Best Samsung 55 inch smart TV (July 2023)

If you are searching for the best Samsung 55 inch smart TV in India, then here are a few options to consider.

Samsung does not need any introduction. They are the most popular electronics manufacturer in the world.

They have all the home appliances and gadgets that you would ever want. Furthermore, they are also known for their smartphones and smart home equipments.

Samsung as a brand is having wide network in India and are very popular worldwide.

Their display technology is so good that even Apple iPhones have Samsung displays.

Samsung has come a long way then it comes to TV, and recently they are having many QLED TV’s in Indian Market.

Best Samsung 55 Inch smart TV

Samsung 55 inches QA55Q60TAKXXL

Best Samsung 55 inch smart TV

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  • 55 Inch 4K QLED display
  • Quantum HDR
  • 20W Speaker output
  • Bixby, Google and Alexa integration
  • Adaptive sound
  • Ambience mode

User Review

This is one of the top-selling models of the Samsung 55-inch QLED TV that we have in Indian market.

It is a 4K UHD TV from Samsung, comes with a 3840 x 2160 resolution display which can produce excellent quality content on screen.

It has a 60HZ refresh rate, which enabled a possibility of gaming with the TV if you connect a gaming console or a PC to this TV using the HDMI ports.

Talking about HDMI ports, it comes with 3 HDMI ports for connectivity of Blue Ray player as well as Set-top boxes.

If you wish to connect Pendrives or hard disk to watch movies, then it has 3 USB ports.

In sound department it has a 20W speaker which can provide room filling sound.

Samsung has implemented Dolby Digital plus for great sound output while watching movies or TV shows.

Adaptive sound is another feature that makes the TV watching experience great. The sound output from the TV automatically adjusts based on ambience.

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As it’s a smart TV, to make it smart Samsung has added features like voice assistant which you can use to control various functionalities of the TV.

If you are Samsung SmartThings user, then you can add this to the app in your phone and control various functionalities of the TV using it.

Another great thing about this TV is that you can use it as a Personal Computer if you use a Samsung smartphone.

You can connect the Samsung smartphone using USB-C cable and use the Samsung DEX feature.

With Ambient mode you can set this TV as a photo frame which will look great when someone visits your home.

Samsung has added Quantum HDR technology, which brings detailed images and high contrast level with balanced picture.

This TV also has Home cloud and Live cast feature which you can use to cast content of your phone to the TV.

Samsung has added Wide color enhancer to increase the contrast level and color levels to make the picture on screen more punchy and attractive.

With slim and stylish design, this is one of the best Samsung 55-inch smart TV that you can buy.

This TV supports Apple Airplay 2 which is good for iPhone users by which you can wirelessly play music on TV from your iPhone.


  • Good design and build
  • Bright display
  • Samsung Dex support is an advantage


  • Display brightness can be better

Samsung The Serif Series 55 Inch 4K QLED Smart TV QA55LS01TAKXXL

Samsung The Serif Series 55 Inch 4K QLED TV QA55LS01TAKXXL

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  • 55 Inch 4K TV
  • Good Build quality
  • Alexa and Google assistant integration
  • Samsung QLED technology
  • PC mirroring feature

User Review

If you want to a different looking Samsung Smart TV then The Serif Series is one of the best as it’s definitely a conversation starter when someone will visit your home.

This is a different design from a conventional TV’s that we have. It’s a 360 degree design which looks similar in all directions.

It makes all place look good where ever we place it. It basically looks like a blackboard on a stand, which is simply a great addition to any room.

The T shaped design is unique to this TV. This design will attract people mode and denotes the sturdiness of the build. It more looks like a piece of art in your room instead of a TV.

The main attraction here is that it comes with a dedicated stand which you can use to move the TV around.

Samsung here is trying new things to bring a different looking device to its customers. This TV can be placed in any desk without support, and it will stand by its own because of its T shape design.

Now as a TV it’s great as it comes with the Samsung QLED technology.

Samsung has made this TV with an excellent QLED panel, which comes close to the OLED panels that we get from other manufacturers.

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The HDR in this TV is great, and it provides detailed picture for any kind of videos played on it.

As in the previous TV that we discussed, there is an Ambient mode in this TV as well, which will help to convert this TV as a photo frame. It looks stunning.

Samsung has added some neat touches like exclusive patterns which is shown where other TV’s show blank screen. This is actually inspired by nature and looks great when TV is set idle for long.

As a feature, Samsung has implemented Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant integration with this TV which you can use to control the TV using your voice.

Samsung being one of the best brand to implement new things in their products have added split screen option to this TV where you can turn off your phone screen while a TV is playing another video.

Active Voice Amplifier amplifies the sound from the TV automatically so that you can hear each every dialogue in a movie that you are watching.

