Best printer under 5000 in India for home use

Printers are essential gadgets to have in home as when you are in need to take print it would come handy. Let’s check out some of the best printer under 5000 that you can buy for your home.

There are a wide range of printers available in budget segment. As we are looking for printers under 5K, we need to check with some points before making the decision

A good printer would always provide great quality prints and use less amount of ink.

best printer under 5000

Why you should buy a printer under 5000?

This is a very common question most people would have if they are in the market to get a printer.

Brands like HP and Canon are leading in this segment, and you would get a good inkjet printer under 5000 rupees easily.

One thing that would be good to check out is the number of prints it takes with a single cartridge.

If you are planning to buy a printer for home use then setting a max price of 5000 in your mind is good.

This is because low budget printers are good for people who do not take printouts regularly. It will also be less heavy on your wallet.

Why are HP printers better than Canon?

If you are looking for a budget printer for home use, then I would suggest getting an HP printer.

HP being one of the top brands in printer segment has the variety of options under the price range of 5000 rupees.

Another thing is that in our testing, we noticed that HP printers are more efficient on ink usage.

When it comes to cartridge price and refill, HP printers are more economical.

Other things that make HP printer better in budget segment is the features on offer for the price.

How did we make this list of the best printers under 5000?

We have used 10 different printers from HP, Canon, Brothers and Epson to find which printer would the best budget printer.

The criteria that we considered are the following

  • Print Quality
  • Printing Speed
  • Number of prints
  • Cartridge price
  • Maintenance
  • Features on offer

After checking these criteria, we have selected 5 options and listed them below for you to check out.

Some brands that we tested were a bit more than the price range of 5000 rupees that we are discussing here, so we had to eliminate them.

Before stating with the list, let us check the above-mentioned criterias in detail

Things to consider in a printer under 5000

Print Quality

This is the main point to be checked before getting a printer.

The main purpose of a printer is to print documents. Quality of a print is measured in DPI.

If the DIP of a printer is low, the output print quality will be less.

Keeping this in mind, we should see the DPI value before getting a printer.

DPI is also known as dots per inch, which tell how precise is the printing capability of the printer.

If you print a photo or a document and check it closely and felt that it is pixelated, then the DPI of the printer is less.

Printing Speed

Another important factor here is printing speed. People have less patience nowadays.

In the old days, the dot matrix printer that was very popular was slow and noisy, but people were fine with it.

Now, people want instant results, so printing speed is a huge factor to consider.

Printing speed of a printer is determined by the number of prints it can take in a minute.

In budget segment even though print speed won’t be that high buy still it is an important metric.

Number of prints

It is a common thought that comes into our mind when we think of a printer.

We usually want to know, how many prints we would get from a single cartridge.

There are some inkjet printers under 5000 which can provide more than 600 prints with a single cartridge.

This depends on the type of cartridge used and also the print quality set.

More the quality, lower the number of printouts.

Cartridge price

Another important point that people look into is the cartridge price that they may need to spend when it runs out of ink.

For HP printers we have noticed that cartridge prices are below 1000 rupees which is good for the number of printouts.

As we are checking printers for home use in India under 5000 we can have some good options inside the budget.


This is one thing that arise if we do not maintain the printer properly.

All printers have moving parts inside and overtime they may get damaged. Keeping this in mind, maintenance is an important aspect.

In the long run we may have some repairs or issues with printing. In my personal opinion, parts of HP printers are priced less compared to other brands.

Features on offer

More features attract more customers. For printers under 5000 we can’t expect high-end features like Fax, Wi-Fi support, Wi-Fi direct, E-print and App support.

Still, the printers added in this list would provide the maximum number of features for the price.

Best printer under 5000

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 All-in-One Printer

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 All-in-One Printer


Printing, Scanning and CopyingYes
USB supportUSB 2.0
Pages supportA4, B5 and A6
Dual Cartridge supportYes
Color printYes
Warranty1 Year

User Review

As I had mentioned earlier, HP has some great options in this price range.

The model that we are checking here is one of the best All-in-one Printer under 5000.

Having features like Printing, Scanning and Copying is great in this price range.

Print speed that you get here is 7.5 pages per minute when you print black and white and 5.5 pages per minute if you print colour.

It supports A4, B5 and A6 page sizes which is perfect for home printer.

School children and college goers can use this for their project work as well.

You can connect the printer to any PC or laptop using the built-in USB port.

The cartridge used here is HP 682 which would cost you around 700 rupees for black and white and 900 rupees for colour.

It supports two cartridges, which makes this printer flexible to use. To set up the printer to PC, you may need to download the HP smart print app.


