Best Open Back Headphones in India

Open back headphones are getting more popular now. Open-back headphones are similar to the closed-back headphones that we have been using for a long time. The difference here is that an open-back headphone does not create a vacuum or sound isolation as a closed-back headphone does, and you will be able to listen to the sound coming from outside. Let’s check out some of the best open back headphones in India that you can buy now.

Best Open Back Headphones in India

Best Open Back Headphones in India

Sennheiser HD 599

Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition Open Back headphone

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Top Features:

  • Good Build Quality
  • Soft ear cups
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Durable head band
  • Powerful drivers

Sennheiser is a brand which is very popular when it comes to headphones. Headphones from Sennheiser is used in Movie and Music production as they are known to provide some excellent quality sound output.

People like the tuning from Sennheiser on their headphone so that they can clearly listen to the treble, mids, highs and lows.

Being a reputed brand, they have may models of open back headphones in the market. This model is one of the best selling open back headphones that you can buy. The HD 599 comes with a premium build and the headphones cover you entire ear to provide good comfort even for long term listening.

Open back headphones reduces the pressure that is built over your ears with a vacuum that is built by a closed back headphones.

Sennheiser has worked on this to reduce the air pressure so that you can use this headphones for long duration without ear pain.

You can get a spacial sound experience with high quality sennheiser transducers which are used in this headphone.

Another technology called Ergonomic acoustic refinement makes music listening a treat on this headphones as the sound is directly driven into your ear with minimum loss.

With soft headband padding, you will not experience any pain over your head even with long term user. Sennheiser has used memory foam like materials on the bands which adjusts to the dimension of your head and reducing the pain.

Soft ear pads cover your entire ear from all sides and adds minimum pressure over your ear which will reduce the ear pain that you experience with normal headphones.

With the included cable of 3 meter and a 6.3mm which you can connect to the home entertainment system you can use this as your primary headphones for watching movies and gaming.

These open back headphones also come with a 1.2 meter cable with a 3.5 mm jack which can be connected to phones, laptops, and tablets so that you can carry these headphones with you and stay entertained.

  • Good build
  • Budget price
  • Easily Available
  • After sales service

Shure SRH1440

Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphone

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Top Features:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • 40mm drivers
  • Open back design
  • Soft cushion
  • High quality cable

Shure is another brand which you should not miss when it comes to open back headphones. They are one of the best headphone brand in India for premium segment. Shure headphones are known for the performance and the sound that they provide.

This model he SRH1440 is one of the best open back headphones that you can buy in India today. It has 40mm neodymium driver which provide a wide range of sound which is rich. When it comes to bass, the drivers can provide punchy and controlled bass so that you do not hear any cracking even in high volumes.

For Music lovers, this headphones will be able to provide good depth in the sound which most people like. This headphones is able to adjust the sound signature based on the device that we connect. This opens an option to use this headphone with different kind of devices like smartphones, laptops and PC’s.

With the open back design you can hear natural sound signature and also the ambient sound as well. Having a wide stereo image provides an immersive music listening experience.

The impedance of the headphone drivers are optimised to provide balanced sound based on the media that you are playing. With a premium padded headband you will get good comfort for long sessions. The steel frame used in the headphones increases durability of headphones for long use.

Shure has implemented Oxygen free copper cable here which makes the cable durable and also a kevlar cover on the cable increases the strength of the cable for long term use.

Detachable cable is an added advantage here so that you can carry the headphones around easily. The connectors here are gold plated which provide good connection when you insert the connector to headphone jack of devices.

With premium quality foam used in the ear cups they adjust according to your ear reducing the pain that is caused with usual headphones.

  • Excellent sound signature
  • Premium Build
  • Durable cable
  • Pricey

Philips Audios Fidelio X3

Philips Audios Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphone

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Top Features:

  • 50 mm drivers
  • High quality leather headband
  • Soft ear pads
  • 3 meter cable
  • Premium Build

Philips is a brand which is always liked by audiophiles when it comes to headphone and speakers. They have a wide range of headphones available in the market which come in budget and premium segment.

If you are searching for the best open back headphones for gaming then this is the one to consider. The Philips Fidelio X3 is a popular open back headphones in between gamers. The main attraction of this gaming open back headphone is that it provides a natural sound clean listening experience.

This model comes with 50 mm drivers which are made of multi layer polymer which are added with damping gel which create a balanced sound signature. The high and mids are detailed and also there is no disturbances even with high sound.

You can hear true to life sound with this headphones which is really great for gaming as well as movie watching. Considering the price to features that this headphone provide, this is one of the best open back headphones in India that you can buy today.

With a natural sound stage that you get with open back design that Philips has implemented in this headphone, you will not experience any pressure on the ears even with long term use.

The special fabric that is used on this headphone ear pads will provide maximum comfort. With the low air pressure build up in the chamber, you get natural ambient sound entering your ear.

When it comes to headband on this open back headphone, we get a Scottish leather covering which provides a smooth and soft finish. This reduces the over head pain that you will fell in a low end headphones.

This headphone can be used with mobiles phone, laptops and PC with the included connector. You can also use this headphones for travel as well as the design is light weight and also easily portable.

With the 3 meter detachable cable which are made of oxygen free copper you can stay tension free about cable getting damaged with your daily use.