Tap and play is another feature that makes this TV special. If you are watching anything on your phone, you just need to tap on the TV for it to start playing on the TV.

This TV also comes with NFC features which enables sharing your music with the TV, which starts playing as soon as you tap your NFC enabled phone on the TV.

You can also mirror your PC display running windows to the TV so that you can use your computer in a big screen display.


  • Sleek looks
  • Customizable borders make it easy for your setup
  • Bright display


  • Setup process needs a technician

Samsung 55 inch 8 Series TV 55NU8000 

Samsung 8 Series 55NU8000

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  • 55 Inch 4K smart TV
  • Samsung Smartthings control
  • 120 HZ Refresh rate
  • Premium Build
  • Slim Design

User Review

If you are looking for a Samsung smart TV in the premium segment, then the 8 Series TV‘s will be for you. Samsung has implemented their ultra-thin design and the latest features to the 8 Series TV.

The 8 Series comes with 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate panel. High refresh rate of this panel makes it one of the best Samsung TV for gaming.

As other models that we have checked above, this TV also comes with 4 HDMI ports for connecting HDMI devices like gaming consoles, or Set-top boxes.

You can also connect Gaming PC and enjoy gaming in the 120HZ display. It also has 2 USB ports which you can use to connect pendrives and hard disks.

With a 40watt output this TV produces some great sound. For watching movies and games this TV is one of the best in the series.

When we talk about the panel used here, it is an LED panel which produces real 4K. This can be clearly seen in the image reproduction by the TV, and also the slim and stylish design make it look even better.

The TV comes with HDR+ features which adjust the dynamic range of the scene that you are watching to the best way so that you will get an amazing movie watching experience.

As a smart TV, this also comes with basic smart features like Wi-Fi built in and Bluetooth connectivity.

Samsung has implemented a minimalistic design here, but still the TV is really attractive and will suit any room that you keep it in.

Most people want their setup to look clean without any cables around.

Samsung has thought of that with this TV. The connected cables can easily tuck in with the cable likes, which make the setup cleaner to look.

Integration with Samsung SmartThings make it easier to control the functionalities of the TV from an app.

If you are using other Samsung products with Smart-things enabled then you can manage all the including this TV in a single app which is great.


  • Sleek looks with minimal bezels
  • Bright panel
  • Sound output is great for any room


  • HDR needs to be better
  • Slight distortions at high volumes

Samsung 55 inches Crystal 4K Pro Series Smart TV UA55AUE70AKLXL

Samsung 55 inches Crystal 4K Pro Series TV UA55AUE70AKLXL

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  • 55 Inch 4K TV
  • 60HZ Refresh Rate
  • Alexa and Bixby Integration
  • Automatic Game Mode
  • HDR 10+
  • 1 Year Warranty

User Review

The Crystal 4K Pro Series is considered as the best Samsung 4k Smart TV under, 60000 that you can buy.

It comes with all the high-end features in a budget segment. If you are looking for a well build and a Slim Samsung TV, then this model will be the best for you.

This TV comes with a 4K panel that produces excellent colors and contrast levels. The panel comes with 60HZ refresh rate which you can use for gaming as well.

As other TV’s discussed, the Crystal 4K pro series from Samsung come with 3 HDMI ports to connect HDMI devices like PC, Fire TV or Gaming consoles.

The limitation here is that it has only 1 USB port, which you can use to connect Pendrives or USB devices.

Samsung has made this display with HDR 10+ technology and Pure color. It’s really a treat to watch content on this display.

Having UHD dimming makes this TV one of the best TV for watching movies at night. You will get deep blacks and good contrast levels, which make colors of the TV pop.

Auto game mode is a feature added to this model which gets activated while playing games. Samsung has included a 20W speaker setup in this TV.

This model comes with Dolby Digital Plus, which makes the sound of the TV to be crystal clear.

You get all the preinstalled online streaming apps like Netflix, Prime video, Hotstar etc.

Samsung has added voice assistance to this TV using the remote control, which can perform a command based on commands that you give. Bixby and Alexa is integrated with the TV, which is a plus.

As other Samsung Smart TV’s, this model also comes with PC mode, with which you can cast your PC screen to the TV and use it as a PC monitor.

Samsung has added a dedicated web browser so that you can perform basic browsing tasks from your TV itself.


  • Durable design
  • Bixby and Alexa integration is handy
  • PC mode adds more value


  • Price is a bit high for the features list

Samsung 55 inch 4K Smart QLED TV QA55Q95TAKXXL

Samsung Smart QLED TV QA55Q95TAKXXL

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  • 55 Inch 4K smart TV
  • Dolby Digital Plus Audio
  • 60W Speaker
  • QLED Panel
  • HDR 10+
  • SmartThings integration

User Review

Coming back to QLED TV again, this model QA55Q95TAKXXL is a good option to consider. It comes in premium segment, but it’s a great option for people who like slim TV’s with excellent picture quality.

