Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India (January 2024)

Are you searching for the best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India? Here we have sorted out some options for you that you can check out.

Cleaning is one of the hectic jobs that we need to do every day in our home.

If we clean our homes on a regular basis, the job is much easier; however, if we only clean them once a month or every six months, the job becomes more difficult.

A common tool that we use to clean the dust in our home is a broom. This process can be simplified using a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India

We just dust the places and collect the dust together and clean it, but still it won’t be perfect as we can miss places that we can’t reach.

For this, we need a vacuum cleaner. It’s a tool that can pull in all the dust around when we move it along. But that also is a bit of a job as we need to take though places and point it for it to suck up the dust from the place.

Floor cleaning is one of the task that we usually do with a vacuum cleaner. In case if we have carpets and mats on the floor, then our cleaning process becomes more difficult.

Recently, people are moving onto Robotic vacuum cleaners for cleaning their homes as they do their job of cleaning even if we are not in the home.

They are inbuilt with AI and a lot of sensors in them which help them find the position and the objects in the home and clean it based on the map stored in the cloud.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India



  • 800ML of dustbin capacity
  • 1600pa suction power
  • 110 Minutes of runtime
  • Pet care mode
  • Mopping attachments

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Ecovacs are one of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies, and they have variety vacuum cleaners in the market.

This model, the Deebot U2 is one of the mid-range model that you can buy.

It comes with an 800ML of dust bin capacity, which is large enough to store multiple days dust during cleaning. You may not need to empty the dust bin regularly due to this.

This model has most of the features that I have mentioned above, and it comes with a pet care kit which will help to clean pet hair easily, which is a common problem in homes with pets like dogs and cats.

The other options here are max mode, which will help to increase the suction power for maximum cleaning.

Ecovacs DEEBOT U2 Pro has many good features in this segment. It made of high quality material and its durable in nature.

The 800ML dustbin included is a plus in this segment as it can hold a lot of dust in it. This is one of the biggest dustbin Robotic vacuums that you can buy.

Deebot U2 pro comes with a 1600PA suction power which is really good for home with carpets and mats. The suction power will help to pull out dust easily from carpets.

The vacuum comes with Ecovacs home app which enables may advanced functions that you can use through the app.

This vacuum comes with a Hard floor cleaning mode which will help to clean hard wood floors very easily and effectively.

It has an average run time of 110 Minutes which would be enough to clean a 2000 square feet home in a single charge.

You can mop the floors with the Deebot U2 pro as it comes with a moping attachment as well.

It does the job very clean and due to the low height of the vacuum it can reach under furniture that we always miss cleaning.

If you are looking for a good robotic vacuum in the budget segment, then this is one of the best options to check out. It has all the cleaning modes you’ll need.

The moping mode in this comes in really handy in many cases. 1600 PA of suction power is well and good in this segment.

  • 800Ml of dustbin
  • Good quality build
  • Mobile app for controlling various modes
  • 110 minutes of operation in a charge
  • Pet care mode
  • Suction power can be a bit better
  • Price is high

iLife X620 Smart

iLife X620 Smart robotic vacuum

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  • 400 ML of dustbin
  • Infrared sensor for object detection
  • 300 ML of water tank
  • 1200pa of suction power
  • 2 in 1 modes for wet and dry cleaning

iLife is one of the popular companies which have their robotic vacuums in India. They have some good quality products, they use very durable materials in their vacuums.

This model, the iLife X620 comes in various color combinations which will suit your home looks and interiors.

It supports scheduled cleaning feature which come handy in situations when you are not at home and the vacuum can clean it automatically.

iLife X620 is one of the well built robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with lot of advanced features. In case you are looking for a wet and dry robotic vacuum cleaner then this is the one to go.

It comes with a 400ML dustbin which being not that big still can store dust for a single day cleaning.

The main advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it supports wet cleaning as well. In case you spill water onto floors, then this vacuum can clean the floor easily.

Another advantage of this vacuum is that it comes with a 2 sided brush, which will help to pull in more dust into the vacuum and give an effective cleaning.

It has a mobile app that helps to set up all modes and control the vacuum. Scheduling feature helps to automatically clean.