  • Good build quality
  • 50 mm drivers
  • High bass
  • Limited availability

HIFIMAN Ananda Audiophile

HIFIMAN Ananda Audiophile Open back headphone

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Top Features:

  • Premium Build
  • Excellent sound
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Special grill design for best sound

If you are a professional when it comes to music and movie editing then you need a high quality open back headphones so that you will be able to easily find the music related changes and edit those. HIFIMAN has some best open back headphones for music production and also is liked by musicians around the world.

With many years of research and development HIFIMAN has perfected the design of their headphones to produce high quality sound with minimum disturbances.This model has a lightweight design that most people like as it makes very less pain on your head and ears even with long time use.

You get a high sensitivity diaphragm on this headphone which helps in judging the exact tone that you are listening in a music playing.The ultra thin diaphragm also makes this headphone best for music and movie editing.

The special design that HIFIMAN has implemented on this headphones with the window shade grill lets in controlled ambient sound and also focuses the sound from the headphones over to your ears making it easier to listen even if the ambient noise levels are high.

With the Asymmetrical ear cups, this headphone will provide exact cover that you may need to enhance your experience while listening to music or watching movies.

Company has added a headband on this headphone which balances it on your head making it easy to wear for any model of head for long time with less pain on your head. The stainless steel head band increases the durability of this headphone. This will be great if you are planning to travel with this headphone.

In case you are getting these headphones to connect to phones, laptops, and PCs, they come with a standard 3.5mm connector that could easily fit into the headphone jack. Being in the premium segment, this headphone offers top-of-the line features and a durable design.

  • Good build quality
  • Stainless steel band
  • High bass
  • Pricey

Audio-Technica Ath-AD700X

Audio-Technica Ath-AD700X Open Back headphone

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Top Features:

  • Premium Design
  • High bass
  • Clear vocals
  • Durable design
  • 53 mm drivers

Audio Technica is a brand that is most popular when it comes to headphones. They are now into open back headphones and they have a wide range of products in this segment.

This modes is one of the best selling open back headphone in India. The ATH-AD700X is preferred by people who are into video editing and music industry.

The deep bass this headphones can provide attract bass lovers to this product. It can produce clear vocals and sound which will be really helpful while editing audio files.

With the full open back design, you will not feel any pressure on your ears even if you wear this headphone for long time which provides a natural feel as if you are not wearing anything over your ears.

The homecomb aluminium casting and magnesium frame makes it a durable design even if you use this headphone everyday. The 53 mm drivers that are used here are made of neodymium magnets which provide balanced sound signature for you music.

The CCAW coils maintain the clarity on the voice if the sound is set to maximum making this one of the best open back headphones in India that you can buy today.

Main attraction fo this headphones is the self adjusting 3D wing housing which is really comfortable for long term use. These headphones come with 3.5 mm jack which are gold plated for long life and also precise connectivity when you connect these headphones to phones or laptops.

You also get 6.3 mm adaptors if you want to connect this headphone to a dedicated amp or home entertainment system.

The cord here is a hybrid PCOCC treated cord with titanium alloy making it very durable and wont break for years of use. Audio technica has tuned this open back headphones to provide excellent sound and features for audiophiles making this one of the best open back headphones with mic that you can buy today.

  • Quality build
  • Premium material
  • Clear Vocals
  • Price is good
  • Limited availability


What’s the point of open back headphones?

Open back headphones as we have discussed earlier provides no isolation from external sounds. This makes the air flow possible when you are wearing it.

When you use closed back headphones for long time, you will feel a a bit of pain as well as your ear sweat due to heat generated, Open back headphones allow air to pass in making your ear to be free from sweating and also you will be more comfortable.

Are Open back headphones good for ears?

In the long term, they are good for ears as there won’t be any pressure on your ear drum while you are listening to music on open back headphones. This also reduces irritation caused by the sweat that is produced while listening to music for a long time.

What are the best open back headphones?

Open back headphones are very popular with people who edit video and audio and they need the exact sound that the audio produces. If you are planning to buy an Open back headphone then you can check out the HIFiMAN and Audio technica which provides the exact sound signature that you are looking for.

They are made of durable material which will last really long even with regular use. If you want the best open back headphone in budget then you can check out HIFIMAN HE400SE which is priced under 12000 Rs in India.

In case you are looking for the best open back headphone in premium segment then HIFIMAN Ananda is the option to consider.

Are open back headphones better?

Open back headphones does not provide any isolation from external sound. You will be able to hear all the sound from out side and also the people around you will be able to hear what you are listening.

The main advantage of an open back headphone is that they does not create a vacuum over your ears and you will have less pain on the ears even if you listen to music for long.

They are good for music directors and musicians who work in a closed environment with minimum ambient noise.

Are open back headphones better than closed back?

The answer for this depends on the type of environment that you listen to music. If you work in a studio with sound insulation and has less ambient noise the an open back headphone will be good but if you travel a lot in busses and trains and also work in a place where there are lot of people around, the chances of hearing ambient noise is high, in this case an open back headphone wont be good.

Closed back headphones provide better isolation from external sound and also noise cancellation features making them a better choice.


Here I have listed some of the best open back headphones in India that you can buy to get best music listening experience. Open back headphones will provide more comfort when it comes to music listening and also reduces any discomfort that you may have with a closed back headphones. These type of headphones are popular in between professionals. Any options of open-back headphones listed above will provide you the best experience

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