Best Smart Extension Board in India

If you are searching for the best smart extension board in India with Wi-Fi for making your non-smart devices smart, then here are a few options to consider.

Smart home products are gaining their popularity and most people are preferring such products. Home appliances, smart light, speakers and TVs are some of the most popular smart home products. Number of appliances also keep increasing. If you already have appliances and devices that are not smart, they can be made smart by connecting a smart plug.

Best Smart Extension Board in India

Smart Plugs are good for connecting single device but in case you have multiple device in a room then connecting them to smart plug will be a hard task as each may need a separate smart plug. One thing you can do is connect an extension board to the power socket and connect appliances and devices to the extension board. But this way does not make the device smart to run any routines or home automation.

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Here, Smart extension boards will come to play. They have many advantages which will help in setting up a smart home easier.

How did we create this list of smart extension board?

There were various criteria considered for creating this list, which include the following points.

  • Number of outlets
  • Cable length
  • Smart features
  • Setup
  • Price

Things to consider

Number of outlets: This is one of the major criteria on any extension board. If you want to connect multiple device or appliances to a single wall outlet, then the extension board should have at least 3 to 4 sockets. While considering an extension board, you should consider the count of the plug points.

Cable length: Another major factor in any extension board is the cable length. We by extension board due to the issue with the cable length of an appliance that we are planning to connect to the wall. If the cable length of the extension board is less, then it won’t be possible to connect. In my personal experience, an extension board should have at least 3 meter of cable length.

Smart features: As we are considering smart extensions here, it should have smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, companion application, Power consumption details, routines etc.

Setup: Setting up any smart device needs you to follow a process. The process should be easy enough for a normal user to understand and follow. The app should be user-friendly and fast. Similarly, the connectivity of the device should happen in a fast rate so that the setup process as a whole is easy.

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Price: Finally comes the price, when it comes to smart home devices, they are comparatively expensive than the normal version. For an extension board, the device should have a maximum number of features with a minimum price.

Best Smart Extension Board in India

Now that we have checked some points to consider before getting a smart extension, let’s check out some options that are available in the market.

Wipro Smart extension

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Amp Rating10 Amp
Cord length1.5 meter
App supportWipro Next
Smart FeaturesGoogle and Alexa support, Power usage measurement

User Review

Wipro is a brand which we cannot skip when it comes to smart home products, they have products in various categories like lights decor lights, LED lights and extension boards.

This is one of the best-selling smart extension in India that you can buy today.

It comes with all the necessary features that you will need from an extension cord. Also, smart features make this a good option to go with.

You can connect all the devices connected to this extension board using the Wipro Next Smart home app, which is smooth and responsive.

We used this extension for a week and found that the setup process was easy, and the app was really responsive.

With this extension, we can connect any device below 10 amps and control them from any location.

Also, custom schedule is available for the connected device which you can set to turn ON the device at a specific time of the day.

Google and Alexa support enables the user of voice commands to control all the device connected. Also, using the Wipro Next app, the power consumption can also be calculated.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy app setup
  • Fast Wi-Fi response
  • Exact power readings


  • No USB port present

Smarteefi WiFi Smart Power Extension

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Amp Rating10 Amp
Cord length2 meter
App supportSmarteefi
Smart FeaturesGoogle and Alexa support, Power usage measurement

User Review

Another extension board that is best-selling on the market is the Smarteefi extension board. It comes with a good set of sockets and all the needed features in a smart extension board.

This extension board comes with 5 sockets which you can connect 5 different devices to it. Each port can be controlled separately using Wi-Fi and voice commands.

You can setup the device with Alexa and Google Assistant and use voice commands through these as well.

Weekly and daily schedule can be created using the companion app. This helps in saving electricity consumption.

With the countdown features, users can create short term schedule as well. Duration as low as 1 hour can be setup through this process.

One feature that all the smart plugs should have is the state restore after power cut. This smart extension board comes with the feature of retaining the state after power cut.

With good after sales service, this is a good option to consider in this segment.


  • Durable build
  • 5 ports is an added advantage
  • Fast and responsive app
  • Easy Setup


  • USB ports needed

SMARTMESH Extension board

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Amp Rating10 Amp
Cord length2 meter
App supportSmartmesh
Smart FeaturesGoogle and Alexa support, Power usage measurement, USB ports

User Review

Another option you can find online is the Smartmesh extension board with Wi-Fi and BLE. This extension board is solid built and come with some good set of features.

If you are searching for the best smart extension board under 3000 then this is the option to consider. It comes with 3 Power socket and 3 USB port which is an added advantage.