This vacuum has a height of 7.2 cm which makes it one of the best robotic vacuum cleaner in India to clean under furniture. Due to low height, it can go under furniture easily and clean it.

In suction power this vacuum provides 1200pa which is comparatively less but still it’s good enough to clean a home.

The brush user here is tangle free, which is really convenient if there are a lot of wires over the floor in your home.

iLife X620 supports 3 in 1 cleaning mode with Sweeping, vacuuming and wet/dry moping which are all the basic options that we need to clean our home.

It has a 100-minute working time with a single charge which can clean a small home with 1000 square feet two times.

Although a bit more pricey than the Ecovac Deebot U2 pro that we checked above, this vacuum has more versatile options available.

Due to the-multi brush cleaning attachments, this could clean your home in a better way than a single brush robotic vacuum.

  • 3 in 1 cleaning function
  • Dual brush option
  • Specific modes for hardwood and carpet cleaning
  • Metallic materials used for durability
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Attractive color
  • Price is a bit high
  • Suction power is less

iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) Robotic vacuum cleaner

iRobot Roomba i7+ (i7556) WiFi Connected Robot Vacuum

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  • 600 ML of dustbin
  • Automatic dust disposal
  • High suction power
  • Dirt detect technology
  • Smart navigation

iRobot is one of the first brands that introduced robotic vacuum to the market. They are the most popular robotic vacuum makers in US, and they sell many products in wide range.

Since 30 years they are in the robotic vacuum cleaner segment and their products are now available in India.

This models the i7+ can be considered as the king of robotic vacuums as it has many features that a normal vacuum does not provide.

The main thing here we can notice is that it’s Automatic dust disposal system. In usual vacuum cleaners we need to empty the dustbin when the bin gets full, but in the iRobot i7+ this also happens by its own as we get a dust collection chamber which will have a dust bag.

When the robot reaches the dock, the dust collection chamber pull out the water material from the dustbin of the i7+

This takes automated home cleaning to another level.

iRobot Roomba i7+ is one of the smartest robotic vacuum’s you can get. It has all the top end features. The price if you consider for this vacuum sets it to the premium segment.

It has a clean and schedule feature that automatically cleans a specific room that you have set in the app. No other vacuum cleaner has scheduled cleaning options for specific rooms.

Smart sensing technology here learns your house and the objects placed using the map created when the vacuum cleans the house. The vacuum automatically adapts to the changes and cleans accordingly.

This vacuum does not support moping functions, so iRobot has added a companion moping robot cleaner that can mop your home.

Imprint Link Technology allows Roomba i7+ and Braava jet m6 robots to vacuum and mop your home. This works simultaneously.

Once the i7+ completes the vacuuming, the Braava jet m6 starts mopping the floor.

Dirt detection technology is one of the best features in this vacuum.

It can sense the area where there is more dust and increase the suction on that specific spot. Which no other vacuum provide. It is really helpful feature if a particular area at your home gets more dirty.

It has a mobile app that helps to setup all modes and control the vacuum. Scheduling feature helps to automatically clean.

You can control this robotic vacuum using smart assistance like Alexa and Google home, which makes operating this vacuum really easy.

You can give specific instructions to the assistance to clean a specific area at your home.

It has a 3-Stage Cleaning System that uses Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and high power lifting, which pulls in heavy dust as well.

Another major feature that this vacuum provides is it can store multiple maps in case you have two floors in your home.

This vacuum provides a runtime of 75 Minutes which is less compared to other vacuums in this segment but in that time this will provide more effective cleaning due to its advanced features.

  • Automatic dust disposal
  • Accurate navigation system
  • 10 times more suction power
  • Excellent build quality
  • Smart assistant control using Alexa or Google home
  • Its priced high
  • Run time in a single charge is less

Roborock S5 MAX

Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum

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  • 460 ML of dustbin
  • Laser navigation system
  • 2000 pa suction power
  • Water tank capacity 280 ml
  • 5200 mah battery
  • Runtime of 150 Minutes
  • Real time tracking
  • Zoned cleaning

I am using this Robotic vacuum for last one year and this has never disappointed me.

