Best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India 2024

There are some excellent laptops with Ryzen processors available in the professional laptop market as well. Ryzen 9 being one of the new processors in this segment, here are some of the best Ryzen 9 laptop in India 2023 that you can buy today.

When it comes to a performance laptop, we need the raw power for it to perform well on all the tasks that we throw at it.

While the Intel Core i9 is at the top of the list for performance in Intel laptops, the AMD Ryzen 9 is in a class of its own.

It has high-end performance and can meet all of your gaming needs. Other than the processor, there are some other points to consider in a laptop.

Features of AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India

AMD Ryzen 9 is a processor which comes in two models, one with 16 cores and one with 32 cores.

Basically, this beast of a processor can handle any kind of task that we throw at it.

It comes with a base clock speed of 3.4 GHz and can boost up to 4.9 GHz, which makes it a great option for gaming laptops. In the search of best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India, we need to consider the processor first which makes the laptop perform well.

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For other features we get a support of DDR 4 RAM with 3200 MHz and has 2 memory channels. It also has PCI2 Gen 4 support, which is great when you consider for a laptop or a desktop.

Best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India

ASUS Vivobook Pro 14X

ASUS Vivobook Pro 14X Ryzen 9

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Top Features:

  • 14 inch OLED screen
  • 16GB RAM
  • AMD Ryzen 9 processor
  • 1TB SSD
  • WIndows 10
  • Office 2019
  • 1.45KG

Asus us a popular brand in laptop segment that use AMD processors.

They have a wide range of products in this segment and this model, the Asus VivoBook Pro 14X, is one of the best-selling option here.

It comes with a set of unique features that other laptops in this segment does not have.

In the display department we get 14 inch OLED display which can provide deep blacks and contrast levels.

The resolution of the display is 2.8K, perfect for gaming and video editing jobs. Having an OLED display makes this laptop to have excellent viewing angles.

It comes with the AMD Ryzen 9 processor with model number 5900X, which has a base clock speed of 3.4 GHz and a maximum clock speed of 4.6 GHz, which is perfect for gaming and heavy tasks.

It is an 8 core processor with 16 threads, so it could handle any kind of multitasking work.

For gamers, Asus has included 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti which is known as one of the best gaming card in laptop segment.

To tell about specification, this laptop comes with 16 GB of RAM, which is good enough for gaming and also vide editing.

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Asus has included 1 TB SSD with this laptop so that you never run out of space. If you are using this laptop for professional work, then you may need adequate amount of storage space to store the data.

In the software department, we get Windows 10 preinstalled and a sure upgrade to Windows 11 making it a future-proof laptop.

Even though having this much power, this laptop is light in weight and can be carried around easily. This laptop has a weight of 1.45 KG, which is good for putting into a backpack and taking around with you.

  • Sleek design
  • Good display
  • Fast performance
  • 32GB RAM would have been better

Lenovo Legion 7 AMD Ryzen 9 Laptop

Lenovo Legion 7 AMD

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Top Features:

  • 16 Inch Screen
  • 2K resolution
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • Nvidia RTX 3080
  • Windows 10
  • Office 2019

In the Ryzen 9 laptop segment, there is another brand that has many options that we could consider. Lenovo is known for the innovation that they have in the laptop and tablet segment.

With many options available, this model, the Legion 7 is the laptop to go with if you need the absolute best in the Ryzen 9 segment.

Like the other laptops in this segment, we have the AMD Ryzen 9 Processor here, which is very capable in handling all kinds of tasks that you will throw at it.

This is the 5th gen model number with model number 5900HX. I have a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz and a max clock speed of 4.6 GHz.

This laptop comes with Windows 10 preinstalled and a sure upgrade to Windows 11. It also has MS Office 2019 which is good for people who will be using the laptop for office work.

When it comes to specifications, we get a 32 GB RAM here, which is great for people who game on the laptop. It also comes with 1 TB M.2 SSD which is really fast for reading and writing data to the storage.

For display, we get 16 inch QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 which is good for editing videos and photos.

The brightness of this display is adequate at 500 nits so that you can use it in any kind of lighting situations.

Gaming is another highlight of this laptop, it has a refresh rate of 165 Hz which is good for gamers as there will be no tear during gaming.

It also comes with some special features like HDR, which makes watching movies good on this screen.

In our testing this laptop performed well in gaming and also video editing work making this as one of the best Ryzen 9 laptop in India that you can buy.

Other features like Freesync and G-Sync is available in the laptop. This laptop has dedicated graphics card the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 which has 16 GB DDR 6 RAM and a TGP of 165W.

In the speaker department we get 2w speakers with HD stereo speakers which is good for watching movies and listening to music.

The battery used here is 80 WH, which can last up to 5 hours based on the task that you are doing with it.

In the I/O segment we get 2 USB port here which is USB 3.2 which is very fast and also type C USB 3.2 port.

