Best projector for home theater (January 2024)

Watching movies in a theater is more immersive than watching the same at home. To set up a home theater at home, we may need a projector. Let’s check out some of the best projector for home theater that you can buy.

Variety of projectors and brands are available in the market when it comes to projector.

Choosing the right one is a bit difficult because of the variation in price and features on offer.

Here let me help you to sort out things and to give an idea on how you should select a projector for home theater.

Best projector for home theater

How we created this list of projectors for home theater?

We had tested out some of the best brands in projector segment available in India.

The brands that we checked are BenQ, Canon, Samsung, Epson.

From these brands, 10 best options were selected and testing was done on various criteria like.

  • Display technology used
  • Features on offer
  • Operating system
  • Resolution
  • Setup and user experience
  • Service network
  • Price

This list contains 10 Projectors that you can buy for a home theater setup.

They will provide the best picture quality and also immersive experience which you will find in a theater.

Before looking into the list, let me explain why above-mentioned points are important in a projector to be considered.

How to select best projector for home theater?

Display technology

This is one of the most important factor when it comes to any device.

For a projector, as we don’t have a display like a TV, we need to check the light source type used in it.

Most common display technology or the light source used in projector are LCD or LED type.

They are known to be good when it comes to price and also provide great result and life span.

Each bulb or light in a projector would have a life span.

It is a rating that the manufacturer provides which will tell about the number of hours the LED or LCD would last.

When you plan to buy a projector, then you should check with the usage.

For example, if the projector lamp life is rated for 20000 hours, and you use it daily for 8 hours, then when you divide 20000 by 8 you will get 2500 days.

Now divide the same by 365 then you will get the number of years the projector lamp will last.

Other things here are the technology. Recently, Laser projectors are getting popular because of the display quality and life.

In our testing, we noticed that a Laser projector will provide better picture quality and brightness.

If you are planning to use the projector in a home with a lot of ambient lighting, then consider getting a laser projector.

Features on offer

Features attract customers and companies are using this as a point to attract more customers.

When it comes to features in a projector, there are some key things here.

In a projector for home theater, we need to have features like, remote control, USB and HDMI ports so that you can connect different devices.

Keystone adjustment for the desired picture quality and focus.

Internal speakers for sound. Most projectors come with built-in speakers so that you do not need to connect additional speakers to it.

Other important features that people look into is network connectivity. Latest projectors come with built-in Wi-Fi, which is really convenient to have.

Operating System

This is another aspect which makes a projector great to be used. As we are installing this in home, we may also use it for different purposes.

As we know, online streaming is one of the most important source of entertainment.

People want to install their favorite apps to the TV or the Projector to watch it on big screen.

Keeping this in mind, most manufactures either have all the streaming apps built in or Android OS support so that we can install apps.

When we checked various projector options, we felt that the Android interface was the easiest to use and navigate.


Resolution determines, how the picture would be shown to you when it is projected on the screen.

Usually, most of the projectors that you get in the market would have a 1080P screen.

People are looking for 4K projectors now which will enhance the picture quality to a large extent.

This is because of the increase in 4K content online.

Watching movies in 4K makes it more entertaining and immersive. We will be able to see more details.

Some projectors support HDR 10 which is an excellent feature to have and to be used in home theater.

Setup and User experience

In our testing with various projectors, we noticed that the setup and user experience from the interface has a major role to play.

Some projectors were hard to set up and some were quite simple. Just some basic details needed and you are done.

Also, navigation and performance were smooth on most of them.

In some models, we noticed a lag while navigating though the settings, which could be a problem in projectors used in the home.

Service network

After sales service is very essential when it comes to a projector. As we discussed earlier, projectors have limited lamp life.

When the lamp start to have problems, then we need to replace it.

This does not limit only to the lamp life, there are other parts which may get faulty in time.

We should have good after sales service as we would be spending a good amount for buying a projector.

It gives peace of mind while using it.


This aspect fixes the deal. To get the best quality picture output and a theater like experience at home, price should come as a last thing to consider.

Most high-end projectors would be priced high, but they will provide the best picture quality and features like 4K resolution.

Laser projectors are the trend now, keeping this in mind and also to get the maximum life from a projector we should pay a premium.