It does the job very neat and clean. Due to the high suction power of 2000 pa, it cleans the dust on the floors very effectively.

Since started using it, my house stays clean. I have scheduled the vacuum to run every day morning, and it does the job on time.

Roborock has many models in the market and this is one of the top models available in the market. I have an excellent suction power and could clean your home in a single pass itself.

The vacuum has different modes that you can set using the Mi home app.

This robotic vacuum comes with a water tank and a moping cloth that you can attach at the back of the robot to mop your house floor.

Laser assisted tracing system helps to even detect objects in low light situations as well. In mapping the home, this vacuum is very fast, and it can do the vacuuming very fast and easily.

Roborock S5 max is one of the smartest robotic vacuum’s you can get. It has most of the features that you can only see in a premium segment vacuum in a budget.

S5 max comes with a 2000pa suction power which is best in this range. The cleaning capacity of this robot is really good and with a high suction power it can easily collect dust from any place.

LDS sensor in this vacuum is very accurate, and it easily navigates through furniture and any blocks in the way. At nighttime also it can see well and do its job effectively.

This also comes with a moping attachment which you can fill water, and it has electrically controlled water system which can wet the cloth according to the need while moping the floor.

This helps in reducing excess amount of water on the floor.

With water tank capacity of 280Ml it can easily mop a home with more than 1000 square feet in one go.

Battery life of this robot is also excellent. With 5200mAh battery it can run up to 150 minutes which is higher than any other robotic vacuum in this class.

This vacuum comes with application which can be used to set specific zones that you want to clean as well as you can select no-go zones where you don’t want this vacuum to go.

It has a mobile app that helps to setup all modes and control the vacuum. Scheduling feature helps to automatically clean.

You can control this robotic vacuum using smart assistance like Alexa and Google home, which makes operating this vacuum really easy. You can give specific instructions to the assistance to clean a specific area at your home.

Carpet boost technology helps to increase suction of this vacuum when it detects carpets. Which will help in cleaning carpets more effectively.

  • Excellent quality build
  • High suction power
  • Great battery life.
  • Smart assistant support
  • Multi floor maps
  • Manual controls for vacuuming.
  • Price can be a bit high
  • Dustbin size could have been better.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

eufy boost IQ robovac 11c

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  • 600 ML of dustbin
  • 1300 pa suction power
  • Runtime of 100 Minutes
  • Real time tracking
  • Zoned cleaning

Eufy is one of the popular brands in Robotic vacuum cleaner segment that is available in India. They have a wide range of vacuums available. In budget segment they also have some good products.

This model from Eufy is a slim model robotic vacuum. Just 2.5 Inch tall, this vacuum can easily go under furniture and clean.

The suction power even though not being high with 1300 PA it can manage to clean the home effectively.

This vacuum like others come with a compatible mobile app through which you can control all the operations of this vacuum.

This does not come with a moping functionality, but for the price it can provide excellent cleaning of your home.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11C is one of the slimmest vacuum you can get. Due to this slim form factor, it can easily reach places where cleaning is a bit difficult.

With 1300pa of suction power, this vacuum can suck dust very easily and store it in the 600ml dustbin. The dustbin used here is of 600Ml, which is good, and you may not need to empty the bin regularly.

Smart assistant support like Alexa and google home is an added advantage. You can easily give commands to the vacuum with voice using the assistants to clean a specific area of your home.

Triple cleaning action provides deep cleaning in areas where there are a lot of dust accumulated.

This vacuum comes with application which can be used to set specific zones that you want to clean as well as you can select no-go zones where you don’t want this vacuum to go.

It has a mobile app that helps to setup all modes and control the vacuum. Scheduling feature helps to automatically clean.

With very less operating volume, you can use this vacuum in nighttime as well as it won’t disturb your sleep.

With Carpet boost technology it can sense carpet and increase the suction which will make cleaning carpets easy.

  • High quality build.
  • Low noise levels
  • Slim design for under furniture cleaning.
  • Two brushes for easy dust collection
  • 600Ml of dustbin to collect more dust.
  • Moping options not available
  • Suction power is less.

