Best printer under 15000 in India (January 2024)

Having a good printer at home or office make your life much better. A printer will always help to keep hard copies of your documents with you. If you are searching for the best printer under 15000, here are a few options to consider.

How did we create a list of best printer under 15000?

Many printers were considered in this test like Epson, HP, Brothers and Cannon are some popular brands in our list.

best printer under 15000

To create a list we had made a set of criteria’s which most people would look into while getting a printer under 15000.

Points like print quality, number of prints, speed of printing, features on offer and price were some of the major points into consideration.

With all the testing done with a set of 10 printers we have 5 of them in this list that would be good for most of the people who need a printer under 15000 for home or office needs.

Reasons to buy a printer under 15000?

This price segment is one of the best for printers as under this price you will get many features in a printer.

Wireless printers are way to go now and in the price range under 15K, we have many options to consider.

HP is one of the most common brand in this segment with popular printers available in the market.

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Another advantage of having a look on printers under 15000 is that it opens options that come under laser printer category. Laser printers are preferred by people who need fast and efficient printing.

Inktank printers is another category that comes under this price budget. Inktank printers are known for the number of print outputs that they can provide if you fill them with ink once.

At the end of the day, this category would have more options and features compared to a printer under, 10000 or lower.

Why HP printers are better compared to other printers under 15000?

HP is a very popular brand in printer segment, and they have wide range of products under the 15000 Rupees price budget.

Having many options is a bit confusing still with the features on offer specific to models and the after sales service that HP provides in India, HP printers are considered good.

In our testing, HP printers are more economical. They were able to print better prints in lower price. The price in total is calculated based on the number of print that the printer takes with one cartridge.

Things to consider in a printer

We had discussed some categories that we tested the printer to find the best options. Following are some points that you may need to consider before getting a printer.

  • Printer type
  • Printing speed
  • Per print cost
  • Quality of printing
  • Features on offer
  • Price of the printer.

In this segment of the best printer under 15000, if you are able to find a good deal with the above-mentioned points checked then you will be making the right choice.

Printer type

This is a common question you may have in your mid when start looking for a printer. There are many types of printers available in the market like, laser printer, Inkjet printer and Ink tank printer.

Laser printer

These are preferred the most in offices due to their printing speed. They are able to print at high speed and also maintain the quality.

Even though they fall in a pricey segment, they would be a perfect choice for an office that needs to keep hard copies of records

Inkjet printer

You can see these printers in all places around. These are one of the common printer models that most people buy for home and office use.

If you do not want to print many documents, then consider getting an inkjet printer. Usually, an inkjet printer could print you 200 to 250 pages in a single cartridge.

This may depend on color or black and white prints. These printers have one advantage over other printer types, as they fall in a budget price segment.

You can get an inkjet printer under 5000 Rupees in India.

Inktank printer

These printer types are gaining their popularity due to the number of printer outputs that they can take. It is also easy to refill the ink in an inktank printer comes with separate tanks that anyone can easily access and fill.

Best Printer under 15000

Best Laser printer under 15000: HP Laserjet P1108

TypeLaser printer
Print speed18 pages per minute
Number of prints1500
Warranty1 Year

User Review:

This is an iteration of the HP laserjet pro series. The HP laserjet 1107 was one of the most popular laser printer in the market.

How is HP laserjet P1108 better than 1107

The 1107 had some issues related to print quality and speed, so HP has fixed.

1108 is much faster in printing compared to 1107, HP 1108 has a better quality print output.

If you are a person who prints a lot of pages every day, then the P1108 would be a better option to consider.

The only disadvantage that you may notice with the HP laserjet P1108 is it’s a single function printer at this price range.

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It has only printing options, and you may not be able to scan or fax documents using this printer.

Connectivity that you get here is using USB, which is convenient, but it would have been better to have wireless connectivity options.

Print speed that you get here are 18 pages per minute, which is comparatively better than the HP Laserjet 1107.

Each print would cost you 2 rupees, which is good considering today’s ink prices.

We get a laser toner here, model HP 88A which can print up to 1500 pages making it one of the best printer under 15000 as other printers have certain limitations here.

With the support of A4, A5, A6 and B5 paper you may be able to print a wide variety of documents using this printer.

Print quality of this printer is great with 1200 DPI. This would be a great option to consider for home or office.


  • The print quality was great.
  • Printing speed is fast
  • Toner is available easily in the market
  • Setup is easy with plug and play


  • Limited features on offer
  • Price can be low for the number of features offered.


So should you consider getting the HP laserjet Pro P1108? The answer to this is yes.

If you are planning to buy a printer only for printing needs, this is the best options to consider as it provides fast print output with great quality.

Also, the toner being cheaper than other brands, in the long term, it would be good for you as there could be saving in expenses as well.

Best Inktank printer under 15000: Canon PIXMA G2021

TypeInktank Printer
Print speed9 pages per minute
Number of prints3000
Warranty1 Year

In the printer segment, another brand that leads is Canon. They have a wide range of products and the Pixma G2021 is one of the best-selling printer under, 15000 Rs segment.