Brands like Epson, Canon provide good after sales service as well.

Best projector for home theater

SAMSUNG 120″ The Premiere Projector

SAMSUNG 120" The Premiere Projector

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Screen Size120 Inch
TypeLaser Projector
Sound2.2 Channel

User Review

Starting with Samsung, this model is one of the best projectors that we can get for office and home.

This, being a laser projector, gives excellent brightness and also contrast for your picture.

Resolution that we are talking about is 4K, making the video quality better.

As most of the streaming services like YouTube and Netflix support 4K, this projector would be a good option to consider for online streaming.

The operating system in this projector is Tyzen which is Samsung own OS used in Samsung Smartwatches and phones.

This version of Tyzen is optimized for projectors. Having a custom OS helps to tweak the setting of the projector easily.

Laser projectors are known for their short throw of output. This makes it easy to place in any room.

Usually, there would be an issue with any projector when someone walks in front of it.

For a short throw projector, this is not an issue because the distance of this projector from the wall is less.

This projector has a 2.2 channel speaker system built in. It will be able to provide room filling sound without adding external speakers.

Still, if you need a home theater experience, then we need to add a home theater with Dolby Atmos.

Keeping all the features and the price, this can be considered as one of the best projectors for home theater in India.


  • Bright display
  • Easy to use UI
  • 4K resolution
  • Sound is great


  • Price is a bit high
  • Limited Availability

Epson Home Cinema 3800

Epson Home Cinema 3800

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Screen Size120 Inch
TypeLCD projector
SoundNo internal speakers
OSCanon UI

User Review

This is another 4K projector for home theater, and it is from EPSON. The 3800 is known to be the best all-rounder projector in the market.

It has a unique 3 chip design which comes with 3 LCD technology.

With this technology in place, this projector can display 100 percent RGB color, which is good for color accuracy on the screen.

3 LCD tech also avoids any rainbow effect on the screen when you watch movies or play games on the big screen.

The quality of the output is improved by the pixel shifting technology. It is able to process millions of pixels parallelly, making the output better.

Another highlighting feature of this projector is the 10 bit HDR, which enhances the HDR content to look great on the large display.

Epson has implemented 12 bit analogue processing to improve the display and also smooth frame rate.

If you are planning to set up the home theater in a room which has the lot of windows, this projector would suit you.

In our testing we noticed that this projector has 3000 lumens which is great for home theater projector.

I/O ports like HDMI 2.0 port enables you to connect gaming consoles and set-top boxes to this projector so that you can watch live TV.

With 60 HZ refresh rate, this is a good option to consider for home theater setup.


  • Bright display output
  • HDR 10 works great
  • Easy setup
  • Good after sales service


  • No built-in speaker
  • Price can be lower

BenQ TK700STi 4K short throw Projector

BenQ TK700STi 4K short throw Projector

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Screen Size100 to 120 nch
Sound5W internal Speaker

User Review

BenQ is a very popular brand when it comes to computer monitors and projectors. TK700STi is one of the newest addition to this segment.

This, being a short throw projector, can be kept near the wall.

Brightness that this projector provides is 3000 lumens, which is the same as the Epson model that we checked above.

With this brightness level, you won’t have any issues in watching content in bright lit rooms as well.

The rated screen size that you can get from this projector is 100 inches, which is good enough for a theater.

We noticed that after 100 inches, the quality of the display reduced by a large extent.

Life span of this projector is 100000 hours which is one of the best in this segment.

The main highlight of this projector is the options that you get for the refresh rate of the display.

In 1080P resolution the refresh rate is 240HZ which is great for gaming and in 4K we can get 60Hz refresh rate.

Built in speakers are available with this model, which were missing from the Epson 3800.

You can use this projector with different modes like Cinema, HDR gaming, HLG.

Having gaming specific features makes this one of the best projector for gaming in India.


  • Excellent brightness
  • Easy setup
  • Specific modes is a nice touch
  • Sound output is good.


  • Display quality reduces for screen size greater than 100 inch

Epson EB-FH06 Full HD projector

Epson EB-FH06 Full HD projector

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Screen Size60 to 100 inches
ResolutionFull HD
Sound16W internal Speaker
OSEpson UI

User Review

Here is one of the best projector under 1 lakh rupees that you can buy. We have checked an Epson projector earlier, but that was in premium segment.