Buyers Guide

The basic purpose of a vacuum cleaner is cleaning, but there are some specifications needed for the vacuum to do that process effectively.

Following are some points to consider before buying the best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India.

Why is vacuuming better than manual cleaning?

If you have used a broom to clean your home, then you will be knowing the answer for this. Else, let me tell you.

Vacuuming is a process where the dust is directly pulled into a container placed in a vacuum machine without moving it around.

In case of a manual cleaning with a broom we need to dust the place which is dirty which causes dust to spread.

Vacuum cleaners have enough suction power that they pull in large quantity of dust.

This happens as they create a vacuum between the floor and the Vacuum hose, which pulls the dust into the hose and puts it into the dust bag placed inside a vacuum cleaner.

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How Robotic vacuum is better than and hand held vacuum?

Won’t it be good if cleaning of our home floor is done without any effort. All will like that.

A vacuum cleaner moves through all the rooms in your home, vacuuming the dust and other waste crumbs fallen onto the floor.

As we know, our house floors get dirty soon when there are children at home or if we have pets.

In case of children, when they eat something small pieces from the food items fall down which is not taken care to attract other insects and ants.

The same happens if you have pets as well. They shed their hair on the floor and in case you have allergy then it will call health issues for you.

In case of normal cleaning, removing that hair from the floor is very hard task also in case you have carpets at home then the difficulty increases.

Robotic vacuum provides a fit it and forgets it approach. Once they know the map of our home, then they can easily clean all the dust on the floor without us even noticing it.

What is a Robotic Vacuum cleaner?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are smart vacuum devices that can be controlled through Wi-Fi and a compatible Android or iOS application.

These vacuum cleaners are built in with Sensors like Cliff sensor, Collision sensor, Cameras and Lasers.

Considering the best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India, we need to check in detail about all the main features in a vacuum that we are planning to buy.

So thats a lot of sensors right. Let me explain each of then in detail.

Cliff Sensor in Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuum cliff sensor

Cliff Sensor: It’s a sensor that determines the height change in the floor that a Robotic vacuum cleaner is cleaning.

Consider you are operating your Robotic vacuum cleaner at the first floor and there are stairs in that floor.

When the Robotic Vacuum reaches the stairs, then the sensor will detect a hight change from the bottom to the floor in the first step-down to the stairs.

This will help the Vacuum to stop and turn so that it does not fall down and damage itself. This is a cool technology that makes using these type of vacuums really easy.

Collision Sensor in Robotic Vacuum

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India

Collision sensor: In a house we will have many objects placed like chairs, tables. Sofas etc., As a robotic vacuum moves by its own on wheels it should know where objects are placed to avoid collision and break itself.

A collision sensor helps to determine the distance between the objects and the vacuum cleaner and avoids collision. All the robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with this sensor for operating smoothly.

Camera in a Robotic Vacuum

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India

Cameras: So to see an object and measure their dimensions we use our eyes, similarly a robotic vacuum cleaner uses Cameras for this purpose.

Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with cameras in the front or the top that provide field of view to the robotic vacuum to determine the object dimension and store it in the map so that next time when the vacuum reaches the same place it will be knowing what the object placed is in that position.

As I have mentioned cameras in a robotic vacuum there are certain disadvantages of using it. As we know, when we use a camera in dark it is not able to register things in front of it.

Similar issue happens with a camera in Robotic vacuum as well.

At nighttime or in dark environment, Robotic vacuum with cameras get confused about the object dimensions, and they take more time to clean.

Laser System

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India

Laser system: As mentioned in the earlier section, a Camera cannot see in the dark. For this we need a solution. In that case, as a solution for this, manufactures are using Laser sensors which can measure any object dimensions even in dark.

They use low range lasers which are not harmful for human beings and can easily find the dimensions of an object even in dark.

Let’s see some of the basic components in a Robotic vacuum cleaner.

A typical Robotic Vacuum will have the following components

  • A dust bin to collect the dust
  • A main roller brush at the bottom that pulls the dust inside the vacuum and pushes it to the dustbin.
  • Sweeping brush, which helps to push the dust to the roller brush.
  • Direction wheel, which supports the movement and direction of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Wheels connected to the motor which makes the robotic vacuum to move from one place to another.
  • Another main thing the Vacuum cleaner comes with is the charging dock, on which the vacuum gets charged.