In our testing, we noticed that the Canon Pixma being an ink tank printer can provide more number of print-outs compared to a normal inkjet printer.

The inktank here stores a decent amount of Ink so that we can take many printouts in a single day.

Why you should consider Canon Pixma G2021 printer?

This printer comes with an additional set of features that are not present in the HP Laserjet P1108.

Being an all-in-one printer under 15000, it has options like printing, scanning and copying.

The printer is capable of printing 9 pager per minutes for black and white and 5 pages per minute when it is a color print.

You can take 3000 print-outs with a single refill which is great for home and office use.

Buttons on this printer are tactile and also there is a small LCD here which shows the present status of the printer.

Display is really helpful in setting up the printer.

Why is Inktank printer better than inkjet?

Inktank printers are better for people who take a lot of print-outs. The amount of ink in the printer is high so that you can give multiple print instructions.

Another advantage of having an inkjet printer is that, refilling the cartridge is easy.

In normal inkjet printer, the number of print-outs will be limited to either 250 for color and 400 for black and white but usually an Inktank printer could provide more than 4000 printouts with single refill.

This is a perfect option to consider in shops that take printouts.


  • Multiple features like printing, scanning and copying available
  • 3000 print outs
  • Low ink cost
  • Fast Printing
  • Quality printing


  • Display could be bigger
  • Company should have included wireless connectivity.


Considering the price and features, this printer is a good option to consider for people who like to keep a hard copy of all the documents. Also, for students who need to take printout of their study material, this printer will be useful for their needs.

Epson EcoTank M200 Multifunction B&W Printer

TypeInktank Printer
Print speed15 pages per minute
Number of prints6000
Warranty1 Year

User Review:

The Epson Ecotank M200 is one of the best Epson printer under, 15000 that you can buy today. It is a black and white printer, so if you want only black and white print-outs then this is the one to get.

In our testing, we noticed that this printer can produce printouts in a fast rate.

It comes with features like back to back printing, which avoids wastage of paper.

The ink used here is T7741 and the number of printouts that you can get is amazing.

You can get an output of 6000 pages per refill which is very economical for home and office use.

Epson is giving 1 year of warranty with this printer and with the wide range of Epson service centers available, you will not have any issue.

Like the other models that we checked, Epson Ecotank also comes with an Ethernet port, which you can use to connect to the printer remotely.

Its a good feature to have if you want to print a document from any location.

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Being an inktank printer, it provides other options as well as scanning and copying.

This printer supports A4, A5 and A6 sized papers which would make it perfect options for designers and content editors.

Resolution that you get here for the print-outs is 1440 X 720 which is good in this segment.

Advantages of getting Epson EcoTank M200

Printing speed of this printer is 15 pages per minute, which is faster than other printers that we checked in this list.

As this printer is cost-efficient, you need to spend only 12 paise per print out.

The Epson iPrint helps you to take print easily even if you are connected to a wireless network from your smartphone or laptop.

With the 2 line LCD panel, you will be able to see all the functions and operations of the printers right now.

In our testing, the printer was able to provide fast printouts.

You can enhance your productivity by the automatic document feeder feature in this printer.


One thing to consider here is that, this printer is black and white, so if you need to take color print then you should select the canon.

Other than that, with the connectivity features and also the setup being easy makes this printer a good choice to consider.

HP Laserjet 136a Laser Monochrome Print

TypeLaser Printer
Print speed20 pages per minute
Number of prints1500
Warranty1 Year

If you are looking for a monochrome printer, then the HP Laserjet 136a is the option to consider. It comes with all needed features for a printer like USB connectivity and Airprint support.

This printer has scanner and copier built in.

When it comes to printer speed, we can print up to 20 pages per minute here, which makes it good for education and work purposes.

DPI that we get here is 600 which is comparatively lower than others that we have checked here.

It comes with the HP laser cartridge which can provide a total print of around 1500.

In our testing we noticed that the print quality is good but still lower than the options that we have checked above.

With 1 year of warranty, this is one of the best printer under 15000 that you can buy in India.


  • High printout speed
  • USB connectivity
  • HP Airprint support
  • Low print cost


  • Only Monochrome printing
  • Cartridge cost is a bit high.

FAQ on printers under 15000

Which type printer is best for home use?

There are many options available in the market that you can consider but for home use an inktank printer would be best as we can take many print-outs with low cost and also refilling the printer with ink is easy.

Inktank printer can take printouts up to a range of 4000 to 6000 pages with a single refill.

What is the most common home printer?

The most common printer that you can see in homes is inkjet printer. This is due to the low price and also easy setup.

For people who do not need to take regular prints will get an inkjet printer.

Conclusion on best printer under 15000

To get a printer, we first need to consider our needs. If you have to print a lot of documents or you have a shop which does printing works, then getting an inktank printer would be the right choice.

Similarly, if you want to do fast printing and also high quality print then a laser printer would be the one to go with.

Here we have tested 4 of the best printer under 15000 and created this review. Any options from the above list will suit your needs.

Thanks for reading.

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