This model as the other models we have discussed here comes with a 4K QLED panel which is second to none.

Even in bright situations the panel is exceptional and the details that it shows is another level.

You can see everything on the screen to be crystal clear and the color reproduction is top-notch. Being a 60HZ refresh rate panel, this TV can also be used for gaming as well.

As standard, this TV also comes with 4 HDMI ports for connectivity and 2 USB ports for connecting USB or hard disks.

The main highlight of this TV is that it has a 60W speaker which produces room filling sound and with the added Dolby Digital plus technology this TV is worth for watching movies and TV shows.

This TV also has the Adaptive sound feature which makes the sound coming from the TV to be crystal clear.

Samsung has included voice assistant support to this TV. It has integration of Bixby and Alexa, which you can use to control this TV with your voice.

As a Samsung TV it has the SmartThings support which if you are in a Samsung ecosystem will make it definitely worth using.

You can use this TV as a personal computer by casting your PC screen to it. It’s a great feature to have in case you need a bigger monitor to work with.

Now we need to talk display here. Being a QLED it produces some excellent images and videos on screen. It has a wide color enhancer which makes colors pop out of the screen.


  • Sleek looks
  • Excellent display panel
  • Speaker output is excellent
  • Easy to setup


  • Inclusion of Dolby Atmos will add more value to the product

Buyer’s Guide

What is Samsung QLED display?

QLED (Quantum dot LED) is a technology that Samsung implements in their recent TV’s. QLED is much Similar to the LCD technology that we have been using for long time now.

A QLED TV has a layer of particles which when hit by a light from a light source starts to emit its own light.

The light when passed through different layer as we know in an LCD creates a picture that we can see.

Are QLED and OLED the same?

QLED is a completely different technology when compared to OLED. OLED is a much simpler structure than a QLED.

As we know, an LCD TV has 6 to 7 layers in it which when combined makes a picture for you on the screen. When it comes to OLED, we have just 3 layers.

The advantages of OLED are that there is no backlighting needed for the picture to appear. Each pixel in an OLED TV is a separate LED that glows and when combined with other LEDs it forms a picture.

I have mentioned QLED and OLED in this post because we will be checking out some of the best QLED TV from Samsung that you can buy.

If you are planning to buy Samsung 55-inch smart TV then you must first check if your room that you are going to place it is having enough space.

TV size should be decided based on the room size. The table below will show you basic details that you must consider before selecting a TV size.

16:9 TV screen size Min Distance in Feet Max Distance in Feet

Why Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV?

Samsung as I have mentioned above is one of the best brand when it comes to displays. They have all the latest technology on the TV and also their QLED technology is praised by users worldwide.

FAQ on Samsung 55 Inch smart TV

What is the best Samsung 55-inch 4K TV?

Here we have listed some of the best 55-inch 4k TV above.

You can select any of the option if you need a Samsung TV with best display and latest technology. In my personal opinion, the Samsung Serif Series 55-Inch QLED TV will suit any home that it is kept in.

Getting a TV is easy but finding it with the features that you need is difficult. Any options mentioned above will have all the features that you will need from a 55-Inch Samsung Smart TV.

What is the price of Samsung 55-inch Smart TV?

Samsung 55-inch Smart TV price starts from, 50000 Rs to 2 lakhs Rs in India.

It depends on the technology and features present on the TV, QLED TV’s will be generally costlier when compared to normal LED TV’s from Samsung

But in case you need the best picture quality TV from Samsung or the Best Sounding TV from Samsung, then you should check the premium segment of Samsung TV’s.

The QA55Q95TAKXXL model that we checked above will be a perfect balance for features and picture quality.

What is the best Samsung TV right now?

If you are in a budget then go with the Crystal 4k Pro series from Samsung which is the best value for money TV with all the latest features and excellent display quality.

If you want to go premium the there are many option in Samsung that you can buy.

The Best premium TV from Samsung would be 8 Series 55NU8000 which is having all the latest features with slim profile and excellent looks.

What is the latest Samsung 55 inch TV?

Samsung is having the lot of models in Indian market, but the latest model is the 65 inch QA65Q60TAKXXL which falls in premium segment with best QLED display technology and features.


Here I have tried to list out some of the best Samsung 55-Inch Smart TV that you can buy in India or worldwide.

Any options listed above will be perfect for a person who like to watch movies, play games and also enjoy all the latest features and technologies in a TV.

The main thing that you need to consider here is that the price and the size. If the price is ok, and you need the best Samsung TV for picture quality and Sound, then the list above will be worth checking out.

If you like this post, please share it with your friends so that they can also get an idea on the same.

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