How Robotic vacuum cleaners works?

All robotic vacuums have same mode of working.

They move on wheels with the inbuilt suction motor on based on the settings in the app in which it is configured and collects dust to the dust bin inside. That was simple, right?

But the process actually is not that simple.

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When you buy a new vacuum, you need to set up the vacuum according to the manufacturer instructions.

All the manufacturers will have an App in Google Play Store or iOS App Store which you need to download through which you can set up the robotic vacuum and give it a name in your network and mainly connect it to the network.

Through the app you can track all the things happening with the vacuum, and you can also control various functions like

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India
  • Vacuuming modes
  • Maps that your vacuum will discover and create from your home
  • Give instruction to start cleaning
  • Mark locations in the map for cleaning
  • Update Vacuum firmware
  • Vacuum status and issues

The setup is actually simple process of these smart equipments as they guide through the process.

Once the setup is done, you need to run the Robotic vacuum to clean your home once so that the vacuum could learn the dimensions of your home and the paces where objects are kept.

In first attempt it takes a lot of time but as time passed by it perfects its map and learns your home well. The time of cleaning will reduce as time goes on.

How to use a Robotic vacuum cleaner?

Once you have setup the app, you will have some buttons in the application interface that will say Cleaning or Return to dock or similar options like that.

It’s quite simple operations, and you can easily use your robotic vacuum.

Main features of a Robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuum comes with many handy features that make cleaning your home easy. They will have options like

  • Full house cleaning
    • In this case, the vacuum cleans the entire home
  • Room Cleaning
    • With this option, you can select a specific room that you want to clean in the Map. This is a very convenient feature that will help to clean a specific room instead of the entire house.
  • Spot Cleaning.
    • This comes really handy if you have a specific spot in your home that is very dusty and needs urgent cleaning. The vacuum cleans that spot or area only.
  • Mop mode
    • Did you know that some Robotic vacuum have moping functions as well where it can mop your home with water?
    • These vacuum will have a tank attachment with microfiber cloth over it in which you can fill water and when the vacuum moves through the home it will mop your floor as well.
  • Scheduled cleaning
    • Another main advantage of a robotic vacuum is scheduled cleaning. You can schedule a specific time in a day in the companion app of the robotic vacuum for cleaning.
    • At that time, the vacuum will leave its dock and clean the home and return to the dock for charging. You can remove the dust bin and clean it and replace it at any time before next cleaning.

Isn’t this a great device to have in your home which will keep your home clean without you even getting off the couch.

Since we have gone through the basic things related to a Robotic vacuum, let’s now check some points to consider before buying a robotic vacuum cleaner in India.

Suction Power or Air flow

This determines how a vacuum can pull the dust inside the dust bin in the robotic vacuum. This is measured in CFM or cubic feet meter.

The higher the value, the more the suction power of the vacuum will be. Usually robotic vacuums suction power is measured in PA that is atmospheric pressure that the vacuum motor could produce for pulling in the dust from the floors.

In case you are looking to buy a robotic vacuum, then you should find out its suction power and check if it fits with your needs.

Consider if you have pets in the home and also Carpets on floors, then the vacuum should have high suction power to pull the pet hairs from floors and carpets.

Dust Bin capacity

This is an important factor to consider. There is a dust bin inside every vacuum, all the dust the vacuums sucks in will be stored in the dust bin inside it.

So in case your home area is large and there is a lot of dust in your home floor then you need a larger dust bin in your vacuum cleaner because when the robotic vacuum starts cleaning your home and if its dust bin gets filled out soon the cleaning won’t be efficient.

The dust bin capacity of starts from 300ML and ranges up to 800 ML. The more the bin capacity, more time and area a vacuum could clean better.

Also, in case the dust bin gets filled up soon, you may need to empty the bin more regularly.

The dust bin comes with a dust filter attachment in the side of the vacuum motor section. Suction happens though the filter. The purpose of the filter is to stop the dust entering the vacuum motor chamber.