Epson EB-FH06 is a popular projector for home theater that you can buy.

It comes with some unique features that others in this price segment do not offer.

In our testing, this projector can provide excellent quality output with a screen size of 100 inches.

The display is very right and perfect for home which have a lot of ambient lighting.

Like the other Epson 3800 that we checked earlier, this model also comes with 3 LCD technology for better picture output.

The resolution of the display is full HD, which is good enough for a home theater.

Company claims as the lamp life of this projector is 12000 hours.

If you watch 8 hours of TV or movies a day, then the life span you can get from the lamp is 5 years for sure.

When it comes to speakers, we get a 16W internal speaker here, which is the best in this segment.

We get different modes like Blackboard, Cinema, Dynamic, Presentation and sRGB which we can switch according to our needs.


  • Excellent display quality
  • Speakers are great
  • Easy setup and use
  • Brightness is good for any room


  • Max screen size is 60 to 100 inch

XGIMI Halo+ Projector with Android TV

XGIMI Halo+ Projector with Android TV

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Screen Size200 inches
ResolutionFull HD
Sound5W internal Speaker
OSAndroid TV OS

User Review

If you want the best portable projector for home, then the Xgimi Halo+ is the option to go with.

Portable projectors have some features that stand out. This model comes with a built-in 56wh battery.

You can place the projector in any location without power supply and watch movies and TV shows.

In our testing the average play time that could be achieved is 2 hours which is good enough for a portable projector

Screen resolution is full HD and XGIMI Halo+ comes with a built-in 5W Harmon Kardon speakers.

Unlike other projectors that we have checked earlier, this comes Android TV OS installed, making it a great option to consider as a home theater projector.

Also, 3D features are enabled in this projector which enhance your movie watching experience.

DLP technology is used to provide depth in the picture and better image rendering on the screen.

The max screen size that can be used with this projector is 200 inches, which would suit most homes.

If you want to connect external speakers, this projector comes with Bluetooth built in. You can use it wirelessly or connect wired using the 3.5 mm Jack


  • Great picture output
  • Good sound from speakers
  • Large screen size without loss of clarity
  • Built in battery is a huge plus


  • Bit of heating noticed while testing
  • Keystone adjustment need to be more accurate.

FAQ on projectors for home theater

Which projector is best for home theater in India?

In the above list, we have checked some of the options that you can consider.

If you are planning to buy a home theater projector then in my personal opinion consider checking out Epson projectors as they provide great value for money.

They also have all the needed features needed. Epson Home Cinema 3800 is a good choice in this segment.

Which type of projector is best for home theater?

In our testing, for a home theater, Laser projectors are the best. This is because of their short throw and also great picture quality.

Laser projectors are placed near to the wall, unlike the normal LCD projectors.

Due to this, there will not be any interruption in between watching movies if someone walks in front of it.

Also, the setup of a laser projector is really simple.

Can a projector replace a TV?

The answer to this question depends on the room that you are going to use it.

If the room is very bright and no way that you can reduce the ambient lighting, then a projector won’t suit here.

This is because for a projector, the light coming from outside your home should be controlled so that images are clear.

In case of a TV, as it has its own backlight, it would perform better in this case.

Still, if you want a large screen like 200 inches, a TV cannot provide that size. In this scenario, a projector is the best option.

Is projector better than TV for home theater?

For a theater like experience at home, definitely a projector is better than a TV.

TV has certain limitations when it comes to screen sizes.

A projector provides a flexibility of increasing or decreasing the screen size.

So if you can set up a projector with perfect lighting and speaker setup, it would provide a much better experience compared to a TV.

Conclusion on best home theater projectors

With plenty of options available in the market, it would be confusing on which one to go with when it comes to projectors.

Here we have discussed some of the best projectors for home theater that you can find in India.

In my personal experience, Epson projectors provided the best output compared to others in this list.

Also, the after sales service from Epson is considered to be better.

A home theater setup should replicate a real theater and should provide the best entertainment.

Hope this post provided an idea on how to select a projector that you can use for a home theater.

Thanks for reading.

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