Using the USB port, you can charge smartphones and tablets easily without using the power socket. One difference that this extension board provides is that, you can control the USB ports as well using the app.

Like other products in this segment, this model also comes with energy monitoring so that you can track the consumption of devices connected to it.

Alexa and Google Assistant support is present here, making it easy to control the power to the device connected to the board using voice commands.


  • Durable design
  • Fast charging on USB
  • Individual control for USB and plug points


  • Only 3 sockets available

HomeMate extension board with Wi-Fi and BLE

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Amp Rating10 Amp
Cord length2 meter
App supportSmartlife
Smart FeaturesGoogle and Alexa support, Power usage measurement

User Review

HomeMate is popular in smart home gadget segment, and they have a variety of products like, Wi-Fi smart plug, switches and lights. When it comes to Smart extension boards in budget, this is an option to consider.

Like other brands in this list, this model also have voice command support, where you can sync up with Alexa and Google home using the skill.

It comes with 4 sockets which can be named individually and controlled separately using voice commands.

One downfall we noticed here is that this extension board does not have any USB port which is a bummer. USB ports makes charging of mobile phones easier.

When there is a power cut, the extension cord is able to retain its previous status for the sockets. This is an added advantage for people who do home automation.

The build quality of this extension board is excellent, you can place it in any location without any worries.

Considering the price and feature on offer, this is one of the best smart extension board in India that you can buy.


  • Solid build
  • Fast and resonsive app
  • Easy to setup
  • Accurate power reading shown on the app


  • No USB port present.

Types of extension board

As we are discussing smart extension board, that is one of the type to consider. Following are some types that you can commonly find in the market.

  • Normal extension board
  • Smart extension board
  • Extension board with surge protection
  • Extension board with USB port

As the name suggest, a normal extension board can just be used to extend the wall point and will provide additional sockets to connect devices. When it comes to smart extension board, they can be connected to Wi-Fi network and be controlled remotely.

Surge protection is an important factor to consider while buying an extension board. It helps to protect the devices connected to the board if there are any surges in input current. It is also known as spike protection.

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Other category of extension boards are the one which comes with USB port. This is an added feature which will help you to charge any phone or device that can be charge using USB. One major advantage of having a USB port is that, it will save you a plug point on the extension board for another device to be connected.

Advantages of Smart extension board

If you are setting up a smart home then, a smart extension board will be a great addition to it. Following are some of the advantages of having an extension board which is smart.

  • Remotely control the devices connected to the extension board.
  • Use Voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on and off devices connected.
  • Setup routines to automatically turn on and off devices.
  • Reduce power consumption of the devices connected by automatically turning them off.
  • Keep track of devices that are working from any place in the world.
  • Some extension board come with an app that will tell you about power consumption of the device connected. Which is a good metric to have to reduce bills.

FAQ on smart extension board

What is smart extension board?

You might be having one or two extension boards in your home. Normal extension board extend the reach of a power outlet. Consider you have 4 devices to connect and have a single plug point. In that case, an extension board can convert a single outlet to 4 or 5 outlets, which helps in connecting all devices together to the wall.

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Also, extension boards can be positioned in different locations based on the cord length. Extension board come with various cord lengths ranging from 3 meter to 10 meter. When it comes to smart extension board, as the name suggest, these boards can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled from App or voice commands.

After setting up smart extension boards, each plug point on the board can be controlled separately using voice commands. Plug points on the extension board can be named as per the device connected to it.

Which is the best power extension board?

When it comes to extension board, there are certain criteria that we have discussed above to be considered. An extension board should be made of good quality material and have a quality internal wiring so that it can avoid any fire or damage to the device that is being connected to it.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed out some options above which are good in this segment. From the list, the Wipro extension board performed the best as it provided accurate reading and also fast responses while trying to turn ON/OFF connected devices.

What is smart extension board price?

Most extension boards with Wi-Fi and BLE come under the price range of 3000 rupees in India. They will have the most needed features like Wi-Fi connectivity, BLE support, dedicated app for pairing, voice command support and durable build.

There are extension boards which are priced higher as well, but for normal home use a price range below 3000 rupees will be enough.

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Smart home make our life easier, If you have many non-smart devices or appliances at home and want to make them smart then getting an extension board which is smart will make the process easier as it comes with many ports.

Keep in mind that the power rating of most extension boards available on the market is 10A and if you use the same for higher rated appliances then there will be problems.

Based on the need, find and extension board which is smart and also durable. Also consider the safety certifications mentioned on the box before you make a purchase.

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