You may need to replace the filter in certain amount of time after you start using the vacuum.

Battery Life

One of the main points that you need to consider in a Robotic vacuum cleaner is battery life. All mobile electronic devices need a power source.

They are usually powered by a Lithium battery. The same thing is present in a robotic vacuum as well.

There is a battery inbuilt which powers the vacuum to rotate the wheels and the suction motor, as well as all the sensors in the vacuum.

As in smartphone, the robotic vacuums battery is calculated in miili amp hour and depending on the area it needs to clean you need to decide the range before getting a vacuum.

Consider you have a 2000 square feet home then you may need at least 5000 mAh battery in your vacuum so that you can get a run time of around 2 hours.

Short Note: The run time of a vacuum will vary according to the suction power and mode set. In case vacuum is being operated in high suction power, then the battery will get dead soon and the vacuum need to recharge to complete the pending tasks.

A robotic vacuum is smart enough to recharge itself before getting completely dry in battery charge. So usually when it reaches to 10% charge it returns to the dock and charges fully to 100% and resumes the cleaning left.

There are different vacuums in the market with different battery capacities, and you need to buy the one which will be good for your home. As the features increases, you will see an increase in price as well.

Modes and features:

As I had mentioned before, all the modes of a robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled using the app that it comes with. Following are some common modes available in a robotic vacuum.

  • Vacuum mode
    • This varies from 1 time to 3 times vacuuming a specific area or a room.
  • Moping Mode
    • Using this mode, you can mop your home with water.
  • Suction level adjustments
    • This ranges from 1 to 3 types like Silent mode, medium mode and high suction mode. Depending on the mode, the suction and the sound of the vacuum will increase.
  • Carpet Mode
    • This is an important feature for any robotic vacuum. As mentioned earlier, cleaning a carpet is one of the most difficult jobs as dust or dirt does not come off so easily. So here, your vacuum should detect the carpet automatically and increase the suction over it to collect maximum dust.

As the vacuum runs inside the home, it may come in contact or bump onto many items in the home. Also, a common problem noticed is that if there are wires running over the floors, the vacuum could get stuck easily.

In this case, usually we get a message in our phone apps that the vacuum is stuck, and we need to free it to complete the work.

Also, as it hits many things to build should be good so that it does not break the external frame. Recent robotic vacuums come with solid plastic and metal framing, which makes it very durable in nature.

If the vacuum that you are looking to buy has good features based on the points mentioned above then it can be considered a good deal.

Do robotic vacuum cleaners really work?

The answer here is yes. They can actually make cleaning jobs in your home very easy.

In case you go to work, and you don’t have time to clean, then a robotic vacuum will be an excellent tool to use in your home. It can help you to manage home cleaning very effectively.

What’s the best robotic vacuum cleaner?

There are many options available in the market, but some are really good and some are very pricey.

In case you are looking for the robotic vacuum cleaner which will be easily available in India then you can try checking the Roborock S5 Plus or the Ecovac Deebot U2 Pro both are excellent in cleaning and provide all the necessary features that you need to clean your home effectively.

What does a robot vacuum cleaner do?

If you have used or seen a vacuum cleaner, then you may know what its purpose is. Same in case if you automate a vacuum cleaner to clean your home floors then it is called a Robotic vacuum cleaner.

They do not need your manual effort for cleaning, instead they clean your home floors automatically.

Can Robot replace normal vacuum?

The answer is Yes and No. In case you want to clean your home floors only then a robotic vacuum can clean it, but in case you want to clean over furniture like a couch or a bed then robotic vacuums cannot do it. For that, you still need a hand held normal vacuum.


Here I have tried to categorize some of the best robotic vacuum cleaner that are available in India which you can find.

Also, I have tried to explain some basic principles that a Robotic vacuum uses to clean home floors. In case you are looking to buy a Robotic vacuum.

Any one of the models mentioned above will suit your needs, and you will not be disappointed with the selection.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in India

If you like this post, please share it with your friends so that it could help them make the right choice in purchasing a Robotic vacuum cleaner.

Thanks for spending your time reading this post.

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