  • Print quality is good
  • Scanning and copying quality is great
  • Cartridge is easily available
  • Easy setup


  • Slow printing
  • Body plastic need to be better.

Canon Pixma E410 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma E410


User Review

Printing, Scanning and CopyingYes
USB supportUSB 2.0
Pages supportA4, B5 and A6
Dual Cartridge supportNo
Colour printYes
Warranty1 Year

Canon is another good brand to consider when it comes to printer in a budget.

The Pixma E410 is one of the newest addition to the budget segment of printers from canon.

Like the HP 2335 that we checked above, this model from Canon is also an all-in-one printer.

You can take photocopies of your documents and also scan and upload or share the documents easily.

One advantage that I felt for this printer over the HP 2335 was the cartridge cost was cheaper for both colour and black and white.

If you need to take a lot of prints, then this one would be more pocket friendly.

The printer as a unit is lightweight and good-looking. It will be a great addition to your desk.

It comes with Auto power ON/OFF feature, which is good to have as it reduces power consumption.

Quite mode is unique to this printer, which reduces the sound while printing.

In general, this printer is having more feature for the price on offer which makes it one of the best printer under 5000 that you can buy.


  • Print quality is great
  • Scanning and copying quality is good
  • Low cost cartridge
  • Sturdy and lightweight


  • Printing speed can be better
  • Setup was a bit confusing

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2338

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2338


Printing, Scanning and CopyingYes
USB supportUSB 2.0
Pages supportA4, B5 and A6
Dual Cartridge supportYes
Colour printYes
Warranty1 Year

User Review

Another printer in this segment is HP Deskjet 2338. In my opinion, this one of the best selling printer under 5000 in India.

This has similar features like the HP 2335 we checked earlier.

Like HP 2335, this model is also all in one printer which supports printing, scanning and copying.

Print speed that we get here is 7.5 pages per minute for black and white and 5.5 pages per minute for color.

We can use paper sizes like A4, B5 and A6.

To connect the printer to the PC or laptop, we can use the included USB 2.0 port.

You can use this printer with any basic computer or PC.

Having two cartridges is a good feature in this printer as we can install both black and white and colour.

HP Smart app is needed to set up this printer in your PC. You can download that from the HP website.


  • Good print quality
  • Fast scanning
  • Low cost cartridge
  • Good build quality


  • Printing speed seems slow
  • Printing sound is high

Canon MG2570S Multi-Function Inkjet Colour Printer

Canon MG2570S


Printing, Scanning and CopyingYes
USB supportUSB 2.0
Pages supportA4, B5 and A6
Dual Cartridge supportNo
Colour printYes
Warranty1 Year

User Review

MG2570S from Canon is a multi function printer which has can print, copy and scan your documents.

Being an inkjet printer, the cartridges are less in price. You can take both colour and black and white print-outs using this printer.

When it comes to print out speed, this printer performed better than the other printers in this list.

We got an average print speed of 8 pages per minute, which was faster. This was in black and white.

For colour print, the printer was slower than others listed here.

This model also supports page sizes like A4, A5, B5 which is perfect for home printing needs.

DPI of this printer is 600 which is good enough for basic printing purposes.

The number of prints that we can get with a single cartridge ranges between 100 and 180 which is decent but not great.

With 1-year warranty and good after sales service, this is one of the best inkjet printer under 5000 that you can buy.


  • Fast Black and white printing
  • Quality scanning
  • Low cost cartridge
  • Good build quality


  • Color printing is slow
  • Setup process should be easy

FAQ on printers under 5000

Which are the most popular Printers under ₹ 5,000 in India?

In our testing of 10 printers that could fit in this category, HP 2335 and Canon MG2570S came on top.

This is due to the print quality and the speed of printing that they provided.

HP and Canon are popular in this category due to the price to performance ratio of the printers.

You may need to spend less for refills and also low maintenance is needed if you consider getting these printer models.

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Which one to buy from HP and Canon printers under 5000?

There are some specific things which separate these two brands when it comes to printers.

Both provide different options of All in one inkjet printers and in our testing both brands fared well.

Still, I would lean slightly more to HP because of the cartridge cost and after sales service network.

We had an issue with a printer recently and the service of the printer happened very quickly.

This was comparatively better than canon support. You can get an HP printer for sure.


Here we have listed out some of the best printer under 5000 Rupees in India that you can buy for your home and office needs.

An All-in-one printer is good to be considered as you will get the flexibility of having a scanning and copying option.

If you have read the above sections carefully, you will surely get an idea on how to make a wise choice.

Thanks for reading.

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