  • Excellent display
  • Fast performance
  • Good for gaming
  • Battery life can be better

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 Ryzen 9 Laptop

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 Ryzen 9 Laptop

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Top Features

  • 15.6 inch display
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • Ryzen 9 Processor
  • NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060
  • 4W speakers

Asus is one brand which has the variety of Ryzen 9 Laptops in the market. This is another popular model that you can consider. The Zephyrus series is considered to be very popular against gamers.

This model comes with AMD Ryzen processor which is OCTA core processor with model number 5900HS.

It has a base clock speed of 3.1 GHz and a max clock speed of 4.5 GHz. This processor is a perfect option for professionals and gamers.

Other specifications include 16 GB RAM, which is DDR 4. You can expand the RAM up to 32 GB.

For storage, Asus has included 1 TB SSD which is fast for read and write. This will help in improving the boot time of the laptop.

This model comes with dedicated graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 which has a 6 GB DDR 5 RAM perfect for high-end gaming.

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In the I/O department, we get 2 USB port which is USB Gen 3.2 and 2 USB-C port which is also USB 3.2. We also get a display port in this laptop.

Other than that, we get 1 HDMI port which can be used to connect external display.

For sound, we get 2 x 2 W tweeters and 4 2W Woofers. Asus has tuned the speakers to produce good quality sound.

With good service from Asus and high network, this is a good Ryzen 9 laptop in India to consider for gaming and work needs.

  • Sleek Design
  • Good Build
  • Fast performance
  • Price can be lower for 16GB variant

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

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Top Features:

  • 15 inch WQHD display
  • RTX 3080
  • 16GB RAM
  • AMD Ryzen 9 processor
  • 1 Month Xbox subscription
  • 1 TB SSD

Strix is another model from Asus that comes with Ryzen 9 processor. It is considered to be a laptop for people who like performance on the go.

Like other laptops in this segment, we get the AMD Ryzen 9 Processor here, which has a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz and top clock speed of 4.6 GHz. It’s an octa core processor with 16 MB L3 cache.

You get 1 month of Xbox game pass with this laptop purchase, you can play your favorite games on this laptop on the go.

Specification of this laptop include 16 GB RAM and you can upgrade the RAM to 64 GB which will make your gaming experience better.

For storage, we get 1 TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD. An additional M.2 Slot is available if you need to upgrade the storage in the laptop.

To make the gaming experience better we get NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 which has 8GB VRAM. ROG boost is another feature which makes the laptop better for gaming.

To talk about screen, we get a 15.6 inch WQHD display with a brightness of 300 nits, suitable to be used outdoors as well.

The refresh rate of this laptop is 165 Hz to provide a smooth gaming experience. The panel used here is IPS, which can be good for viewing angle.

For software, we get Windows 10 Home here, which you can upgrade to Windows 11. Also, we get McAfee Antivirus preinstalled with 1 year subscription.

With all the features on offer and great battery life, this is one of the best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India.

  • Good display
  • Descent build
  • Good sound
  • Battery life needs to be better

ASUS ROG XFLOW Ryzen 9 Laptop


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Top Features:

  • 13.4 inch display
  • Pen Support
  • NVIDIA RTX 3050
  • 32GB RAM
  • Windows 10
  • 720P camera

If you are searching for Ryzen 9 laptop with touch screen, then the ROX Flow is the option that you should consider.

This laptop is one of the best for professionals if they use the laptop for photo editing purposes.

This model also comes with the latest generation of AMD Ryzen 9 processor. This processor has a base clock speed of 3.1 GHz and 16 MB cache.

With the 32 GB RAM that it comes with, you will be able to install and work on any kind of application to this laptop. We get 1 TB M.2 SSD which is very fast in read and write department.

For graphics, Asus has included NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 which has 4 GB RAM and the display here is 13.4 inch which is a touch screen with resolution of 3840 x 2400.

The aspect ratio that we get in this laptop is 16:10.

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It comes with 720P camera which is good for video calls. The keyboard is backlit so that you can use the laptop in the dark as well.

It comes installed with Windows 10 Home, and you can upgrade the OS to Windows 11.

Having a touch screen is another advantage here. You can use the pen included for creating your images on the screen. This makes the laptop to be good for people who create content.

Buyer’s guide for best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India

Processor being powerful is a part which determines the laptop performance, but other parts also determine how the experience would be when you use the laptop.

Keeping this in mind, following are some points to consider.

Things to consider

  • RAM
  • Display
  • Storage Capacity and Type
  • I/O ports
  • Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Form Factor
  • Price

As we have a definite processor to consider, we need to check out some other important factors that will determine how the laptop would perform when you do different tasks on it.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

One of the most important thing that determines the performance of any laptop is the amount of RAM it has.

The Ryzen 9 is a very capable processor and can have more than 128 GB of RAM. Even though it’s an overkill, we can get the maximum amount of RAM that we would need in a laptop.

Ryzen 9 processor is capable of supporting DDR 4 RAM with speeds up to, 3200mhz. This is a perfect combo for a gaming laptop.

