC( low density parity check coding) and an ace algorithm which keeps your data safer for a longer time. You can be sure that your data remains safer for a longer time.

To provide a lag free experience Transcend has included an error free algorithm and Scope software which ensures best experience when it comes to multi tasking and also fast boot.

With great after sales support and easy availability in India, this is one of the great option to consider.

  • Fast Read and write
  • PCIe Gen 3
  • Lag free gaming
  • After Sales support



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Top Features:

  • Fast Read and write speeds
  • M.2 Support
  • 3D NAND Flash technology
  • Smart Technology

When it comes to budget segment NVMe drives, Crucial is a brand to consider as it has a wide range of products in the market.

This is a 500GB NVMe SSD which come with 3D NAND flash support making it one of the fast SSD for Laptop that you can buy.

Having an M.2 2280 support, you can easily install this SSD to your Laptop. It comes with a PCIe Gen 3 interface which is fast in read and write speeds.

For Read Speeds you get 2000 MbpS read speed and 1700 Mbps write speed. If you are adding this PCie SSD to a gaming PC, you will surely get the best gaming experience.

Transcend has added Micron 3D NAND flash memory, which is great for a fast and responsive SSD.

  • Fast Read and write speeds
  • Easy Setup
  • 3D NAND flash
  • Limited availability

Buyer’s Guide

What is an NVMe SSD?

NVMe also known as nonvolatile memory express is one off the latest technology integrated with flash memory which provides faster data transfer rate as well as read and write speeds. People now a days like fast computers and laptops, when it comes to normal HDD, the delay in read and write speed is more. We also have 2.5 inch SSD’s available in the market which are faster than the norma HDD but not as fast as NVMe SSD.

NVMe SSD were introduces for people who want high bandwidth so that they can transfer data from any media to their PC or laptop in a faster rate. NVMe SSD will provide a lower latency so that you can perform your task in a faster rate

How does NVMe SSD work?

As other flash storages, NVMe SSD is a flash memory that is integrated with a PCIe bus which improves the read and write speed of an SSD. Parallel command queue execution happens in real time so that many commands can be processed in the same time which reduces the data transfer rate and eventually increasing the read and write speed of the storage.

With a miniature design an NVMe SSD will consume very less space compared to a normal SSD or hard disk that we have been using for long.

Advantages of NVMe SSD over HDD or SSD

The main advantage here is the size of the disc. Normal HDD or SSD come in 3.5 or 2.5 inches but NVME SSD is a bare bone hardware which can be easily fir into a M.2 SSD slot available in the motherboard of any PC or Laptop.

With the use of PCIe bus, the data transfer speeds of NVMe SSD is very high compared to the HDD.

As a normal SSD, an NVMe SSD also does not have any moving parts like the Hard disk or external hard drive that we have been using. With no moving parts the chances of failure of NVMe SSD is limited compared to a normal HDD.

Streamlined command execution in an NVMe SSD makes things easier to process as well as the handshake between the processor and the storage become more faster making your PC or laptop faster ultimately.

NVMe SSD performance does not get effected by other hardware in the system as the PCIe lanes are directly connected to CPU so the performance does not degrade in any condition.

With the direct connection to CPU, the transfer rate of data is 4 times faster which makes the overall system performance better. Expected read and write speed of an NVMe SSD will range from 2000mbps.

Manufacturer of NVMe SSD have implemented L1.2 low-power-consumption which reduces the power usage of the SSD to less than half compared to the normal HDD or SSD. When the System is in idle condition, NVMe SSD does not consume any power.

NVMe SSD will work with any OS like MAC, Windows, Linux and Android operating system which makes it a good option to consider.

Disadvantages on NVME SSD in a Laptop

We have many advantages of NVMe SSD but there are a few disadvantages as well

NVMe interface drives are still limited to high end laptops and not available to the low budget segment.

Being in a pricey segment, a small increase in the storage size will result in a huge increase in the price.

Only limited number of manufactures make NVMe SSD, due to the limited availability in the market it may be hard to get in a lower cost.

Even though NVMe SSD is faster than an SSD, when it comes to availability and also price SSD is a better option

Things to consider

  • Compatibility
  • Size
  • Read and Write Speed
  • Brand
  • Price


When you are planning to buy an SSD for your Laptop, you should first check if your laptop would support an NVMe SSD. The laptops that have an NVMe SSD support will have a dedicated M.2 slot which you can add the SSD. In a normal laptop you may not be able to add an NVMe SSD with any adaptor or connections. The M.2 slot is a small slot integrated with the mother board.


Size is an important factor for any storage device. If you are looking for an NVMe SSD then either you are falling short of space in you laptop or there are performance issue in your Laptop. NVMe SSD’s are available in various storage space, starting from 128GB and ending at 4TB you can get a variety of storage sizes in an NVMe SSD. As we have discussed above, the price of an NVMe SSD will increase in a huge rate with size.

Read and Write speeds

This is another major factor that you need to consider before buying a laptop. This metric determines how your laptop will perform after you make the upgrade from a normal HDD to NVMe SSD. The read and write speeds are given in megabits per second (Mbps). A typical NVMe SSD read and write speed ranges from 2000 to 2500 Mbps, which is very fast compared to an HDD or SSD.


When it comes to SSD, brand matters a lot, and there are only a few brands in India that make high-quality NVMe SSDs. When you are paying a huge price for the SSD, you should select a good brand so that you get the best performance. Samsung and WD are two of the best available brands in India from which you can consider buying an SSD.


This is not specific to NVMe SSD but in general all things that you buy. When it comes to NVMe SSD, the price increases a large amount when you go double the size.

Questions and Answers

Which is the Best NVMe SSD?

Consider the price to performance ratio, you have limited number of options available in the market. Samsung and WD are the best brands when it comes to NVMe and for a high performance PC, a Samsung NVMe SSD that we have discussed below will be the right option to consider.

Which is better SSD or NVMe?

NVMe SSD are known for performance boost and the small form factor.If you need the best performance from your PC or Laptop then NVMe SSD are a better option compared to SSD as they can provide a faster read and write speeds. If price is a factor for you the a 2.5 Inch SSD will also provide similar kind of performance in a much lower price range.

is NVMe better for gaming?

Yes it is. When it comes to gaming, we need to load a huge amount of data at the same time for the game to run smooth.if your storage is slow, the loading time will be more and also you will notice a lot of lag while playing games. If you are a pro gamer and need a high end gaming PC or Laptop, then NVMe SSD is the way to go.


If you are facing issues with your laptop’s performance and want to boost the speed of loading OS and applications, then the best and easiest way is to upgrade your primary storage to an NVMe SSD. This will improve the overall performance of your laptop by shortening the boot time. NVMe SSDs, being expensive compared to normal SSDs or HDDs, should be selected based on the storage size you need, as the price may vary a lot if the size is increased. Here we have listed some of the best NVMe SSD for laptops that you can check out. From this list, if you need the ultimate performance, you can go with the Samsung 980 SSD, which can be good for gaming as well as multitasking.

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