When it comes to video editing and multitasking, the amount of RAM in the laptop will be a crucial factor. Video editing is a resource hungry task and a lot of memory is needed to load the apps that need to edit the videos.

Similarly, when you do multitasking also, we need RAM so that multiple apps can be kept in the memory for longer time.

Having a good process is a must for a performance laptop but good amount of RAM for example more than 32 GB will be a good option to consider.

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In the search of best laptop with Ryzen 9 processor, there are many options to consider. Intel being one of the dominating processor brand has AMD in the opposition.

Any computer needs a good display to make its use worthy. Tasks like gaming and video editing needs a good display, making it a better experience to use it.

For PC, we need monitors, we have many sizes of monitors and brands available in the market.

When it comes to laptop display, as they are built in to the setup, we may not be able to change it later on.

For high-end tasks like video editing and gaming, a 1080P display is needed to get the best experience.

We have 4K displays in laptops nowadays, which will take your experience to another level. Display technology is another factor to consider here.

OLED panels are getting popular in laptops, which make a good sense if you are planning to buy a high-end laptop.

Storage and type

We need a medium to store files in the laptop. Laptop being a mobile device that we take with us on the go. Latest storage technology can provide high speed on data read and write.

SSD has become popular between people who are looking for laptops due to the read and write speed that they offer.

To reduce the size of the laptop, manufacturers like Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo have started using PCIe, NVMe SSD in their laptops.

They can provide a read and write speeds of 2500mbps which is very high providing a great performance to the PC and Laptops.

If you are planning to buy Ryzen 9 gaming laptop, then you should consider it having an NVMe SSD with at least 1 TB of storage.

I/O ports

If you are a video or photo editor then you may need to regularly transfer files from camera to laptop on the go, for this you may need a fast USB port.

Similarly, if you use your laptop as a primary machine for your gaming and work, then you may connect an additional display to the laptop so that you can multitask better.

For this, you may need an HDMI or USB-C with thunderbolt port. Similarly, for charging a laptop, USB-C would provide a faster charging rate, and also you may be able to use multiple devices with a single port. Ports play a really important role when you travel with your laptop.

They make it easy to transfer data from one device to another.

Keyboard and trackpad

Input experience should be good enough to enjoy the laptop usage. There are many budget Ryzen 9 laptops in the market, but they lack in the Keyboard and trackpad quality.

A good keyboard with scissor switches and good travel will make a world of difference if you type a lot. The accuracy that you may get while typing on a good keyboard is unmatched.

Gaming laptop keyboard come with special lighting under the hood, which makes them more attractive and immersive while you play games on them.

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Trackpad is another important factor here. Even though windows is really optimized for trackpad gestures, a good hardware trackpad is the thing that you may need for faster work.

A large trackpad will help in using gestures and do multitasking in a better way. Also for gaming a larger trackpad will be helpful to point the targets.

Form Factor

Another thing to consider when it comes to laptop is the form factor that we get. Laptop is a device that we are expected to carry around.

Having a large laptop in your bag is very uncomfortable as it may be heavy and also will take a lot of space in your backpack.

Keeping that in mind, we need to consider an AMD Ryzen 9 laptop. When it comes to gaming laptop, size is a compromise as gaming laptop needs powerful hardware and cooling which need a larger chassis.

This makes laptop to be thicker and heavier. If you need a good travel companion laptop, then you should consider accordingly.


As a factor to decide, price becomes an important point when you find the perfect laptop for you.

With a high-end hardware and feature, price should the minimum priority as the laptop with that spec should cost high.

With all the points mentioned here, we have sorted out some options in laptops with Ryzen 9 in India that you should consider buying in 2023.

FAQ on best Ryzen 9 Laptop in India

Is Ryzen 9 good for gaming?

Getting a Laptop with Ryzen 9 is not enough to get the best gaming experience. You should consider other aspect and also hardware that the laptop has.

A good display, RAM and the type of storage the laptop has made a world of difference here. As a processor, Ryzen 9 is one of the best laptop processor for gaming that you should consider checking out.

Is Ryzen 9 better than Ryzen 7?

Ryzen 9 is definitely an upgrade from Ryzen 7. In terms of Raw processing power and also the multitasking, Ryzen 9 would be better any day.

Most tasks that Ryzen 9 could do can be done with Ryzen 7 as well. If you need to do a job in a faster rate, then Ryzen 9 could be a better option to consider.

Also, Ryzen 9 laptops would be pricier compared to the Ryzen 7.


Ryzen 9 is a beast of a processor, and when it comes to a laptop, it will make things even better.

If you are able to carry a laptop that can perform any task that you throw at it, then it makes your work easier.

Gamers who like to play games on the go will be enjoying the use of laptops with Ryzen 9. There are many brands like Lenovo and Asus that use Ryzen 9 in their laptops.

Above, we have checked out some of the popular laptops with Ryzen 9 in India that you can consider if you are planning to buy one.

Any option from the above list will meet your needs for the laptop that you are expecting to buy.

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